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Dasbodh Granth 1.7 APK
Solace Apps
॥ जय जय रघुवीर समर्थ ॥ दासबोध हा समर्थ रामदासांनी रचला. त्याचेलिखाण त्यांचे पट्टशिष्य कल्याण स्वामींनी केले. रायगड जिल्ह्यातीलअत्यंत निबीड अरण्यात विसावलेल्या शिवथरची घळ या ठिकाणी हे लेखन झाले.दासबोध हा ग्रंथ एकूण २० दशकांमध्ये विभागलेला असून, प्रत्येक दशकात१० समास आहेत. एकेका समासात एक एक विषय घेऊन समर्थांनीसांसारिकांच्या, साधकांच्या, निस्पृहांच्या, विरक्तांच्या, सर्वसामान्यांच्या, बालकांच्या, प्रौढांच्या,जराजर्जरांच्या अशा सर्व जातीपंथ धर्माच्या स्त्री-पुरुषांच्या मानवी मनाला उपदेश केला आहे. याग्रंथाचे पारायण देखील करतात. Dssbodh, loosely meaning "advice tothe disciple" in Marathi. It was orally narrated by the saintSamarth Ramdas to his disciple, Kalyan Swami. The Dāsbodh providesreaders with spiritual guidance on matters such as devotion andacquiring knowledge. Besides this, it also helps in answeringqueries related to day-to-day life and how to find solutions to it.Dāsbodh is written in the verse form known as owi (ovya) inMarathi. Dasbodh granth will give you all the verse. Which isnarrated by Samarth Ramdas Maharaj. In Dasbodh, Samartha Ramdaspresents the essence of many Vedic texts. Dasbodh is a manual forlife, in the highest sense, and is somewhat unique among spiritualliterature in that it not only expounds the classic themes ofdiscrimination between the true and the untrue and the detachmentcommonly found in Vedic literature but also provides a detailedinstruction on how to function and excel in society from a place ofdeep spiritual understanding. For more information download ShrimadDasbodh Granth.
com.solacelabs.haripath 1.3 APK
Solace Apps
॥ श्री ज्ञानदेव हरिपाठ ॥ हरिपाठ म्हणजे नेहमी ईश्वराचे नामस्मरणकरण्यासाठी केलेली अभंग रचना. वारकरी संप्रदायामध्ये हरिपाठालामहत्त्वाचे स्थान आहे. संत ज्ञानेश्वर, संत तुकाराम, संत एकनाथ, संतनामदेव आणि संत निवृत्तीनाथ यांनी हरिपाठाचे अभंग रचलेले आहेत.यामध्ये मुख्यत्वे संत ज्ञानेश्वर महाराज कृत हरिपाठाचे अभंग जास्तगायले जातात. 1. श्रीज्ञानॆश्वरमहाराजकृत हरिपाठाचॆ अभंग 2.श्रीनामदॆवमहाराजकृत हरिपाठाचॆ अभंग 3. श्री ऎकनाथमहाराजकृत हरिपाठाचॆअभंग 4. तुकाराममहाराजकृत हरिपाठाचॆ अभंग 5. श्रीनिवृत्तिमहाराजकृतहरिपाठाचॆ अभंग 6. आरती The Haripath is a collection of twenty-eightabhangas revealed to the thirteenth-century Marathi Saint,Dnyaneshwar. It is recited by Varkaris each day. Here it is writtenin the Marathi language. At the end, meaning of each abhanga isprovided so that you can print shorter version for daily recital.Dnyaneshwar simply says,“Spend a moment in remembering Him andchant HIS name, “Hari Mukhe Mhana’. Jai Jai Ram Krushna Hari, TheHaripath is daily chanting verses for Varakari sampraday in India.The Varkari tradition has been part of Hindu culture in Maharashtrasince the thirteenth-century CE, when it formed as a panth duringthe Bhakti movement. Varkaris recognise around 50 poet-saints(sants) whose works over a period of 500 years were documented inan eighteenth-century hagiography. For more inforamtion downloadHaripath In Marathi.
Marathi Ukhane | मराठी उखाणे २०१९ 1.8 APK
Solace Apps
एकदम नवीन नवरदेवासाठी उखाणे, नवरीसाठी उखाणे, गृह प्रवेश उखाणे,गमतीदार उखाणे, बारसे उखाणे, डोहाळे जेवण उखाणे, साखरपुडा उखाणे. सर्वप्रकारचा समारंभासाठी घेतल्या जाणाऱ्या उखाण्यांचा समावेश या अँपमध्ये करण्यात आला आहे. This is the best app for marathi ukhane.Marathi Ukhane app has the new best collection of marathi ukhanefor 2019 wedding functions, house warming functions, Engagementfunctions, naming ceremony etc. You can also share the Marathiukhane with your friends and loved ones. App has user-friendly andmaterialistic UI which enhance your app experience. Easy to use& Collection of beautiful Marathi Ukhane. For Marathi marriage,gruh pravesh, Sanvar etc. You can mark your favorite ukhane. Itwill help you to get list of favorite ukhane in one page. For moreLagnatil Marathi Ukhane download Marathi Ukhane 2019.
English Speech App 2.6 APK
Solace Apps
The best app for the most common problems of English. The appsprovide you with the best materials to learn English. Englishspeech category has huge collections of English speech also app hasdifferent learning categories Idioms, Email ethics, Proverbs,Common mistakes in English, Moral values. English Speeches AppIncludes - - Events Speech - Social Issues And Awareness Speech -Health And Awareness Speech - Moral Values Speech - General Speech- College/University Speech - Relationship Speech - Speech on India- Wedding Anniversary Speech - Welcome Speech - Education Speech -Personalities Speech - Proverb Speech - Group discussion - FarewellSpeech - Thank You Speech - Retirement Speeches - Festivals Speech- Social Issues & Awareness Speech - Anchoring Guide -Anchoring speech - Difference between American english and Britishenglish English Speeches App has covered all the speeches likeRepublic day speech, wedding speech, save trees speech, farewellspeech, motivational speech, annual day speech, moral valuesspeech, environmental topics speech. Also, the app has coveredcommon mistakes in English which happening in our day to dayconversions. In this topic, we covered all grammatical mistakeswhich are happing while our daily conversion. This app definitelyhelps to improve your English grammar and give a boost to yourself-confidence. This app has inspirational quotes as well. Whileusing this app you can inspire yourself by reading theseinspirational quotes. English Learning app provides you the emailetiquette, here you can learn how to write the email header, emailbody, and some important general tips. Also, app covered daily lifeimportant conversation. For more information download the EnglishSpeech App.
Hindi Nibandh Lekhan | हिंदी निबंध लेखन 1.2 APK
Solace Apps
निबंध | निबंध लेखन | हिन्दी निबन्ध | Essay Hindi | Hindi Nibandh |Essay Writing in Hindi यह निबंध बहुत आसान शब्दों का प्रयोग करकेबहुत ही सरल और आसान भाषा में लिखे गए हैं। इसे कोई भी छात्र बहुतआसानी से समझ सकता है। हमने स्कूल में दिए जाने वाले निबंधों के विषयऔर अन्य सामान्य विषयों पर बहुत ही अनोखे निबंध प्रदान किये हैं| Thebest app for Hindi nibandh lekhan. This app has covered all thegeneral topics. This app helps you to write best nibandh. Since thedays of paper and pencil, essay writing has never really changed alot. It still entails tons of hard work, in-depth research, logicalorganization of thoughts, and sophisticated style of writing. As alot of students continue to hate this writing activity thinkingit's just a time-consuming worthless activity. - गणतंत्र दिवस परनिबंध - मकर सक्रांति पर निबंध - क्रिसमस पर निबंध - प्रदूषण पर निबंध- मेरा भारत महान - नारी शिक्षा पर निबंध - पेड़ पौधों का महत्व -विज्ञान के चमत्कार पर निबंध - भारतीय समाज में नारी का स्थान -परोपकार पर निबंध - आदर्श विद्यार्थी पर निबंध - भारत के गाँव - समयका सदुपयोग - मेट्रो रेल पर निबंध - देशप्रेम पर निबंध - दूरदर्शन परनिबंध - राष्ट्र निर्माण में विद्यार्थियों का महत्व - मेरा विद्यालयपर निबंध - नदी पर निबंध - राष्ट्रीय पक्षी मोर पर निबंध ETC......For more 100+ Niband download Hindi Nibandh Lekhan App | हिंदीनिबंध लेखन
com.solacelabs.ketodietrecipes 2.1 APK
Solace Apps
Keto Diet App | Ketogenic Diet Recipes | Diet Plan Weight Loss |Meal Plan Weight Gain/ Weight Loss | Nutrition Diet Plan | KetoDiet Plan The ketogenic diet is a very low-carb, high-fat diet thatshares many similarities with the Atkins and low-carb diets. Itinvolves drastically reducing carbohydrate intake and replacing itwith fat. This reduction in carbs puts your body into a metabolicstate called ketosis. The app has covered 14 wide categories ofketogenic diet recipes with nutritional information.. Here you canmake Keto Diet Plan with these ketosis diet plan recipes. KETO DIETAPPhas best ketogenic diet recipes, low carb ketogenic recipeswhich helps you to stay healthy and fit. ketosis Diet app will helpyou to get best ketogenic nutrition to your body just follow thediet recipes of this app. The ketogenic diet (or keto diet, forshort) is a low-carb, high-fat diet that offers many healthbenefits. In fact, over 20 studies show that this type of diet canhelp you lose weight and improve your health (1). Ketogenic dietsmay even have benefits against diabetes, cancer, epilepsy andAlzheimer's disease (2, 3, 4, 5). Here is a detailed beginner'sguide to the keto diet. Keto diet: Indian Keto Diet weight lossprogram consists of fruits, vegetables, dairy, eggs, chicken, andgrains that you any way consume in a day to day life – just thatIndian diet weight loss program organizes the quantity and type offood to be taken on each day giving you a balanced diet. Also, ithelps to do a keto diet meal plan, keto diet breakfast plan. Foodsto Eat on a Ketogenic Diet - - Seafood - Low-Carb Vegetables -Cheese (nutritious and delicious) - Avocados (incredibly healthy) -Meat and Poultry (considered staple foods on a ketogenic diet) -Eggs (healthiest and most versatile foods on the planet) - CoconutOil (unique properties that make it well suited for a ketogenicdiet) - Plain Greek Yogurt and Cottage Cheese (healthy,high-protein foods) - Olive Oil (impressive benefits for yourheart) - Nuts and Seeds (healthy, high-fat and low-carb foods) -Berries (Most fruits are too high in carbs to include on aketogenic diet, but berries are an exception) - Butter and Cream (good fats to include on a ketogenic diet) - Shirataki Noodles(fantastic addition to a ketogenic diet) - Olives (same healthbenefits as olive oil, only in solid form) - Unsweetened Coffee andTea (incredibly healthy, carb-free drinks) - Dark Chocolate andCocoa Powder (delicious sources of antioxidants). These all kind ofnutritious food and ketogenic diet recipes for your daily foodserving. If you want to stay fit and healthy then just download theKeto Diet App and make your life healthier than now.
com.solacelabs.sambhajimaharaj 1.4 APK
Solace Apps
राजब्रीदवाक्य - 'श्री शंभो: शिवजातस्य मुद्रा धौरीव राजते,यंदकसेविनी लेखवर्तते कस्य नोपरी ' Sambhu Charitra | SambhjaiMaharaj Jivan Charitra | Sambhaji Maharaj Itihas या अँप मध्येधर्मवीर शंभू महाराज यांचा इतिहास व शंभू चरित्र बद्दलची माहिती दिलीआहे ते हि मराठी मध्ये. या अँप मध्ये संभाजी महाराज माहिती, त्याचेफोटो, किल्यांची माहिती, त्यांचा जीवन प्रवास व पराक्रम, राज्याभिषेक,मराठा साम्राज्य, संभाजी राजे महाराज विशेष या अँप मधून देण्यात अलीआहे. This app provides all the information about sambhaji mahrajlife journey. It has sambhaji Maharaj wallpaper also you can sharethose images with sambhu raje followers. This is all in one app forSambhaji Maharaj, who give you the all bright history and amazingincidents of sambhaji maharaj. Sambhaji was the second ruler of theMaratha kingdom. He was the eldest son of Shivaji, the founder ofthe Maratha Empire and his first wife Saibai. He was the successorof the realm after his father's death and ruled it for nine years.The remarkable things that Sambhaji Maharaj achieved in his shortlife had far-reaching effects on the whole of India. Every Hindushould be grateful to him for that. He valiantly faced the 8 lakhstrong army of Aurangzeb and defeated several Mughal chieftains inthe battlefield forcing them to retreat. For more information aboutmaratha legend Sambhaji Maharaj download Sambhaji Maharaj |शंभूचरित्र.
Bengali Voice Typing 2.0 APK
Solace Apps
বাংলা ভয়েস টাইপিং | Bangla Voice Typing | Bangala Voice To TextConverter | Bangla Speech To Text Offline | Bangla Voice to Text |Bangla Speech to Text Typing Input | Bengali Voice Typing Keyboardবাংলা ভয়েস টেক্সট স্পিকার স্বীকৃতি অ্যাপ্লিকেশনটি আপনার বক্তৃতারমাধ্যমে পাঠ্য বৈশিষ্ট্যে আপনার জীবনকে আরও সহজ করে তুলবে। আপনিকেবলমাত্র ভয়েসটিতে পাঠ্য ভয়েস টাইপিং অ্যাপ্লিকেশানে স্বাভাবিকভাবেকথা বলবেন এবং এটি স্বয়ংক্রিয়ভাবে বাংলা পাঠ্যে এটি অনুবাদ করবে।পাঠ্য বা বাংলা দ্বারা শব্দটি কথ্য ভাষ্য সনাক্তকারী অ্যাপ্লিকেশনটিকথ্য এবং স্বীকৃতি দেওয়ার জন্য দুর্দান্ত। এখন এটিতে যোগাযোগ করারজন্য আপনাকে বাংলা শিখতে হবে না শুধু এই ভয়েসটি পাঠ্য ভয়েস টাইপিংঅ্যাপ্লিকেশনটি ব্যবহার করুন এবং আপনার পছন্দের শব্দগুলি বলুন। এইটেক্সট টাইপিং অ্যাপটি কথা বলে বাংলাভাষীদের জন্য দুর্দান্ত, কারণবাংলাতে পাঠ্য পাঠানোর জন্য টাইপিং কীবোর্ড ব্যবহার করার প্রয়োজননেই। পাঠ্য রূপান্তরকারী অ্যাপ্লিকেশনটিতে এই ভয়েসটি ব্যবহার করেআপনাকে কেবল পাঠ্যকে নির্দেশ দিতে হবে এবং এটি আপনার ভয়েস নোটটিকেপাঠ্য রূপে রূপান্তরিত করবে। Don't live like a typist be smart withthis app. Just get your voice translated in the text. The best andeasy app for voice to text converter. This app has provided you tocreate your own notes by voice typing offline app Now use theeasiest method of typing. Stop getting frustrated by regular mobiletyping or regular voice typing. Your Phone should understand you,not the other way around. Voice Typing makes mobile typing easy -so you can focus on your text and thoughts - and not on thekeyboard. Features of speech to text: - The simple and easyinterface of voice translator - Copy and paste text any socialmedia app through the audio converter - Your voice text you cansave here. The app will maintain a separate list. That you can editas well. - Speech recognizer does not time out - Easily share inaudio to text translator - Here you will get a full view of voicetyping text Using Speech to Text offline, you can share your textfile with all the supported application on your phone. You can copythe text and send as a message/text form to your contacts. SpeechTo Text online app provides a facility to save the text into yourdevice and next time you just share that file with copied yourcontacts. You can give as much large voice input and you can storeall the voice text in separate lists. Bengali Voice to textconverter- Audio to Text converter is a simple app anduser-friendly interface. The text will appears after you are donespeaking text and it is a Voice typing in all languages. Once youget rid of voice to text converter app, you can use the speech totext app and send quickly long texts and articles in any socialmedia and all messaging applications in your device. Bengali voicetyping- Audio to Text converter is a Voice typing in all languages.Bangla voice to text speech recognizer app will make your life mucheasier through its speech to text feature. You just have to speaknaturally in the voice into text voice typing app and it willtranslate it into Bangla text automatically. The voice by text orBangla speak to text speech recognizer app is great for dictatingand recognizing text. Now you don’t need to learn Bangla in orderto communicate in it just use this voice by text voice typing appand speak words of your choice. This speaks to text typing app isgreat for Bangla speaking people as they don’t need to use typingkeyboard for sending text in Bangla. For this app you can search asBengali Voice Typing in All Language, Bengali Speech to Text,Bengali Smart Voice Typing, Bengali Speech Note, Bengali Talk toText, Bengali Search by Voice, Bengali Speak to Easy Write, BengaliVoice Text Messages, Voice Translator in All Language, Bangla voiceto text, Voice to text Bangla the best app for voice typing banglakeyboard. Download the Bengali Voice Typing App | Voice To TextBangla.