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Splash and Boom: Elements is a set of 8 match 3 brain trainingstyle puzzle games with more than 2000 levels. Just form groups ofthe same items in a line and remove them from the game board. Beatlevel challenges and win coins. This game has no time limit - justenjoy endless fun. Win and compare your scores with other players.Splash and Boom is addictive especially for women and girls. ●Classic An original match 3 style game without time limits. In"level" mode the aim of the game is to remove all creatures fromthe board. To do this, you have to form groups of 3 or more thesame elements in a line. In the "challenge" (free play) mode youhave to remove as many creatures as possible. The more elements ofthe same color you put in a line, the higher the score. ● Slider Anextended version of a classic game, additionally you can change theposition of neighboring elements ● Marker Mark paths of neighboringidentical elements (horizontal, vertical or at an angle) ● Pop onlyPop groups of neighboring identical creatures (adjacent verticallyor horizontally). The faster and the bigger groups you eliminate,the more points you earn. ● Pair match A game to improve yourmemory and concentration. Find pairs of identical elements as fastas possible. ● Match 3 Tap and slide the adjacent elements to formgroups of three or more them in a row or in a column. ● Fifteenpuzzle A sliding puzzle game, your aim is to place the tiles inascending order ● Four in a line A classic strategy board game,played on a 7x6 board. Players take turns dropping their creaturesinto the grid. The elements fall down, occupying the next availablespace within the column. The first player who achieve four elementsvertically, horizontally or diagonally wins. Game pack features: ●8 games with different rules ● no time limits in classic and slidergames! ● perfectly adopted to the touchscreen devices, ● simplerules, ● colorful graphics, ● relaxing, attractive and addictivegameplay, ● online, global cross-platform high score table (needsinternet access), ● tousands exciting levels, each level has thehigh score; you can compare your score with other players, ● it isfree, ● cool free battery widget: works as a battery levelindicator and as a game launcher! ● nice anim wallpaper as a freeaddon. Try our brain match 3 style game and put the same creaturesin a line.

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    TSP mobile solutions
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