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ContextCapture mobile is an easy-to-use reality modeling softwarethat allows you to quickly create and share 3D engineering-readyreality meshes using images taken with your device.  ContextCapture mobile uses 3D photogrammetry to automaticallygenerate highly accurate 3D models leveraging ContextCapture cloudprocessing service.  There is no need for high-end hardwarerequirements or IT constraints, allowing anyone on your team toeasily document as-is situations affordably, with less investmentof time and resources. Using your browser, you can interactivelyview your 3D model on your device and share a link of your model toproject collaborators resulting in better decisions throughout thelifecycle of a project. The 3D reality mesh is stored onProjectWise ContextShare, a connected data environment, thatenables you to quickly and securely manage, search, download, andstream 3D reality meshes and their input sources, across projectteams and applications improving collaboration with all teammembers. With ContextCapture mobile, you can produce 3D realitymeshes to provide context for the decision-making process duringyour design, construction, operations, and inspection workflows.The reality modeling visa subscription is your entry point to theContextCapture cloud processing service and all other Bentleyreality modeling cloud services. Please contact our salesdepartment athttps://www.bentley.com/en/about-us/contact-us/sales-contact-requestfor more details.

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Bentley Map Mobile APK
Bentley Map Mobile provides powerful 2D/3D vector and rasterviewing along with redlining and mark-up capabilities. It providesfast, efficient access to infrastructure data sets for fieldpersonnel of all types, including engineers, inspectors,maintenance crews, construction personnel and others. With BentleyMap Mobile, field workers can be kept up to date with the latestinfrastructure data, reducing errors and improving serviceoutcomes. Bentley Map Mobile supports a simple interface usingcommon gestures such as pinch to zoom, swipe to drag, and touch toselect. The business properties of all mapping features areavailable for review. Users can quickly locate features using afree-text search function, and, once found, the selected feature isautomatically zoomed to the view. The app is GPS-enabled, whichsimplifies the location of infrastructure in the field. If anetwork connection is available, an interface to Google Maps canprovide driving directions to the selected feature. The viewdisplay can be simplified by toggling features off and on, and alist of features in the current view can be quickly generated foractive review. Bentley Map Mobile requires the use of Bentley MapMobile Publisher to create next generation i-models fromMicroStation, Bentley Map, Bentley Map Enterprise and other Bentleygeospatial desktop products. • Redlining - Users can create andmanage one or more redline layers that can consist of vector basedfreehand sketches, simple geometries (e.g. circles, shapes, lines,arrows, clouds etc…), text annotation, symbols along with photo andvideo attachments. In Bentley Map Mobile one or more redline layerscan be selected and packaged into a single .markupdb file then sentvia e-mail, uploaded through Web Services Gateway to a ProjectWiserepository or uploaded to your Bentley CONNECT Personal Share areafor use in a Bentley Map desktop session. • ProjectWise Support -Bentley Map Mobile can connect directly to ProjectWise repositoriesthrough Web Services Gateway to download/upload Bentley Map Mobilei-models and redline data. • Bentley CONNECT Support - The recentBentley Map Mobile Publisher commercial release was updated toallow users to upload Bentley Map Mobile i-models directly to theirBentley CONNECT Personal Share area. In addition, Bentley MapMobile users can now upload redline data directly to their BentleyCONNECT Personal Share area, for download and use in Bentley Mapdesktop workflows. • 3D Support – Users working with 3D designfiles can now use Bentley Map Mobile Publisher to publish 3Di-models for Bentley Map Mobile use, leveraging the tabletsgyroscope to visualize or walk through the model. • View Rotation -Users can zoom and optionally rotate map views using simple 2finger gestures. A “Compass” icon appears after view rotation thatwhen tapped will rotate the view back to 0 degrees’ rotation. •Device Orientation Tracking - A GPS tracking mode has been addedthat will automatically orient the map view using the physicalorientation of the device. • URL Hyperlinks - Any businessproperties that contain either http or https formatted URLaddresses appear as clickable hyperlinks. • File Selection UserInterface - A simple user interface provides new “Favorites”,“Recent”, “Browse” and “Connect Server” capabilities. Please notethat the “Open > On Computer” lists i-models located in theusers “Documents” folder. The “Favorites > Add Folder” commandcan be used to select additional locations that contain Bentley MapMobile i-models. • Background Color Override – A setting thatallows users to override the published background color of the mapto adjust display contrast under various lighting conditions. •Full Text Search Index – To further improve Bentley Map Mobilesearch performance of MicroStation text, Bentley Map Mobile nowuses a full text search index generated by Bentley Map MobilePublisher.
Bentley Navigator Mobile APK
Navigator Mobile provides powerful reviewcapabilities to intuitively navigate 3D architectural, engineering,and construction (AEC) models and documents. With Navigator Mobileusers can view relevant object information to identify and resolveconflicts, and ensure construction meets model specifications.Navigator Mobile utilizes next generation i-models, which caninclude content from virtually any common AEC design application.Users can publish i-models using Navigator Mobile Publisher,available on SELECTservices, and access them through ProjectWiseExplorer Mobile or Field Supervisor.Navigate in 3D using ‘game-like’ touch gestures to walk, fly, andzoom, or analyze objects in the model by reviewing the propertiesof a selected object, query to find similar objects, or filter todisplay only objects that match specific properties. Interactivefeatures enable users to create clear, precise views to easilyaccess model objects and underlying information needed for the taskat hand.The punch list feature allows you to easily document issues foundin the field and quickly synchronize them back to theproject.  With punch lists, you can efficiently create, reviewand resolve issues.  In addition to the punch list feature,Navigator Mobile provides you with the following newcapabilities: * Open files from CONNECTED projects through an updated userinterface* Find exactly what you need with the ability to perform AdvancedSearches on property data* Have better control of the camera by using the new CameraOrientation tools.* Change the color and transparency of items with the Change ItemAppearance tool.* Navigate your i-model using the component tree in the newOrganizer feature.* Create your own saved views. Note: In order to use the new Punch list feature you will need tosign in with your Bentley ID.  If you do not already have aBentley ID, go to bentley.com/profile and choose the Sign Up Nowlink.
Year in Infrastructure 1.0.3 APK
Bentley's Year in Infrastructure Conferenceapp gives an immersive, interactive experience for exploring thisglobal gathering of leading figures in the world of infrastructuredesign, construction and operations.Both attendees and non-attendees can use this new app to gaininsight into event information, find recommendations for localattractions in the area, see daily news articles, and interact withsocial media about event happenings in real-time.Optimized for iOS.http://www.bentley.com/bentleywebsite/files/legal/eula_en.pdf
ProjectWise WorkSite APK
ProjectWise WorkSite provides construction field workers withonsite views into multiple project data. These role-specific,personalized views ensure real-time decisions are made using themost relevant and current information. At the same time, iteliminates the risk of relying on potentially outdated printedmaterials. WorkSite connects to multiple project data sources,including Bentley’s ProjectWise collaboration system and eB, whichcontrols information throughout the lifecycle of change. Thisallows users to directly access secure electronic documents forinspection and confident decision-making while in the field.
Bentley Yearbook 1.0.6 APK
Bentley's app experience to see all the amazing and gorgeousinfrastructure projects from the Be Inspired Awards at the Year inInfrastructure Conferences in London, UK. See how globalorganizations in the world of infrastructure design, constructionand operations are leveraging Bentley technologies to shape thefuture of infrastructure delivery and investment returns.Optimizedfor the iPad.
APM Supervisor Dashboard 1.0 APK
The APM Supervisor Dashboard app is a companion applicationtoBentley's Asset Performance Management software, AssetWiseIvara(formerly Ivara EXP Enterprise). With its facilitationofinformation mobility for open shareable assetinformation,AssetWise Ivara Performance Management can helpowner-operators toleverage reliability information across theentire asset lifecycleto achieve world-class infrastructure assetperformance.The APM Supervisor Dashboard app gives reliabilityandmaintenance management teams an at-a-glance, actionable, 24x7viewof asset health key performance indicators (KPIs) onAndroiddevices. Reliability and maintenance supervisors andmanagers canmake timely decisions to prevent equipment failures andensureassets are safe and in good operating order. In additiontoproviding supervisors, even off-site, with uninterruptedprocessand safety dashboards, the new app empowers them to respondtoalarms and perform approvals via server connectivity.To use this application, your organization must be runningaBentley APM server, version 7.1+ along with the MobileRESTProvider. Please contact your organization's APM administratorforthe URL of your server.
Bentley Annual Report 1.0.1 APK
Bentley's digital app experience to view the company's 2014 yearresults and contributions, as well as forward-looking plans forhelping global industries with advancing infrastructure.Optimizedfor the iPad.
OpenRoads Navigator APK
OpenRoads Navigator is an easy-to-use, dynamic mobile software thatprovides quick access to civil data in the field. You caninteractively view, analyze, and augment a wide variety of projectinformation, including reviewing existing terrain, 3D models, and2D topographies. Improve project coordination and acceleratecollaboration through faster reliable capture of feedback fromfield staff. The result is better decisions throughout thelifecycle of a project, while minimizing risk. With OpenRoadsNavigator, you can work better together to speed approvals andresolve issues during design, construction, and operations. Use theapp to combine design artifacts with pay item tracking for fieldinspection. You can take advantage of integrated GPS in both 2D and3D models with linear and physical coordinate systems. You cancollaborate between office, site, and field to gain insight intoproject planning and execution for faster resolution of issuesfound in the field. OpenRoads Navigator integrates with ProjectWiseto support collaboration with all team members.