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Contract Agent Sniper Shooter“Contract Agent Sniper Shooter” is 3Daction game where you shoot enemies with long range Sniper rifle.This game provide you realistic Environments, Best controls,realistic sounds and stunning 3D Graphics. Bring down enemies indifficult game play and clear the area from enemies.In” Sniperkiller war 3d” FPS game go to war and show you’re shooting skillsand prove that choosing you as best shooter is a wise decision. Inthis game Smith is as your character. Who is ex-military trainedsniper hired for these tough mission. Shooting enemies from longrange is not easy so take precise shots. Take head shots by usingyour best shooting skills. Play as heroic warrior. Now take theresponsibilities enter in war zone, use your sniper rifle, releaseyour anger at enemies and make them dead. Sniper games become funwhen first you have to find your target and then silently withoutshowing your position kill the enemy. Keep the enemy in your sightand take the shot when you are ready.In this “Hitman sniper killergame “game you have to go into the enemy area and clear that areafrom enemies. Not so simple missions with challenging game play andmountain environments it will be the tough game. Taking aim at yourenemies will be difficult when there is a long distance between youand your enemies. If enemies detects you try to kill enemiesquickly before they kill you. “”Game have ten sniper missions foryou. In every level you have to kill limited number enemies but aslevel increases number of enemies increases. In every level try tofind all your enemies before you shoot. Mission become mess whenyou shoot a single enemies before finding all enemies.The best,awesome 3D sniper shooting game you are waiting for. Take part inthe war and start shooting. Score most headshots provided instunning graphics and accelerate your sniper skills. Get yourSniper and be prepared to kill the enemies. Play your part in war,and do not fail to remember to download the game and share thisgame with your fellows.” Sniper modern killer” game is availableoffline you do not need any internet connection to play thegame.Features:Available for Free3D Visual GraphicsSmoothControlsRealistic Snow and Greenery Environments10 RealisticMissionsAddictive Game Play

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    Contract Agent Sniper Shooter
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    December 23, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Gallant Games
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    335 Station Lane N., Hudson, Wi., 54016
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Soldiers are unsung heroes. The sacrifices of a soldier iscountless for his motherland and for sure you are also one of amongthese heroes and a national hero for your countrymen.Your city isattacked by the enemy army and they have captured it by the way ofdeception, they haveimposed the curfew in city. Attackers arepatrolling in city and they even don't hesitate killingthe innocentcitizens. There objective is killing people like the Contractkillers do.You are assigned to kill these combatant and minimizethe rate of casualty.You are a sniper known for courage and braveryin the world. Your commander assigned you thetask to kill andhunting the enemy soldiers and set free your city. You have to usemodern sniper gun for killing these dangerous Terrorist's Army. Aimand kill your opponent with your perfect sniping skills. HeadShotin this game is pretty awesome.Let the assassin's war beginsagainst the antagonist.
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Are you ready to play coolest, most delightful super fun transportgame for kids and adults as well? You are gonna run your own trainsimulators! Settle the all trains, board the animals and sort thefreight thus a great deal more! Drive you interesting train overexcellent tracks and prepare for a wonderful fun adventure withhuge amounts of exciting amusements! It will be an ace among thecreature transport diversions having the first idea of super cargoanimal train with the animal transport missions. However once againadd twist to the creature freight diversions and turn into aspecialist animal transporter train driver. Trust it! Animal traingame was not ever such before and this is one of the exceptionalcreature transport train simulator that will be loaded withadventure for the animal amusement lovers. So prepare for the Supertransport train fun which is about the farm and jungle creatures'transportation idea. Driving of train is not a simple thing youhave an opportunity to go about as animal transport train driverwith the best beast creatures train game for kidz and mature aswell. There are numbers of wild & angry animals and farmanimals that you need to transport to the goal to finish theamusement, for example, zebra, elephant, hippopotamus, lion, wolf,Cow, Stag, Bear, Cheetah, Pig, Gorilla, rhinoceros, and so on. Mostimportantly you have to operate or load wild creatures, farmanimals and water creatures in the cages confines set on thetrailer of the train and after that you need to transport andconvey them safe to the around zoo to take care of the demand ofcreatures. Also you are going to take the creatures from thewilderness, zoo and from timberland lake to the circus by yoursuper train. Your obligation is to guarantee the fast supply ofanimals from jungle to circus. You will move this overwhelmingobligation wild animal carriage train to its objective withexactness and precision. Other than you'll adore all the moreintriguing levels in this train transporter sim 3D game for kids aswell as mature. So take your hands on the train cargo animal simand be the railroad ruler in the huge jungle of this substantialtrain simulator. Set out yourself to wind up distinctly a driver ofthis enormous super fun transport train & thanksgiving games.Unquestionably! You have not played such sort of super cargo animaltrain game so far. So restore the uniqueness in wild animal gamesmixed with the idea of 3D trailer creature transport traindiversions. It's your opportunity to show some mettle andobligation required to work this substantial stacked train withwild and ranch animals. So get ready to adore with the drive ofsuper fun transport train.Features: _• Very smooth controls ofanimals transports train• Amazing & interesting game levelswith beautiful environment • Realistic graphics and game sound •Multiple levels with different game mode
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As the expert sharp shooter among your band of brothers, you havebeen assigned the task to give cover the front line commandos andmarines. The enemy airborne squadron has has been deployed viahelicopter to attack your base. You and your team have beenprovided with a modern arsenal of top of the line weapons. Usingthese advanced sniper rifles you must snipe and eliminate the enemysky divers before they land on ground. The enemy will be shootingat you from air as well as from the ground. You must act fast andrespond to the enemy air strike with a vengeance and keep pullingthe trigger to keep yourself and you platoon alive.Game of War -Deadly Sniper is one of the best First Person Shooting Free Gamesfor 2015. Your Army has to conquer the battlefield which will onlybe possible if you procure maximum number of kill shots. Game ofWar includes rubber bullets and head shots options. How to Play:-Use left joystick to aim- Press scope button to zoom- Press shootbutton to fireGame Features:- Realistic Environment- InteractiveGameplay- Smooth Graphics- 3D Special Effects
Traffic Road Strike : Sniper 1.1 APK
Gallant Games
Traffic Road Strike : Sniper There are some serious authenticthreat reports issued by SWAT Police, Elite Army and other premierintelligence agencies that some terrorists have hijacked or stolensome vehicles including motorbikes, cars, trucks, jeeps, trailers,vans, buses and other heavy traffic vehicles and crossing somemountain and hilly areas of Vages islands parallel to ships docksports. Terrorists are trained in traffic shooting, sniping &fighting skills and they are trying to enter the redzone to sneaklike a snake. Tom is leading the bad boys team and you are chosenas a professional callous sniper shooter killer from a specialforce who has special anti-terrorist specialties who has matchlessskills to kill and assigned a task to kill and eliminate theseterrorists who came for some ill adventure.Sniping and shooting inlive traffic on highway road is a difficult task for others but foryou its not a big deal as you’re well-trained for such actionventures. Here, scenario is very strange and difficult as somelooters assassins and murderers are moving on highway. Traffic RoadStrike : Sniper is one of the best assassin 3d games which givesyou real time challenging environment to kill the bosses of bad,you always remember that your life is very dear to you hence, youare supposed to take extra cautious remedial measures when you areat your professional job of hunting and killing as professionalkiller, shooter and sniper. You will have to exercise yourprofessional hunting and snipping skills in busy traffic sometimesit may look like to you as some car simulation, jeep adventure ortruck journey where you are going to exhibit your professionalsniping and assessing skills while you also have to beat thetraffic at the same time, as highway traffic is always like a renchslots sniper fury. This is your first the city sniper case whichyou have to fight in traffico and city highway traffic. TrafficRoad Strike : Sniper gives you an opportunity for autobahn, dadolike a professional hunter game to desolate enemies during mountainsniper shooting while destroy cars like a modern sniper to go forright sniper target or sniper hunter, cars are smashing andcrossing roads. So, your journey of hunt and traffic smasher beginsamong shooting cars, itd to replay the episode of success in squareand position of shooting like a professional fps.Traffic RoadStrike : Sniper :• Realistic FPS (First Person Shooting) game• Easyand smooth realistic controls (Tap to shoot)• Engaging and Stunning3d graphics• Modern accurate Sniper shooting Rifle• Variety oftraffic cars to destroy• Destroy Bonus cars to achieve high scores•Challenging multiple missions• Zoomed sniper scope view• Highlyaddictive gameplay