1.2 / April 3, 2014
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In a galaxy far away you need to defendaremote outpost from aliens. The goal of the game is to see howmanypoints you can get. The longer you last the harder thegamebecomes. The repair shield power-ups appear randomly whenyoudestroy an enemy. The kill all enemy power-ups appearafterdestroying an enemy once you have 14 hits withoutmissing.Power-ups stay on the screen until used.

+ Fight Alien Spacecraft
+ Repair Shield Power-ups
+ Kill All Enemy Power-ups
+ Defend Remote Outpost
+ Fun And Challenging For All Ages

App Information Convergence 360

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Stickman Drop 1.2 APK
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Stickman Drop is a fun game where you drop astickman down a peg board. Stickman Drop is fun, challenging, andaddicting to play. Drag the stickman at the top to where you wantto release it and then click the "drop" button. The goal of thegame is to get the highest score possible. You must get at least150 points to unlock the next level. Some levels have objects thatcan effect the stickman. Stickman Drop is similar to Plinko whichis a game on The Price Is Right. It is easy to play but hard tomaster.+ Fun stickman theme+ Many obstacles like balloons, cars and spinning spokedwheels+ Physics based game+ Fun for all ages
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Pinball Block Breaker Craft is a mashupbetween pinball, breakout and minecraft. You create and play yourown levels. There are 27 different blocks to build your levelswith. Once you create a level you can play it to see if you cancomplete it.+ Fun Mashup Between Pinball, Breakout and Minecraft+ Create Your Own Levels+ Get 4 Stars By Completing A Level with 1 Ball+ 27 Different Building Blocks+ Minecraft Styled Theme+ Fun For Everyone
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Very Addictive! Guide the Jellyfish upward byjumping on platforms and using starfish to get an extra boost.Avoid the underwater enemies or shoot them with your tentacles!Tilt the device left or right to move the jellyfish. Touch thescreen where you want to shoot a tentacle. How high can you go?+ Shoot Under Water Enemies+ Jump On Platforms To Move Up+ Starfish Give Extra Boost+ Fun Underwater Theme+ Tilt And Touch Controls+ Fun For All Ages
Puffer Fish 1.4 APK
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Help defend your sub against the Puffer Fish.The goal of the game is to shoot as many of the Puffer Fish as youcan to unlock the next level and get a high score. You can postyour scores to a Facebook leader-board to share and compete withyour friends for high score. Shooting 10 shots in a row withoutmissing releases a bonus starfish that you can shoot for bonuspoints. You have to shoot a puffer fish 4 times to kill it.Shooting a puffer fish that is puffed out will release whateveritem(s) it has in it.+ Easy to use controls+ 40 levels+ Sharp shooter bonus starfish
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Ice Block Breaker is a classic breakout stylegame with a cool penguin ice theme. As you progress in the game thelevels will become increasingly more difficult. The next level isunlocked when the current one is completed.+ Cool Penguin Ice Theme+ Bonus Ball PowerUp+ Ammo PowerUp+ Collect Falling Items For More Points+ Big Paddle PowerUp+ Small Paddle PowerUp+ Freeze Paddle PowerUp+ Fun For Everyone
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Endless hours of fun shooting tin cans. Pickone of the tin can configurations and start shooting. There is alsoa Can Toss mode which is fun and challenging. Have fun shooting andwatching the cans flying around on the screen!+ Multiple Tin Can Configurations+ Tin Can Toss Mode+ Shoot Tin Cans Into A Barrel Mode+ 25, 50, 75 and 100 Tin Can Challenges Mode+ Fun And Challenging