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Cookie Saga is a delicious new match-3 puzzle game filledwithhundreds of yummy dessert-themed levels and candy-like treatsthatare sure to satisfy your craving for fun! Facebook friendstocompete & challenge along the cookie journey. Each levelhasmany cookie candies to be collected to beat the gummy bear.Amazingcookie puzzle game with cookie smashing powers & jamitems asblockers. Swap candy-colored treats and crush deliciouscookies andcakes. It’s no wonder people say Cookie Blast Saga isthe BESTMATCH 3 GAME EVER! We have thousands of match 3 games andpuzzlegames to enjoy! KEY INGREDIENTS: 🍪 Free to play and funforeveryone! 🍪 Never-ending fun with THOUSANDS of unique levelswithnew ones added weekly 🍪 Swap, crush, and jam your waythroughfantastical bakery themed islands 🍪 Earn rewards and sweetprizeswith limited-time events 🍪 Connect to Facebook to seamlesslysyncacross multiple devices and challenge friends! Got a sweettooth?Download Cookie Blast Saga Blast today and satisfy yourcravings!

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    Cookie Saga - Free Puzzle Game
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    June 29, 2018
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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