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Become a fantastic chef and cook the best cake of your lifewiththis cooking game. Here you can gather the ingredients inthekitchen, prepare the mix, add the colors, and cook your cake.Oncecooked, you can decorate it with beautiful finishingtouches.Making a cake has never been easier than with this cakegame.Characteristics - Gather all the ingredients to make yourcolorfulcake. - Prepare the ingredients and mix them in a bowl. -Addcolors to each mix to create the colors of the rainbow. - Pourthemixture into each individual mold before baking in the oven.-Prepare your coffee and dishes. - Add the frosting and decorateitas much as you like to create a fabulous colorful cake.Downloadthis new dessert recipes bakery shop game. Use theprofessionalsweet dessert chef tools to for the cup cake bake inthis game. Youare now in the best bake cake sweet bakery shop forthe browniecake and icecream sandwich. Participate in the sweetbakingcompetitions and win the title of the best dessert chef oftheyear! There is so much fun in this how to cook bakery game inwhichyou are the expert in the frozen food maker. Run the cakebakeryshop and make the cake decoration now. Kids will definitelyenjoythis game and get addicted to it. The best sweet dessert chefis intown now so prove yourself and make the perfect hot bananabrowniewith different ingredients. We have launched the game youhaveplayed in your dream only. Enjoy this fun bakery gamewhereeveryone can enjoy the yummy dessert recipes in afriendlyenvironment. Make this dream of becoming the best owner ofthesweet bakery shop. Learn how to cook. Make the cream cake,browniecake, raspberry cake and icecream sandwich. You are welcometo thebest cooking game. Kids always enjoy to shop for theingredients.So we have arranged the cake bakery frozen dessertgame. But youcannot bake cake in the sweet bakery until youyourself go to shopfor all the bakery ingredients. First step is totake the trip tothe dessert cooking shop to buy the ingredientsthat are needed forthe sweet cake recipe. Buy all the ingredientsfirst otherwise youwill not be able to bake cake decoration,brownie cake and icecreamsandwich. These customers are hungry fordonuts! Make and serve allkinds of delicious donuts! Use tools toprepare the dough, fry thedonuts, decorate and freeze them! You caneven make ice cream,milkshakes, serve coffee and more! Fade into abaking competitionand show the judges that you are the best bakeraround! That's whatyou call a sweet bakery do you want to cookdonuts in a trulymagical way? Visit the fairy chef Anna in hercloud castle and cooksome magic donuts there! Gather stars from thesky to make starflour and pour milk magic clouds. Have your cutebunny boyfriendget some bird eggs in the sky and cook your donutsin the sunlight.When the donuts are done baking, cut them intoflower shape anddecorate with the most delicious of the shopping Goto the LittleMart, stock up on candies at the Candy shop, help sortout theShopkins in the Homewares store, show off Creativity intheStatonery shop, so bow cakes in the cake shop, play withthePetkins in Petkins Park, help Donatina at her basket Donut, makeabig pile in the pancake shop and bake a delicious cake intheCupcake Shop ! Plus, there is a secret shop for you todiscover!Once You Shop Use over a hundred ingredients to cookseveralhundred tasty dishes. Try all possible kitchen appliances,from acoffee maker and rice cookers to pizza ovens and popcornmakers.Decorate your restaurants to attract more customers. Makeyour owngifts, such as cookies or cakes, to make your customersexperiencemore personal and memorable - just like in real life!Improve yourcooking and produce a wider variety of dishes. Oh, andwe said thatthis game is as addictive and as captivating as thefever.

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Girl Nursery - Girls Games 4.0.0 APK
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Taking care of a little baby is pretty hard these days and is evenchallenging to find a good nanny to look after your sweet child ofyours. Well, in this caring game you've got the chance to superviseand even to help a nanny to accomplish all her tasks to please afamily. Follow all the instructions given and make the baby girl abath and offer a nice play day once you've dressed her up in a niceoutfit. Help this nanny to not go crazy because she seems like shecould need an extra hand in this baby game. You are about to takecare of a little baby girl who needs all your attention anddevotion as well. Try your best and go through all two phases we'vecreated for you in order to be prepared for a real challenge as aparent. This nanny game is for sure an interesting one and once youwill fulfill the taking care phase you are free to move to the nextstep that includes the dress up process. There is a whole plan youneed to follow and one task will unlock another one and so on. 🛁During this girl game, you'll learn many things and for sure you'llexperience lovely time with this cute girl. Now, you will go intothe bathing part to make sure the girl is clean and all washed out.Use the shampoo to wash her hair then clean the body and don'tforget to play a little bit while you are in the bath to distracther from the real action. Accomplish all the steps and move to theplaying part where you are going to entertain this girl and makesure she is having a good time. All that remains is to dress her upwith a sweet outfit and cute accessories. Put on a dress or theoveralls and match to it a pretty bow and nice shoes.You are ableto dress the nanny too, so prepare two different style and try tocombine them to see if they match. Now with your help, this nannywon't go crazy and you are more responsible and patient. Don't missany of these awesome features this game provides: - Free and easygameplay - Cheerful background sounds and cool graphics - Have funplaying interactive activities with babies - Learning how toaccomplish the given tasks - Play different games all in one - Lookafter a baby girl - Becoming a responsible nanny - Develop newskills or improve the old one You are at the head of the nursery!Prepare to take care of these adorable newborns. Learn to become agreat nurse and love lots of little slippers! Organize a party fortheir birth before their parents bring them home! 🛁 Become the bestnurse in the world! Be ready to take care of a crowd of adorablenewborns! All these cherubim have just been born and it's up to youto make them happy in the nursery of the hospital! Oh, no, babiescry! Use your expertise to calm them down! - baby nurse - babynursery - craziness - cuidado bebes - care baby - crèche - top babyapp - baby care games - baby care - love babies - baby shower games- juegos de bebes - nurseries - baby nursing - games - Baby NurseryGames - Girls Games If you like the game, give it 5 stars ★★★★★ 🙂
👩🏻‍🍳 cooking time 2.0.0 APK
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👩🏻‍🍳 Cooking was never more fun than in this game where youwillactually go into a real culinary adventure usingdeliciousingredients to create many tasty dishes for a home comingmom.Prepare a mouth-watering surprise with 3 specialties that youaregoing to cook step by step following the instructions andtheguidance of the dad. First, you have to make the breakfast,thenthe following dinner and the dessert. 🥞 👩🏻‍🍳 The mostimportantrule of cooking is to put the secret ingredient in it, andthat islove, which is actually easy to use if you are cooking adeliciousmeal for someone you like or mean something to you. 🥞 👩🏻‍🍳In thisfamily game, you will learn how to surprise your mom withthreetasty dishes using your cooking skills and the help fromyourdaddy. Come in this cooking game to show your talent or tolearnsomething new about this culinary art. Step by step you'llbeguided and if you follow the instructions there is no waythiscouldn't make it through. Something cool is that you are makingitfrom the ground and that is how you learn how to make it. Thefirstmeal you are going to execute is the breakfast which will betheone you will begin with on the serving part. There is adelicioussandwich toast you will make using ham and cheese and forsure theegg bath before you fry it in butter. Then you will go forthefried potatoes with chicken which is a consistent meal andneedsall your attention. Chop the vegetables, cook them and ifthere isany meal fry it too. Put all the ingredients together andmake sureyou didn't forget any of it because the taste won't be thesame.Now that the second food is complete you will earn the rightto seehow to make those delicious pancakes in the shape of a cuteteddybear. Put the ingredients in a bowl, mix the content and makesureyou fry the dough in a special tray. Your cooking challenge isoverand now you can rest enjoying your best dishes. 🥞 👩🏻‍🍳 Becomethetop chef by travelling across the world on your food truck.Spreadthe craze of cooking with your yummy dishes and food andcookeverything you find inside food cart in this awesome foodtruckgame. Cook multiple dishes like Pizza, Burgers, pancakes,cupcakes,hot dogs, ice cream and drinks with Food Truck CookingGames. YourFood truck is also an ice cream truck. Roam around thecity in yourice cream truck and sell ice cream to kids in foodmaker game. Thereal thrill is to handle rushing customers, allwaiting for theirorders to be fulfilled by their favorite foodchef. They are hungryand you need to cook fast to serve the ordersin this fast pacedtime management chef cooking game for kids. -grace - 2018 cooking- cooking fun game - cooking level - kitchenassistant - palatable- tasty kitchen - cooking world - kitchen -cooking country - worldkitchen - chef cooking - kitchen games - getcooking - guidedcooking - delectable - cooking school - guidedcooking - tap tocook - cooking school If you like the game, give it5 stars ★★★★★
Cooking Cake - Coffee Maker Street Truck 1.0.0 APK
Etiusk Vu
You can choose fruit syrups with a unique flavor, combine twoorthree together, make a pop twister ice cream, or evenall-in-one!Yes, you can make your own Rainbow Ice Pop and enjoy iton the go!Made with juicy flavors? Now choose a cute little stickfrom acollection of beautifully created cartoon sticks For sure youhavebeen served many times, but have you ever wondered how it wouldbeto replace one of the servers for a day? No need to wonder,becausethis food game prepared you an exquisite experience toattend ifyou want to learn the best tricks when it comes to own afood truckstand. There will be picky customers and nice ones andyour jobwill be to serve them as fast as you can with your qualityproductsthat have a homemade recipe. The first trial will be thecoffeetruck and here you will learn how a latte should look like,or thedifference between an Americano coffee and an expresso.Yourclients will ask for multiple products and diverse, so retrievetheorder and make sure you serve them with what theyrequired.However, you don't have to waste any minute on each order,becauseyour tips will be according to your services. The faster andthebest is the coffee, the more money you will receive. Check thehintbar to see if your command is properly prepared and then serveit.Once the coffee challenge is over you will continue with thesweetstruck and the fresh juices. The same procedure applies theretoo,but with different and complex services. Have each orderfulfilledand get your money for your work. In the truck withgoodies youwill serve donuts and jelly bread and in the juice one,you willuse fresh fruits to make delicious smoothies and naturaljuices.Besides having to know how the things work behind the scenesin thefood trucks you will also benefit from these features of thegame:- Simple control of the game - Gaining cooking skills - Freetoplay - Experience cool and different types of serving - Learnhowto please your clients - Catch dexterity and learn someinsidetricks - Manage a coffee truck, a sweets truck, and a freshjuiceone The number one free cooking games for kids! Street food atafood truck festival is the best way to try new types of foods. Beachef and use the food maker to cook different dishes in lotsoffree cooking games for kids. Make your best meal in thisrestaurantand help the customers on your stand. The fever begins atthiscarnival fair of street food, are you ready for that? Let'splayStreet Food KITCHENS now! - Fruit juice stand Mix the freshfruitand ice in a cup for happiness. Add milk and sugar for atastymilkshake too! When you are done you just have to move tonextphase. This is where you will find the needed ingredients foryourdelicious food. Look closely and match the shapes from belowwiththe ingredients you have found. Be careful thought becauseyoumight click on the wrong spot and that will cost you points.Finishthis and go to the cooking itself. You have to make a doughfor thecone of ice cream, put the asked ingredients in and mix themwell.Use the machine that transform the dough into a cone and alsoaddthat special cream in the other device that will make icecream.Add topping and maybe some candy sprinkles, do not forgettheglaze! Now you have accomplished all your tasks and we are sureyouhave a lot of fun during this ice cream game.
🐈 care cat games 2.0.0 APK
Etiusk Vu
🐈 Girls Games lovely kitten is a free game for girls Girl Gameslovely kitten in your browser for free. Your best friend has askedyou to take care of her adorable kitten. Could you finish all thetasks like bathing, combing, feeding and playing with? Try! Followthe instructions in the game and take really good care Girls Gameslovely kitten is a free game for girls in your browser for free.Bring this soft toy to the animal and make sure it receives theappropriate treatment. Wash the dirt and get rid of bad germs. Nowthat she feels better, have fun with cute and magical cat tattoos.😍 🐈 Your best friend has asked you to take care of her adorablekitten. Could you finish all the tasks like bathing, combing,feeding and playing with? Try! Follow the instructions in the gameand take good care of this pretty kitten! Control: Use the mouse toplay. Tags: - Animal Games - Babies Games - Swimming Games - Games- Cute Games - Beautiful Games - Games - Lovely Kitten 2 - GirlsGames Lovely Kitten 😍 🐈†kitten needs your care a lot. Try to finishall tasks such as bathing, combing, feeding and playing with thekitten! Please make the kitten become cute and clean again! 🐈functionality: - 100 steps are waiting for you to explore. - Cutekittens, colorful bubbles, beautiful music, amazing specialeffects. - Click kitten, let him move to the designated location. -Long-press the kitten and drag it. - Take good care of the kittens,do not forget to feed yourself in time. Fluffy kitten, you mustlook after mom's cats and baby cat. These virtual pets exist in thevirtual world where you have to practice pet care, so no worriesfor parents. Now, the animal's mom must first be turned into a petsalon. In the pet salon, there is a make-up section, a pet dressingsection and a pet food section. Now go to the pet vet clinic whereyou have to check the vet's mom's cat to see how the fluffy babykitten is doing. In the pet veterinary clinic, you can give anultrasound to cats, check their blood pressure and much more! Thiscat game for girls is full of activities! 😍 🐈 Hey, do you liketaking care of newborns If so, go around the world and explore tonsof adventurous activities in this game. Here, the pet mom cat gavebirth to a cute kitten, so you took all the necessary care for herkitten. In this game, you can perform a lot of pet care activitieslike feeding your healthy food, bathing it cleanly, cutting yournails, treating it well, giving medicine, dressing it up and somuch more. and enjoy this daycare game and do not forget to shareit with a friend and family members. - Games care cat - games girls- games care cat.games girls - Kitty Care and Grooming 😍 If youlike the game, give it 5 stars ★★★★★ 🙂
🚙 car wash monster 1.0.0 APK
Etiusk Vu
🚙 He's all dirty now but here at this special car salon he'llhavethe time of his life! Wash him with a special car shampoo, washthewheels and make this monster truck sparkle! Now you're almostreadyto hit the road but first... customize his look with colorsandstickers! 😍 He's all dirty now but here at this special carsalonhe'll have the time of his life! Wash him with a specialcarshampoo, wash the wheels and make this monster truck sparkle!Nowyou're almost ready to hit the road but first... customize hislookwith colors and stickers! 😍 Virtually all boys and girls lovecargames, and many of them, playing such great games,imaginethemselves as the drivers of this car, from aconventionalsubcompact to the ultra-modern car. fast the mostmodern. We areexcited to introduce our exciting new game for kids -🚙"Car Wash -Monster". In this game are not small cars, but the realmonster ofthe track, which is very dirty in the last competitionand you justhave to come to their rescue. For this, they havearrived in aplace where they will be washed and start to shine withcleanliness- it's a car wash. Our 🚙 game - car wash, is veryinteresting andexciting, suitable for the smallest car wash lovers,and for theolder age group. Here you will find the most modern carwashequipment, with which you can very carefully and carefullybringyour friends to four wheels clean and tidy. Our parking isverydiversified, your child will be delighted and will receivemanypositive emotions. 😍 After choosing the car you like, you havetoclean it carefully and, using all kinds of detergents andawashcloth, wash thoroughly, soap and dirt to rinse with clearwaterand polish the body and wipe it dries. Then you will havetoreplace old worn and ugly wheels with the most modern ones.Oncethe cars are cleaned, they will have to be repainted in one ofthecolors presented, and it is also possible to paint everythingtheywant on the typewriter, stick a colored sticker, 😍 🚙 Car Wash-Here's the part where all the dirt is washed and rubbed untilthemonster truck is clean. Learn how to work and give yourfavoritemonster truck a good wash and also polish the exterior togive it anice and new shiny appearance. 😍 Garage - In the garagearea yourmonster truck must be fixed and repaired to be inperfectmechanical condition before the show starts. Repairscratches, addengine oil, pump the air into the flat tires andrepair brokenheadlight. 😍 - the 🚙 car wash. When your child choosesa car thathe likes, he will thoroughly clean it with variouswashing methods,brush it with a brush, wash it with a washcloth,wash it underrunning water, and wipe it off. Also replace the old,ugly and wornwheels with the latest and most modern ones. At theend of allthis, you will need to paint the car repaired and washedin one ofthe available colors. But it is very important andinteresting thatyour child has the opportunity to paint anything hewants on hiscar, or to stick a new colored and luminous sticker. Byperformingall these actions, your child, decorating his car, willtry a jobso interesting - the designer. All our educational gamesforchildren help your children develop attention, diligence,finemotor skills, help to study colors. This bright and excitinggamewill give your child many interesting and unforgettable momentsofpleasure as he creates something with his own hands.It'sunforgettable and the skills will be very useful for thechildlater. 😍 - car wash bangalore - lavage auto - car wash games-little car - kids truck games - truck games for kids - washing-car wash near me - preschool trucks - lavage voiture - carcleaning- monster - monster car wash If you like the game, give it5 stars★★★★★ 🙂
Pet Care games 🐶 🐈 1.0.0 APK
Etiusk Vu
🐶 If you are a animal lover you will be delighted to find outthatthis parental game is all about cats, dogs and ponies. Thesecretof a good care is to do it with passion and once you do thatallthe tasks will seem easily. First is the kitty, then the dogandright after you can unlock the pony. Each animal have adifferentprocess in the care session and you should be careful andnotneglect their needs. 🐶 🐈 🐶 Oh no! There are so manyadorableanimals in this game that you couldn't resist thetemptation to notplay it. For sure is a fun idea, but there aresomeresponsibilities that comes along with all these. This animallovermom got the courage to own and care three different petsandbecause of that she is going crazy and will need your help tofacethe challenge. As you can see there is a kitty cat, a fluffydogand a sweet pony that will require serious nursing skills, butinorder to help them you have to take each one aside and offeraproper care according to their needs and asked environment.Youwill be guided along the way and each task will measureyourdevotion for these animals because now they will be yours. Thecatwill be first and you will have to cut her excess of nailsthenwhen she is ready put her right in the bath tube to get acleaningand relaxing bubble wash. Use the soap and rub her skin inorder toget her all covered by bubbles, then make sure you wash thefur.Dry her and use some beauty tricks to spoil her a little bit.Youhave the possibility to makeup the kitty and right after youwillbe adding the clothes with that sparkling tiara. If you arenowplaying with the pony you will see some similarities intheprocedure, but you will be adding a face mask and even moremakeup.The mascara and the braided hair will make a nice match withthepony's outfit. The dog turn has come and he will be pamperedwith atreatment that will whiten his teeth, then you will be takingabath and if you follow the instructions there is no wayyoucouldn't finish the last animal. Have fun and try to see how amomthat adopted three animals has her normal day and how youshouldbehave with each one of them. 🐶 🐈 There are many featuresthis gamebrings in order to be your favorite: - Free and easy toplay -Joyful music and cool graphics - Develop new abilities andimprovethe old one - Create a safe environment and a cleaned one -Takeresponsibilities and learn how to take care of a little cat, aponyand a puppy 🐶 Boys and girls, do you love pet babies? If youlovethem so much, please come to soon to see these cute babies,here wehave baby kitten, bunny, monkey and puppy! If you want toknow whatthey look like in their baby time, if you want to takecare of themby yourself and play with them happily, welcome to our! In thisbrand-new app, you can experience the feeling of beingparentsthrough looking after these babies from morning to night,moreover,you can take snapshots for them in their growing upperiod, we arepretty sure in those time that you stay with thesebabies, you’llfall in love with all of them!!! 🐶 🐈 - baby pet -care pet - petbaby - baby ferret - pet care game - take care ofpets - pet babybird - monkey baby - pet care games - animal babies- cute babyanimals - baby animal - animal games for girls - talkingcare - petclinic If you like the game, give it 5 stars ★★★★★ 🙂
Princess Pets - Puppy kitty 🐩 2.0.0 APK
Etiusk Vu
Girls and boys, welcome to Pretty cute girls are waiting for youtodress them up with your fabulous talent.Go on, let's playwiththese adorable ones, and give a highlight to the partywithfireworks ... . -OMG! Four Super Cute Princess Pets -Puppy,Kitten, Leopard and Squirrel - Awaken, accessorize, get inshapeand play with your own princess pets -Prepare thedeliciousbirthday cake for your beautiful pets -Decorate yourbirthday partyAnimals! Enjoy! -Oh! Do not forget to open a coolgift Give yourpet the care it deserves with this grooming game.Here you canchoose a pet, tidy the living room and wash it beforefeeding itwith your favorite food. Once your pet is happy, you canthencustomize its appearance to make it stand out. Caring for petshasnever been easier with this grooming game! Start your day withapet shop, purchase a virtual pet and redesign it in the pethairsalon game! Start taking care of a cute pet and take the timetogive them a comfortable bubble bath and perform asophisticatedmanicure and pedicure in the pet salon game! Wash,shampoo, rinse,dry, cut, bend, comb, dye, shave and trim the furand fur ofanimals. Make manicures, make-up and a pretty animalcolor in thegame of the pet show. Build your own pet salon and takecare ofpretty pets by signing up for your pet salon party. Play thepetcare game, feed, clean, groom and dress cats and dogs tomaximizeyour happiness and grow your pet salon business! Take goodcare ofthe cute virtual pets to earn coins at the end of the dayandimprove the trade of pet shows! Animal Care and Transformation:•Manage your own pet store and groom the animals! • Wash,cut,straighten, curl, color, paint and style hair during a beautysalonparty! • Use several accessories for hair, nails andaccessories ina pet hair salon game! • Become a true pet stylistand show yourcreativity in a hair salon game! • Gameplay andattractive soundeffects of the pet salon game! Let's play the gameof pet care andsalon. Download Animal Care and Animal Makeover: andgive us yourfeedback, so we can do more for pet care, pet hairsalon and petgrooming. pet salon for
pony makeover games - rainbow Pony 1.0.0 APK
Etiusk Vu
in which you will learn if you have what it takes to take goodcareof a baby pony. If you love the show then you will most likelyhaveplenty of fun playing this rainbow Pony Princess free gamebecauseall the characters are really cute. Take all the steps inorder toplay a few games with the baby because that is the way theylearnat there is so much fun to be had. In the meanwhile, be onthelookout not to be spotted as you will have to start all overagain.Complete all the little pony mini games and they will add upto anice high score if you do well enough. This is magical processandyou will see that the mommy is doing a great job at it. Give herashot so she will be relaxed and also complete themandatorycheck-ups before she starts pushing. There will be a briefmomentwhere you will have to monitor her heart rate but in a fewshortseconds, she will be the proud mommy of a cute blue ponylikeherself. This means that you did a great job, but it’s notquiteover yet because new born babies are really fragile and alsoneedto be checked up. Cut the cord and begin the process. Warm upyourstethoscope and see if the baby is healthy and give her a nicerubwith a warm towel so she will be all cleaned up and ready tobegina wonderful life. Give her a shot too because she is pronetodiseases and you do not want that to happen to such a cutelittleanimal. In just a few minutes you witnessed the birth of anew lifeand helped greatly to make it possible. Soon enough youwill beable to visit the farm again and both of them will be on thefieldrunning and enjoying some fresh green grass. The pony farmgame youare about to play has a few nice perks to it: -Step bystepinstructions -Cute art style -Easy to play -Relaxing music-Lovelycharacters The lovely pony princess is pregnant and this issuch aspecial moment. Help her relax and take proper care of herlovelybaby bump. This game offers you fun and interactiveactivities withboth mommy and baby. Features - medical check up:take thetemperature and check the vitals, make an ultrasound to seethebaby, help her the vitamins - help the pony princess relax inanamazing natural setting: she'll admire the landscape, eat ahealthysnack, listen to music, swim in the lake and more - takecare ofthe newborn pony - at the end there's a super fun dress upstagefor both mommy and baby with lots of elements for you to mixandmatch rainbow Pony - games pony makeover - newborn care -pregnancyand newborn - baby unicorn dress up - pony dress up -pricess care- newborn baby pregnant mom