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Make some really delicious chocolate cupcakes in this lovelycookinggame! Your mother has informed you that a big storm isrolling intotown and you'll need to stay inside all day to avoidfrostbite. Butstaying at home all day can be very boring unlessyou have somethingto do. That's why this young girl has decided tospend the daybaking up a storm in the kitchen so that she canenjoy warm treatson this cold day. Follow the instructions andstick to the recipe toprepare the delicious cupcakes in this funcooking game for girls.Once they've cooled, browse the wideselection of seasonal optionsto decorate your winter cupcakes andcomplete this tasty dessert!Get baking with chocolate, raspberryand vanilla cupcakes in thisfun and educational cooking game.Learn how to make cupcakes andfrosting then decorate and servethem up.

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    Cooking Games - chocolate Cupcake Games
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    August 30, 2017
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