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✙ Keeping your files safe is important, but it doesn't have tobebasic and dull! The Δ Cool Zipper Photo Lock App Δ offersmaximum“lock screen” customization! Not only is it adorned with anamazing“zip app lock” but it also allows you to use your very own“lockimage” as a background! You can literally select any picturefromyour photo gallery, and set it up as your “lock screenwallpaper”!In combination with a gorgeous “zip locker”, you willhave the mostoriginal locked screen in the world! No one will havesuch a unique“lock screen theme”, so your phone will be easilyrecognizableamong millions of similar devices. So, don't hesitateto downloadthe Δ Cool Zipper Photo Lock App Δ! It's an entertainingsecurityapp for the wholefamily!✱✸✿❀❖✰✪✱✲✳❃✱✸✿❀❖✰✪✱✲✳❃✱✸✿❀❖✰✪✱✸✿❀❖✰How tostart using the ΔCool Zipper Photo Lock App Δ:1. Click on the appto open it;2. Checkthe box that says 'Enable lock screen';3. Setyour preferredpassword;4. Indulge in the new look of yourscreen!What this “applock” software boasts:✔ A variety of “coollock screen wallpaper”backgrounds to bring some fun into yourscreen!✔ When you open this“photo locker”, it activatesautomatically!✔ Tailor the “zipper lockscreen” to your liking!✔Pick a picture from your gallery toembellish your lock screenwith!✔ Choose a vertical or horizontalzip up method!✔ Use a freepreview in order to check whether thestyle really fits you beforeapplying it!✔ Rate our app after usingit for a while to let usknow how you likeit!✱✸✿❀❖✰✪✱✲✳❃✱✸✿❀❖✰✪✱✲✳❃✱✸✿❀❖✰✪✱✸✿❀❖✰✙ Anothercool feature you canget if you click on this “app lock download”is that it can bepersonalized in such a way that it looksappropriate for both boysand girls! Usually, “lock screen apps”allow for littlemodification, making them only cater to a specificgroup of people.Well, with the Δ Cool Zipper Photo Lock App Δ thatis certainly notthe case! No matter whether you're into girlishthings like dolls,hearts, teddy bears or flowers, or intosomething more for boys likevideo game characters or athletes,this is the right app for you!You can get very creative with thepictures you select. You canupload one with you and your partnerholding hands right in themiddle of the zip, so that it looks likethe zipper separates youand puts you back together! Just use yourimagination, and you'llnever get bored of this application!✙ Don'tforget that the Δ CoolZipper Photo Lock App Δ is first andforemost a “safety app”! Itwill keep your files safe using a“zipper lock screen withpassword”. The longer the password is theharder it is for intrudersto access your valuable files andinformation. Make sure you set itup as soon as you install thisapp. You might want to hurry up withthe download in order to avoidpotential break-ins! You never knowwhere nosey people might belurking to get their hands on someone'spersonal information.✙ Ifyou ever said to yourself: 'I really wishI had a “zipper lockscreen with my photo” instead of some randomimage I don't reallylike', you know what to do! Tap on thatDownload button andexperience screen lock customization like you'venever seen before!The beautiful blend of a classic, ever so popularzipper forlocking your device, and a pretty photo you own with somedeeppersonal value is sure to make your cellphone or tablet better!

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    Cool Zipper Photo Lock App
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    November 13, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Desire Division
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✌ Delve into the future of cellphone and tablet devices with abrand new “fingerprint lock screen”! The ☚ Fingerprint App LockPrank HD ☚ is a fantastic “app locker with password fingerprint”that will simulate unlocking your device with your own fingerprint!It is based on the good old slide to unlock pattern, but with anultra-modern twist! There will be a “finger mark lock” on yourlocked screen to make it appear like you are the only one with thepower to unlock it! It's like your phone is some mystical,inscrutable object that only you have access to! So, what are youwaiting for? The longer you wait, the the bigger the risk of yourphone getting broken into! Download this “free fingerprint lock”now for maximum security! That's correct, you read it well – the ☚Fingerprint App Lock Prank HD ☚ can be yours absolutely free ofcharge with a single click of a button. Now, that's a chance youcan't miss out on!✽✫✬✮✯✤✱✸✿✢✤✱✸✿✽✫✬✮✯✤✱✸✿✢✤✱✸✿✽✫✬✮✯✤✱✸✿✢✤✱✸✿How toset up your new “fingerprint pattern”:1. Click on the 'Enable lockscreen' box;2. Enter the password you prefer, then enter once morefor confirmation;3. Select your preferred screen lock.What you getwith the ☚ Fingerprint App Lock Prank HD ☚:❖ Choose an “hd lockscreen wallpaper” of your preference to decorate your locked screenwith;❖ Pick from our wide variety of beautiful backgrounds;❖ Selecta 12 or 24 hour system.❖ Turn the date display on or off.❖ Show orhide the battery life icon.❖ Your device is now both safe, andcustomized to yourliking!✽✫✬✮✯✤✱✸✿✢✤✱✸✿✽✫✬✮✯✤✱✸✿✢✤✱✸✿✽✫✬✮✯✤✱✸✿✢✤✱✸✿✌ Have you everwondered what the future of smartphones holds? Many predict that wewill be able to use holograms projected from their lenses, both forthe display, and for the keyboard. Others say that smartphones willbecome completely outdated, and will be replaced by entirely novelgadgets. But the one thing that most people agree upon, and thathas already been achieved with certain devices, is that most ofthem will support fingerprint scanners on their display. That mightbe in the near future, but still, it is not here yet. So, that iswhere this “fingerprint unlock” comes in handy. The ☚ FingerprintApp Lock Prank HD ☚ will provide you with the perfect “fingerprintsimulator” so realistic that you will not even be able to tell thedifference between it and the real thing!✌ Let us not forget that,despite its gorgeous, futuristic appearance, and a myriad ofwonderful wallpapers it gives you, this is, in its core, a “lockscreen app”. This application will supply your device with thenecessary security for your messages, pictures, songs, clips, andwhatever else you might have inside your memory. No intruder willever be able to access them, especially if he or she sees that youuse your fingermark to unlock your phone! This may be just a lockscreen prank, but it can be very effective against involuntarybreak-ins nonetheless. So don't waste any more time, the hackersare right around the corner, they are more advanced now than ever!Download this screen lock, and you can rest easy!✌ Get the ☚Fingerprint App Lock Prank HD ☚ to mess around with your friends!You can easily trick them into believing you have the technology noone else has yet with this “fingerprint prank”! It is amultipurpose app that you will never get tired of!
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✥ Are you tired of your old keyboard? Well, this one you will neverget tired of! The ✰ Neon Keyboard Custom Themes ✰ offer you afantastic “neon keyboard” that looks like a futuristic wonder! Oneof the most used items on your cellphone or tablet device isdefinitely the keyboard. You spend even hours at a time staring atit, and, of course, it has to start looking boring at some point.These fresh new “keyboard themes” will take care of that problemfor you! All you need to do is install this “keyboard apps theme”,and apply the new “custom keyboard”. It has a truly mesmerizingdesign that surpasses any other keypad with its multiple colors,and a glow-in-the-dark appearance. Don't miss out on this freetheme changer! Just tap on the button to download, and the ✰ NeonKeyboard Custom Themes ✰ will make your texting experience milesbetter!✱✲✳❃✢✣✤✥✱✲✳❃ ✢✣✤✥✱✲✳❃✢✣✤✥✱✲✳❃✢✣✤✥✱✲✳❃✢✣✤✥✱✲✳❤‿❤ How to setup the neon keyboard themes:1. Click on ‘Enable the Keyboard’,check the box-field next to ✰ Neon Keyboard Custom Themes ✰, andthen click on the OK button;2. Return to the application, select‘Set the Keyboard to Default’ button and select ✰ Neon KeyboardCustom Themes ✰;3. You can now customize your keypad (choosethemes, languages and shortcuts).✳ Choose your favorite “neonwallpaper” to change your keyboard wallpaper!✳ Alternate betweenkeyboard colors – blue, pink, purple, etc.✳ Select from a widerange of awesome images to change the keypad theme, color orstyle!✳ An “emoji keyboard” with hearts, smileys, aliens, flags,and tons of other symbols for keyboard embellishment!✳ Change thelanguage of your keypad - Spanish, German, Portuguese, etc.!✳Switch words for numbers to make shortcuts!✳ Turn the texting andvibration sounds on or off!✳ Download our keyboard themes forsmartphones and tablets, and don't forget to rate thisapp!✱✲✳❃✢✣✤✥✱✲✳❃ ✢✣✤✥✱✲✳❃✢✣✤✥✱✲✳❃✢✣✤✥✱✲✳❃✢✣✤✥✱✲✳✥ We all havehabits of using our cellphones right before we go to sleep. Butsometimes, with the lights out, it's gets pretty difficult toperfectly type all the letters due to limited visibility. That isanother situation where this “glow in the dark keyboard” comes inhandy! Not only does it look glorious, but it is also reallyhelpful. This striking “neon theme” will take you for a ride to thefuture with its amazing sci-fi inspired look. You will feel likeyou are centuries ahead of everyone else! In addition, you canchoose an appropriate background wallpaper to match the neon designof the keypad. We suggest some space or galaxy themed image. Thatwould fit like a glove!✥ This amazing “keyboard design” applicationis unlike any other you have seen before! It allows you tocustomize basically everything possible with your keyboard in orderto make it appeal specifically to you! From backgrounds to letterappearance, all features allow you to personalize them! All thedefault keypads are made with the design that the company that madethe device chose for you. Why should you have to stick with that?You are your the master of your device! You get to decide what itlooks like!✥ The ✰ Neon Keyboard Custom Themes ✰ is a must-have“keyboard customizer” for anyone that likes futuristic designs,regardless of age or gender. Grab everyone's attention with thisunique, luminous theme by simply tapping the Download button!
My Photo Emoji Keyboard App 1.0 APK
ღ Keyboards are one of the least customizable items on yoursmartphone or tablet device. You only get to pick the color and thefont, but apart from that there is not much else. You are stuck theplain white or black background that becomes really tiresome aftera while. Well, that's all about to change! ☼ My Photo EmojiKeyboard App ☼ is an outstanding “keyboard photo app” that willcompletely change the way your keypad looks! Turn your keyboardappearance upside down with this amazing “picture keyboard” whichallows you to add any photo from the gallery of your device, andapply it as a “keypad wallpaper”. Don't miss this unique chance toacquire the best “keypad app” available on the market right now!This is a totally free application that you won't regretdownloading!✽✫✬✮✯✤✱✸✿✢✤✱✸✿✽✫✬✮✯✤✱✸✿✢✤✱✸✿✽✫✬✮✯✤✱1. Click on ‘Enablethe Keyboard’, check the box-field next to ☼ My Photo EmojiKeyboard App ☼, and then click on the OK button;2. Return to theapplication, select ‘Set the Keyboard to Default’ button and select☼ My Photo Emoji Keyboard App ☼;3. You can now customize yourkeypad (choose themes, languages and shortcuts).➥ Settle on yourpreferred “photo keypad” to decorate your desktop!➥ Change thecolors of your keyboard – green, blue, orange, and more!➥ A hugeamount of fantastic images you can choose to make changes to thekeypad theme, style or color!➥ Communicate with emojis, such assmileys, hearts, hand gestures, and lots more symbols usingthis“emoticon keyboard”!➥ Switch between languages of your keypad -Italian, German, Spanish, etc.!➥ Create some shortcuts by swappingnumbers for words!➥ Turn the sound and vibration sounds on or off!➥Click to download this awesome keypad for cellphone and tabletdevices, and do rate our application if you could spare sometime!✽✫✬✮✯✤✱✸✿✢✤✱✸✿✽✫✬✮✯✤✱✸✿✢✤✱✸✿✽✫✬✮✯✤✱ღ Apart from offering toselect your own picture for a wallpaper, ☼ My Photo Emoji KeyboardApp ☼ is a great “emoji keyboard”, and it can express your feelingsand emotions just the way you want to! Emojis have become anessential part of every texting session, especially among theyounger users. Nowadays, just typing a few words and sending themessage is not common anymore. As a matter of fact, it might evenbe considered rude or your friend or partner might think you areaggravated by something they did. All you need to do is take a lookaround on any popular social media service or open your recentlysent text messages, and you will undoubtedly see smileys, heartemoticons, foods, animals, and various other emojis. This is whyhaving a strong emoji selection is important for a keyboard app.ღThey are called emojis for a reason, of course; they serve toexpress your emotions! And you will likely be full of them once yousee your dear friend, family member, or significant other on “yourpicture keyboard”! You might be messaging someone who is far awayand you are unable to see each other, but this application lets yousimulate the experience of you meeting. If that's not your cup oftea, you can choose a picture of your favorite superhero, food,video game, movie...You have total freedom over this choice!ღ So,what are you doing still looking at the screen? Tap on thatDownload button, and let ☼ My Photo Emoji Keyboard App ☼ replaceyour boring old “keyboard themes” once and for all!
My Photo Cute Emoji Keyboard 1.0 APK
✤ There are so many “keyboard themes” that are repetitive, andoffer little customization. But what if you could make your veryown “DIY keyboard skin with your photo”? That is exactly what ◎ MyPhoto Cute Emoji Keyboard ◎ allows you to do! This is a totallyawesome “custom keyboard” that everyone can learn to customizewithout too much trouble. All you need to do is install it, andapply a “photo background” from your photo gallery. You haveabsolute freedom to pick any “keyboard pictures” you want to makeyour typing experience more beautiful. So, don't hesitate, and makethis wonderful “phone keypad” yours today! You're just one click ofa button away!✽✫✬✮✯✤✱✸✿✢✤✱✸✿✽✫✬✮✯✤✱✸✿✢✤✱✸✿✽✫✬✮✯✤✱❤‿❤ How to set upthe keyboard theme:1. Click on ‘Enable the Keyboard’, check thebox-field next to ◎ My Photo Cute Emoji Keyboard ◎, and then clickon the OK button;2. Return to the application, select ‘Set theKeyboard to Default’ button and select ◎ My Photo Cute EmojiKeyboard ◎.3. You can now customize your keypad (choose themes,languages, and shortcuts).⇨ Select a “keyboard wallpaper” foradorning your background!⇨ Create custom “keyboard images” to fullyutilize this keypad app!⇨ Numerous colors to choose from (black,white, yellow, red, green, and many more)!⇨ Make use of the“emoticon keyboard” - send some symbols to express your emotions,point to something or just make your texts more colorful!⇨ Englishis not your preferred language? No worries, change it as youplease!⇨ Access your files more easily by switching numbers forwords!⇨ Turn off the sound and/or the vibration if it bothers you!⇨Add a rating and a comment to our app to let us know how you likeit!✽✫✬✮✯✤✱✸✿✢✤✱✸✿✽✫✬✮✯✤✱✸✿✢✤✱✸✿✽✫✬✮✯✤✱✤ Get creative with you“keyboard photo” to make custom-made themes that seem like they aredone by a pro! This fantastic “keyboard changer” reaches its fullpotential once you find a picture that fits your keyboard justright. Experiment as much as you like, and you will see how muchbetter it is to pick a look for your keyboard yourself instead ofletting other people do it for you. For example, if your boyfriendor girlfriend is your “photo keyboard background”, add some heartsand smileys to the image. That way, it will be an idealrepresentation of the love you feel for them.✤ Unlike most others,this “photo keyboard app” can satisfy anyone's keyboard needs. ◎ MyPhoto Cute Emoji Keyboard ◎ can be the “perfect keyboard” foreveryone due to its editing characteristics. If you're into boyishthings, your background could be a famous action hero or a reallycool video game poster. On the other hand, if your nature is moregirly, you can put a cute puppy or your favorite pop artist as awallpaper. No matter what you like, there is always a way to tailorthe keypad to your liking!✤ What are you still waiting for? Themost attractive “photo keyboard with emojis” is right here for you!Just click the Download button on your screen, and see what thisphenomenal application is capable of! You will find no shortage ofamazing features which will make you never want to stop sendingtext messages. If you want to breathe new life into your smartphoneor tablet device, there is simply no better application around. Youhave complete control over what your keyboard will look like!
Diamond LockScreen Themes 1.0 APK
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Photo Emoji Custom Keyboards 1.0 APK
✯ Hey, did you hear some excellent news? The best solution for yourkeyboard background has just arrived! Now you can “customize yourkeyboard” by adding any photo you want! Find the photo you like themost from your library, upload it and set it as your keyboardcover. Thanks to this “photo keyboard with emojis” you will havethe best typing experience that you could possibly imagine! Adornyour text messages with the bunch of cute emojis, funny emoticons,and other keyboard symbols. Our long list of awesome emojis willhelp you to express your emotions and mood situation in the easiestway possible. If you're one of that attention-seeking persons, thenthis ☆Photo Emoji Custom Keyboards☆ is the perfect “keyboard app”for you!❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃ ✯ How to set keyboardtheme:Click on ‘Enable the Keyboard’, check the box-field next to☆Photo Emoji Custom Keyboards☆, and then click on the OKbutton;Return to the application, select ‘Set the Keyboard toDefault’ button and select ☆Photo Emoji Custom Keyboards☆;You cannow customize your keyboard (choose themes, languages, andshortcuts); ❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃✯ Pick your favoritephoto from phone's library or take a new one;✯ A variety offantastic “keyboard themes” is ready to be used;✯ Select thedesired language and start typing on an Italian keyboard or aPortuguese keyboard;✯ Plenty of smiley faces, funny emojis, andother cool keyboard symbols can be found in this amazing “emojikeyboard” app;✯ Personalize your keyboard cover with the picturesof your friends, family or your own selfies;✯ Options to turn onand off keyboard sounds and vibration;✯ Select words for numbersand create shortcuts with this cool keyboard application;✯ Downloadthis amazing “photo emoji keyboard” and we guarantee that you'llhave lots of fun texting to your friends and family;✯ Check outthese incredible “keyboards with emojis” and install your favoriteone for free!❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃❃✯ Get ready to havethe most exciting typing experience thanks to this unique “picturekeyboard with emoji”! Now you can upload your own selfie, a pictureof your loved ones or some keypad background image to watch itwhile texting to your dear ones. These particular photos will forsure warm the cockles of your heart! Personalize your phone in aninstant, and have the most stylish virtual keyboard among yourfriends! In a multitude of generic keyboard layouts, you can createyour own to be authentic and different from the rest! With the helpof this amazing “keyboard customizer,” you can make your ownbackground by choosing your preferred image. Thanks to the ☆PhotoEmoji Custom Keyboards☆ you can have a new picture on your keyboarddesign every single day!Without further ado, visit app market andobtain this “cool keyboard” app!✯ Get yourself the best keyboardapp that you can ever have! Convince all your friends and familymembers that this photo keypad is worth the hype! As soon as youdownload free of charge this mesmerizing application, you will bethrilled by its numerous options!f you don't like your current“keyboard background” you can always choose another photo as yourtheme! So, don't wait any longer – become the proud owner of thisfantastic “custom keyboard”!