1.8 / May 13, 2020
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NO ONE IN THE BIG OPEN WORLD FEELS SAFE ANYMORE… The biggest citieshave all been under terrorist attack… No one in the big open worldreally feels safe anymore… It is time that some terrorist hunter isgoing after these terrorist villain thugs… Your time to shine!!! Inthis epic crime simulator game you are the chief police officerthat is going to put all these terrorist villain thugs in theground. Get ALL your big automatic guns out of the armory and blowthese bad mobsters under the ground in this free counter terroristsimulation game. IF YOU LIKE FREE POLICE GAMES THEN THIS IS THEGAME FOR YOU!! This crime city police game is waiting for a badasschief police officer like you. All the people of the big open worldfeel threatened by these bad terrorist villain thugs and it is theduty of a chief police officer to make the city safe again. Unlockmany different characters, guns and cars by completing the policevendetta missions. These missions really put your best crimesimulator skills to the highest level. Do not wait any longer, puton you chief police officer and keep the big open world clear fromany terrorist attack in this free crime simulator game! CopWarrior: Terrorist Hunter - Key Features: ✔ Real police shootinggames and crime simulator sounds ✔ Epic crime city police gamephysics ✔ Adrenaline-filled free counter terrorist simulation gameexcitement ✔ Detailed police vendetta challenges for the mostbadass chief police officer ✔ Experience cutting edge big openworld graphics ✔ Stunning fast police car and big automatics gunsdynamics ✔ Take down these terrorist villain thugs in this freecounter terrorist simulation game ✔ More crime city police gamewill follow shortly

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    Cop Warrior: Terrorist Hunter
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    May 13, 2020
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Fun Blocky Games
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EXPERIENCE HQ ADRENALINE FILLED MONSTER TRUCK RACE EXCITEMENT Getbehind the wheel of some of the most brutal V8 power machines knownto mankind. Start up the monster and make the V8 engine roar!!Demolition games have never been this adrenaline filled. Bring yourA-game and stunt your way through the various monster trucksimulator level missions. Don’t back down! LOTS, LOTS AND LOTS OFBREATHTAKING STUNT OBSTACLES When you think you have seen it allyou should definitely give this mad monster truck demolition derbyquick spin. These special stunt features get better and better. Themore level missions you finish the better these special stuntfeatures become. Let the monster truck demolition derby gamesbegin. Buckle up! Monster Truck 4x4 Stunt Racer – KEY FEATURES-Ultra clear and complex monster truck simulator graphics andphysics -Lots and lots of stunning game missions to stunt through-Lots and lots of ultra-detailed vehicles for demolition gamesmissions -This stunt driving games sound will give you goose bumps-3 different modes (race mode, destruction mode and time trial racemode) -Almost endless special stunt driving games stunt features.It gets better and better. -More monster truck simulator games anddemolition derby truck stunt games will follow