0.10.46 / April 16, 2017
(3.5/5) (67)


Lead the humans across the stars in their1,000-year struggle against the Creator!

※Rotation Battle
""It's not fair""? Of course we will keep swarming you withtroops!

※Cute unique troops
Over 100 troops at your command! Watch them grow, live, and departas time flies!

※Explore the cosmos
Adventure awaits in different planets across the stars!

※Simple controls, deep tactics
Got steamrolled? Adjust your troops and see totally differentresults!

Here comes the Cosmos Champions! Download and play now!

App Information Cosmos Champions

  • App Name
    Cosmos Champions
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    April 16, 2017
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Reality Squared Games
  • Installs
    1,000 - 5,000
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
    Visit website Email mobilesupport@r2games.com Privacy Policy
    F12, Unit4, Building B, Kexing Science Park, Keyuan Road, Nanshan District. 518000 Shenzhen China
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Seize the throne! Defend, Invade, and Dominateyour foes in the tower-building Android strategy game of the year!Rise above a world of bandits and barbarians to become thegreatest Warlord of all. Expand your village with Mines, Mills,Towers, and Temples – and raise your walls high above thebattlefield, because thieves are coming for YOUR tribal treasure!Fight back with daring raids on your friends and foes – and withunits like Archers, Valkyries, and even *BEES!*, they won't stand achance. Prepare yourself for war in TRIBAL RUSH – true mobilestrategy where survival is only the beginning!***UPDATES***• The Heroes Have Landed – Build the all-new Hero Hall andrecruit these 6 unstoppable juggernauts to your side! With T-Bone,Zenith, Reaper, A'niaj, Leiji, and Crusher, the battlefield willnever be the same!• Raised Level Caps – Get your Builders ready, because the time toupgrade is now! Stalwart can now be raised to level 15, and somedefenses can reach level 20.• Demolish Ally Structures – Need some extra space? Now you canremove ally-donated structures that don't mesh with your layoutplans.• Various other bugfixes, combat adjustments, and UIoptimizationsPlay now to discover the fresh features and thrilling strategiccombat of Tribal Rush!Game Features:• Build Your Village – expand your empire from humble beginningsinto a true tribal juggernaut !• Defend Your Tribe – protect your Tribal Hall against bandits andrival Warlords with an upgradeable arsenal of terrific towers!• Unleash Your Army – demolish enemy villages with colorful unitslike the stealthy Assassin, the axe-wielding Choppah, and thedragon-bombing D-52 !• Raid Your Rivals – conquer enemy Warlords, and earn daily tributewhen you capture their Tribal Hall !• Share Gifts With Allies – expand your fortune by exchanging bonusboxes with friends !• Forge Mighty Alliances – join a Warband to conquer cooperativechallenges and rise to the top of the leaderboards !LEARN MORE ABOUT TRIBAL RUSHhttps://twitter.com/TribalRushR2https://www.facebook.com/TribalRushR2http://tribalrush.r2games.com
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魔力时代(豪华简体版)- 新服登录送五星英雄 1.13.0 APK
【内容提要】● 2015年公测资料片“王者之战”席卷全网!● 新版竞技场“王者之战”,加入世界杯竞技玩法,引爆全民PK热潮!● 3v3真人组队PK,用实力证明你就是神队友!● 上千英雄组合,手控符文大招,颠覆传统卡牌手游模式!● 好莱坞特效团队全程参与,打造完美3D手游!【游戏简介】《魔力时代》2015年公测资料片“王者之战”盛世降临,全明星3D冒险手游巨作。世界杯竞技玩法「王者之战」引爆全民PK热潮;橙色英雄搭配橙色装备助你问鼎时代之巅;3V3战斗多人竞技畅享团队作战乐趣。上千英雄组合,手控符文技能,彻底告别呆板推图!【游戏特色】-----今日公测 “王者之战”盛世降临-----全新竞技玩法“王者之战”,加入了世界杯晋级赛制,全民竞彩狂欢;动漫英雄大云集,橙色英雄搭配橙色装备助你问鼎时代之巅。-----诸神之战 决战3V3-----3v3战场全面开启,真人组队PK,用实力证明你就是神队友!积分车轮战赛制,战到最后就是英雄;珍贵魔魂奖励,助你换取高级游戏道具,招揽唯一高品质英雄。-----符文大招 轰杀全屏-----全新竞技赛“王者之战”,引入竞彩赛制,巅峰对决,上演手游史上最大规模PK盛事;更有全民竞猜押宝,让你一夜暴富。-----天梯争霸 王者对决-----独创符文技能,经典QTE系统完美移植,手动释放符文技能,召唤元素领主爆屏登场,绝地反击,逆袭成王!-----地狱级BOSS 热血激斗-----从荒漠到虚空、从冥界到天堂,数千冒险副本,数百地狱级难度BOSS,等你挑战!更有竞技场、海上劫掠、晶矿争夺战等多样刺激PK,根本停不下来![Summary]● 2015 年 beta piece of information, "the king of the war" issweeping across the network!● the new arena, "the king of the war", added the World Cup ofcompetitive play, blew all the people PK boom!● 3v3 real team PK, with the strength to prove that you are Histeammates!● thousands hero combination, manual Rune big move, to overturn thetraditional card hand travel mode!● Hollywood special effects team full participation, to create theperfect 3D hand travel![Game Description]"Magic Time" 2015 beta piece of information, "the king of the war"prosperity comes, the All-Star 3D adventure travel giant hand.World Cup Athletics play "king of the war" universal PK boomdetonated; orange hero orange and equipment to help you withaspirations to the top of the era; 3V3 battle multiplayer teamcombat fun and enjoy athletics. Thousands hero combination, manualskill runes, to bid farewell to stiff push map![Game Features]----- Beta "King of Battle" Today Spirit comes -----New Competitive play "king of the war", added the World Cupqualifying game system, full SMG carnival; cartoon heroes gatheredin large, orange hero orange and equipment to help you with theaspirations of the British era.----- Clash of the Titans battle 3V3 -----3v3 battlefield fully open, real team PK, prove that you areteammates with the strength of God! Points wheel war game system,fight to the last is a hero; Mohun precious rewards in exchange foradvanced gaming props to help you, to attract high-quality uniquehero.----- Rune big move bombers kill fullscreen -----The new competitive race "King of war", the introduction ofcompeting color match system, match-ups, put hand in the history ofthe largest travel PK event; more national quiz betting, so yourich overnight.----- ----- Ladder hegemony king showdownOriginal Rune skills Classic QTE system perfect transplant, manualrelease rune abilities, summon elemental lords explosive screendebut, Jedi, counter-attack to the king!----- ----- Hell of BOSS blood FightersFrom the desert to the void, from the underworld to heaven,thousands of copies of adventure, hundreds of Hell difficulty levelBOSS, waiting for you to challenge! More Arena, robberies at sea,crystal mine and other diverse stimuli battle PK, simply can notstop!