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Designed for children from 18 months to 3 years, Count-A-LiciousLite introduces the concept of counting and number recognition inan entertaining way. This Lite version allows you to try all thegames for numbers 1 through 5. Numbers 6 through 30 are availablein the Full Version. There are four games to play – Number Show,Counting Game, Tracing Game, and Treasure Crits, plus a CountingSong video that children can watch and sing along to. In NumberShow, dancing graphics and music introduce numbers 1 though 30 andencourages toddlers to count aloud, while Counting Game featuresdelightful pictures and encourages toddlers to physically tap andcount objects. Tracing Game gives toddlers their first exposure tonumber writing by guided tracing with their fingers. All thesegames lead up to a reward screen, where users are able to play withinteractive virtual pets called Treasure Crits.With addictivegameplay, this app will be hard for your child to put down. Theywill gain confidence in their knowledge of numbers and counting ina way only possible with an iPhone/iPad device. Let your toddlerjoin Emma, Zach and the Treasure Crits in this number learningadventure!

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    Count-A-Licious Toddler Lite
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    June 30, 2014
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    Brainster Media
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This app is for beginning to intermediate level multiplicationlearners, and is aligned with Common Core Standards. Students learnmultiplication concepts (including interpreting arrays andmultiplication properties), practice multiplication problems, andapply their knowledge to real-life situations with word problems.This Lite Version gives you free access to try out the first 9levels of the game. You can upgrade to the Full Version to get fullaccess to all areas of the game.Start your adventure as Safari Zachor Dashing Emma on the island of Maths Landing, where you earn gemsby solving questions. Each time you finish a quiz, you hop to thenext island. Linear Island teaches about number lines, EquationNation tests your ability to solve multiplication equations, andthe Bonus Isle helps you understand a multiplication table. Finishoff on Wordville, where your challenge is to solve real-life wordproblems before time runs out! Once you’ve followed the treasuretrail to the end, bring your collection of gems to Prize Island,where you can buy a prize to show off to your friends andfamily.For parents and educators who are looking for a way tointroduce your child to multiplication, this app is the learningtool you’ve been looking for. Hurry, the adventure with Safari Zachand Dashing Emma is waiting to begin!