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Let’s play the deadliest and super action game of 2017, Are youready to invade enemy empire and play counter terrorist game onmobile. Terrorist teams are playing wrong deeds in the wild desert,local authorities have informed us about their positions now it’stime to take hardcore swat strike and kill every last of them. Youare leader of Swat team elite police force unit and your duty iscivil law enforcement where military operations are not required.As a leader of SWAT team counter terrorist you are part of thislethal force to take out criminals and invade their terroristempire. Protect Civilians and Save Village on this IndependenceDayAs a Counter Terrorist strike it is your duty to protectcivilians from terrorist teams like other armed forces. Clear thevillage wipe out the enemy activities and put a stop to crime inthis action packed 3D shooter action game of 2017. Enemies haveoccupied a small village in the middle of the desert you needtactical and strategic shooting skills to complete your battlefieldmission with swat strike. You are armed with super weapons andpowerful guns all you need to do is strike on enemies pull thetrigger and get rid of them. Show no mercy and use deadly force onthe criminals and terrorist as you are part of the elite counterterrorist force. Sound like this is the first person shooter gameyou are looking for so download now Counter Attack Commando StrikeFPS Survival War.14 August, Revenge is kind of wild justice Beforegoing to the wild you need to know that your friends were fallen bythe same terrorist group not even kills but they slaughter innocentpeople and also were involved in many bomb blasts which killed manypeople. Now it’s time to use all of your specialized skills tosurvive the onslaught of the enemy forces and avenge your fallensoldiers on 14 August Independence Day face with this situation ofyou have no choice but to grasp their necks. Like brave assassinsof Swat team who was martyred on 14August this is your duty to aimand shoot the terrorist who carries AK47 and other deadly weapons,while performing your duty protect civilians and focus of yourcounter terrorist goal and invasion of terrorist empire. Enemieshas started real battle now its our turn to counter terroriststrike with the help of army battle commando trained by specialmilitary force of the country. In counter terrorist Swat Team gameyou need to fight like a real battle hero shooter of army force andswat team. Get ready to super use of your extreme combat shootingtraning that you get from trained military force and get ready forsuper amazing battle in an ultimate counter terrorist battle forcegame of 2017. Download this Counter Attack Commando Strike FPSSurvival War for free and unlimited fun while playing.Features ofCounter Attack Commando Strike FPS Survival War:- Realistic 3Denvironment with beautiful graphics.- Complete first personshooting experience.- Realistic Swat and police characters.- Smoothcontrols.- Awesome background music and sound effects.- Free todownload.- 30 multiple levels to play.- Radar System.- Challengingmissions.- Weapon switching.

App Information Counter Attack Commando Strike: FPS Survival War

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    Counter Attack Commando Strike: FPS Survival War
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    August 17, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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IGI Commando Counter Attack 3D 1.5 APK
The rain is falling strong from the sky, yet your army advancesthrough the storm. The air is filled with tension as day break isnear and the enemy is getting close. Nothing will stop you be itrain, thunder or the Gods themselves. E-5 Sargent William is mostexperience soldier, he is trained in U.S Army training school withbest action and modern commando skills, free action moves, invasionand commando activities to take part in combat and war situations.His strategic thinking makes him the top of his entire IGI commandogroup and E-5 SGT William has the ability to lead every mission inwar times. Now he has to face and survive the deadliest guerrillaforces in northern area of Russia in cold hilly mountains and fightagainst Russian underworld groups involved in Kidnaping VIPpersonalities, stealing secret files of military bases and sellingthem for drugs, money laundering and terrorist activities all overthe world. IGI Commando Counter Attack 3D FPS is the most moderngame of 2017, this game has mountain sniper shooting and AK47action missions. Sargent William has to fight hard with special opsand invade their enemy bases in this 3D commando shooter adventuregame. Training of Sargent William was too rigorous that he can faceany harships during his mission in battlefield. Special mountainsniper training has been given to Sargent and now is the time touse his tactics snipping skills sitting on the top of cold Russianmountain and snipe all enemies on the guard towers. In this lastcommando adventure game you have to perform as William and need toclear 10 different missions marked on the map without gettingcaught. Solider this is the time your country needs you as the lastcommando in war against dangerous army and military forces. BecomeIGI commando 3D in this free action game and perform your duty asthe hero of your country. You have the goal to live or die for yourcountry’s pride. This time you are on your own Jack wear yourgleaming gear and do what you are train for. Fight on the frontlineof your army and become the soldier of the nation. While playingthis extreme commando shooting adventure 3D game and be aware ofenemy’s activities and save yourself from commando counterattack.This is dday of a soldier’s life so use very sharp skillsfor shooting your enemy by AK47 of killing him by your stainlessgleaming dagger and return to the base with what belongs to us.Play this shooting game of 2017 and feel the real mountains andenemy’s heavily guarded bases where they keep prisoner and hostagesfor ransom. This game is designed in a very beautiful landscapeenvironment with realistic AI of enemies and first person smoothcontrols so that you feel real fl commando. Encounter the commandowar zone mission in this free first person shooter game. Thiscommando adventure game is real life battle zone with advancemultiple weapons and different battle zone. It is a whole pack ofmission based, heavy gunship military attack base game. The numberof ambulation and frontline commando is enormous. So what are youwaiting for download army games for free and play it withoutinternet.Weapons Used in IGI Commando Counter Attack 3D:- Snipershooter.- MP5.- AK47.- Dagger.- Shotgun.- Pistol.- M4.Features ofIGI Commando Counter Attack 3D:- Best FPS (First Person shooter)Game- Realistic 3D sniper Shooter Battlefield environment-Challenging mission with increasing difficulty level.- Great 3Dbeautiful graphics and environment.- Face challenges and improveyour commando sniper shooting skills.- Extremely quality engagingsound effects.- Modern weapons used in this game.- Easy tap toshoot and kill the enemies.
IGI Commando Terrorist Attack Action FPS Shooter 1.2 APK
About Game Story of IGI Commando Terrorist Attack: MissionFreedomPakistan most northern areas like North Waziristan and SouthWaziristan was occupied by terrorists and many terrorist activitieshappened in country pointed their involvement. Special Forces grouphas started yalghaar mission to wipeout global terrorist activitiesand get freedom from terrorism. To complete mission yalghaar theSpecial Forces group and SSG commandos have gathered to join anelite forces and tactical shooter team who can invade and destroyglobal terrorist camps, their undercover suicide bombing squad andtheir funding networks. Are you ready to play this non-stop actiongames ever? If you are then gear up and let’s get started and bethe part of mission yalghaar.About IGI Commando Terrorist Attack:Mission Freedom game playYou are the part of this SSG and SpecialForces group death match commando mission; you will get chance torescue VIP hostages, diffuse bombs and mines in terrorist basecamps, eliminate enemy suicide bombers with only headshots and takethe hostage to the extract point. This IGI commando mission will benon-stop action so equip yourself with state of the art Pakistanmilitary weapons and lead your army to glory, become a terroristhunter and a brutal commando to evil and criminals and become prideof your Pakistani nation. You will need mountain sniper shootingskills on mountain bases. Our forces have Intel that some ofterrorist bases contain mines and turrets so be careful and stayalert and sharp. Get ready to battle the war against crime inimmersive situation against a terrorist squad trying to put downthe nation with their evil plans. In this army commando adventuregame you will find yourself in diverse situation, on a survivalmission to rescue the hostages and save the nation for evil plansbefore making an escape in this ultimate war. In deep jungle youneed to find enemy bases with land mines everywhere which make thisarmy jungle survival and adventure game. This commando militarygame is full of action and thrill where you are stranded anywhereon Pakistan and Afghanistan borders where you have to battle thefight of freedom from terrorism, you need to survive every missionwhich will make you adrenaline rush. A military combat group iswaiting for you to join this mission where you as a leader andsurvivor hero need to clear all enemy bases and those areas whichwere occupied by enemies.About Player of IGI Commando TerroristAttack: Mission FreedomYou were trained in IGI commando trainingcamps where you were rigorously trained to survive and fight like areal IGI commando against all odds and criminals and serve yourcountry for pride. You have combat and tactical skills taught atIGI commando camps for more deadheads mission and to take part inhighly confidential missions.Best and amazing features:- Thrillingarmy commando missions.- Big environment with multiple commandomissions.- Engaging sound effects and awesome 3D graphics.- Amazingarmy survival experience.- Realistic and smooth controls forperfect shooting.- Variety of guns and arsenal weapons.
Sniper Assassin 17 Crime Scene 1.0.3 APK
The no 1 Sniper shooting game of 2017 is here. Hold your breath,load the 50 BMG long range Sniper rifle and take your precisionshot to execute the wanted prisoner, gangster resistance and helpthe police in security of VIP personals. Exotic missions to play inthe city of Las Vegas where the crime rate is high and we need youas an undercover sniper agent for executing the criminals. Thisshooting game is the best game in target shooting andassassination. You are the war hero and have precision skill ofsniper shooting but real duty of a war commando begins with theaction and snipping inside the crime town of Las Vegas. Start yourday with modern sniper shooting game with 50 BMG sniper rifle andend it up with challenging levels of criminal shooting at crimescene without being detected. You need best sniper shootingexperience and precision rifle handling skills to clear all missionand help the Las Vegas city security. You will have the lead fromsniper squad to eliminate the escapees, terrorist who are planningto attack the peace of Las Vegas city with suicide bombers, youneed to eliminate them before they blast. Police authorities areinformed about drug dealers and gangsters activities in down townyou need to take strict action against drugs mafia and gangstersand take them with clean shot. Sniper shooting game is not easytask as it seems a lot of stamina and precision is required alongwith focus to follow orders and make decision in no time. In Sniperassassin 17 crime scene your rifle is your only friend which willhelp you to complete all missions and take every threat causingpeace destruction. This is not a survival escape mission you havetargets and achievements with no time to think. The city you aresecuring is crowded with criminals and inmates. Stop drug dealersand robbers with your precision sniper rifle shooting skills andsafe the civilians from drug addicting. The sniper shooter war hasbegun in this ultimate war shooter strike against the mafia worldand gangsters. You are well trained army commando and it’s time toprove your contract killing skills as a sniper, its battle againstthe crime town and you don’t have chance to lose it. Soldier areyou ready to play as the real shooter and take out crime of thecity in the shooting game. You need to help police squad takingwanted prisoner to the court you are equipped with exotic arsenalshoot to kill the threats breaking the police squad security it’snot an easy task but for solider like you it’s not impossible inthis Sniper Assassin 17 Crime Scene game.Play as free mode and getready into the action against evil in Las Vegas crime city. Crimerate is increasing and its hard time to get back into action andstart where you left as the city needs you to control the criminalsand prisoners causing chaos.About Missions- You need to execute thecity criminals involved in robbery and other criminal activitiestake them out in any resistance with a clean shot.- In some exoticlevels you need the best sniper shooting skills to executeprisoners escape from the prison cell some of their friends willtry to help him but kill them as well.- Some terrorist activitiesare going to happen in the city, suicide bombers will try to blastin the crowdy area of the Las Vegas the security of the city is inyour hands, shoot them before blast happen.- You have marksmanskills stop the criminals and convicts involved in killingcivilians and causing resistance against your duty of keepingpeace.Best Feature of Sniper Assassin 17 Crime Scene: - Exoticaction camera included.- Thrill of playing sniper.- Realistic soundeffects with smooth gameplay controls.- Highly addictive andimmersive gameplay.- Aim, Shoot and take out headshots.- Awesome 3DLas Vegas City.- 20 multiple levels with different challenges.
Deer Hunting Wild Animals 2017 1.3 APK
About GameLet’s play the most real hunters game in this huntingseason show your marksman shooting skills and hunt the wildernessanimals in wilderness forest of Amazon. Gear up with new weaponry,your tactical skill would be needed to shoot and kill wild animalslike cheetah, lion, salt water crocodiles, wild bears and manymore. You got the sniper rifle aim at the deer and take a lung shotor headshot where needed. This deer hunting Wild Animals 2017 gameis amazing and addictive action pack game and will take you to thewild Amazon forest for ultimate adventure in the most realisticenvironments with trees, grass, outdoor and mountains etc. Huntingin summer season is a little hard but quite thrilling and full ofaction.If you are first person shooting game lover and want to doall hunting alone with your sniper rifle, and you want hone yoursniper shooting skills while hunting animals in wilderness withoutany squad then download this deer hunting games 2017. Get your preyin the wild forest watch for the deer but you are not alone wildand dangerous animals like lion and cheetah can attack you now it’syour time to show for sniper shooting skills to take both of themat same time. This wild hunter game has the realistic wildernessand domestic animals AI artificial intelligence, they can attackyou or can run away from you sensing danger, don’t let the deerescape from your shot. Search deer over the mountains or near thelakes, Aim, Shoot and Hunt wild animals in forest and wilderness.Game Play In Deer Hunting Wild Animals 2017 you will get the mostaddictive and adventurous game play experience to become an elitehunter of carnivores like tiger, lion, cheetah, crocodile etc. Youwill be challenged for breathtaking hunting challenges as youadvance in the campaign. This is the best sniper games 2017. Takethe challenge of sniper shooting and prove your shooting skills inthis animal hunting games 2017. If you are bored of other huntinggames then try this with most action packed beautiful action camerafor advanced sniper shooting and deer hunting games. The actioncamera gives you realistic feel and 3D effects to soothe your urgeof hunting. Load your sniper rifle, aim at your target and hunt.Deer Hunting Wild Animals 2017 has been designed in beautiful 3Dand realistic Amazon forest where you get to hunt many animals wildand domestic, for pro sniper hunter it’s not a big deal to huntrunning animals like camels, zebras and deer. In another scenariohunting wild bears on mountains and salt water crocodiles bechallenging to hunt while saving yourself. Survival is the key oflife, Survive in the hot summer season hunt your prey with themodern sniper rifle and drink water from the river to keep yourselfactive. You have your sniper rifle and shotgun to shoot and hunt tobe alive from deadly dangerous animals.Amazing features of Wildhunter game:- Beautiful action camera with realistic muzzle flash.-3D shooting and hunting experience.- Wild forest with animals AIand animations.- Beautiful 3D graphics- Environment sound effectsand background music.- Campaign mode animal hunting game.-Beautifully designed next-gen graphics.- More than 50 levels toplay with different challenges.- Realistic and smooth sniper andshotgun controls for best hunting experience.This free gamecontains ads and you can play without internet. No in-app purchasesincluded. So what are you waiting for download the most challengingdeer hunting games 2017 and become deadly hunter.
Ski Jump Super Skiing Safari Adventure 1.2 APK
Feeling extremely bored, let’s start skiing in a spacious beautifulsnow landscape with different hurdles to jump with you ski boardand perform professional stunts in this Skiing adventure game.Complete various extreme challenges while real skiing and earnbonuses. Grab your snow gear with real safari boards and have funwhile skiing in cold air, performing ski stunts in snowboarding. Inthis ultimate skiing safari game you will get different levels toenjoy real ski adventure in new snowboarding winter season. Enjoythe wilderness of snow and ski jumping in real 3D environment withbeautiful alpine hills and realistic snowfall. Gamologics has onceagain developed a really interesting 3D snowboarding game for itusers to play and take control of real ski jumping with mostrealistic controls of snowboarding and jaw dropping animations tomake this ski jump super skiing safari adventure game moreinteresting and exciting to play. Free style ski jump is an openworld as well as multi challenging levels so that you don’t getbored while playing this 2018 ski jump game. Winter is here and weare here to get you to real skiing adventure with no scare factorand only fun game to play. Start with basics skiing and then playit to become a pro skiing stuntman. In this Alpine skiing adventuregame you will race to the finish line avoiding many obstacles andperforming stunts to earn high score. In this winter sport Alpineskiing game you get through multi levels as you ski towardsdownhill, weave through trees, skid over ice, jump off cliffs, andget to know a cast of bizzare locals in this extreme skiingadventure. This is easy to learn and difficult to master skiinggame, you can play it anywhere to kill your time, the most epicskiing battle is live now, download adventurous game of 2018 andplay it for hours until you become a pro ski stunts man. Be carefulwhen skidding over ice and make sure you are going on right side,don’t get yourself killed otherwise game will be over and you willhave to start again from the beginning. In first few levels youwill get to know how to do skiing on real snow and in the restchallenging levels you will be trained as a pro skier. This is thetime to test you skiing skills in multi challenging levels. If youwant to learn play our free roaming mode and ski in open world 3Dsnow landscape environment. Performing different and jaw droppingstunts will enhance your skiing skills, make highest score andchallenge your friends to beat it. The more dangerously you slidethe bigger the reward you get. You can download Ski Jump SuperSkiing Safari Adventure free without any in app purchases.Featuresof Ski Jump Super Skiing Safari Adventure:- Fluid, graceful andexhilarating physics-based gameplay.- Easy to learn hard to mastergame.- Beautiful Alpine winter landscape 3D environment.- Amazingskiing models with real animations.- Open world free mode andchallenging levels.- Free to play any where any time.- Amusingbackground music and sound effect.- Immersive user experience.
Fidget spinner Rolling Wheel 1.0 APK
Good day friends welcome to the newest game 2017 Fidget SpinnerSimulator. Spin the Fidget five times and relax yourself by turningand moving the hand spinner. The best ever and trendy game for yourpocket. Spin, spin, spin and win coins to unlock more new, stylishand colorful Fidgets. You can play this Fidget spinner gameeverywhere you want, why plays with pen or anything else if youhave fidget hand spinner with amazing and relaxing sound withbeautiful spinning effect. This is the world’s first satisfyinggame ever. Easy to play and hard to master game, become best fingerspinner by playing this best free games. Download for free and youcan play it without wifi. No in app purchases included.Features ofFidget Spinner:-- Use grease for faster spinning.- Change yourFidget spinner by unlocking new.- Improve your spinner rotation(upgrade).- Colorful fidgets.- 5 spin with score multiplier.-Increase timer by upgrading it.- Disable/ enable music and soundeffects.- Share your score on your facebook.
Dragon Dance Angry Dragon Hills Battle 2018 1.4 APK
On the Chinese new year celebration Gamologics proudly released thefirst ever Dragon Dance Simulator for making the New Yearcelebrations double. Let’s play and make the dragon fly and dancearound the jungle, when feeling hungry you can let him eat animalson dragon hills. Throw fire on hills by dragon flying around thejungle. Kill animals by dragon fire and eat them to survive in thewild jungle. The most excitement and thrilling 2018 free games hereon store. Now take control of the dragon hills monster and be wildangry dragon to attack other animals. Isn’t it’s a coolest dragongame to play.Are you ready to play this Dragon Dance game as aninvincible angry dragon simulator game. This dragon fire run gamegives your chance to rage your anger in an easy way without makingany destruction in real world. Hunt animals by dragon fire, opendragon wings and fly to explore the wilderness. Fly a firebreathing creature from the medieval age. Feel the terror andmenace of being a dragon. Aim at your target from above with fireballs. Fight other animals monsters who will try to kill youunleash counter dragon for epic battles in.Rise and train alegendary Dragon and rule the skies and wild jungle. This dragondance simulator will make you feel as a real monster and will takeyou to the late Jurassic era. Play the role of most powerful beastand having strong hunting powers in dragons kingdom in this ChineseNew year celebrations. In this flying dragon simulator game youtreat your dragon as your pet and don’t make him starve or yourultimate dragon will die. Enjoy this Endless dragon runner game onChinese New Year Dragon Dance event and play it for free. In thisDragon hill battle arcade style game you can take your monsterlegend and rain the fire from breathing fire dragons and attackother wild animals in jungle. You must have played game of thronesthis is the newest game of 2018 let’s play it hard. Select yourfavorite dragon from store and fly him to feel real thrill ofdragon attack to hunt wild animals in this newest game of 2018. Sowhat are you waiting for download Dragon Dance Angry Dragon HillsBattle 2018 and enjoy Flying dragon simulator and angry dragonanimal hunt in only one game with realistic joystick controls tofly your dragon easily, for breathing fire from your dragon hillsbattle and kill to survive. Dragon Dance Angry Dragon Hills Battle2018 is free to play and no in app contains. You can play thisendless dragon runner game without wifi for hours. Features ofDragon Dance Angry Dragon Hills Battle 2018:- Best Dragon FlyingSimulator.- Realistic Dragon Fire effects.- Amusing Chinesetraditional background music.- Dragon Dance Simulator style game.-Endless Dragon Runner modes.- Hunting wild animals.- Free to play.-Open world environment.- Newest game of 2018.- Realistic controls.-Arcade style game of dragon fire run.
Sniper Shooting 3D: IGI Commando Silent Killer 1.1 APK
About Story of Sniper Shooting 3D: IGI Commando Silent KillerRiskyour life in this fast paced fps shooter sniper shooting game, thisis a fight for domination being an IGI commando ruthless terroristhunter. You are trained to strike your blow in this modern actionterrorist gun shooter game. IGI commando is known as master ofstealth, kill enemies and counter terrorism. You need to use yourbody armor while hunting terrorist and enemies with your sniperrifle from range shots. This is a modern warfare and there are norules in this battlefield where you stand for your country andenemies against it in the battlefield where both will strike butone will survive.About Gameplay of Sniper Shooting 3D: IGI CommandoSilent KillerYou are not on a secret mission for any Intel you areordered to keep your guns hot and open fire with no enemy tosurvive who make evil plans for your country. For a patriotic IGIcommando you need to shoot enemies and defend your country at anystake. You are an elite commando and when duty calls, your standsecond to none when it comes to killing terrorist. War on terror isin full swing and your company of heroes needs you. Lead your squadwith in this amazing realistic 3D fps sniper shooting game in whichyou can shoot your enemies with long range sniper rifle from guardtowers and destroy their base camps. Are you ready to play the mostexotic and challenging Modern sniper shooting game of 2017, if youare then accept the mission and find the best sniper point to takeaction to kill and destroy everything what comes in your way. Itstime to coverfire in commando silent killer 3d game. There are noallies that you need to protect them just fight for the pride andsafety of your country, your extreme weapon is your sniper rifleuse it for shooting and become elite sniper in this mountain snipershooting game. Aim at the enemies head and shoot.Before theeradication of all the enemies, be careful of the action, payattention to the surrounding environment, to ensure their ownsafety. Every task is full of crisis; you need to quickly kill theenemy, before attracting more enemies, one by one to destroy allthe enemies.In the fight against terrorism or the destruction ofterrorism as the purpose of fighting, to experience the passion ofmodern terrorist war. The best sniper shooting experience andprecision rifle handling will help you in battle against theprisoners, gangsters and criminals.Features of Sniper Shooting 3D:IGI Commando Silent Killer:-- Awesome graphics with 3d models.-Thrilling sniper shooting missions.- Multiple islands withdifferent bases.- Amazing army survival experience.- Realistic andsmooth controls for perfect shooting.- Variety of guns and arsenalweapons.- Engaging sound effects and awesome 3D graphics.