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Download Now For Free The Best DessertSniper Shooting Game, Become the part of Dust Battles and win theWar against Terrorists and Enemy.

Counter Dessert Sniper Shooting Elite Force Action is aSniper Elite War Game where user will be turned into aWarrior that has to invade enemy lands. Take theresponsibility and become the best Frontline Sniper in theArmy Force. Take the position in higher tower or mountainand aim at enemy like a professional Mountain Sniper, useSniper Arena shooting skills to neutralize the opponents.Take care of the difficult situations on the Border and deal withany possible trouble that may come like a skillful FrontierSniper. The game is based on various real world war situationswhere the user has to invade and defend various Army BaseCamps. As a Cop Sniper take the responsibility withcourage and show great amount of bravery and help PoliceForce to overcome against Terrorist. It is a definedrole of any solider, to defend all military settlements andlogistics from enemy so the user will be involved in variousmissions mostly inspired from these situations. Realistic Army basecamps where there are various military settlements have beenfeatured:

🔫 Tanks.
🔫 Helicopters.
🔫 Aircraft.
🔫 Ships.
🔫 Gunships.
🔫 Machineguns.
🔫 Army Vans and Trucks.
🔫 Naval Carriers.
🔫 Missile System.
🔫 Radar.

The user will also be involved in various offensive attacks wherehe/she has to destroys military logistics and settlements, becomethe ultimately dangerous Dessert Sniper and hit the militarybases in dessert and take the best shot at guards hit the movingConvoy, create an Ambush or disguise as aCamouflage to unleash the attack. Game is by far the mostadvanced game in terms of performance, the game also provides themost realistic user experience. Play major role in multiplemissions like Hostage Rescue Mission, SurveillanceMission and Search Operation. Gain the ultimate respectin sniper arena by killing the enemy, kill the terrorist andmobsters to keep the peace in the town. Become the best CitySniper Contract Killer and unleash the attack like professionalHitman in the town.

Unleash the sniper fury with items like:

🔫 Armor.
🔫 Pistols.
🔫 Guns.
🔫 Grenade.
🔫 Bombs.
🔫 Sniper Rifles.
🔫 Rocket & Missile Launcher.
🔫 Flame thrower.
🔫 Poison Gas.
🔫 Dagger.

Following are few among many exciting features of the game:

🔫 Ultra Realistic gameplay.
🔫 War Based Cut Scenes.
🔫 High Definition (HD) Display.
🔫 Detailed Gameplay Options.
🔫 Smooth and easy controls.
🔫 Attractive Menu Screens.
🔫 Kill the blacklist terrorist and gain extra points.
🔫 Accurate Physics behind the working of Sniper Rifles.
🔫 Use advanced sniper scope to locate the target and get a goodshot at it.
🔫 To create multiple Climate Conditions a Weather Engine has beenincorporated.
🔫 Become the sniper counter terrorist force and kill allterrorists.
🔫 Absolutely Free Game with No In-App Purchases.
🔫 Explore all categories of sniper like BB, C-Sniper, D.C Sniper,C-tac Sniper and multiple other guns.
🔫 No internet required to play this game.
🔫 Smooth and easy aim, shot and reload process.
🔫 Multiple challenging maps and terrains to conquer.

App Information Counter Dessert Sniper Shooting Elite Force Action

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    Counter Dessert Sniper Shooting Elite Force Action
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  • Updated
    October 15, 2017
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    100 - 500
  • Price
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Download Now For Free and ExploreModernRickshaw DrivingModern City Auto Rickshaw TUK TUK Drive Simulator is newlyhighlyaddictive auto rickshaw driving game where the user has topick anddrop passenger from various locations of the city. ExploretheSouth Asian cities and their cultures and super fasthighlysimulated auto rickshaw driving experience. Pick the coins onthedriveway and complete the lap in shortest time avoid crashwithCar, Buses, Rickshaw, Motorbikes, Jeeps, Vans, Trucks andothertransport. Keep the eyes on the road and drive with extracare,there are three main types of track where the rickshaw driverissupposed to drive the rickshaw. Dessert, Snow and Highway, oncetheuser is able to complete these missions then user will befullycapable to drive the rickshaw in city traffic. The user needsto behighly skillful to drive in rush hour with densely populatedcitiesof South Asia like:Densely Populated South Asian Cities;🏙️ Mumbai, India.🏙️ Karachi, Pakistan.🏙️ Dhaka, Bangladesh.🏙️ Colombo, Srilanka.🏙️ New Delhi, India.🏙️ Chennai, India.🏙️ Kathmandu, Maldives.Time based Driving ChallengesDrive the Rickshaw all over South Asia and perform timebasedintense driving challenges. Use the best simulation controlsandmake it the best riding experience, make your mark in wholecityand drive all types of rickshaw. As the game features autorickshawso user can upgrade the ride and decorate your rickshaw.ExploreVarious types of rickshaw:🏙️ Three-Wheeler.🏙️ Trishaw.🏙️ Mototaxi.🏙️ CNG Rickshaw.🏙️ Green Rickshaw.🏙️ Tuk-Tuks.🏙️ Remorque.🏙️ TukxiFollowing are some highlighting features of the game:🏙️ Intuitive Design.🏙️ Realistic Rickshaw Sound effects (SFX).🏙️ Multiple Visual Effects (VFX).🏙️ Highly Simulated Rickshaw Drive.🏙️ Best Rickshaw Controls.🏙️ Animation and guidelines.🏙️ Detailed map and instrument cluster.🏙️ Advance Digital Speedometer.🏙️ Best TUK TUK Rickshaw drive.🏙️ Save the fuel and take shortest path.🏙️ Collect coins in the drive way.
Fly F18 Jet Fighter Airplane 3D Game Attack Free 2.0.0 APK
Fly F18 Jet Fighter Airplane 3D Game AttackFree is a reality based world war simulation game, where the useris supposed to serve air force and invade enemy land withairstrike. The user will be responsible to lead various offensivecampaigns where the user will be destroying naval carriers of enemyforce, the user will also invade military base camps and destroyssettlements like:👨‍✈️ Tanks.👨‍✈️ Gunships.👨‍✈️ Helicopters.👨‍✈️ Aircrafts.👨‍✈️ Army Trucks.👨‍✈️ Army Vans.👨‍✈️ Machineguns.👨‍✈️ Artillery Depot.During the flight there are multiple threats to the plane likeenemy plane may attack the aircraft or enemy may lead the attackfrom ground. User has to be extra careful and never let the planefly on a low altitude, make sure the plane fly safe because the airforce needs each and every plane as all of them are valuable in thetimes of war. There are multiple intense aerial battle that userwill experience like:👨‍✈️ Dog Fight.👨‍✈️ Air Combat Maneuvering.👨‍✈️ Airstrike.👨‍✈️ Airlift.👨‍✈️ Aerial reconnaissance.👨‍✈️ Airborne forces.👨‍✈️ Anti-aircraft warfare.👨‍✈️ UAV.👨‍✈️ Aerial Missile Strike.Let us explore some amazing features of the game:👨‍✈️ Realistic simulation controls.👨‍✈️ Easy to fly, easy to handle aircraft.👨‍✈️ Highly simulated physics engine.👨‍✈️ Specialized Visual effects.👨‍✈️ Aircraft Sound effects.👨‍✈️ Dynamic 3D camera angle.👨‍✈️ Multiple Camera Views.👨‍✈️ Rescue Missions.👨‍✈️ Different locations like oceans, seas, landscape, mountainsand airport runways from all over the world.👨‍✈️ Specialized weather engine to create multiple climatecondition like snowfall, rainfall, storm, thunderstorm etc.👨‍✈️ Unlock Classic and modern war fighter jets like:👨‍✈️ F-18.👨‍✈️ F-16.👨‍✈️ F-22.👨‍✈️ B-22.👨‍✈️ Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor.👨‍✈️ McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle.👨‍✈️ Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23.👨‍✈️ Grumman F4F Wildcat.👨‍✈️ Sukhoi Su-27.👨‍✈️ Supermarine Spitfire
Futuristic Airport Plane Sniper Shooting Hunt 3D 1.2 APK
Download the Best Sniper Hunting Game ForFreeFuturistic Airport Plane Sniper Shooting Hunt 3D is an amazingModern Sniper Shooting Hunt Game where user will be serving civilaviation as a Sniper Hunter. As a Sniper Hunter it is a prime dutyof the user to eliminate all the birds flying around the airportand runway so during the takeoff and landing. if a plane touchesany flying object than the plane is more likely to face a planecrash. The user needs to be highly attentive during the duty anddon't let any bird fly over the surroundings of the airport.Eliminate any threat around the airport, watch over the security ofthe airport and don't let any invader or attacker breach thesecurity of the airport, serve the security force with completededication.Become the best shooter in the world and use specialized riflesas:• M14 rifle• M21 Sniper Weapon System• Knight's Armament Company SR-25.• L42 Enfield (British).• M21 Sniper Weapon System.• PSG1.• AS50.• Dragunov SVD.• CheyTac Intervention .408.• Modular Sniper Rifle• S&T Motiv K14.Serve the Country and Become the Best SniperAs a sniper solider user can serve the country in other capacity aswell.if the war comes your way Invade enemy lands and remove guardsas Frontline Sniper and lead this offensive campaign. Dust Battlesand Dessert Strike needs user’s Dessert Sniper skills to gain theupper hand on the user. in the times of war Use the best soliderparatrooper techniques and invade the enemy territory like aProfessional Sniper Assassin. In warzones become Mountain SniperShooting Challenges and hit targets from the heights. Perform theintense Surgical Strike against Terrorist and destroy theirHideout. But prime responsibility of being a sniper is to providethe best possible security to the airport all over the world.The user has to perform variety of missions in the most famousairports around the world like:🛬 London Heathrow, United Kingdom.🛬 Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International, United States.🛬 Beijing Capital International, China.🛬 Dubai International, United Arab Emirates🛬 Tokyo International, Japan.🛬 Hong Kong International, Hong Kong.🛬 Charles de Gaulle, International, France.🛬 Frankfurt am Main International, Germany.🛬 Atatürk International, Turkey.Take the Charge and Restore the Peace of the CountryIf the peace of the city is out of control Hide on top of thebuildings and hit any Criminal, Gangster, Mobster, and TargetKillers and don’t let them escape as a City Sniper. Become the bestContract Killer in the town and takeout everyone on the hit listlike a Hitman. If the city is under siege then make sure that anyunusual movement is detected as if any invader gets in the town somake sure that city remains safe. Become the best serving soliderin the Army and join the military companies like Alpha, Bravo,Charlie and Delta Company. Serve the country at first as the gameis mainly features missions regarding airport security.Advance Game with Multiple Features• Ultra Realistic Graphics.• High Definition (HD) Display.• Dynamic 3D camera angle.• 360 camera view.• 1st and 3rd person shooting mode.• High rate of FPS.• Efficient processing.• Accurate sniper scope.• Efficient process of aim, shot and reload.• Challenging storyline and missions.• Set of offensive and defensive campaigns.• Use the shooting experience and destroy enemy logistics andexperience.• Take headshots to gain extra points.• Enjoy the realistic sound effects (SFX).• Specially designed visual effects (VFX).• War Based Cut scenes.• Number of animations that includes specialized bulletanimation.