1.0 / October 23, 2015
(3.7/5) (36)


Army Commando Terrorist Killer is action packed, fully shootingandterrorist killing game. Your remote base has been occupiedbydangerous terrorist, all of them are in army uniform. You gotorderfrom higher commando to go for counter terrorist attackoperation.Its a battle of do or die, you have strong sniper killingandshooting skills. Time came to show your skill this is therightmoment for you. Kill all the terrorists and become best, sharpandmodren war commando terrorist shooter. Hold your nervesandnavigate the whole captured area. Show a patience of real armywarcommando. You have your favorite gun AK 47 with you. Use radarinsearch operation to find hidden terrorist and kill them.Nointernet connectivity required to play modren armycommandoterrorist shooter. Top Features: ☀ Quality graphics withbestsounds. ☀ More then six levels game play. ☀ Best AK47 gun forsharpshooting. ☀ Extremely challenging terrorist operation. ☀ Radartoview terrorist exact location. ☀ Best controls andsmoothanimations. ☀ Health bag to increase your health. ☀ Freetodownload and play with minimal advertisements.

App Information Counter Terrorist Attack Army

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    Counter Terrorist Attack Army
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    October 23, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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