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------- Best 1st Person Shooting Game Ever 100% FREE------Hello HiWelcome to Counter Terrorist GameAll to All Features Shooting Guns- special weapons● Heavy Machine guns and sub-machine guns , Squadmatches● Pistol 9mm● Ak 47● MP5● M4 rifles● Shotgun● SniperriflesMobile Game Play - Counter Terrorist Game● Realistic 3D●Trilling graphics ● Real MissionsDownload " Counter Terrorist Game" to proclaim amazing & Modern Shooting Combat Game.● Bundle ofThank for your Support and Ideas for Better Game Environment Our 1million Users Worldwide Thanks Thanks a Lot..

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    Counter Terrorist Game
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    May 5, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    187, J3 Muhammad Ali Johar Town Lahore.
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Counter Terrorist Game 2.0 APK
------- Best 1st Person Shooting Game Ever 100% FREE------Hello HiWelcome to Counter Terrorist GameAll to All Features Shooting Guns- special weapons● Heavy Machine guns and sub-machine guns , Squadmatches● Pistol 9mm● Ak 47● MP5● M4 rifles● Shotgun● SniperriflesMobile Game Play - Counter Terrorist Game● Realistic 3D●Trilling graphics ● Real MissionsDownload " Counter Terrorist Game" to proclaim amazing & Modern Shooting Combat Game.● Bundle ofThank for your Support and Ideas for Better Game Environment Our 1million Users Worldwide Thanks Thanks a Lot..
Shoot Counter Terrorist Game 1.8 APK
Shoot Counter Terrorist Game is the best and most addictive actiongame for the lover of shooting. This the most effective militaryand multilevel game of 2017 and also is the most thrilling gamewith lot of modes and heavy weapons like AK 47, MP4, SMG and MP5.As a well-trained commando you have to kill all the terrorist bygiven weapons and complete the mission to unlock new amazing andthrilling levels. In this new Shoot Counter Terrorist best actiongame you can also enjoy many other different features with lot offun and enjoy. The stunning 3D graphics of this Anti terroristcounter attack 3D game action game will built a craze in you toplay this game again. You have to complete the mission verycarefully a minor mistake during the mission can cause a heavy lossof yours. Your enemies will try hard to defeat you or kill you butyou have to be confident and don’t give any chance to your enemiesto shoot at you.You have to fix your eye at everything like healthremaining bullets and map that can help you during the mission tosee the position of enemies. If you waste all the bullets than youcan also change the gun or can also purchase more bullets to killthe terrorists. The 3D thrilling sound effects will create a goodenvironment in you and the game and you will more enjoy this ShootCounter Terrorist Game than other shooting games. The strength ofterrorist will increases with the upper levels and during themission you can also be able to change or buy new heavy gun likesniper and kill all the terrorist present at the base and clear thearea by shoot all the terrorist. Features of Shoot CounterTerrorist Game• Cool smooth and easy controls• HD and stunninggraphics• Multiple levels • Multiple heavy weapons• Good physicsand controls
Hunting Jungle – 2016 Sniper 1.0 APK
Introducing The Hunting Jungle – 2016SniperGame, The spookiness of the trees, the dark shadows of thewoodsjust like your nightmares, that attracts your brain creativityandclear cut imaginations is provided by the gameplay.You can aim and shoot a diverse range of wild animals likeBears,panther, wolves and many more. Hunting Jungle – Sniper 2014,2015and 2016 All you have to do is to pick a top sniper gun whichisquite the type of dream sniper you wanted when you were achild,Walk through the wild trees of the forest, aim the dangerousanimalmoving and fire it. Bang! the price will be the headshotwhich youcan boost about with your friends.The retrospect of your gaming adventure is that you havestronginterest in hunting. You enter the jungle with bestshootingsniper, you pick up your target and kill it to become adeadlyhunter. Hunting Jungle – 2016 Sniper Various levels areprovided tohunt different animal at each level.Among the best features of the game are pragmatic andterrifyingjungle surrounding, various animal target and your dreamsnipergun.In order to play, select a shooting gun; choose the wild animaltotarget like panther, bear and wolf; direct into the forest onyourphone and use the scope of the sniper to focus yourtarget.So test your quick shooting, Hunt and Hunting skills,enduranceabilities and fighting spirit by playing Wild HuntingJungle Sniper3D and become a hunting legend.
Super Cricket Championship 1.4 APK
Super Cricket Championship is the next generation of mobile cricketgame. Control bat and chase the higher targets. The thing thatmakes it the best cricket game is that itís easy to understandformat for all ages. The spinner and the other bowling attackforces you not to win the game. Super Cricket Championship is bestcricket game of 2017 and offers all the features that other newgames offer. Apply your best cricket skills to win the supercricket challenge. Bored of other cricket seasons like ipl or psl,dare to accept challenges of quick play and world cup cricket.Cricket has been the passion of people of sub-continent. SuperCricket Championship tests your bat control. So, do not go for anyreplacement or placement. You are now permanently hired by cricketchampionship as a Yorker, spinner or batman. This all makes it thefavorite cricket game for everyone. How to Play Super CricketChampionship is a multimode cricket game. It offers the followinggame play.- Tap to select the mode of cricket match.- Tap QuickPlay or world cup.- Select your team from Australia, Pakistan,South Africa or any other.- Tap start button to play the cricketmatch.- Chase the score as a batsman to win the cricket match.Features - Realistic 3D Cricket Environment.- Stadia packed ofSpectators.- Realistic Score Board. Privacy Policy We do notcollect any of user data for our use or any of our partners. Thelink to the privacy policy is as under:
Shoot Bubble Pet Game 1.2 APK
Shoot Bubble Pet Game is an endless bubble shooter game. The gameis offered in puzzle and endless mode. Both the modes are full ofexcitement and unbeatable fun. Shoot Bubble Pet Game provides thesuitable gameplay for all bubble shooter game lovers. You need toshoot bubble as much as you can shoot. Bubble shooter games usuallyprovide the environment that enables you to shoot the bubble in arough environment where as crazy bubble shooter provides you theendless bubble shooting environment with cool graphics and a cutepet.Shoot Bubble Pet Game provides the best simulation of a pet asa bubble shooter. The graphics, sound and music all makes the bestcombination of endless bubble shooting game. The character isneeded to continuously throw bubbles and birds of the same color asrequired by the queue. The un-similar bubbles are accumulated andwhen they makes a pair with same bubble then the third one helps toburst out the pair or more bubble. So, this is the simple way thatallows you shoot the bubbles and become a bubble shooter. How toPlay Crazy Bubble Shooter Pet provides the chain of colorfulbubbles needed to be shot in the entire game play.- Select themode: Endless or Puzzle.- Tap to hurl and shoot the bubble.- Choosethe best path by targeting the similar bubbles.- Complete the leveland enter the next level. Features - Real Pet Simulation.-Addictive Game.- Real Endless Environment Privacy Policy We do notcollect any user generated data against bubble shooter forourselves or for any of our partners. The link to the privacypolicy is given here:
Horse Jumping 3D Game 1.0 APK
Nothing is batter then riding a horse. Horse jumping 3D Game is afree horse running games which require you to ride horse on thegiven track and cross obstacles by jumping. This free 2017 game isdesigned to introduce you the beauty of horse riding and to fulfillyour riding passion. So just install our new riding game and getyourself ready for amazing and challenging game horse ride Run MyHorse Run. Horse riding is difficult in real but in this realisticgame, Horse Jumping 3D Game, you are provided with smooth and easyto use controls which help you to play game in an interactive andeasy way Run My Horse Run. Free game Horse Jumping 3D Game is oneof the best horses riding game which is addictive and challengingat same time Run My Horse Run. As a rider, you can increase ordecrease speed of your horse in this latest horse riding game RunMy Horse Run. Horse jumping 3D Game is latest riding game which isfree to play. In this new game you have to cross the berries byhigh jump and avoid any contact with obstacles to obtain maximumscores and to clear game challenge. Run My Horse Run There ismultiple tracks in this top riding game, Horse Jumping 3D Game foryou to ride horse. Horse jumping 3D >> Game Play:>> Tapbutton in right bottom to jump>> Increase by tapping up arrowbutton >> Reduce speed by down arrowHorse jumping 3D >>Game Features: >> Amazing Idea>> Beautiful tracks>> Multiple tracks
BMX Extreme Freestyle Race 1.0 APK
Welcome to BMX Extreme Freestyle Race, Playing racing games isalways amazing and fun. Here we present BMX Extreme Freestyle Raceto enhance your racing experience but this time you will be ridinga bicycle. This new unique motorbike bicycle racing game is builtto introduce you with a whole new experience of bicycle riding. Youwill have multiple gaming modes so you can choose one that excitesyou.In BMX Extreme Freestyle Race you have to ride bicycle in astadium full of audience which will give you a motorbike GameOlympics environment. All you need to do is to ride as fast as youcan and avoid hitting track borders, obstacles and other riders toreach the finish point as soon as possible and attain maximumpoints. The BMX Extreme Freestyle Race is a simple game but amazingto play and full of fun. If you like a BMX Freestyle games &simulation games Extreme race cycling gams then youíll love BMXExtreme Freestyle Race 3D Game 2017.To play BMX Extreme FreestyleRace you can choose from many gaming modes according to your wish.Quick Racing immediately takes you to the race. Youíre ridingstunts Quad race 2017 game skills are tested multiple times againstvarious opponents in Tournament Mode. Handling mode in the otherhand puts you in a riding situation where obstacles are applied ontrack. You will be the only rider on track in this mode. Finallythe Level Mode increases difficulty level once you clear currentlevel. More Exciting Tracks and features can be found in nextlevels. [Features]- Built on unique idea- Multiple gaming modes-Realistic 3D Graphics- Excellent gaming environment- Multiplecamera views [Game Play]- To accelerate, tap button in right bottomof screen- Apply breaks by taping break button- Change direction bypressing arrow buttons in left of screen accordingly
4x4 Monster Trucker Hill Climb Game 1.0 APK
4x4 Monster Truck Hill Climb game is whole new 2017 adventures gamein which you need to drive through dangerous hilly roads inmountains and try to reach the finish line. Climbing hills is fullof fun and adventure. You need to drive carefully and donít letyour truck fall in deep ditches. The tracks are zigzag and arerough so you need to drive like real off road race driver. Our freegame, Monster Truck 4x4 ñ Hill Climb is one of the best hill climb3D game built by top developers.Adventure and thrill that weintroduced in Monster Truck 4x4 Hill Climb is rare to find in otherhill climbing games. Our aim is to provide you quality and freegames at one place so if you love crazy racing and want toexperience some real dangerous adventure, then you must giveMonster Truck 4x4 Hill Climb a try. We are confident that this gamewill boost your gaming experience and will introduce you to newworld of exciting and crazy hill climbing. Realistic Monster Truck4x4 Hill Climb game is very much like real driving on hill andscary track.Monster Truck 4x4 ñ Hill Climb is one of the mostadventures and realistic game that will excite you and make youaddictive to it because once you clear a level the next levels andtracks are more exciting, dangerous and scary. 3D game MonsterTruck 4x4 Hill Climb game is loved by thousands and now itís yourturn to install this free game and experience real racing in scarytracks. Try to control you 4x4 Monster truck effectively so that itis not fallen. Truck in Monster Truck 4x4 ñ Hill Climb is 4x4 dreamtrucks which are worth driving. So install this free crazy climbinggame as your 4x4 truck is waiting. Game Features: ♦ Extraordinaryscary and dangerous tracks♦ Monster Truck 4x4 Hill Climb RealTruck♦ Realistic hill climbing game♦ Best 2017 driving game♦ Freeto play racing game♦ High Quality graphics♦ Challenging environment