1.4 / March 20, 2018
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Do you love real sniper hunter games? If so, then here you canexperience the dangerous battlefield environment and the realshooting effect. Terrorists took over the city. You accepted themission of the army to eliminate the terrorists who created chaosin the cities. Destroy all the terrorists and restore peace in thecity.The enemy has been equipped with deadly f16 jet fighters,raptor jets, modern helicopters, tanks and other heavy weapons tothe southern borders of our country. Our defensive system failedbecause they have modern snipers and modern troops. The militaryhas provided you with a variety of advanced and powerful weaponsthat will make it easier for you to eliminate terrorists. Powerfulsniper lens allows you to destroy farther target. Show your superbshooting skills, complete all the missions and become a realsniper.Guns : AWP, MP5, Scout, BLT, M4A1, AK47, Deagle, G3sg,SG5502Counter Terrorist Shoot Killer Features:- Realistic 3Dgraphics and animation- realistic battlefield environment- a lot ofpowerful weapons- Improve your shooting skills- Amazing music andsound effects- realistic fighting effect- Various challengingmissions

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    Counter Terrorist Shooter Killer
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    March 20, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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Gun Strike-Elite Killer 1.1.4 APK
Focused on creating the best shooter in full 3D effect visualfeast!The most prestigious popular FPS masterpiece visuallygorgeous return to play Fire Warrior , so immersive you havegeneral feeling of flying!If the blood trickle water dye like crazyeroding the planet, people have good corrosion into grumpy zombieAD 2200, outside the domain of the dark dragon in order to achieveits ambition to rule, a lot of everything with the virus killingliving creatures .Relatives, friends and all the good memories ofeverything was destroyed in the catastrophe of the Destroyer.You nolonger have nothing to lose, from now on, wreak revenge!The angergrudges are sprayed onto the enemy, the full meaning of thatpresence!This is part of your battlefield, this is your war! [GameFeatures] * Perfect interface: FPS game, full-finger touch simpleoperation, 3D realistic visuals, powerful sound, the real shootingfeeling! * Three battle mode: Zombie mode, competitive mode, mixedmode, such as different modes allow you to experience the diversefeel super cool novelty shot! * A variety of weapon systems: sniperrifles, submachine guns, shotguns, light machine guns, pistols,weapons upgrade possibilities, the power of the never-ending! * Avariety of map scenarios: a variety of scenarios ice world, theUnion Building, sunset desert wilderness warehouses。 * Rich propssystem: to provide different types of grenades, medical kits,protective gloves, protective armor, attack guidance eggs, discountpacks and weapon upgrades needed precious soul stone, rare blooddiamonds, all kinds of items, including a variety of props ore ,and Treasure roulette jackpot waiting for you to take! *Intelligent Systems: adjustable number of the enemy, the enemy AI,game sensitivity, while statistics Kills after each battle, HS, getscores and other combat information displays at a glance, allowingyou to experience the wonderful simplicity of operation stimulationthe course of the fighting. * Free stand-alone game, small packetsonly 18M, in the absence of network conditions can also play fun! *High-quality visuals, precise control and advanced physicalcharacteristics, optimize resources to make your Android device toplay out its ultimate level.
Shoot Hunter-Gun Killer 1.3.3 APK
One Man. One War. Now You Are Sniper Killer. *There you play thegame was the fantastic 3D FPS game .As the sole surviving specialforces of a renegade attack against a ruthless terroristorganization, you are stranded on the battlefield and hell-bent onpayback. You must use all of your specialized skills to survive theonslaught of the enemy forces and avenge your fallen soldiers.Facedwith this situation of you have no choice but to grasp thenettle.From the M16 to AK47 and sniper guns, as you have access toa variety of light and heavy weapons, as well as powerful grenadetoo!In the battle you will be sent to different locations toperform the difficult task.Such as IceWorld,Desert,City. GameFeatures: **Fight in difficult terrain You will face differentenvironmental challenges spacing case.But nothing can stop you todestroy the enemy's confidence. **Providing advanced weaponry Manyfull power firearms will be available to give a fatal blow toterrorists for you.AK47,M16,WA2000,AWP,M400. The number of enemiesand the AI you face are different depending on your selected tasksin each level.In short, the more the enemy killed, the more rewardyou get.What are you waiting for, let's take a journey and startkilling.
Gun Shoot War Q 1.0.5 APK
Gun Shoot War Q, full 3D visual experience perfect portrait big asyou offer!This is a cute the coolest and most exciting 3D FPS game,using the joystick control, screen dazzling weapon variety,excellent operational sense.The game has a variety of classicshootout mode, gorgeous exquisite images, smooth shooter combataction, intense and exciting shooting effects, stunning gameeffects! Game Features: * Cute 3D FPS shooter, the game presentscute cartoon, which can stimulate fierce fighting experience canenjoy the process of feeling pleasant effect. * Perfect userinterface: the first-person shooter, full touch screen fingersimple operation, 3D perfect visual effects, beautiful music shock.* A variety of battle modes: zombie mode, sports mode, elite mode,sniping mode, knife fighting mode 5 different modes allow you toexperience a variety of super-cool sense of novelty and drippingfun shooting gameplay! * Rich weapon systems: a sniper rifle,submachine guns, shotguns, light machine guns, pistols, weaponupgrades infinite possibilities, the power of endless! * A varietyof map of the scene: a variety of scenarios seaside town, snowpark, space fortress, fantasy castles, desert wilderness can enjoythe unique pleasure of shooting in different terrain and a varietyof exotic experience a sense of feeling.
Sniper Shoot Fire War 1.2.5 APK
Fun sniper game “Sniper Shoot Fire War ”has landed google playplatform, which has exquisite game screen, simple operation, fullof passion, let you can't stop shooting games.Here you will becomeone of the world's top sniper, you need a cool head anomalyanalysis and fast, aggressive, accurate shooting practices.Quicklypick up the weapon in your hands, make your blood boil up, do notlet the terrible criminals out of your sight, do not hesitate toexperience the excitement of the game and passionate sniper thrillit! ★★★★Game Features: ★Multiple game modes: The game has 2 modes,level mode and custom modes are available to choose; Unlimitedlevels mode lets you keep cool and see how far you can broke intoit! ★Enemy intelligence control system: by adjusting the number ofenemies and intelligence, so you fight more rich and wonderful. ★Avariety of game scenarios: There are a variety of differentscenarios, square, gas station, the roof and so on. ★Rich weaponsystem: There are many different types of weapons, such as theAWM-Blue Diamond, AWM-Gold, AWM-Red Crystal, TRG-Ink Jade,SR25-Gold, SR25-Obsidian, Desert Eagle, grenades and so on. ★Avariety of combat posture: By standing shooting, squat shooting,fighting to switch cartridges, replacement of different weapons,buy medical kits complement HP, realistic combat experience the funof the process. ★Simple operation: full touch screen operation, soyou just move a finger, you can quickly capture the enemy's shadowand fire. ★Realistic visual effects and the world's best battlemusic. ★★★★How To Play: ★ touch screen to enter shooting mode. ★Slide the screen can be rotated gamers perspective. ★ Click thebutton to the right of the“ Fire ”fire and “ rotate icon” to switchbetween different weapons. ★ Click the button on the bottom rightcorner of the cross circle amplification can be switched sight. ★Click the icon in the upper right weapon to enter the armspurchases, gold coins to obtain, purchase medical kits and systemsettings. ★ Click the icon to the left of medical kits can add HPand figure gesture icon to switch fighting pose.
Sniper Shooter Killer 1.0.9 APK
The latest "Sniper Shooter Killer" has been on the line, this is a3D FPS shooter. Game is not only the continuation of the process ofstimulating a fierce battle, and the operation is simple andapproachable.Compared with its predecessor while the screen is alsoa great improvement, operation and operate more smoothly, but thegame also added a lot of different elements to enrich this FPSgame.Game added a variety of gorgeous sniper weapons, battle mapsenrich a variety of different scenarios, adding beginners guidetutorial difficulty from simple to difficult, successiveincrements, entertaining, is to give you a more stimulate pleasureof a good game.Please do not continue to wait to try this game now,I believe we will bring you a surprise!Game features:* Added avariety of scenarios Map: bustling city night scene, summer trainstation scene, airport warehouse evening scene, allowing you toexperience the unique terrain in different shooting pleasure.*Added a variety of gorgeous Weapons: not only has a short blackjade, crystal blue, green fluorite, Phoenix, Golden Black DragonKing, platinum and other exquisite Ares sniper weapons; still reddragon Desert Eagle and Christmas pumpkin bombs so you get !*Intelligent guidance system: allows you to spend only a little timeto become familiar throughout the game, be strong on thebattlefield.* Intelligent combat system: You can not just standshooting, squat shooting, fighting to switch cartridges,replacement of weapons and ammunition, purchase of medical kits,increased defense and other interface operation, you can alsoadjust the number of the enemy, the enemy AI, game sensitivity, soyou experience the exciting battle stimulation process in a simpleoperation.* A variety of different battle modes: There are endlessbattle mode and common mode levels, allowing you to enjoy the funof shooting in different battle modes!* Perfect interface: afirst-person shooter, full-finger touch simple operation, 3DRealistic visuals, stunning sound effects, real shooting feeling.*Free game on the line every day there is a lot of gold awards !
Gun Killer:Sniper 1.1.1 APK
Welcome to Experience Third Person Shooting Game.Burst, Damage,Enemy Die.All kinds of exquisite weapons, more cool burst sense, tobring you the most realistic shooting experience, mission to savethe world feeling become a generation of stranglehold! Manydifficulty levels, rich weapon system, hard Liansha dubbing, takeyou into our world. Here you need to seize every minute and second,circumspect. Rational use of weapons and equipment, carefullycalculated the cost and income of every battle, ready to once againbattle of ammunition and new equipment purchase. A wealth ofincentive mechanism, realistic shooting experience. Don't hesitateto join us!★★★Game features:★All kinds of assault rifles Andsnipers such asAK47,Barrett,M4,M40A3,SVD,AWP,AWM,DSR50,WA2000,M200,M60G,MG3,Scout,FinlandStar and so on,and other props will help you complete the task.★Third person shooting with 3D vision, shocking visual effects shotrefreshedly, fully and delightfully experience! Zombie, kidnappers,scene, all 3D producing, build perfect third shooter game bepersonally on the scene.★Perfect model: the game has guard mode andsniping mode, bring super cool feeling!★Busy streets, ice and snowworld and other extreme scene map, let you experience the wonderfulworld of different scenes of the journey!
SWAT Shooter Killer 1.0.5 APK
SWAT Shooter Killer is the most challenging and adventure FPSSniper Shooting game. The terrorists occupied the desert town.Theywanton looting, sabotage, kidnapping ordinary people.Town People'slives are in danger. Snipers and special talks family has been inplace, SWAT accept the mission to rescue the hostages, this is themoment of your bravery!You are a special training SWAT, skilled inusing all kinds of snipers, machine guns, and other weapons; Youwere dispatched to rescue people trapped in the desert town,fightagainst terrorists; The task is very arduous, keep calm,hold yourbreath, pull the trigger, shooting.CHALLENGING ADVENTURE FPSSHOOTING TO TERRORISTS* Rich weapons, snipers, assault rifles,pistols, help you complete a variety of missions!* Different tasklevels, difficulty different, make you feel passion and thrillingshooting* Realistic picture of the game, immersive experience inthe desert town.* Ranking system, and other various title, Primary,Senior, Advanced, Elite Killer.Features Of SWAT Shooter Killer:-First Person Shoot Sniper Game-Realistic scenes,all kinds ofcharacters,rich weapons.experience an extraordinary journeykillings.-The shock of the game sound effects, bring you differentawesome shooting experience. Shot, headshot,sniping,explosions-Easy Play, Completely Free, play Happy.-As long as youwork hard, get more rewards, use these rewards to unlock moreadvanced weapons and clips.For terrorists and criminals withoutmercy and hesitate to take up arms to come play SWAT ShooterKiller, save the world, maintaining peace!
com.mountain.sniper.shooting.ray 2.5 APK
Mountain Shooting Sniper can let you directly join the battle, inthis new first-person action shooting game to become elite sniper.Accept the mission and find the best sniper point to take action todestroy all goals. A man, a war. Now you are cold killer. Protectyour allies and innocent civilians, and destroy all the terrorists.Pick up your sniper rifle, destroy the enemy, causing a fatal blowto the enemy. Do you want to be an elite sniper and experience thepleasure of shooting in battle? Do not hesitate to join the gameright now! Choose your task, you will face a different number ofenemies, destroy more enemies, so you can get more rewards. Whatare you waiting for, let's join the game together and startshooting!