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Counter Terrorist Sniper Strike 3d 2017!

Welcome to Play Counter Terrorist Sniper Strike Best FirstPersonShooting War Game Of 2017.

Consider Yourself as a Frontline Commando Sniper to SaveyourCountry Frontier from Terrorists. So be like Frontline Commandoandready to act and Kill the Terrorists in a modern warfare of21stCentury. You can also improve your shooting Skills bySimplyplaying this Counter Terrorist Sniper Strike game. As youknow onlythose Commandos with good shooting skill survive in abattle. Tokill your enemy in one shoot you need to place thepointer on rightplace and pull the trigger on right before its toolate and theFrontier Enemy Commando Kills you. In Counter TerroristSniperStrike You are a one Frontline Commando Sniper
who are brave enough to act as a Counter Terrorist Sniper andkillall the enemies with your Shooting Skill. Aim to Shoot yourEnemyand beware enemy also heavily armed with destructive weaponsandshoot your enemy vital part to kill the terrorist
in a single shoot.

You also need to master in all weapons so that in battlenoterrorist will dare to stand against you in afrontiershooting
battle. While Playing Counter Terrorist Sniper Strike 2017 gameyoucan purchase different variety of weapons like ak47,SniperGun
Shot Gun, MP5, Hand Grenades and many more destructive weaponstokill you opponent Terrorists. You also keep in mind thatyourmission as Frontier Commando or in Simple a anti-TerroristCommandois in different deadly Places and Environment so beready
to face the harshness of Snow, Jungle , Subway, Sea-Port andOldWarehouse where Your Missions Could be Placed to Shoot downtheTerrorists Organization and Small Terrorist Groups.

Hold the Sniper Gun Open the Lens, Zoom, Locate, aim andIdentifythe Target after that pull the trigger Shoot and kill toProveyourself as a real war hero as frontline Sniper CommandoCounterTerrorist Shooter of this 2017 Year.

The "Counter Terrorist Sniper Strike 3D 2017" is the BestFirstPerson Shooting game aiming to offer you a entertainingandenjoyable time while playing the game as first personcombatshooting game against the Terrorists. You need to avoidenemiesbullets in order to survive in battle and try to kill alltheterrorist in given time. To Kill all the Terrorist you need tobequick in every decision you make in battle warfare to choosetheright weapon for the Terrorist, dodge the incoming fires andtakeactions
on all matters.

In battle Field you Fight off the increasingly difficult wavesofenemies ready to kill you from all the sides in thiscombatmissions.

Counter Terrorist Sniper Strike 3D 2017 Features:

< Detailed 3D Environment
< Include detailed battle Warfare map Pointing alltheEnemies
< High Definition and Sharp Graphics
< Smooth Gun and other Game play Controls
< Different Variety of mass destructive weapons to Select
< Best First Person Shooting game of 2017
< Different Deadly Environments

How To Play:

< Use Joy Stick by placing left thumb on left side of ScreenTomove
< Use Shoot Button to Fire the Gun
< Jump Button To Catch the Medical Kit
< Zoom Button to Make a Clear Shoot of Terrorist
< 10 dangerous Challenging levels to Clear
< Collect Ammo to Increase the number of bullets
< Searching for targets based on radar instructions;completingcounter terrorism missions within a specified period oftime


This Counter Terrorist Sniper Strike 2017 , a modern SniperShootinggame is Free to Download and Play.

If you like our game please leave a positive review. In case ofanybug or game Crashes found
or any other suggestion please Email @bestfreegames1@gmail.cominstead of leaving a bad review..

we always appreciate your interest in our games.

App Information Counter Terrorist Sinper 3D 17

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    Counter Terrorist Sinper 3D 17
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    February 24, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    360 Degree Games
  • Installs
    1,000 - 5,000
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