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You would like to make all the house arrangements without needingtocall any plumber, such as repairing faucets with leaks,cloggedsinks, toilets and dripping pipes, fixing the bathroomcistern,installing all types of pipes, etc.Welcome to this plumbingcoursethat contains this free plumbing learn app, you will learnthebasic concepts necessary to perform all types of plumbingrepairs,masonry, carpentry .... in an easy way.Calling a plumberfor eachrepair is impractical and expensive. You can solve theproblemyourself if you learn all the basics of learning plumbingand havethe plumbing tools at your fingertips.To solve someproblems youneed the help of a professional, but following thebasic tips ofthis app how to learn plumbing can be very helpful incase ofemergency.This Course to Learn Fontaneria consists of:-Plumbingcourse for beginners and more advanced concepts for allthose whowant to deepen this technique.- Plumbing courses fortheunemployed- Step by step explanatory videos of basicplumbingtraining- Plumbing services- Plumbing materials and type ofpipes-All the necessary accessories for plumbing- Homeremodelingcourses- Eliminate a clogged sink without leakingwater-Installation of accessories- Connection of pipes withvideosexplained step by step- DIY home remodeling- Basic plumbingandplumbing courses- Installation of water pipesWe also have appswithvideos related to learning any job of professional training,suchas learning carpentry, learning masonry, learningmechanics,learning to weld, etc ...With this app with videos ofexplanatorycourses of theory and practice you will learn to be agoodprofessional plumber and thus save you a money for eachbreakdownyou need. Learn and do it yourself, it's very easy, funandentertaining. Download our app with lots of videos, get startedinthe working world and set up your own business offeringemploymentto others!Thank you for downloading our apps and sharingwithcomplete easy plumbing courses for beginners and professionals.

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Training course: Learn Nursing 2.0.0 APK
Concha Roldan
Would you like to learn nursing? And be a professional nurse andimprove the quality of life of all patients? Do you feel good aboutyourself trying to help others, studying nursing assistant? Welcometo our course with a complete tutorial to learn free nursing, totrain easily, with videos in several languages, such as Spanish,English, Portuguese, etc ... The care of an assistant to a patientis very important, for this we have prepared this Nursing LearningCourse with all the basic concepts that a student needs to becomefamiliar with before he can start taking care of the patients. Inthis training course, to learn nursing, we teach you all the carefor people who need it, the good training of good professionalsmake a life more calm and safe. You will also learn in this nursingcourse the knowledge about habitual techniques in nursing care, tobe able to apply them in the professional environment. Downloadthis app with videos explained step by step and you can learn withthis course all the responsibility of a nursing assistant you havein the human being. If you want to learn to be a good nurse ornurse, download this app, which is not intended to replace theofficial training, it is only a support to the study of thisprofession of nursing assistant, for those people who have beenpracticing this trade for a short time and who They still have alot to learn. The course of this app contains all the basicfunctions of a nursing assistant, techniques, methods and advicefor any professional, such as: - the basic principles of nursing -techniques and advice for treating patients - you will know thesystems and devices to be able to adapt them to sick people -knowledge about motherhood and childcare - how to handle anemergency - Basic skills and useful tips - sensitivity to humanpain and disease - easy to relate with doctors, nurses, assistants,sick people, etc ... You can share with your friends theinformation of this free nursing course, with tutorials and lessonsabout health care to treat illnesses and alleviate their symptoms.The course of this app shows you all the information in videotutorials so that all the nurses get to correctly learn all thetechniques and positions of placing the sick, it also helps you tocomplete your training in auxiliary health care. Thanks fordownloading and sharing!
Learn to sing and vocalize 2.0.0 APK
Concha Roldan
This is the best app with techniques and exercises to learn tosing, vocalize and tune your voice: Do you know how your body workswhen you sing? This app to learn to sing, is for people who areinvolved in the making of music, both for beginners andprofessionals, where you will learn to sing easily your favoritesongs, with the method of concentration of exercises. Following thesteps of these techniques to learn to sing, daily, you can developyour voice, refine your vocalization, learn the musical notes,improve your vocal range and have a great ability to sing anymusical genre, only with techniques and rehearsals. these canteexercises. You will also learn to sing, step by step, to warm upwithout damaging your voice before practicing and you will expandyour ability and vocal range easily with these complete lessons.Knowing the musical notes and improving the tone of your voice youwill learn to sing, with the training of these exercises step bystep, you can become a professional singer. This app of singinglessons or how to learn to sing, contains lessons of exercises tolearn to sing, which teach you step by step all the techniques andthe steps to follow to get a perfect tone and ear. You will learnto sing, with a good pronunciation of the words and a completevocalization of the same with this app of singing lessons. In thevideo tutorials of this app to learn to sing, you will learn totrain your voice with vocal exercises, play classic piano andviolin songs, get an ear and perfect tone, read music, sing andrecord karaoke music, memorize musical notes, Sing vocalize andimprove the voice, etc ... This application of how to learn tosing, is like a real academy, vocal coach, singing teacher or evenas a true school to learn to sing, as it teaches you to sing andvocalize perfectly with the videos of exercises that contain thesetutorials. Learn to sing with the aim of working on the voice as aphysical and psychic musical instrument based on the body, mind andthat will help you discover and develop art from scratch to learnto sing. With new daily essays of these lessons to learn to sing,you will have your favorite songs and karaoke hits in a single app.Make your ear sharpen more and more and increase the ability toproduce harmonious melodies with your voice, with the courses ofthis app to learn to sing, for this you must remember that you haveto do vocalization exercises that allow you to breathe better tothe Time to sing. It is recommended to train the voice to learn tosing, with these scales at least once a day to improve musicalmemory, your tuning and your high and low vocal range. Get to learnto sing, to refine your voice to sing all kinds of songs knowingthe musical notes well with these tutorials. With the help of theseexercises to learn to sing, it will be the beginning of your vocalgrowth as a singer. If you want to be a good singer you just haveto download our application with the techniques and methods ofthese tutorials to learn to sing, with step-by-step exerciselessons to learn the best music, without scores, both for beginnersand professionals. Thank you for downloading and sharing this apphow to learn to sing with courses and lessons of singing lessons!!!
Videos reviews toys Ckn Toys 1.0.0 APK
Concha Roldan
Do you like to watch play build with bricks or any other game?Doyou want to try to see a game to build, made of toy bricks? Andseecoloring images like cars, mcqueen cars, patrol, dinosaur, etc...With these laugh videos of Ckn Toys will help you become agreatcharacter learning from your favorite games.Get hours of funwithyour family, with the laugh videos of ckn toys, reviews,children'stoys. It is a very easy to use free application withwhich childrencan discover a large collection of videos, which theywill lovewatching and discovering surprises.But watching thesevideos do youknow what is the best time to enjoy the game? It iswhen they opentheir surprise eggs, and seeing the surprise in thisnew game, withtons of superheroes, toys and princesses! That's whythe new cknToys videos and games are waiting for you. Download thisfree ckntoys app and you will have the best time of the day.Thebest levelsof games, with images and transforming puzzles that canopen doorsto imagination, you will find in this app. You can seethem withthe whole family, if you download this application withvideos ofsurprise games ckn toys.If seeing open giant surprise eggsis oneof your favorite hobbies in your leisure time, these videoswitheggs, are filled with new games to learn, with which you willhavefun between laughter and applause.In the laugh videos of CknToysyou will see all kinds of games with very different costumes,fromsuperheroes with special effects, to other well-knowngameswatching their new effects. Fun and entertaining videos withlotsof laughter for you!If you have children who like to opensurpriseeggs and if you still do not know ckntoys take theopportunity tosee their best and new videos of laughter with thisapps completelyfree since this application is the perfect game forthem.Newcollection of videos await you if you download this ckntoysapp soyou can enjoy the toys as much as he does, as well as thewholefamily.You will become an intelligent ninja, a wily sorcerer,astrong knight or other characters in the universe and youwillsurprise your family and friends with fantastic imagesandphotos.An apps of funny videos and funny games of ckn toyswithcostumes of all the superheroes that you like, to enjoy.Youhave agreat variety of videos in each of the languages ​​tomultiply yourfun, in English, Spanish and Portuguese ... and enjoythem.What areyou waiting for to enjoy the best Ckn toys videos?Well this appwith videos of fun games is waiting for you ....discover them..... with ckn toys you will learn playing!So downloadthis freeapp with fun videos of surprise games Ckn Toys and enjoytogetherwith your family and at any time the best collection!
Learn to embroider easy 1.0.0 APK
Concha Roldan
The technique of embroidery is an art that consists of adorningbymeans of textile threads any garment of cloth, wool orcottoncrocheted or crocheted.Do you like to learn to embroidereasily andfree from home?As this tutorial of learning to embroiderteachesyou to embroider by hand and embroider step by step andthenecessary materials in a single application.In thesevideotutorialsof learning to embroider you will also find otherdifferentembroidery stitches, such as:- Basic point, highlight-Lagarteraembroidery- Point released- Lockstitch- Fly point- Spikepoint-Daisy point- Knot point- Vainica simpleo doble- Enhancementwithfilling- Cross-stitch- Vainica- Yugoslav embroidery, from Parma..-Gather for children's clothes- Mallorquin, Segovian embroideryandmany more ...This application of tutorials to learn toembroideralso contains:* Complete tutorials of learning toembroider step bystep* videos with lessons of embroidery stitchesand patterns* allabout embroidery by hand and machine* Materialsneeded to makethem* types and kinds of threads* beautiful stitchesand imageswith varied designsIt also teaches you how to learn howto makeembroideries in crocheted or crocheted wool or cottonfabrics, makevarious craft techniques with hand embroidery, ways tofillflowers, and all the tips, tricks and basic techniques you needtolearn how to embroider, etc.If you want to embroider yourclothes,your child's or baby's just download our application ofembroiderytutorials with all the courses and embroidery ideas forfree.Shareand vote, your positive vote is necessary to follow.Thank you!!
Weaving Amigurumi step by ste 2.0.0 APK
Concha Roldan
If you are a beginner in the technique of knitting amigurumi,crochet or crochet, there are many patterns to make easy amigurumifabrics that are simple to elaborate and their final results lookas if they had spent hours refining their projects of this craft.Making amigurumi fabrics is very similar to knitting, whichconsists in passing a ring of yarn over another whose woven piecesare called crochet Learning to knit amigurumi as figures ordresses, can not only expand your skills, but allow you to do anynumber of projects for you, your family and friends A dress for agirl or baby weaving amigurumi, sure to be the success in a welcomeparty or the arrival of a newborn. You just have to follow ourselected tutorials and learn different amigurumi or crochettechniques with ease. Be inspired and learn to do it At the momentyou work through the steps of this tutorial of learning amigurumistep by step, you will know how to carry out a slipknot, which isthe first step of all crochet projects. You just have toconcentrate on getting easy thread management and crochet. If youlike to knit amigurumi, crochet, sewing, craft making .... ourvideo lessons are specially designed for you. Learn how to makeamigurumi fabrics fast and easy with this app. In this applicationof amigurumi you will learn to do step by step: - amigurumi dolls -amigurumi animals - figures of all kinds of amigurumi - knittedamigurumi clothes Hundreds of patterns to make crochet andamigurumi. Open your favorite app and find new ideas for youramigurumi designs such as crochet scarves, skirts, dresses,patchwork and everything you imagine of knitting Discovereverything you can learn with easy crochet and amigurumi with thesepatterns and crochet designs you're looking for, whether you're abeginner or an expert. It's time to learn amigurumi and knitcrochet The amigurumi is in Japan something more than a simplepastime, since it is part of the kawaii culture, a term that couldbe translated as doll, tender, adorable. In this application oflearning to make fabrics of amigurumi we include many crochetpratones like: figures, dolls, children's and babies' trousseau,winter blankets, baby blankets, vests, jackets, hats, pants,dresses, jackets, bodies, headbands, ties, rugs, blankets, covers,wipes for living room, etc These models are recommended both forbeginners and more professionals. Little has changed in crochetover the years, but it is easy to learn. The first time youprobably started crochet stitch was too tight, but do not worryyou'll get the use of it with knitting amigurumi practice. You willfind patterns to crochet amigurumi of socks, booties for children,bags, sweaters, ponchos mittens, hats, scarves If you like to learnamigurumi, learn to knit with our lessons, tutorials and patternsthat contains this free application. Learning to knit amigurumi isnow possible with this application. Download, vote favorably andshare. Thank you!
Concha Roldan
Have you ever wondered how to learn to dance? Do you botherstayingin a corner while everyone enjoys on the dance floor? Youhave nextsome event in which you must dance and you do not know howtolearn?Do you find yourself with that distrust and insecuritythatavoids joining the fun?Well look no further because in this apptolearn to dance step by step, you will find all the techniquesandsteps necessary to learn to go around and wiggle with styleandelegance all night.Enjoy our collection of videos withmusic,steps, melodies and free dance classes to enjoy at any timeandwhere you want.We have compiled the most complete classes ofdanceexercises, with the best music and melody to learn the stepsof anytype of dance for both men and women.Follow the routines oftheexercise classes with the steps corresponding to the dance youwantto learn, available in this free app with its music andappropriatemelody.Find your motivation point to learn to dance,practicing thesteps without the need to pay academies to learn todance step bystep, free and without paying anything for it.You canlearn andenjoy all the steps for any type of dance with itscorrespondingmusic, such as:- Sauce- Bachata- Sevillanas- Folklore-Rumbas-Pasodobles- Cumbias- Boleros- Cha Cha Cha- Meringue-SambaThecombination of music, dance and compass helps to have analwayshigh motivation to learn to dance, where rhythms and melodiesmarkthe type of dance.Following the steps of these lessons withdanceclasses and learning any musical genre you will startlearningproperly.1- Shake your head to understand the compas andunderstandthe rhythm of the music2- Balance your weight and supportall yourweight on one foot leaving the other free to start thesteps withthe compas of music3- Move your feet to the beat of therhythm ofthe music4- Add some movement to the hip, to the rhythmofmelodies5- Move your arms to the beat of music6- Have style,andmove to the rhythm of the music with these lessonsLearning todancein style is something we can all do and learn, but it is truethatif we are not born with the rhythm in the body it will bedifficultto be the king or queen of the dance floor.But you shouldnotdespair and if you want to learn to dance and know how to movewhenyou go out with your friends, for example to a disco, taketheadvice of these lessons to learn to dance step by step withthesebeautiful melodies and you will see how everyone congratulatesyoufor your style and your movement when dancing and also whatyouwill enjoy.If you are shy and this is your first experiencetolearn to dance with these dance exercises do not despair becauseitis not impossible to learn to dance with these dance classesthatcontains this application.Download thiseasy-to-learn-to-danceapplication with these complete lessons anddance exercises forbeginners and you will become a great danceprofessional of allmusical genres. Thank you for downloading andsharing this app tolearn to dance free and easy !!!
How to learn carpentry step by step 1.0.0 APK
Concha Roldan
Have you ever thought about how to learn the trade ofcarpentry?Would you like to design and make furniture for yourhome?Thendownload this app (DIY) with courses and carpentrytutorials on howto work with wood and you will become aprofessional carpenter.Create your own furniture and learn all thesecrets of this art.Learn all the techniques and tricks ofcarpentry with the best tipsto be a good carpenter.This app (DIY)learn carpentry is ready tolearn to work wood at all levels, fromtutorials for beginners, toprofessional carpenters. With highquality videos and a greatvariety of themes, you will geteverything you want.From chairs,bedrooms, tables, doors, furniturefor any part of the house, etc.......... to more sophisticated andcomplex furniture andeverything done with your own hands.Thesetutorials with easycarpentry courses offer you the possibility tolearn a trade, sothat you never miss work if you become aprofessional carpenterwatching our videos for free.In these lessonsof how to learncarpentry step by step you will find videos ofeverything you needto learn, from basic concepts, furnituredesigns, working withpallets that are both fashionable and moresophisticated styles ...like working Japanese-style wood.People whohave learned thisknowledge perfectly, will not only be able to usethem tomanufacture their own furniture, they will also open a newpath inthe workplace.In this app how to learn the trade ofcarpenter towork well the wood also contains how to make all kindsof coatingsand laminate furniture in an easy way.This carpentrylearning appis a free online course, for anyone who wants to learncarpentry.Carpentry is a career with a lot of work opportunity.Today thereis a great demand for carpenters who have experience allover theworld.Video tutorials of free carpentry courses of theoryandpractice, and become a master carpenter, responsible forrealizingin a home all the necessary in wood, such as: doors,windows,built-in wardrobes and all kinds of furniture.Download ourfreeapplication of how to learn the trade of carpentry easy andfreeand become a professional teacher of this trade ofcarpenter.Thanks for downloading and sharing!
How to learn easy masonry 1.0.0 APK
Concha Roldan
You have work? Would you like to learn all the techniques of aneasytrade to start working quickly and enter the labor market?Withthisapp how to learn easy masonry, it offers you thenecessarytechniques to perform a good job in construction. It alsoexplainshow to use each of the elements, from the preparation ofthemixture and how to place the bricks, to how to take measurementsorplace a ruler.With these app of explanatory videos to learnmasonryhelps you to know and handle the tools for a new exit totheworking world, with the intention of having the basic knowledgetobe a good master mason.How to learn easy masonry containsclassesof:* Design plans* Make a calculation of the materials* Howto makemixtures and mortars* Placement of the walls andcorrespondingplace* How to place the bricks easily and safely* Howto place thelevel* Placement of bricks and tiles* Technique to holda rule* Howto raise a wall* Thick plaster on wall* The techniquesfor placingscaffolding* How to knead thick cement* How to make finecement mixand spatter* Siding and much more* Pose the roofs so thatthey pourwell into the watersLearning masonry offers small coursesforanyone who wants to learn the basics and indispensable to entertheworking life, on the basics of construction, withexplanatoryvideos and easy to carry out.If you want to become agood mastermason of construction, download this app and learneverything youneed, with its explanatory videos to learn easymasonry. From howto build brick walls to the basic principles tobuild a house oreven a building. Learn all kinds of masonry andconstructiontechniques, with useful tips on how to build structuresand how touse the necessary tools.Do not think more and downloadthis app forfree with explanatory videos, on theory and practicehow to learneasy bricklaying and ... learn to build and build withstone andbrick.