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Cover Glorious Fire Fury is Offline shooting game small in size butnot a simple at all, so your mission should choose to accept, justdownload, play and enjoy it! You have to defeat the enemy in thissurvival shooting game. Enjoy the survival mission game with realand amazing open world environment. Amazing and Eye-Catching andStunning outdoor and indoor environments.Its Top action fps shootergame with containing high graphics for mobile. Play this bestshooting and adventures game as the best city fighter or a fearlessagent. You must have to effort for don’t let the enemies escapefrom an attacker and terrorist town. You need to control all zonesenemies. The effort for removing and Eradicating all the terroristand enemies to complete your goal & becomes the protector andsuperhero fighter of the city. You will be equipped with modernunique and different weapons to shoot enemies. Enjoy in this vastsurvival battleground game and do the effort to save the civilianslife, you can train yourself as a warfighting superhero for thewin. Safe to the hostage life like a brave heart & also makesure for yours life survival to win this battle and war. As aconclusive and efficient fighter of this survival mission basedwar, you need to polish your superhero fighting performance &skills. Be aware from the enemies tactics and schemes and supervillain’s squad. A lot of terrorists are here to attack or killyou. you must have to safe and Escape from the enemies suddenattacks. Use your tactics and strategical mind to safe to yourselfand others & then use a gun to shoot them. choose a target& aim accurately to kill the terrorist gang. COMPLETE TOIMPOSSIBLE MISSIONS you should have to do the strict effort toComplete the mission objectives and missions of Cover Glorious FireFury game. observe your targets and aims from long range, take themdown at well-positioned to easy shots, assault enemy bases head-onor eradicate or remove to all enemies or terror withoutcompromising to your identity. POWERFUL CONTROLS: Modern and EasyControls that makes you happy and gives fantastic feelings, justaim and shoot all the terrorist with easy controls and with a teamof your heroes! THE BATTLEFIELD EXPERIENCE: First time on mobileyou will get a real-time battlefield experience in this best 3dshooting fps game. Pick up your weapons, aims or shoot and kill toenemies by your best effort in this most action shooting game ever.This game has a big map and one of the best open world gamesdownload for free now. Features: * Modern unique and SpecialWeapons to Shoot. * Amazing and Different Missions. * Smooth battleactions and missions. * Equipped with advanced weapons & gears.* Realistic Environment & Smooth Sounds. * High quality of 3DGraphics.

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    Cover Glorious Fire Fury - Best Shooting Games 18
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    December 19, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Play Vertex
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We are introducing one of the best motorbike game for bikers &tricky stunt lovers. You can play it for free. Download TrickyStunt Rider - Wheelie City Flying Racing 3D and enjoy it. You haveto do so many simple, amazing and some wheelie racing stunts in thecity rush. Are you ready for the wild race & ride where thetracks are made just for you! Then what are you waiting fordownload and proved yourself as a professional bike master &racer? Motorbike tricks master a racing stunt game. This is theextreme motorbike rider game for free. New motorbike racing gameadventure; Have you ever dreamed of performing motorbike daredevilstunts? You have to unlock new heavy bikes for the approach thenext hard level in the game. The adventurous tracks full ofdifferent kinds of hurdles and other vehicle's traffic. Race withyour real bike, prove yourself avoid hurdles and traffic accidentin the way and reach the destination to complete levels &unlock new heavy daredevil stunt bike; extremely hard drive racingis here for all aged gamers. This game is specially made for kidsand teenagers who love bike riding. teenager boy really love thiskind of daredevil bike stunt games so that they could make onewheel stunts on the highway roads in a fantasy city. The realisticcity view and thrilling racing stunts make the game morechallenging and addictive for the race. The thrilling and stunningcity view make you more crazy of the bike's and you have performedmany challenging tasks which makes you a skilled stunt driver andhelp in real life driving.Tricky Stunt Rider - Wheelie City FlyingRacing 3D is one of the best Moto daredevil stunts racing game in adifficult city with road rash. Tricky Stunt Rider - Wheelie CityFlying ride over rooftops of this cool fantasy city! The game hasmany jumps, mid­-air ramps, a variety of tracks, and extremestunts! City highways are for your insane dare speed with tricks.Experience this thrilling adventure now with most exciting fantasycity! Racing 3D are a racing and action game in which riders andextreme bike stunt with thrilling, adventurous mission. Bike racewith every exciting wheelie tricks you perform on the road rush andsave from any kind of damage! stunt 2018 mania get into positionthis wild ride is about to begin! The game is all about weavingthrough outlandish obstacles and avoiding falls in each mission.Steer your bike through dodge treacherous obstacles if you can't itwill make you lose the mission. the game is all about brake,velocity & how you manage your balance & speed, skill andcontrol as you guide your rider across the ramps, jumps, barrels,and obstacles. Each level is more challenging and thrilling thanthe other. You have to perform some daring stunts in the race!Racer!! jump and crash your obstacles and win through the amazingfrontier tracks as you are the master of tricky daredevil stuntbike and you know the physics of Moto bike in the high-speed racingadventure. GAME FEATURES↣ Easy, simple and realistic controls ↣Awesome bikes to unlock with different physics ↣ Unique racing andstunt experience ↣ Stunning 3D Graphics ↣ Excellent bike drivingsimulation↣ Addictive gameplay with smooth controlsFeel free togive us your valuable feedback and don’t forget to like us onFacebook @ https://www.facebook.com/PlayVertex
Army VS Terror War - Desert Futuristic Shooting 1.0 APK
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Do you love to play sniper shooting games with Best Army Commandobattlefield War Sniper Shooting Games? If yes, here is the bestAction, and thrilling Shooting and Army War Battlefield game foryou. This is the best shooting game of 2018 in which you have tocomplete your duty by encountering all the enemies and terroristbehaving as a modern marine commando. Play frontier shootingattacks the criminals and terrorist and equip yourself withcutting-edge military weapons and aim and attack the bloodyterrorist and don't escape them and spy shooting survival gameamusement. Pursue adversary supervisor and demonstrate to them, spythem attack them and make peace again in the futuristic city. thebest approach to hellfire in this activity stuffed best secretagent fps gangster crime story amusement full of thrill, you haveto destroy there plans targets the mastermind criminal kill themwith your shooting skills. The battle against aggressors andfear-based oppressors in stunning designs win this battle againstthe bloody enemies and is the superhero of the futuristic battleEnemies have started to occupy the different areas of thefuturistic battle with a modern helicopter, tanks and with othermodern weapons. They are with a modern pistol, High-level machinegun, pump action gun, bullpup rifle, machine gun, automaticshotgun, sniper, light machine gun, minigun, RPG, slugger, grenade,m64c, cq16, thumper and Gatling gun. You are not immortal but youhave to show immortal Best Army Commando on the battlefield andwith wipe out the City and Army base from the enemies andterrorist. As Enemies have invaded some regions of our northern andsouthern areas of our futuristic city. You are lone army commandoand it’s your duty to wipe out the city from bloody enemies andbloodthirsty terrorists. Modern Shooting Combat Assault andshooting make you a professional and realistic sharpshooter, FirstPerson Shooter and Shooting; Action Shooter Battle is full ofaction and thrill. Trigger sniper rifles and assault rifles andother military weapons in a realistic battlefield 3D environment,shoot crazy enemies and terrorist in a futuristic battle and thenget more items and weapons from the award.Desert Army War Operationis best sniper shooting game of 2018 and with stunning graphicswith a war zone. Frontline Army Commando War against Terror, whereyour futuristic battle finds itself besieged by bloody enemies andbloodthirsty terrorists. Equipped with your assault gun and startto strike this battlefield with criminals and terrorists. You willtake out the waves of extreme deadly terrorist that are descendingupon your peaceful country Best game features:- Game is having astunning desert city war zone environment.- 3D Modern guns withamazing actions.- Enemies are with modern weapons, helicopters, andtanks.- High-Quality Controls.- Realistic Sounds.StayConnected:Play vertex is developing HD games for Android, IOS andWP8 Devices. Stay connected to Play Vertex for the latest andamazing Updates of new upcomingGameshttps://www.facebook.com/playvertex
Jungle Smart Runner 1.3 APK
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Help Smart Boy to escape in a jungle andmakeyour time fantastic with one of the best fun bustingendlessrunning game of the year. You have to perform more excitingactionsand jumps for more fun, you can enjoy with excellentexperience ofrunning, jumping and sliding in a fantasy jungle closeto nature.Just try your running skills and ask yourself how far you canrunbecause you not only have to go idle but you have to escapefrom thepolice.Download and try for free this Jungle Smart Runner and getintoendless running epilepsy where fun is at its extreme. Thegameoffers very simple but easy to play intuitive controls.Feelsyourself as be a part of unique marathon of the jungle.Jungle Smart Runner is very exciting and fun challenginggamewhich provides the brilliant game play with ease. You just havetotap simply to play this endless quest.MODESThe game is divided into two challenging modes ofachievementsand missions. You have to play in a manner to completeeverymission with accuracy. Mission mode is divided into 3challengingmissions and other mode consists of 6 differentachievements forthe game completion and success. Make Nawaz happyby completingeach of the mission and achievement.GAMEPLAYYou have cover certain distance and collect power ups tocompletethe achievements.The objective of the mission is to run asfast asyou can and perform amazing sliding, jumping and sidenavigation. Tocomplete game objective and get more scores you haveto collect gemsfound on your way in the jungle. You willdefinitely love thebeautiful graphics and quick reflexes of theaddictive game play andthe nature scene which makes the game moreattractive for theplayers. Collect items, jump over obstacles andwatch out for thepolice.Features→ Beautiful and addictive Game play→ Stunning HD Graphics for better experience→ Exciting crazy endless run→ Collect gems for rewards→ Best 3D Endless running game→ Collect, slide and jump to complete achievements→ 3 exciting challenging missions based on power upsanddistanceFeel free to give us your valuable feedback and like usonFacebook athttps://www.facebook.com/PlayVertex
Crazy Motorbike Stunts 1.5 APK
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Get ready for the crazy bike race of fast paceracer whose ultimate mission is to touch the skyscraper. Start yourmotorcycle and drive through beautiful desert city paths, performdaredevil stunts and actions your goal is to beat the rivals andstand alone for the winner post.You have to face many challenges and thrill of motocross mayhem ondifferent desert racing tracks made especially for the race. If youthink yourself as one of the best bike racer, Go on! Dare to winthe challenge and get more points. Get a chance to enjoy drivingexcellent physics based fast bikes with amazing features and havecrazy fun collecting white lights spread in the city.GAMEPLAYCrazy Motorbike Stunts includes the amazing motorcycle racingfeatures of super games of 2015. In this game you can fulfill yourfever and passion of bike racing actions. Where you get no time ofrest just take delight of continuous race in the adventurous desertview. You have to achieve some goals to clear each mission. Justdrive and collect is the main work to perform. Be an excellent motorider drive your moto and collect white lights to earn extrapoints. Enjoy the racing actions with easy and intuitivecontrols.GAME FEATURES↣ Breathtaking HD Graphics↣ Intuitive and easy to play controls↣ Realistic Motorcycle physics↣ Intense challenging Missions↣ Adventurous Game play with exciting desert city view↣ Realistic moto Driving ExperienceStay ConnectedPlay vertex is developing high quality Android, i OS and WP8game through high qualified developers and designers. Stayconnected with Play Vertex for the latest and amazing developmentof new Games.<============ Follow Us OnFacebook==============>Feel free to give us your valuable feedback and don’t forget tolike us on Facebook @https://www.facebook.com/PlayVertex
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Army commando Sniper Shooting is the best free game in snipershooting games of 2018. Real shooting era experience real actiongames of sniper 3d. Experience the commando shooting and be theprofessional sharp-shooter and kill the mastermind criminal andmake won this futuristic battle against the mafia andgangsters.Army Commando Sniper Shooting is the best game ofcompeting modern army enemies and terrorist by performing his duty.Sniper shooting is a real and full of action and futuristic armycombat sniper shooting in the industrial area, where enemies areequipped with modern army guns like ak47, RPG, pistol, m16 andlatest American sniper gun and rifle and destroy the peace and tryto kill an innocent people. Try your best to take a headshot andDead shot all the bloody and bloodthirsty criminal and mastermindterrorist in these critical situations where they are very trainedin combat and 3d sniper shooting. Perform your duty as an immortalarmy commando and be a soldier of Heavy Combat.Eliminate moderncombat enemies by showing yourself as a best army frontline snipercommando by presenting your trained and skilled sniper shooting. Bykilling all the enemies you can become futuristic Hero of SniperShooting of 2018. Army Commando Sniper Shooting have a differentthrilling mission and each mission is different and hard from thefirst, you have to show your shooting skills and aim and target allthe bloodthirsty criminals and bloody terrorist.***** Game Play andMissions Briefing *****This game is having missions. Each missionis different and much challenging for you.Mission 1In Mission 1Terrorist are in a small amount and you having to find out allterrorists from the map and shoot them. Aim and target toapproaching the next level that turns into hard and you become aprofessional sharpshooter.Mission 2Mission 2 is having a slightlyhigher level of Artificial intelligence of Terrorists and alsohaving more terrorists. So shoot all the terrorists. Terrorist andhiding in the industrial area so you have targeted them silentlyand kill them wisely. If your target is missed they can attack youback.Mission 3Terrorist killed and destroy all the staff of thefactory and they are going to utilize the weapons. So hurry up andsave the factory. This mission is literally hard from the first andthis makes you a professional sharpshooter.Mission 4 In thismission, terrorists are in large number in the factory and they aregoing to destroy all the automatic machines of the Army Factory.Shooting must be your passion to shoot all the terrorists easily.Target all the terrorist and attack perfectly because if yourattack is missed they may target and kill you.Mission 5Terroristsare going to be more dangerous after using modern and advancedweapons of the factory. Help out your country. You have modernweapons and ammunition used them and kills the entire terrorist andsave the army factory.Mission 6 The terrorist has reached the finalpoint of the factory where explosive is manufacturing, if theyaccessed your all heavy explosives then your country is going to bedestroyed. Kill them hurry up so they can't destroy your country bea frontline commando and sharp shooter too.***** Army CommandoSniper Shooting Features *****=> Best army commando snipershooting game => Real and modern sniper 3d => Best SniperCombat Action Game=> HD graphics=> Easy and understandablecontrols=> Trained Enemies as Army commandoFeel free to giveyour feedback and Follow us on Facebook athttps://www.facebook.com/playVertex
Elite Prison Escape War 1.1 APK
Play Vertex
DescriptionYou are in the famous prison CELL420 with a modern rifle Colt M4Carbine rifle 2016 version. The task you in prison from the boss ofcriminals Elite Prison Escape Escape War. If you are a braveshooter going by shooting inside the prison all the guards. Becareful though guards are active and weapons.In this impossible mission you can be anyone, guards, policeman, prison officers and police from prison warning to killsoldiers. Some of your friends are criminals, gang members, snipershots, thief and robbers. Now it's time to save your friends andescape from prison. In the first place to shoot all the guards andthen go in jail, suspended jail with machinery. There are prisonofficers in front of each cell, they shoot carefully.Features:• 5 Most Action Mission involved Prison Break Escape• shoot Action concerned amazing animations for PrisonersEscape• Realistic prison CELL420 with beautiful images• Jail with snipers, shooters and police man• A game with Brave Shooter• Full Action involved in this addictive and attractive GamePlay• Smooth control with high sensitivity level• Colt M4 Carbine rifle with zooming actionGame Play:Mission 1:Mission 1 involves shooting guards. There are four guardsoutside Gate 3 guards inside Gate. In the first place you have toshoot all the guards.Mission 2:The second mission involves shooting a policeman at randompositions in the prison. They are seven in total that the securityof the prison.Mission 3:Mission 3 job is to go into the cell section of the prison.Find your need CELL named CELL420. There are 11 prison officers inthe cell division.Mission 4:Mission 4 to get keys from the dead prison officers andunlock the CELL420 and escaped prisoners.Mission 5:In Mission 5, the warning soldiers come out of the CELL420,now you go into a war with all awake soldiers. To complete shootingyour target all the soldiers.Download this best shooting game "Elite Prison EscapeWar".Stay ConnectedPlay pinnacle is the development of a high quality Android, I OSand WP8 game by a high qualified developers and designers. Stayconnected with Play Vertex for the latest and amazing developmentof new games.Feel free to give your feedback and follow us on Facebook athttps://www.facebook.com/playVertex