1.0 / November 30, 2018
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Do you like to play a game of kings if yes then this game is foryouin which hunt the animals and chase them for hunt. You are aCowboyin this game the only thing you have as a weapon is arch.

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Farm Tycoon 1.1.1 APK
Farm Tycoon is simulation game in which youwill grow crops and produce other goods and sell them into themarket place to earn coins, and survive into the game.Its a simple gameplay in which you can also compete with yourfriends and like grow the crops and other goods and go to the cityand sell it.Features:Extremely Good GraphicsSimple ControlsUser Friendly InterfacePlay with Friends
Super Soccer Stars 1.0 APK
Super Stars game is one of it's kindWithsimple gameplay and great physics, Soccer Stars is easy to pickupand fun to play! In true competitive style. You can controlyourplayer with great ease. It means the game has very goodcontrollersthrough which you can control your player. Its a thirdpersoncontroller game and you also have a option to select anyplayer whois near the ball and opponent player.This game uses AI in both oponents players and also in theyourteam as well. You can use different style to goal in thegame.In short its a very simple football game for those who lovedandlike to play these type of games.Initially there is a match between Spain vs France. In which oneofthe team is opponent depending on you.Key Feature:- Big Stadium with Crowd- Fun Gameplay- Amazing ball physics- Easy ControllsConnect with us we will update the game as well... So waitforawesome features.
Email Marketing Guidelines 1 APK
This Book contains all the guidelines for the newbies and even forexpert marketers to learn and make maximum out of it. It will helpyou how to make your own list because list is a gold mine. Ready toplay with your list by sending emails.
New Year 2k16 HD Wallpapers 1.1.2 APK
Spent your new year with your loved ones andshare the amazing HD screens wallpapers with everyone anddistribute loved to everyone.This app comes with the materialistic interface and one ofunique of its kind app. You can set the screen using theapplication without downloading.We are working on it to make it more cool and adding morefeatures with time...
30 Days Workout Challenge 3.0.0 APK
Make your fat cells melt away just like an ice cube through 30 dayfitness challenge app. Get your whole body toned and feel as fit asyour sweet 16. Within 30 days, see measurable difference in yourweight loss following this precisely carved workout challenge. Tryit now!What will 30 day fitness challenge app offer you?Dedicateonly 30 days of your life and observe your body getting into theshape. It starts from regular warm up followed by exercise thatslims your:30 Day Ab Challenge30 Day Squat Challenge30 Day FirmButt Challenge30 Day Cardio Challenge30 Day Arm Challenge30 DayPush Up ChallengeBy fully considering workouts rules, 30 dayfitness challenge increases exercise intensity step by step, so youcan easily stick daily workouts. 30 day fitness challenge willgreatly help you keep fitness and lose weight effectively.Features-Records training progress automatically- Reminds you to workoutevery day- Detailed video guides- Increases exercise intensity stepby step- 30 day abs challenge- 30 day full body challenge- 30 daybutt challenge- Share with your friends on social mediaSlow down onfirst two days and gradually increase your counts per set. You cannow achieve your daily goal and and share on different socialplatforms.Once you feel that you have stop losing weight, don’tworry! It happens due to your body getting used to the dailyexercise. What you need to do is - switch to other excitingactivities. 30 day fitness challenge encourages you for fitnessactivities like boxing, meditation, yoga and more to try it. Aftereach session, take 10-15 mins time for relaxation and observe yourthe changes in your body. The blood circulation, heart rhythm, veinpumps, breathing pace and many more. There is no constraint forspecific gender or age to use this app. Any medically healthyperson can use this app to stay fit or lose tons of weight. Whatwill happen after 30 days exercise? Single ChinArms ToneFlatTummySkinny thighBikini PerfectBeach BodyMutilation freeTry out 7Day Juice Detox as well.
CowBoy Arch Hunt 1.0 APK
Do you like to play a game of kings if yes then this game is foryouin which hunt the animals and chase them for hunt. You are aCowboyin this game the only thing you have as a weapon is arch.
Tiles Travel 1.0 APK
If you like to achieve something in your life you must definesomedestination but you know how to reach that target only way tobethere if you focus and also streamlined the approach to gaintheachievement. So this game is right for those people who wanttoachieve big in life but the pavements have many obstacles soyouneed to carry the ball and restrain going here and thereotherwiseyou lost in middle of nowhere.
Mountain Climbing Racer 1.0 APK
Are you bike enthusiast if yes then this game is for you. Nowyoucan ride a cycle on the mountains having different hurdles youneedto avoid them and you can jump too. Features: Bike SelectionArenasTime Stamp