2.2 / December 22, 2018
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Features: - Amazing and realistic 3D graphics. - Get a specifiednumber of coins to complete the task. - Cross a given number ofhurdles. - Fight against time to finish the level. - Motivatingbackground music. - Intuitive tilt or touch controls to steer yourhorse. - Authentic horse racing environment. - This is a free gameavailable on Google Play store. Controls: 1. Tilt phone left orright to control the horse movement. 2. Swipe up to make it jumpover a hurdle. 3. Press power boost button to increase the speed ofa horse.

App Information Cowboy Freestyle Horse Racing

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    Cowboy Freestyle Horse Racing
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    December 22, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    7Stars Games
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Cowboy Freestyle Horse Racing 2.2 APK
7Stars Games
Features: - Amazing and realistic 3D graphics. - Get a specifiednumber of coins to complete the task. - Cross a given number ofhurdles. - Fight against time to finish the level. - Motivatingbackground music. - Intuitive tilt or touch controls to steer yourhorse. - Authentic horse racing environment. - This is a free gameavailable on Google Play store. Controls: 1. Tilt phone left orright to control the horse movement. 2. Swipe up to make it jumpover a hurdle. 3. Press power boost button to increase the speed ofa horse.
Galaxy Rolling Ball 1.04 APK
7Stars Games
Galaxy Rolling Ball is fun, interesting and adventurous game. Youmight have experienced rolling balls on different surfaces butGalaxy Ball rolling game will give you a sense of 3D ball rollingin sky between the galaxies. Galaxy Ball Rolling game is anaudacious ball balancing game that will provide a doping effect ofbeing in space between the stars and comets.Theme:You are bored andwant to have some fun time by rolling balls. Galaxy ball rollinggame provides you a chance to do that in space. Roll the ball andtilt your device to find a balance point so that your ball does nothit the boundary. If your 3D rolling ball hit the wall it willswitch color and your life will reduce. Therefore, you have tobalance the ball on the galaxy path using tilt control of yourdevice. To make the experience of rolling the ball easy you can usemini map to locate your position to find out availability of nextstar or moon. Mission:Galaxy ball rolling 3D game is a veryaddictive and tempting ball balancing game as it will use yourbalancing skills as well agility. Your mission in ball rolling 3Dgame play is to collect as many stars and half-moons by tiltingyour device to get maximum points as possible in a given span oftime. If you failed to do so you will lose the level. To make thefeel more adventurous and bold with each level difficulty will alsoincrease. You will come across hurdles while completing your level.With increasing levels the hurdles will start moving making it morechallenging to avoid hitting the moving hurdles. In case whiletilting and balancing, you hit the moving hurdle your life willdecrease resulting in failing mission. In this challenging 3D ballrolling game you have to race against time avoiding hitting theboundary and hurdles in order to make coins by collecting stars andmoon. With increase in levels difficulty will arise as there willbe fire on the track along with moving hurdles. So be vigilant andquick in balancing your rolling ball to avoid hitting walls, fireand moving hurdles.Rewards:• In order to complete a task and moveon to next level you will have to collect all the hearts and starswill give you bonus points. • In case you come across a heart withplus sign, grab it as fast as possible as this will improve healthof your rolling ball making it possible to last in the level for alonger period of time.• You can also unlock different color of your3D rolling ball by earning a certain number of stars. GameFeatures:• 3D ball rolling experience in space between stars andcomets.• Amazing HD Graphics to make the experience morerealistic.• Doping background music to keep the spirits high.•Easy, simple and smart controls.• Race against time and test yourbalancing abilities to finish the levels.• Availability ofdifferent colored 3D rolling balls.• Different themes of space tomake the experience realistic.• This is a free 3D Ball rollinggame.
Car Racing 1.6 APK
7Stars Games
"Race on Highway" is an endless arcade game with the goal to raceand crush mafia cars as many possible. Drive your Jeep throughhighway traffic, earn cash. Try to be safe while don't let mafiacars to reach destination.FEATURES- Stunning 3D graphics- Smoothand realistic car handlingHOW TO PLAY- Tilt to steer- Touch gasbutton to accelerate- Touch brake button to slow down- The fasteryou drive and hit mafia cars, the more scores you get"Clash onHighway" will be updated constantly. Please rate and give yourfeedback for further improvement of the game.
Mega Rolling Ball Free 1.1 APK
7Stars Games
How to Play Mega Ball Free -?1 -Mega Ball Free uses tilt (accelerator) sensor control to move the ball. 2- Complete level inspecified time by securing minimum points at least. Avoid the fallor game will be over.3- Use Mini Map to see where are reward coins,stars, diamonds, finish point and any obstacle ball.4- Reach finishpoint as early possible to get bonus points. 01 Coin = 100 Points01 Star = 200 Points 01 Diamond = 300 pointsTime left ( 01 second =50 Bonus points)First version contains 10 levels.Stay in touch,more interesting and challenging levels are in pipeline...!!!
Animal Sniper Shooting 2.06 APK
7Stars Games
Are you a sniper shooting lover? We offer you to have a virtualsniping experience through Animal Sniper Hunting 3D game. AnimalSniper Hunting is a 3D shooting game designed especially for you tofulfill your dream of using a sniper gun. This 3D Animal Huntinggame will give you a real and amazing experience of using a snipergun and aiming at different wild monsters. You will have to act asa skill-ed sniper while having this sniping experience.Theme:Youare a trained lone sniper living your dream of being close tonature in a village. But your village is being attacked bydifferent wild animal-s. This village produces its own crops butthese wild monsters are destroying the crops, which is leading tolack of food for all the people living in the village. Whenever,these wild animal-s are disturbed by hunger they come to village insearch of food consequently ruin all the crops and wheat farms.There are many wild animal-s like pigs, boars, deer, zebra, rhinowolf and elephants that you have to shoot and hunt.Your fellowvillagers’ have requested to control this situation as you have aformal training in using a sniper. You are very good at snipingbecause of your amazing killing and shooting skill and marveloustraining while you were in army assassinating enemies in warfare.Mission:In order to help your fellow villagers’ you haveaccepted the challenge of killing these wild animal-s using yourskills and training. You are an elite killer with amazing survivalskills who has the experience of killing at long range using asniper. This sniper shooting game will help bring an improvement inyour vision. You are given a hiding spot from where you have tohunt these wild monsters while looking through your sniper gun. Youare placed at a position from where you can have a clear view ofthe whole jungle from where these animal-s are coming. In order toprotect your crops you will have to use your sniper fury to huntthese monsters. The more wild animal-s you will hunt using yoursniper shooting skill, more are the chances of your and fellowvillagers’ survival.In the beginning animal-s will be in a closerange to you but as the levels will increase difficulty level willalso increase. You will have to race with time to kill thesemonsters in a given time period to earn points otherwise you willlose the level.Rewards:More wild and farm animal-s you will shootmore rewards you will get making the sniping and shootingexperience more adventurous.•Kill-ing wild animal-s will give youchance to earn points.•For 10 points you can have 20 bullets thatyou can use for more hunting as these animal-s will keep coming.•Atcost of 100 points you might be able to regrow your destroyed farm.In this way you might also help villagers to have enough offood.•For 3000 points you will have semi-automatic sniper that willmake the shooting and hunting experience more interesting.GameFeatures•3D Sniper shooting experience with amazing graphics of aforest and village.•Have a mesmerizing adventure of deer huntingand killing pigs, elephants and zebra etc.•Amazing 3D experience ofjungle, village, hunting and shooting.•Different camera angles tohave a realistic view of village.•Zooming capability of snipercamera will make hunting easier.•Easy, simple and smoothcontrols.•Target based hunting game that will make it morerisky.•Time based mission to kill maximum number of wild and farmanimal-s.•This is a shooting, sniper and hunting free game for yourandroid devices.
Catch a Sky Ball 1.03 APK
7Stars Games
Catch a Sky Ball is simple, fun and entertaining game with a smoothand easy game play. If you are tired of your busy routine and wantto take a fun break, go for this stimulating game “Catch a SkyBall”. It’s not only a catching but also a color matching game.Catch a Sky Ball will keep you relaxed as well as entertained. Itis an engaging and challenging game with very straightforwardcontrols. This color matching and catching contest is equallyentertaining and educational for kids that will help them inlearning and distinguishing different colors while beingentertained.This captivating game play will improve both visual andintuitive perceptions of kids.But here comes the twist the bucketor pot will automatically switch between colors. You have to keepan eye on the pot and catch only that ball which matches the bucketcolor and let all other color balls fall downFor example if bucketis red in color catch red ball and leave all other colors and dothe same for green, yellow and blue balls. For every right catchyou will get a point. Therefore, catch maximum number of sky ballsto get maximum points. There is a possibility that pot might switchcolor every time right colored ball rolls down from the sky in it.You will have to act vigilantly to move pot in order to catch theright color ball. If you fail to catch the right color ball youwill lose the level and will have to start again. To keep youspirited while playing this balls game, monster balls in the formof a bomb also rolls down randomly. If by any chance you caughtwrong ball your game will get over and you will have to restart thelevel. In order to give you more lives, so that you may have morechances to enjoy this amusing ball catching game for longer periodof time, there will be hearts falling from sky therefore, fill thepot with as many hearts as possible Controls: •Tap right/left onceto move bucket one step right or left•Press and hold bucket toslide it left or right according to the requirementEither youfailed to catch the right color ball or caught wrong color ball youwill have to play again. This amazing ball catching game willautomatically alter between difficulty levels. As time will pass,sky balls will start falling down more frequently. So be proactiveand catch as many right color balls as possible and enjoy yourtime.Game Features:• Amazing 3D colorful Graphics• Intuitive andperceptive gameplay• Easy and simple controls• Red, blue, green andyellow color balls and buckets• Scores will be saved for every gameseparately• Intelligently increase the frequency of sky ballsrolling down• Energetic and fun music in the background to keep youactive• This game is completely freeYou want to keep your nervescalm and have some fun time. Download this free Catch a Sky Ballgame and enjoy your free time.Like and give us feedback on:https://www.facebook.com/7StarsApps/
Brick Breaker 1.0 APK
7Stars Games
Brick Breaker is an old school entertaining game developed in 1976.Initially it was available in computers and now with advancementsin technology you can carry it anywhere with you in your pocket.Brick Breaker is a simple, easy and fun game with smooth controlsand amazing HD gameplay. Brick Breaker will prove to be a goodactivity in your free time. This will provide you an endless bashof breaking walls of bricks. Brick Breaker is fun and challenginggame that will give you a good pass time activity. Unlike manybrick breaking or block breaking games, this mind blowing anddelightful game will keep you engaged as well as entertained. Thisbrick breaking game has multiple levels with different brickstructures. This game has been made more interesting andchallenging in a way that in each level the ball multiplies in tomore than two balls making it more adventurous and challenging foryou to play. Break the bricks and have an endless and joyous bricksmashing arcade.You will have to control the paddle in such a waythat ball falls on it making a certain angle so that it breaks asmany balls as possible. More quickly you will break the wall ofbricks the more points you will get. If you fail to control theball and it falls down game will be over and you will have toreplay the level.Game Features:• Paddle to control and block theball from falling • Collect Hearts to increase size of paddle•Collect Magnets to control ball according to your choice• AvoidBees, as they will reduce size of paddle casing it difficult tocontrol ball• Don’t strike bees as they will also decrease yourpoints• This game is completely free• Amazing 3D graphics•Wonderful and mesmerizing background music that will keep you highspirited while playing• Easy and simple yet challenging game play.•Different brick structures on different levels.Controls:Move paddleleft or right by sliding your finger on screen and block the ballfrom falling down. Avoid bees and get as many hearts and magnets aspossible.Demolition of anything could not be more fun, enjoyableyet challenging than this. Brick Breaker is going to fill up yourfree time with adventure and amusement. This is a completely freegame available on play store for you to have a good pass time.
Ninja Jungle Surfer : Ninja Master 1.06 APK
7Stars Games
Ninja Jungle Surfer is a super adventurous ninja jungle warriorgame that will give you goose-bumps while playing. Have anexperience of being a real Ninja surfer fighting with differentenemies in a jungle. You will have an adventurous experience withthe speed of the game is going to increase with every completedlevel. Be a real ninja, finish all your enemies and complete levelsas a vigilant ninja surfer. Amazing 3D and HD graphics will makethe experience more realistic. Ninja Jungle Surfer has easycontrols with wonderful gameplay.If you love playing sporty andwarrior games, ninja jungle surfer is one of the best surfing andninja warrior games. In this ninja master surfer game, your targetis to kill all the zombies, girl ninjas, different animals and findyour way out of thick and dangerous jungle unharmed.You are a ninjajungle surfer who has to survive in there using his ninja andrunning skills. Be brave and run in the jungle fast and enjoy theadventures of the jungle. This jungle is full of dangerous animalswhich makes this ninja running game an epitome of adventurousjungle run. As a ninja surfer, your conquest is to kill all theenemies and collect a maximum number of coins. If you got hit byany of your enemies your life-span will decrease with every hit.But no worries you might find a “HEART” on your ninja surfer jungleconquest, try to grab it and that will increase your life-span.Inorder to complete the level, while killing zombies and animals, youmight find a parachute on your way that will make you fly. Whileflying, try to be quick and fast as a ninja surfer and collect amaximum number of coins. Keep in mind that parachute will last foronly some time, the timer on the screen will show you how long areyou going to fly. Be careful while landing, one small mistake andyou will have to restart the level.In the jungle, you will comeacross snails, eggs falling from the sky, zombies and girl ninjasurfers. Run through the jungle, kill all enemies and jump overlakes and survive this mission. Simple controls and easy gameplayof this adventurous and fun game are going to make your survival inthis lethal jungle possible. While running, jumping or sliding youneed to be careful, if you fell in a river you shall die and willhave to restart your level. Using swords, daggers or ninja runningor jumping skills you will have to kill all the zombies and ninjasurfers coming your way.Game Controls:• Tap left or right to movein the left or right direction.• Select sword button to take asword to kill enemies.• Select dagger button to use a dagger tokill zombies.• Swipe up to jump and cross bridges.• Swipe down toslide on the ground.Game Features:• Simple controls and easygameplay.• Amazing and realistic jungle 3D and HD graphics.•Background music is going to make the jungle experience more realand fascinating.• Fight with enemies like snails, crabs, eggsfalling from the sky, zombies and girl ninja surfers.• Jump, flyand slide to kill insects and collect as many coins as possible.•Use sword and daggers to kill zombies and girl ninja surfers.• Jumpand cross the lakes without falling otherwise you will have tostart the level again.• Use a parachute to fly and collect coinsfrom the sky.• This is a free game available on Google Play storefor all of you to enjoy.Download this free Ninja warrior game andenjoy being a ninja surfer.