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cpp tutorial app Provide a Basic Tutorial and Program ThisCppTutorial Provide a BCA MCA or IT Education Basic TutorialandProgram. Please Report app Bugs appsgaming359@gmail.com followTheBasic Cpp Tutorial: 1.Introducation 2.Defination3.Inheritance4.single Inheritance 5.multiple inheritance6.multilevelinheritance 7.hyrachical inheritance 8.object declaire9.Structureclass 10.object refrance 11.function 12. Basic conceptof OOP* 13.Data types * 14.Constants & variables 15. Operators16.arrays17.member function 18. static data member 19.argumentfriend class20.Constructor Definition 21. syntax Constructor22.TypesConstructor 23.destructor defination 24.syntax destructor25.Polymorphism 26. virtual functions 27. file stream operations28.input- output operations, get ( ) Put ( ), read ( ) Write ().29.function overloading 30.Static data members and functions31.Friend Function 32.differance between c and cpp follow TheBasicCpp Program: 1.hello word in Cpp Program 2.check weathernumber inCpp Program 3.Armstrong number in Cpp Program 4.even oddnumber inCpp Program 5.prime not prime in Cpp Program 6.rectanglearea inCpp Program 7.add two number in Cpp Program 8.Leap Year inCppProgram 9.reverce string in Cpp Program 10.simple calculator inCppProgram 11.pyramid star in Cpp Program 12.if in Cpp Program13.ifelse in Cpp Program 14.if else if in Cpp Program 15.switchstatmentin Cpp Program 16.for loop in Cpp Program 17.while loop inCppProgram 18.do while loop in Cpp Program follow The BasicCppQuestion and Answer: 1.what is pointer 2.Functions,Namespaces& Exceptions in C++ 3.Difference between a copyconstructor andan assignment operator - C++ 4.What are functionprototypes? 5.Whatare virtual functions 6.What is a class? 7.Whatis an object?8.What is inheritance? 9.What is a storage class?10.What is anabstract class in C++? 11.Explain the static memberfunction.12.What is function overloading? 13.What is a namespace?14.What isa class template? 15.Differance between java and cpp16.What is‘cout’? 17.What is ‘cin’? 18.What is the purpose of#undefpreprocessor?

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