C20 / January 18, 2018
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Cybernetics has progressed exceptionally fast.Cyborgs are being developed at a massive scale to create a fleet oflethal Ninja soldiers by a wily scientific mission, somewhere inChina. You were part of a cyborg Ninja experiment but your pastmemories still linger on. Due to some electromagnetic fault, yourmemory was not obliterated as designed by your creators. Takingrecourse to this faint memory of a humane past, you have to chalkout an effective strategy to set yourself free from the clutches ofthe evil creators. This call for deadly fight with the soldiers andthe deftness with which your moves are maneuvered will decide yourprospects of survival.

Craft attack ninja Storm is a game of wits. It offers tons ofexcitement and the tenseness in the air is palpable. Your muscleswill get taut as you would battle your enemies out on the screen.The nimbleness of the Ninja will prove to be the decisive factor.You have to adroitly guide the character on the screen to itsdestination with your shrewd gameplay. The game requires intuitiveplanning and strategic moves. Craft attack Ninja storm is a gameset up in advanced lab ambience and the environment has beenrealistically re-created on the screen. The music befits andcomplements the environment adequately. A flurry of cool weaponswill be at your disposal to help you aptly in the game of escapingthe clutches of sly cyborg creators.

Game features:
•Authentic Ninja setup in hair bristling lab setup
•Superb graphics meticulously done on screen
•Sensational audio and cool atmospherics
•Volley of lethal weapons
•Multiple levels of thrilling gameplay
•Scores of points to be earned
•Exciting Plot

App Information Craft Attack Ninja Storm

  • App Name
    Craft Attack Ninja Storm
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    January 18, 2018
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Battle Blockyverse Studio
  • Installs
    1,000 - 5,000
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
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Titan Attack: Wall Defense FPS fun 3D firstperson shooter challenge with classic pixel graphics that creates avivid world full of foes and obstacles. Challenge yourself againsthordes of diabolical titan enemies and be the ultimate warrior. Usethe hook to navigate around the titans and strike from above.***THE CHALLENGE HAS JUST BEGUN***Once upon a time, an entire generation of warriors were raised bymonsters. But outsiders burned the doorways and the world continuedas if they never existed. Alone, but not helpless, the warriorsspent centuries honing their skills, waiting for the day when themortal hold on their otherworldly cell would weaken enough to freetheir numbers...His eyes darted around, searching, prying, straining to see anyform of movement. His heart raced and his temples throbbed. Therewas no light. Not anymore. They were here. The stories told throughnightmares were real. There was no light to save him this time.This time, the monsters would win. After all... Even shadows betrayyou when it gets dark. It was up to him. These monsters- theTitans- were raging a war mere mortals could never fathom to win,unless... unless they could cooperate with the darkness and triumphover the metamorphic heights of these otherworldly giants.***PLAY TO THE EXTREME***Practice your target shooting skills and blast through worlds asyou take out opponents and win awesome rewards. Collect dailypower-ups and prizes such as endless sprint and double damage willbe yours to utilize until you die. Looking for somethinglonger-lasting? Run a successful course in the first level againstthe clock and a given number of enemies and earn permanent weaponsor body armor. Vast landscapes are yours to explore and dominate.Customize controls in the settings screen and play to a difficultylevel that suits your skill level. Six un-lockable levels in themission select screen must be conquered to achieve your totalvictory. Play it like you mean it!Game Levels:-Castle Garden-Village-Rustic TownGame Enemies:-Titans and humansGame Features:-Hook Shot - navigate through air, climb tall buildings-Run, Jump, Aim-Melee And Firearm Weapon Variety-HP And Ammo Hidden Perks-Map Overview Of Oncoming Enemies-Power-Ups Refresh Daily
Cube Wars Battlefield Survival C20 APK
The ultimate FPS powered game that will blowyour mind away! Defeat enemies like never before with the numerousweapons at your disposal.The most amazing and modern FPS war game, where you can destroyyour enemies in style. Get ready to experience the ultimatebattlefield when you download Cube Wars Battlefield Survival.Strike fear into the hearts of enemies with this wide variety ofensemble of weapons.The Game: The stage is set. The timer has started. The war hasbegun. And you are the man on a mission to avenge your team. Inyour quest for revenge, your path will cross with those who wish tostop you at all cost. Each opponent stronger and more powerful thanthe last. Each round tougher than the one before. In one instanceyou are attacked head on by the mobs who outnumber you by sheernumbers. And in the next minute, you are dancing your way throughthe snipers raining bullets.When you have just survived this challenge and think you haveeverything in your control, you are faced with a new predicament.In the next village where you move on, the threat is ever imposing.And that’s where things get really hot, hand-to-hand combat.Features Of The Game-• One-on-one Hands Combat- When your ammo is low and your healthsupply starts to dwindle, that is when you must go physical!• Amazing Graphics- Stunning visual graphics like before thatenhance your gaming experience.• Wide Range Of Weaponry- One of the major perks in this game isthe versatile weapon choices you get to choose from.• Survival Perks- Right when you start to think that everything isin your control, the odds are stacked against you. And the hunt forammo and health perks begins.• Radar- Know where you are and spot your enemies with this ultracool game feature.
Survival Hungry Games C20 APK
The nightmare of a haunted child swallowsreality. Stop the danger for good in one of the best blockyshooters ever released!★☆BACKSTORY★☆The story has passed down for generations. It's been used to scarechildren into doing their chores and going to bed on time. It hasbeen the stuff of legends, studied by the most esteemed minds. Onlynow, it's coming true.The prophesy has been fulfilled: the child has been born, and itsimagination is so strong, it leaks into reality. We will all sufferas the child's dreams have taken a drastic and dark turn. We're alldoomed unless we can find the child and end this nightmare. Untilthen, all we can do is fight the evil spilling forth from thechild’s mind.Until then... we must survive.★☆PLAY TO SURVIVE★☆Survival Hungry Games is ready to wow you with an amazing andchallenging first person shooter experience!Unlock power-ups to aid you in your quest and get ready to rock inthe fight for survival! As you fight to end the nightmare, befierce and brave, beat the timer, destroy them all and win amazingweapons permanently.If you fail to beat the clock, don’t be discouraged, you can stillpush forward and clear the levels of the violent creatures imaginedby the child of prophesy. Beware of their toughness, intelligenceand skill as they haunt each level, which grow tougher as youcontinue! Are you still here reading?!? There is no time… GO! GO!GO!Be prepared to hit fast and hard in order to survive! Battle it outhand-to-hand, fight strategically, crouch and jump, and be deadlyin your pursuit with precision aiming. Fight bravely and win thefight for survival!Survival Hungry Games Features…✔New and improved game interface!✔User friendly touch screen controls!✔Tips that give you a tactical advantage in your struggle!✔Power-ups to keep you from dying, or make your enemies diefaster!✔Blocky weapons collection!
Diverse Block Survival Game C20 APK
Enjoy one of the best free First PersonShooters that will challenge your skills and help you to become amaster of the block survival world.If you are young and fragile, expecting a fairytale, this is not agame for you… We need heroes, warriors that master their skillsthrough difficulties, always ready for the ultimate battle!**** TRUTH IS CHALLENGED****Enter a corrupt world where an evil government is working with theso-called New Intelligence, who have made an illegal alliance. Playas the hero in an explosive solo campaign where officials arecovering up the truth about the dangers of guns, and the freedom ofthought and religion have been all but been banned.**** YOUR MISSION ****The world is immersed in war and the fight for victory has begun,but to conquer, you must navigate the dangers of the armed enemies,who carry high-grade military weaponry and shoot to kill without athought.It is up to you to protect the innocent and destroy those who havebrainwashed the foot soldiers to obey commands withoutquestion!**** INTENSE BATTLES ****Battle your way through the edge of survival in a challenging lifeand death struggle as you navigate enemy territory and faceaggressive mobs. Uncover hidden weapons to add to your arsenal asyou move through stunning retro-styled pixel-art levels!The dramatic intensity of this undertaking is an adventure like noother, as you struggle in the fight to save the population beforethey are annihilated by the snipers and assault rifles of theenemy.See and feel the action while you bring down this conspiracy fromthe inside. You are the last guardian, unaffected by the newworld’s lies.It is up to you to be the hero your people need. Don’t trust noone, you don’t have friends here, don’t get fooled by anyone.**** AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE, FROM START TO FINISH ****Hear the roar of your gun as you see another enemy defeated, alwaysmoving towards your goal!With the world at stake, Diverse Block Survival Game is difficultto put down! Battle through stunning levels while choosing fromamong twelve weapons collected as you play!What are you waiting for? Save the world, one block at atime!FEATURES:A stunning art style, bringing life to a tragic tale only you canfix!Mind-blowing Levels12 Devastating WeaponsUzi, Sniper Rifles, AKs and much more!

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