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(Important... first time users should reboot after installing andrunning unless you get the appointment sms/message AFTER installingand running the app)What it does...1. To listen for Centrelink& job provider text/sms messages that contain Appointments.2.To Alarm call you before your appointment When an appointmentarrives via sms it will alert you to your appointment 1hr beforeyour appointment time at which point an alarm goes off notifyingyou.First time users must reboot after running the app.That's aboutit, when an SMS Appointment comes in, the app will launch tell youwhen...

App Information Craig's Centrelink Alarm

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    Craig's Centrelink Alarm
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    April 17, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Wake Up!
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    Adelaide, South Australia
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Craig's Battery Saver ROOT 13.9 APK
Wake Up!
Craig's Root Battery Rooted Users... (non rooted users have alimited adb command set)(This works when you switch your phonescreen off like a normal day at work or school... using this whileplaying games won't save you power while the game plays but willsave you hours off life during the time not in use , the savingshappen when the screen goes off during a normal days use or whileyou sleep!)******new*******There's now a return to homescreenoption for when the display goes off, reason for this option is ifyou run an intensive application a game for example, it will drainthe battery from intensive cpu instructions, switch on return tohomescreen option and it will then return to the main screen andany cpu intensive foreground app is frozen.AC/Wifi/USB/Wi ChargeControlUSB2 supplies 500ma of current, so if your phone is usingUSB to charge, it's going to be slower than the AC wall plug of1000ma (for quick charge)So, let's suppose you wish to switch WIFIoff to help your phone charge faster on USB, you select do notcontrol wifi when AC, select ac from the list, when AC at the wallis plugged in, wifi will stay on when the screen goes off, if youplugin a USB cable, wifi will go off to help charge faster, you cannow differentiate between power sources to optimize chargetime.Where's my droid owners.... send the message via text to yourphone "wmd" to launch the app if it's not running (it should be,the developer of WMD claims there's no problem there end, but forme, WMD suddenly stops working and i have to run the app again toget it working..simply send the text message "wmd" to launchwhere's my droid....Commands"WMD" - launches WMD"GPS" - thiscommand turns your mobile data on and switches wifi off for 50seconds(I set the command word in Where's my droid to "gps")if youever have your phone lost or stolen, this is the quickest way toget the location, providing you have some mobile data, to get theAGPS help GPS get a fix, after 50 seconds it will return back towhatever your settings were to save batterylife.***********************************************How to use ...Run it, then simply close itIf you see the icon top left corner,it's working! Use the menu to clean Android to make it run faster(restore makes everything go back to how it was before, slow)repair simply puts 1 application back in startup...Menu Commands(locate the menu from a side swipe from the left side of the screenor press the menu icon top corner left)Repair - restores an app tothe bootup, eg for alarm clocks that you need, more you run theslower your phone and less memory.Clean - removes apps from bootupRestore - places all the crap back on bootupStart Service -launches the serviceStop Service and exit - kills the service.Topleft corner is a menu icon, click on that to access the menu whereyou can clean Android of any free memory, deletes the cache it alsodisables 3rd party app's from starting up making your phone fasterand more responsive.Only 5 meg of memory after a reboot! ( Yes dueto the way Android works sorry! )any issues, email from the menu inthe app (swipe from the left of the screen for the menuoptions)*low memory footprint after reboot!Email us for extra help.
Nat's Flag Quiz with Maps 2.5 APK
Wake Up!
This quiz game is a great way to exercise your noodle and get toknow your flags, countries and continents. You might just find themuseful to know during many global sporting events.And if you're astudent who needs to know their geography, you can be sure you'lleventually learn most of of them after a while. Play it regularlyand you will learn to associate the map with the flag and it willmake it easier to recall both. You get three choices and threeguesses for each flag. Take your time. There is no timer forguesses. When you have guessed correctly, a map will appear to showyou where the country is.Each round is 10 questions. At the end youwill get a hit rate percentage calculation letting youknow how manytries you took to get through the whole quiz. The more correctfirst tries, the higheryour hit rate and percentage be. Then youcan choose to play again to improve your hit rate.WHAT'S NEWVersion 2.0* Track how many times you have played the quiz.* Soundeffects* Track score of last game.
Craig's Windows wifi Remote 3.7 APK
Wake Up!
When using MPC you can now fast forward/rewind the video by doing along press of the left/right buttons to fast foward / rewind andnow it has >> and << to skip to next video :)DelaysAdded for Socket Stability... this means having to copy the newrelay.exe out of your internal memory on your phone in a foldercalled "craigs\relay.exe" copy it to windows and stick it in thestartup folder (windows start button > startup, simplycopy/paste relay.exe or a link) and then from the app simply holddown left or right button.I have open sourced all my windows apps,get the full binary and source code for the windows client/serverwritten with Delphi5https://app.box.com/s/p0tkth6tqx28rt3e2ga9ifopu0hqfv1eEnjoy!Holddown the > key for fast fowardhold down < for fastrewindpress > > for skip video forwardpress < < for goback to last videoIt refused to use the new IP! - now once itdetects, the first IP it finds, it uses, until you run the appagain, so now it connects just fine...*auto connects from turningwifi on/off*auto connects when the app is run*now auto detects IPfor first use and auto connects rather than telling you it findsit, it just does now..*much faster at connecting now andre-establishing connection,....A simple to use Remote Control forWindows.This app has a server application that NEEDS to be run inWindows. Without it, the android remote can't communicate. The fileis pretty small and requires nothing special to run (eg, no .NET).It should run just fine from windows XP (Update! - Win98 min) towindows 8, You will have to allow firewall access to theapplication. To do this simply copy a link to the startup folder inWindows.1. Install the application.2. Install the server on yourPC. 2a. In a folder on your phone's/tablet/device internal drive(not extended memory) there will be a file called relay.exe locatedin the folder named "craigs" . You will need to upload this file toyour PC via a cable or some other means like Wi-Fi. OR download itdirectly to your PC from the website www.wakeupmob.net. The websitealso has additional use and set up information which will makeusing the remote quick and easy. 3. Once the server is running, runCraig's Remote .4. Providing everything is set up correctly, yousimply type in the IP address of your computer. OR click on IPDetect and it will be set automatically. More information on how toset the IP from the website www.wakeupmob.net.5. Alternatively, onthe server application on windows, check "broadcast" and re-run theapplication, then if all goes well, the android application willautomatically detect the broadcast and all you do is click on thedetected IP.That's it!**It was designed to be used with MediaPlayer Classic (MPC) but you'll find that Volume down/up is quiteuniversal and will work with many windows applications includingYouTube.This is my first application of many in the following weeksand months, so feedback is valuable. Letting us know what you thinkis important for future development and for current users. Youdon't have to comment. Just leave a rating. Remember to connectyour phone via USB or send the file from internal memory \craigs\relay.exe to your PC via Wi-Fi such as ES Explorer or itwill NOT work.Website now up and running. We're also on Twitter#wakeupmob where we tweet updates and handy ways to use ourapps.Thank you from Nat and Craig and stay safe everybody.
Craig's SMS Encryption 3.7 APK
Wake Up!
A tool to send Encrypted messages to each other without the need ofa key being sent, so while yes this is not using 128bit encryptionor anything like that, it's a simple cryptography routine... Futureupdates will include the ability to generate 64bit and 128bitencryption, but for now, let's keep this fun as there are toolsalready on the market for this.To use, simply type in a partialname of the person (or drop down box and select the person) andthen press send! - if they don't have it, no problem type in"share" without the quotes, and it will send them a link to theprogram.To keep security a little tight, I've ****Purposely*****made it not read old SMS messages because anyone could run the appand look at old encrypted messages, instead it's real time, the SMScomes in, the application will show you the decrypted message, whenyou close the app, they (the sms messages) will vanish along withthe app.
Craig's Centrelink Alarm 2.8 APK
Wake Up!
(Important... first time users should reboot after installing andrunning unless you get the appointment sms/message AFTER installingand running the app)What it does...1. To listen for Centrelink& job provider text/sms messages that contain Appointments.2.To Alarm call you before your appointment When an appointmentarrives via sms it will alert you to your appointment 1hr beforeyour appointment time at which point an alarm goes off notifyingyou.First time users must reboot after running the app.That's aboutit, when an SMS Appointment comes in, the app will launch tell youwhen...
Craig's Rainbow Circles 1.7 APK
Wake Up!
Just a bit of fun...To use... 1. installStill with me? hold yourfinger down on the android main screen if it's empty, otherwiseswipe to an emptier screen, select "Set wallpaper" > "HomeScreen" > "Live wallpapers" >Then select "Craig's RainbowWallpaper"Watch the end part of the promo video to see how to setyour wallpaper.
Craig's Walky Talky 3.9 APK
Wake Up!
Supports a WIFI access point (or hotspot so you can use this appanywhere without a modem, farm, field, mountain!)The non AP method(option 1)--------uses UDP and your lan, so even if your internetgoes down, this will work providing you have wifi coverage, if youdon't then this won't work either... (ie regular modem/wifirouter)how to use, simply click on the walky talky icon to talk toothers in your home or business networks.Float mic option allowsyou to play games, browse the net and still voice chat! Both ap andnon ap support!WIFI hotspot AP method (Option 2)-------Set up yourAP put a password on it or or leave it open, up to you! (This isyour custom wifi hotspot or Access Point)... once the AP isconfiguredrun the walky talky, then click on Enable Wifi AP, thiswill enable your AP (make sure mobile data is off)With all yourother devices / friends, simply look for your AP over wifi (ontheir device go to wifi - scan for new networks - select yourcustom AP! other devices, simply select that network!) this thenallows real walky talky access between users! At home or in themiddle of a field. ..Problem solving==============You can hear butnot send or they can send but not hear?--------This is generally asocket error which was not handled well... i added a reset buttonwhich will cure any issues like that...(If that fails, simply rerunthe app or switch wifi off, and then back on)Volume low?-------Simply turn it up via the volume buttons..Can't hear or send?Still?------Simply rebooting both devices, after 2 or 3 days ofcontinual use the phone can have wifi problems and it can be downto Android, simply powering off then powering on again can resolvemost serious problems with this app.
Nat's Fashion Assistant 2.2 APK
Wake Up!
Fashion Assistant is an app designed by fashion designers to helpyou with every day fashion choices and needs. Plus a little fashionfun thrown in.Once you open the app you can choose an occasion anda mood and browse through the combination of textures and fabricswatches matched to shapes and styles for each occasion and mood.Find the swatch/shape combination you like and then match it to theclosest thing you have in your wardrobe. You might choose somethingin a colour suggested, or a style or even a type of fabric. Over1000 combinations to choose from and we add occasions and moodsregularly. Swatches and shapes updated seasonally.But if you findyou don't have anything to match and would like to extend yourwardrobe then you can go to the Shopping by mood for every occasionsection and browse the shop where you can actually buy thesuggestions. Updated daily.Or if you just want to get some ideasabout what's trending in fashion and in the media and online andfrom designers than you can check out the Trending Section whichalso comes with it's own shopping suggestions. Updated weekly,fortnightly and monthly.And if you really can't find something towear then you can just visit the Statement Piece section and justwear that. This is the fun section, highlighting the latest fashionto "Make a Statement". Updated daily.Also now with mini collectionof Must have Favorites. Also new are help files on how to get themost use from Fashion Assistant. And we plan to add more featuresin the future so get started with your own Fashion Assistanttoday.Don't forget the immortal words of Chanel. "A girl should betwo things: classy and fabulous". Get inspired by trends but don'tbe a slave to them. Of course we quoted Chanel. It's a FashionAssistant app. A sign of features to come.One last thing. FashionAssistant will show you the local weather to help you.Natalia Capel