/ November 10, 2016
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Es un increíble juego adictivo que hará que quieras superartupuntuación cada vez que juegues. Bate tus alas e intenta nochocarcon nada! Llega lo más lejos posible y recoge todos losPowerupsque puedas para que el camino se haga más fácil.Características: -Uno de los mejores juegos gratis para Android ymás adictivo. -Ritmo de juego excitante - 3 Personajes diferentespara jugar - 2Tipos de potenciadores, vida y cámara lenta Tanto ladescarga comotodo su contenido es gratuito. This app is anaddictive game thatwill make you want to beat your score every timeyou play. Beatyour wings and try not to collide with anything! Getas far aspossible and collect as many Powerups as you can to makethe patheasier. Characteristics: - One of the best free games forAndroidand more addictive. - Exciting game rhythm - 3 differentcharactersto play - 2 types of enhancers, life and slow motion Boththedownload and all its content is free. It is an amazingaddictivegame that will make you want to beat your score every timeyouplay. Bate your wings and try not to hit anything! It reachesasfar as possible and collect all the powerups you can so thatthepath is made easier. Characteristics: - One of the bestfreeAndroid games and more addictive. - Paced exciting game -3different characters to play - 2 types of power-ups, andslowmotion life Both download and all content is free. This app isanaddictive game That will make you want to beat your scoreeverytime you play. Beat your wings and try not to collideWithanything! Get as far as possible and collect as many powerupsasyou can to make the path easier. Characteristics: - One of thebestfree games for Android and more addictive. - Exciting gamerhythm -3 different characters to play - 2 types of enhancers, lifeandslow motion Both the download and all its content is free.

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    Crazy Bird
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    November 10, 2016
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Martyn Apps
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Easy Recipes 17.0.0 APK
Martyn Apps
Are you learning to cook or just do not have much time to do it?With Easy Recipes you can make any recipe as they are all very easyto make and very quick to do since most have explanatory videos.Apart from cooking now it is much more fun thanks to the Radiosection, where you can listen to your favorite stations whilepreparing the recipe! and best of all it's free! The applicationprovides 4 types of searches: · Main courses (meat, fish,sandwiches, tapas ..) · Soups (creams, broths, purees ..) ·Desserts (cakes, ice cream, cakes ..) · Imaging. Are you tired / oralways eat the same convenience foods? Then this app is for you!Application features: · Original and easy to make recipes. · Learnto cook recipes from other countries. · Choose the dish that'sbetween you eyes for the Gallery. · Search recipe name. · Listen tothe radio while cooking! · If you know any recipe and want topublish it on the app go to the section Share your recipe. ·Downloading the app is free. Some recipes you'll find Easy Recipes· Lemon chicken. · Tuna lasagna. · Vietnamese rolls. · Muffinsfilled tortilla. · Mini pizzas. · Original sandwiches. Somedesserts · Cheesecake. · Brownie lemon. · Tiramisu. · Chocolatelollipops. Download Free and Easy Recipes! and takes the chef inyou! Welcome / or cooking easier!
Make Money with your Mobile 11.0.0 APK
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Earn Money with your Mobile is an application that meets all appswith which you can make money.· Earn money watching ads on yourphone.· Check the presence of the products in retail outlets.· Sellyour time to advertising companies.· Save money buying productsthey usually buy in supermarkets.· Freelance work for companiesthat need your services you have offered.· Participate inchallenges by sending your photos and win cash prizes.· Fullsurveys from your phone. And many other tasks!Apps shown hereget paid with money or gift vouchers as you prefer, when youaccumulate a minimum balance can demand your money accumulated andyou can choose an income to your bank account or Paypaltransfer.Earn extra money each month or dedicate yourself to it andcontinued to turn on your main source of income.If you thought itwas impossible to make money from home here you can see that it isentirely possible and reliable as more and more companies joinedthe bandwagon of new technologies and services require morepeople.Download Earn Money from your smartphone!
¡ Hi ! The Neighbor APK
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Hi The Neighbor es un juego de terror y estrategia.Dentro de lacasa del vecino hay 3 puertas, Intenta escoger la correcta parapoder seguir hacia adelante.Si coges la equivocada, el vecino tedirá ¡ hola ! y te expulsará de su casa o saldrás por la puerta quehas entrado.Juego sencillo y divertido, intenta llegar hasta lahabitación secreta!Este juego no tiene ninguna relación con otrojuego con nombre parecido.---------Hi The Neighbor is a game ofterror and strategy.Inside the neighbor's house there are 3 doors,try to choose the right one so that you can move forward.If you getthe wrong one, the neighbor will say hello ! And he will drive youout of his house, or you will go out through the door that you haveentered.Simple and fun game, try to get to the secret room!Thisgame has nothing to do with another game with a similar name.The HiNeighbor is a horror game and strategy.Inside the house there are3-door neighbor, try to choose the right to move forward.If youpick the wrong one, the neighbor will say hello! and you will driveout of your home or come out through the door that youentered.simple and fun game, try to get to the secret room!Thisgame has no relationship with another game with similarname.---------The Hi Neighbor is a game of horror andstrategy.Inside the neighbor's house there are 3 doors, try tochoose the right one so that you 'can move forward.If you get thewrong one, the neighbor will say hello! And I will drive you out ofHis house, or you will go out through the door that you 'Haveentered.Simple and fun game, try to get to the secret room!Thisgame has nothing to do With another game with a same name.
Cholesterol Diet 9.0.0 APK
Martyn Apps
Cholesterol diet helps reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and keep it atan appropriate level.Application features:· Information on theminimum, normal and high cholesterol.· Foods that will help tolower bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL).·Information on forbidden foods.· Daily diet so that you havecontrol of what you eat.· Shopping list. List of food needed forthe weekly diet.Keep your cholesterol at optimum levels with thisapp, thanks to information along with diet and regular exercisewill get lower cholesterol and keep your heart healthy.
Dieta para el Colesterol 11.0.0 APK
Martyn Apps
Dieta para el colesterol te ayudará a reducir el colesterol malo(LDL) y mantenerlo en un nivel adecuado.¿Qué son y para qué sirvenlos triglicéridos?¿Qué son los triglicéridos?Casi todo el mundoconoce la existencia del colesterol, y puede que haya tenido laocasión de observar que frecuentemente los médicos al solicitar unanálisis de colesterol, piden también “los triglicéridos”. Pero,¿qué son los triglicéridos?.Habría que decir que los triglicéridoses la forma más eficiente que tiene el organismo de almacenarenergía: esto es, en forma de grasa. Pues bien, lo que almacenanlas células constituyentes del tejido adiposo, que son las queconforman “la grasa”, son los triglicéridos.¿Qué es elcolesterol?El colesterol es una sustancia similar a la grasa eindispensable para la vida. Se encuentra en las membranas celularesde nuestros organismos, desde el sistema nervioso al hígado y alcorazón. El cuerpo necesita colesterol para fabricar hormonas,ácidos biliares, vitamina D, y otras sustancias. Sin embargo, elaumento del colesterol en la sangre y su depósito en las arteriaspuede ser peligroso y producir aterosclerosis (estrechamiento oendurecimiento de las arterias por depósito de colesterol en susparedes).CARACTERÍSTICAS DE LA APLICACIÓN:· Información sobre losniveles mínimos, normales y altos de colesterol.· Alimentos que teayudarán a reducir el colesterol malo (LDL) y aumentar elcolesterol bueno (HDL).· Información sobre los alimentosprohibidos.· Dieta diaria para que tengas un control de lo quecomes.· Lista de la compra. Lista de los alimentos necesarios parala dieta semanal.Ahora sabrás como bajar el colesterol.Mantén tucolesterol en los niveles más óptimos con esta app, gracias a sudieta e información junto con ejercicio regular conseguirás reducirel colesterol y mantener el corazón saludable.Cholesterol diet willhelp lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and keep it at an appropriatelevel.What they are and what are triglycerides?What aretriglycerides? Almost everyone knows about the cholesterol and mayhave had the occasion to observe that doctors frequently whenapplying for a cholesterol test, also call "triglycerides". Butwhat are triglycerides ?.It should be said that triglycerides isthe most efficient way for the body to store energy: that is, inthe form of fat. Well, what the constituent stored adipose tissuecells, which are those that make "fat" are triglycerides.What ischolesterol?Cholesterol is a fat-like and substance essential forlife. It is found in cell membranes of our organisms from thenervous system to the liver and heart. The body needs cholesterolto make hormones, bile acids, vitamin D, and other substances.However, increased blood cholesterol and your deposit in thearteries can be dangerous and cause atherosclerosis (narrowing orhardening of the arteries by cholesterol deposits on thewalls).Application features:· Information on the minimum, normaland high cholesterol levels.· Foods that will help reduce badcholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL).· Informationon forbidden foods.· Daily diet so that you have control of whatyou eat.· Shopping list. List of food needed for the weeklydiet.Now you will know how to lower cholesterol.Keep yourcholesterol at optimum levels with this app, thanks to your dietand information along with regular exercise will get lowercholesterol and keep your heart healthy.
Sonidos Molestos 6.0.0 APK
Martyn Apps
¿Puedes soportar el sonido más agudo del mundo?Diviértete con estossonidos y haz enfadar a quien tengas cerca. El sonido es tan agudoque es prácticamente imposible detectar de donde proviene, así queno temas porque no te van a pillar!Disfruta de estos sonidoscompletamente gratis.Esta app es un juego divertido para hacerenfadar a tus amigosDescubre todos estos efectos de sonidos y hazenfadar a quien tienes cerca!¡En próximas actualizacionesintroduciremos más sonidos irritables!No te los pierdas.Can youhandle the sharpest sound in the world?Have fun with these soundsand make angering who have close. The sound is so acute that it isvirtually impossible to detect where it came from, so do not beafraid because you will not catch!Enjoy these sounds completelyfree.This app is a fun game to annoy your friendsDiscover all thesesound effects and make angering who have close!In future updatesintroduce more irritable sounds!Do not miss it.
Ilusiones Ópticas 11.0.0 APK
Martyn Apps
Una ilusión óptica es un Fenómeno que consiste en una percepciónvisual errónea de la forma, de las dimensiones o del color de unobjeto.El término ilusión tiene su origen en el latín illusĭo. Setrata de un concepto o una imagen que surge por la imaginación o através de un engaño de los sentidos, pero que no tiene verdaderarealidad.Vinculada a los sentidos, una ilusión es una distorsión dela percepción. Puede hablarse de ilusiones ópticas (las másusuales), ilusiones olfativas, ilusiones auditivas, ilusionesgustativas o ilusiones táctiles.La ilusión óptica lleva a percibirla realidad de manera distorsionada a través de la vista. Esadistorsión puede ocasionarse por cuestiones fisiológicas (medianteuna estimulación excesiva en los ojos o en el cerebro) o cognitivas(según la forma en que percibimos el mundo).También es unaaplicación para niños, ya que pueden ver las diferentes ilusiones yjugar.Divertida app que muestra diferentes ilusiones ópticas yjuegos de buscar en la imagen.Características de la aplicación.-Variedad de imágenes -4 apartados diferentes -Ilusiones ópticas-Encuentra el objeto -Encuentra a la persona -Encuentra el animal-Tamaño ampliado de cada imagen.Nuevas imágenes en próximasactualizaciones.An optical illusion is a phenomenon that is anerroneous perception of visual shape, size or color of anobject.The term illusion has its origin in the Latin Illusio. It isa concept or an image that arises from the imagination or throughdeception of the senses, but that has no true reality.Linked to thesenses, an illusion is a distortion of perception. One can speak of(the most common) optical illusions, illusions olfactory, auditoryillusions, illusions taste or tactile illusions.Optical illusionleads to perceive reality in a distorted way through sight. Thisdistortion can be caused by physiological issues (by excessivestimulation in the eyes or brain) or cognitive (depending on how weperceive the world).It is also an application for children, as theycan see the different illusions and play.Fun app that showsdifferent optical illusions and games look at the image.Applicationfeatures. Image -Variety -4 Differentsections -Optical illusions -Finds The object Theperson -Finds Animal -Finds -size Expanded each image.Newimages in future updates.
Test del Tonto 6.0.0 APK
Martyn Apps
Diviértete solo o con tus amigos y familia realizando este originaltest.¿Serás capaz de llegar hasta el final?Características:-Contesta correctamente para pasar al siguiente nivel.- 10 nivelesde preguntas fáciles, o no?- Música.- Juego simple pero adictivo.-Sigue las instrucciones y fíjate bien en las preguntas.Have funalone or with friends and family making the original test.Will yoube able to go all the way?Characteristics:- Answer correctly topass to the next level.- 10 levels of easy questions, or not?-Music.- Simple but addictive game.- Follow the instructions andlook carefully at the questions.