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Cross as many bridges as possible with Crazy Bridge!Crazy Bridge isa simple mechanics game in which our main goal is to cross as manybridges as possible. Challenge your friends! Beat your own limits!Or better, collect coins and unlock all the Crazy Friends that thisnew game offers you!Cross as many bridges as possible With CrazyBridge!Crazy Bridge is a simple game mechanics in Which is our maingoal to cross as many bridges as possible. Challenge your friends!Beat your own limits! Or better, collect coins and unlock all theCrazy Friends That This New game offers you!

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Kerman 2.3.3 APK
When we were children we all dreamt of becoming the heroes of somevivid adventure in our imagination, going to exotic places, savingprincesses from great danger, fighting extraordinary creatures orbecoming princes of unknown realms. This is the story of a childwho suffers teasing by other kids and feels excluded from societyfor his wish of being different. KERMAN teach us to fight toovercome the challenges of mockery, fear or routine and this waybeing able to get stronger as human being and face life events thatsometimes stop us from being successfulThrough KERMAN, we willunderstand how important it is to know oneself and to be what wewant in life. You just have to dream it and work hard to turn thatdream into the best version of ourselves. We will learn theimportance of developing and of making the most of thepossibilities. With our daily actions based on values, we canbecome heroes and friends of the different scenarios in which ourlives unfold.We invite you to bring out the KERMAN that is in you!
Seyko 4.0.5 APK
This is the Seyko’s story, a young warrior ninja who want to breakthe curse of the vicious circle in which many people fall.For along time seyko has suffered to overcome himself emotionally andmentally and has taken the decision to test his limits and overcomeobstacles to become a Ninja warrior elite.To achieve its goals,Seyko must overcome different challenges that will help him developskills and acquire knowledge through trials and frustrations..Afterpassing the final test of his training; the young warrior ispraised for his bravery and fighting spirit by a great sage andmaster Ninja who will prepare for this great adventure that he isabout to live.Seyko will share with you all the valuableinformation you need for your growth and improvement. Now yourchallenge, if you are brave and decisive enough is to accompanySeyko until the end of the game so that you become the wisest Ninjawarrior .
Space Bridges 3.8.6 APK
Space Bridge is adventure and strategy combined! Here you are thebest bridges’ builder in the world so experienced that instead oftools, you calculate measurements only by looking at the distancesfrom platform to platform to build the most reliable bridges of theuniverse.
The Heroes of Space APK
Have you ever wondered why we identify ourselves with some movieheroes? Why their stories captivate us? The answer is simple:because we are all heroes and heroines in the history of our ownlives. Those who analyze and understand the stories of our HEROESOF SPACE will have valuable tools to analyze themselves and learnfrom their previous adventures to be better heroes when facingdifficulties. It is ultimately a game to make you grow as a personand help you keep moving forward.Our life is a succession of smallhero- journeys in which sometimes we are forced to leave the stateof comfort to take on and face new challenges, meet people and getnew treasures or learn from experience exactly as Sally James, JohnShephard, Buzz Conrad and Jimmy Duke do in SPACE HEROES. However,the journey is never easy and sometimes we block ourselves orrefuse to go on, convinced that well-being will never come and thatit is better to stay in the comfort zone.This is why it isimportant to get to know the quests that you will undertakethroughout this journey: you will become aware of the difficultiesin your path but you will recover strengths to go on and fight foryour well-being and the well-being of humankind.
The Next Networker 2.6.6 APK
THE NEXT NETWORKERNetwork Marketing for everyone!The Next Networkeris a sophisticated educative game to learn the basic concepts,abilities and secrets for success on Network Marketing. The game isan interactive experience that shows you how to work moreefficiently, overcome personal challenges and take over yourbusiness.With The Next Networker you will be able to experience theemotion of building a network marketing business in a free-of-riskenvironment and create real-life results when playing. It is auseful tool which will enable you to develop entrepreneurshipabilities in network marketing.The Next Networker teaches you thefoundations to build your own business in a fun and easy way tounderstand. The game experiences will help you strengthen yourpersonal abilities such as: Customer Acquisition, Personal Growth,Team Work, Recruiting and Leadership.The great news here is thatyou can learn all this while having fun. So spin the wheel, answerthe questions, score points, rank up and accelerate your path tosuccess.Because you are… The Next Networker!
DrDmente 1.2.5 APK
Your brain is like your body also needs exercise to keep fit!!!With Dr Demente you can improve your ability to short-termmemory, the graphics memory and concentration power.It isscientifically proven that a proper mental exercise can greatlyimprove mental development in children and keep brain activity inadults. Dr. DMENTE will test you with challenges to improve yourattention and concentration skills.Your goal will be to remembersequences, colors and percentages. If you succeed, you will pass agreater level of difficulty If you make a mistake, you have toconcentrate more and keep trying until it does.Five minutes ofbrain training are enough to get significant results. The shape ofthe brain is like a muscle gymnastics, the more you exercise, youwill get better results. This game is perfect for any age, genderor profession. You can train every day to improve their results andsee their mental progress.
Fire your Boss! 2.4.4 APK
For many people, work gives meaning to their lives, increase theirself-esteem and makes them feel that their work is useful toothers. In some cases, it is a source of satisfaction where peoplecover their expectations or desires to progress to achieve the muchdesired financial freedom. However, in many cases, it is acontinuous source of dissatisfaction, where workers see less chanceof expansion, they are facing adverse conditions and hostiletreatment from bosses or colleagues. That is, a series of elementsthat makes people feel unsatisfied professionally. These factorsadversely affect workers and may eventually cause deepdissatisfaction and desire to leave or change jobs. If this is yourcase we invite you to come with us and FIRE YOUR BOSS. Fire YourBoss is a fun game that simulates the working conditions of manypeople today. It aims to help you feel in control, a feelingthrough which you will strengthen your confidence on your ownabilities to take you to positive changes of the situations youlive every day. So, cheer up and FIRE YOUR BOSS!
Food Trucks Pizza Game 2.5.3 APK
Those who know about Pizza say that the best pizza is made in NewYork. But PIZZA FOOD TRUCKS is convinced that YOURS are the best ofall. In PIZZA FOOD TRUCKS you are responsible for your own businessand your mission is to develop orders promptly in the shortest timepossible. The more delivered orders to customers, the more moneyyou earn. In this game the constructive education model providesthe player with the ability to develop activities or facesituations set in a pizza parlor scenario, where your skills, speedin the management of resources and control of the business,stimulating challenges, the search for solutions and the stakes ofskills and attitudes related to entrepreneurship, will be tested.