1.1 / May 11, 2015
(3.9/5) (589)


All about crazy car stunts 3D : Speed Race

your demand is smooth car controls, more fun and morethrill.Here we launched the most amazing game of our racing gamesfleetwith smooth controls and fun with thrill.

blow your mind with this thrilling ride. escape and crossthenasty hurdles coming on your way! enjoy the eyecatchingenvironment with speedy ride.!

get ready for adventurous thrill and agility. ride throughtrickyand slippery hill paths. this lively stunt environment isfull ofchallenging levels.

You will extremely enjoy the stunning graphics, mid-air rampsandstunts. multiple hot looking sports cars are waiting for youtodrive through delicately, dangerous and risky tracks. drivetosurvive. you are ready to perform stunts and escape hurdles.

let every one see your stunt skills, you have to avoid trickyandrisky obstacles. drive in full speed and stunt through highjumps tocomplete the levels. get ready for crazy experiencewaiting foryou.

Crazy Car Stunts 3D : Speed Race features

astonishing sports car

eye-catching stunt environment

Extremely precise driving and stunt simulator

real speedy car driving and riding experience

Stunning 3D graphics

Are you ready to be a STUNT CHAMP? download and becomeaCHAMPION

download this game for stunts, speedy ride, thrillingdrivingwith trick tracks and obstacles.

App Information Crazy Car Stunts 3D:Speed Race

  • App Name
    Crazy Car Stunts 3D:Speed Race
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    May 11, 2015
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Game Rivals - Hunting and Shooting Games
  • Installs
    50,000 - 100,000
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
    Email rival.spil@gmail.com
    301 Shayan Center Lalamusa 50200 Pakistan
  • Google Play Link

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Are you ready for 2016 non-stop adventurewithOff-road Truck Driving Simulator. Race cars through dangerousoffroad mountain track and tricky narrow trench. Go wild withthecrazy off-road truck adventure! Drive your 4x4 off-roaddrivingadventure Truck on rugged terrain with your favouritevehicle.Experience extreme driving through incredible trench &curvymountain tracks. Away from the inter city traffic rush, drive4x4SUVs & jeep in open world. Driving big city busthroughextremely dangerous mountains trail is challenging. JustLike a probus driver climbing narrow roadless terrain & avoidgettingstuck into thick mud rush your adrenaline filled vehicle.Handlingcars in 4x4 Offroad drive is very difficult so steer withaccurateprecision your 4x4 truck .On mud patches drag big wheelsand avoidobstacles. Drive like a professional bus driver alongthetreacherous twists & turns.Enjoy epic offroad 4x4 driving in the epic hill climbmountainenvironment. In this Offroad Driving Simulator 2016 gameyou arefree to climb hills & mountains and explore thesecludedislands.Race safari jeep on bumping trench avoid car damagewhendriving car in water. Use your monster truck driving skills;Avoidhitting obstacles & rocks while climbing hill. Experiencethenonstop fun of intense speed racing with ultimateTrucksimulator.No passengers pick & drop and no tour busdriving fortourists in high traffic zone. Beautiful 3D graphics,realistictruck driving physics, highly detailed environments areall waitingyou to see for yourself!Features:-Multiple selection of incredible 4x4 vehicles Monstertruck,armyjeep and hummer .- Incredible world environments, filled full of amazinganimations,graphics to adore!- Treacherous and tricky mountain roads that only the bestdriverscan attempt- Challenging offroad racing adventure missions- Multiple trucks and vehicles to drive, loaded with individualandimportant cargo- Realistic car driving physics & Smooth controls- Amazing 3D graphics & sound effects- Advanced driving physics engine designed especiallyfortrucks.Enjoy to Race the world's most capable all-terrainvehiclesthrough heart-pounding courses in the most dynamic offroaddrivingexperience on mobile devices!The best offroad truckdriversimulation 3D finally hits the store.Get behind the wheelandbecome the best offroad truck driver in the world! Readytoexperience realistic driving and exciting offroad experience?hisisthe most realistic truck simulator game on android market.Didyouever stuck in the mud? You will!If you want to became atruckdriver and this is imposibble for some reason for you you havetotry this game. Incredible mission, realistic physicsandoptimizated truly detailed graphics for every device.This is anewjeep adventure game, You will enjoy this game most in a3denvironment. A new offroad game!Players hop in most popularsportutility vehicles and head around the world for off-roaddriving in4x4.Each of the vehicles is completely tunable andMountain Offroadis suitable for Players of all ages.
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Get ready to fight against the army ofthedarkness with angry cheetah games, yes against the deadwalkingcreature zombies! Which overrun over the crazy city andjungle,killing the innocent citizens and jungle animals for theirthirstof blood in War Z simulator. Your city and jungle isinfecting byzombies and your ultimate wild cheetah is the survivorof be thecity and Jungle in this ultimate cheetah games. Attack andkill thezombies to save the animals and citizens lives in ultimatecheetahzombies games, War Z . In first 8 levels of Z War the demonsarewalking towards the city. End the terrible disaster beforethiszombies virus cause the destruction of city in zombieskillergames. Play as wild cheetah who has a target to find and killthezombies in this zombies games and War Z simulator 3d and bethesurvivor of the city. In the next 8 levels survive your junglefromthe zombies. Jump over the zombies with your wild cheetah andkillthem to complete your jungle saving mission and dominate thewildjungle world in the most incredible zombies killer games,cheetahgames 3d. Cheetah vs zombies is the real zombiessimulator3d.Experience the thrill of cheetah’s attack on zombies in thehugejungle. Play one of the most adventurous wild cheetahforestzombies hunt 3d games, with rushed attack on the deadzombies. Haveyou ever wondered to be a wild cheetah? You havechance in thiszombies hunting games to become an angry cheetah andattack onthese demons with razor sharp claws. Roar and run throughthe cityand jungle with Ultimate War Z cheetah vs. zombiessimulator. Jointhe zombies hunting battle with amazing wild cheetahattackanimations in most zombies killing games 3d. Experience thethrillof being an angry cheetah in cheetah vs zombies game.Features:-Clear the zombies infected city and jungle in zombies gamesRealistic wild cheetah animations with roaring sounds inultimatecheetah simulatorAwesome 3D Graphics and realistic zombies .Addictive attacking gameplay to defend your city and jungle.16 Action packed killer missions to save the city andjungleanimals.Download Ultimate Cheetah Vs Zombies War Z games and becomeawild cheetah and stop the invasion of dead monsters zombies.Newestand first ever War Z against zombies apocalypse in zombieskillergame and wild cheetah vs zombies simulator.