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Help this Chick to find her mom !!

App Information Crazy Chick

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    Crazy Chick
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    December 1, 2014
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    36 Green Apps
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Secret Video Recorder Lite 1.0 APK
36 Green Apps
Have you ever encountered a situation whereinyou missed to take the video of an important deal, that may beafinancial, legal, or an important agreement. Also, you want tohavethe video for your reference and more importantly you do notwantthe others to know about it, our App would assist you achievethis.How to Use:1. Install the app on your phone.2. Activate the app by setting up the correct schedule thatyouwant the app to take the video.3. The videos would be in your phone itself.Features:Open the App and select the features that you want the apptoRecord the video right away or you want a scheduled it.The whole process can be controlled by a single button, veryeasyto switch between normal recording and scheduledrecordingmodes.Videos can be saved, played, and shared.The app can work in complete stealth mode, if you switch onthesame.One important feature is, you can hide the important videos.How to Hide:1. Long click on any of the video that you want to hide, apopupwill appear that asks your confirmation for the same.2. Once you hit Ok, the video would be taken off the normallistand would be put in the hidden list.How to view Hidden files:1. When you are in the List of videos screen, and hit 4timescontinuously on the top header text ‘Records List’ , you willbetaken to the Hidden list.How to Unhide a hidden file:1. Long click on any of the video that you want to unhide,apopup will appear that asks your confirmation for the same.2. Once you hit Ok, the video would be taken off the hiddenlistand would be put back to the normal list.Stealth Activation:1. Open the app and hit 4 times continuously on the topheadertext Spy Video Recorder , the Stealth popup will open up.2. Inside the popup, you would see the Stealth options,SelectON, and provide a Stealth Key.3. The Key should be a 4 digit key starting with a ‘*’,Example:*12344. Hit on OK.5. Check the App screen, the App icon should disappear, andnowthe App is in Stealth Mode.6. Any time, you want to open the App, Go to the Dial PadandDial the Stealth Key that you already saved (starting with *).TheApp opens. Also, if you don’t want the App to be in Stealthmode,switch Off the Stealth Key by hitting the header text 4times.Notes:---------1. The Video Recording does not work on certain handsets andcanresult in inferior quality recordings. We suggest that you trythefree version before purchasing the paid app.2. As this is a free app, this contains ads. If the adsdisturbyou, please install our Pro version. If you have any issuespleasesend us an email at greenapps36@gmail.com, we would try tosolvethem soon, so please don't underrate our app. Also, we wouldloveto hear from you about any suggestions, so that we can improvetheperformance of our app.3. Also as this is a free app, the scheduled recording canonlyfor 2 minutes, please install the pro version to haveunlimitedrecording time, but still there is no restriction on thenormalrecording feature.
The Haunting 1.0 APK
36 Green Apps
You are surrounded by the sounds ofthehorrifying winds. The howling wind is delivering a chillingmessageof evil which is drawing closer by the second. Escape fromtheZombies that wake up from the deeper grounds and would catchyou,run as far as you can, as fast as you can before it’s too late.Tilt the phone for escaping from Zombies.Notes:----------1. As this is a free version, this contains simple bannerads.Please instal Pro version if you don't like get disturbedbyads.2. If you have any issues please send us an email at greenapps36@gmail.com, wewouldtry to solve them soon, so please don't underrate our app.Also, wewould love to hear from you about any suggestions, so thatwe canimprove the performance of our app.
Crazy Chick 1.0 APK
36 Green Apps
Help this Chick to find her mom !!
Explore 1.0 APK
36 Green Apps
On 8th June 2014, an accident happend in India which caused thedrowning of 24 engineering students in Beas river. The studentswent on sight seeing and the accident happened mostly because theydid not know the place well and there were no proper cautionboards. This prompted us to make this app for all the people who goto unknown places and may get into unexpected things that may puttheir lives in risk.Features:-------------1. Read the top newsabout the place that you are currently at.2. View the photographsof the same.3. Share the news and the photographs with your friendsfor further enquiry.