1.0.0 / December 28, 2016
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Humorous tongue-in-cheek storytelling andopenworld game mix is waiting for you in our new game Crazy MafiaGang!As you could already understand, here you will have a lot ofactionmissions with marvelous quests. You will rise from the rogueofcriminal world to his lord. How? Just taking step by step apowerin your hands.

Be ready to challenge yourself by rising to the top ofunderworldcriminal empire!

Step one. Get your strategy, you can’t conquer this san citywithrockstars and gangsters without a good strategy.

Step two. Have you heard about one guy, who has a marvelpills?They can make you stronger, but nobody knows how your forcewillincrease after them.

Step three. Are you ready to start a new episode of gangsterwarsand rise from rogue to the lord? Then let’s start! There arefourareas in the city, each of them is controlled by differentgangs.Your task is simple - deal with each of gangs and conquerthe wholecity.

Can you imagine - you are the LORD of this empire? Allgangs,mafia bosses, even police will be under your control.

Forget about Vegas or Vice cities. If you control this city,youwill control the whole world of crime.
So what? Are you ready to start your way from rogue to the topofmafia empire?

Welcome to the Crazy Mafia Gang game!

App Information Crazy Mafia Gang

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