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The Crazy Open Car store is here!Ordinary cars? Luxury cars? Whocares, let's turn them into open cars!Make the drivers happy withtheir new open cars!■How To PlayTap on the screen when closed carappears!When tapped at the right timing, it turns into opencar.■Watch Out For Axel HamaoIf you think there's only cars on theroad, you've got another thing coming!Watch out for something tocome along and spoil your fun!The speed king, the rampagingbuffalo, Axel Hamao, is out to get you!If you attack him bymistake, it's game over,so make sure you're careful to let him passby!■Keep an Eye on Your Time RemainingYou need to be fast tosatisfy all the people in their closed cars.If you let them go by,or tap at the wrong moment, your remaining time will go down at anincredible rate.■Become a Crazy Open Car HeroThe drivers will beoverjoyed that you turned their boring old closed cars into coolopen cars!More people will come to watch, and you'll be on your wayto becoming an open car hero!Can you use your open car skills tomake all the drivers happy!?■It's Crazy! No One Ever Thought We'dMake It Into a Game!The idea for this game came in 15thplace at thefamous PERACON15at CEDEC, Japan's largest computer entertainmentdeveloper's conference.It's crazy! Way to open up those cars!

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    Crazy Open Car
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    November 29, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    東京都港区芝5-13-18 いちご三田ビル 5F
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RealSafari - Find the animal 1.2.13 APK
Would you like to take photos of real wild animals, who aren'tlocked in cages at the zoo?Sneak up on realistic, 3D animals andtake your own pictures of them from any angle you want!Theseanimals are really skittish! If you're not careful they'll runaway.100 stages filled with different animals and scenery.Picturesyou take in each stage can be saved to your album.If you take aphoto of a animal nobody else has, you can upload it to your socialnetwork and brag about it!Would you like to take photos of realwild animals, who aren't locked in cages at the zoo?Sneak up onrealistic, 3D animals and take your own pictures of them from anyangle you want!These animals are really skittish! If you're notcareful they'll run away.100 stages filled with different animalsand scenery.Pictures you take in each stage can be saved to youralbum.If you take a photo of a animal nobody else has, you canupload it to your social network and brag about it!※Different placeof the paid version  ・There is a Facebook login function, you canpost the photos taken when you log in to Facebook Timeline.  ・Whenthe gate release, you can gate released without charge and help meto three Facebook friends.  ・When the heart is gone, it will beable to recover the Heart and get help in Facebook friend.  ・Thereis no difference in the type of animal that can be taken.
Kodama 1.0.0 APK
What kind of tree is this? A Kodama tree?!Here's a game of voicechanging and creature collecting!You've found a rare Bonsai, wherecute and mysterious voice spirits called "Kodama" come toplay!These spirits love to play tag and hide & seek!Once youfind one hiding around your Bonsai, it's time to play tag!If youcan catch it before it escapes, it'll become your friend!Talk toone of the Kodama you've befriended, and it'll echo your words backto you!They echo your words in many ways, such as high-pitched,with added bleeps, backwards, or fast-forwarded! Each Kodama has adifferent echo, so make friends with them all and see what you canfind!Plus, if you make friends with enough Kodama, you can get arare wallpaper showing a glimpse of how they live!
Get up close and personal with animals that are just like the realthing!With this application you can have all kinds of fun, from alldirections, with animals produced in dazzlingly life-like 3D. Touchthe animals as they come and go on screen to see them jump, cry,roll over, and much more!Move your finger on the screen to make theanimals walk or run in whichever direction you please!If you'relucky, you might even get them to perform one of their special"Happy Actions."The lively and energetic movement of these animalscan be enjoyed from a variety of angles. Additionally, while youhave fun playing with this app, you can also learn about theanimals' names, pronunciation, habitats and more. Along with theanimal actions, this app can also display the spelling for names aswell as playback name pronunciation. Perfect for helping yourlittle tot learn!What are you waiting for? Get up close andpersonal with these life-like animals. It's a safari in the palm ofyour hands!
REAL WHALES Find the cetacean. 1.0.7 APK
Tour beautiful seas all over the world and take photos of whalesand dolphins.Board a boat, look around in every direction, help thecaptain with directions, and search for whales and dolphins.If youfind a cetacean, touch it to zoom in, then touch it again to closethe shutter and take a photo.Whales and dolphins will jump and showyou various other actions.Aim for a perfect photo opportunity.Also,if you succeed in finding and photographing a cetacean on the sea,you'll be able to see info on it in the gallery.In the gallery, youcan see realistic 3D recreations of cetaceans from every angle.Youshould be able to find over 20 different species of well-knowncetaceans and sometimes very rare ones, depending on the area.Makea special gallery with your very own wonderful photoalbum.Operating InstructionsTitle ScreenIf you let the title screenstay on without touching it, you'll enjoy seeing a hiddenscreensaver.□WHALE WATCHINGGo on a whale watching tour. A MapSelect screen will open.□3D WHALES GALLERYYou can see a 3D galleryfeaturing the whales and dolphins you spot while whalewatching.□PHOTO ALBUMYou can take photos while whale watching andsee them saved in an album.■STAGE SELECTTouch the whale iconsaround the globe, then select a tour you would like to go on.Youcan unlock stages by spending points accumulated during thegame.■Whale WatchingThere is a tutorial for beginners.You can turnoff the level display by turning the tutorial OFF in the settingsscreen (accessible from the bottom left of the title screen).Byswiping the backgrounds, you can look around at the scenery.Whenyou find a cetacean, touching it will let you zoom in you'll trackit automatically.If you touch the screen once more while zoomed in,you can take a photo.By swiping the screen in zoom mode, you canmove the camera slightly.When you want to quit zoom mode, push theReturn button at the top left of the screen.When you take a photo,the result will be displayed and according to the value, pointswill be added to your total score.If you push OK, the screen willreturn to the game.You can take photos without zooming in bypushing the bottom left camera button.Every time you go out on atour, you'll have a 12-exposure roll of film. When you're donetaking photos, the tour will end.Or you can end the tour by pushingthe Return button when not in zoom mode whenever you want.■3DWHALES GALLERYWhen you find a cetacean while whale watching, the""""?"""" icon will turn into a whale icon.There are also somecetaceans that can only be seen in a special stage.Aim to completethe gallery!If you touch the whale icon, you can see detailedinformation.If you click on the whale, it will move. You can swipeto rotate it as you like and pinch to enlarge it.Depending on thespecies, if you push the speaker icon, you'll be able to hear thereal sounds of whales.The silhouette of a diver demonstrates thesize of the cetacean relative to a human.Use the Return button togo from the individual display back to the list display. Pushingthe Return button while on the list display will close thegallery.■PHOTO ALBUMIf you have saved photos, thumbnails will bedisplayed.If you touch a thumbnail, you can view it in a separatescreen.If you want to delete any photos, touch the garbage canicon.You can use the left and right arrows to view the previous andnext photos.Pushing the Return button will bring you back to thethumbnail display. Pushing the Return button from there will closethe album.Settings□BANNER VISIBLEYou may purchase an add-on thatremoves advertisements.□CAMERA REVERSEYou can reverse the cameraswipe controls.□TUTORIALThe tutorial displayed in Whale Watchingfor the First Time will always be displayed.□RESTORERestore in-appbilling.
SAMURAI SANTARO - Dark Onmyoji 1.0.2 APK
The traditional Japanese mounted archery "Yabusame" has been rebornas a major action game! Play through the adventures of "legendary"child samurai Nasu Santaro, who arrows were said to be able toreach the moon even as a baby!Gallop through a huge world trying torescue the princess from the clutches of the evil Onmyoji!In thisnew type of horizontal scrolling action game, tap to shoot anarrow, and flick to make your horse jump, aiming for the goal!Usingyour device's capabilities to its fullest, and with a system thatallows single finger play, you can adventure through a huge worldwith its own special style and beautifully crafted graphics. Anddid we mention the crazy boss battles?A dragon running wild...Monster birds dancing through the sky... And an evil god sealedaway... Can you escape certain death from the vicious evil thatcomes to attack you?You'll have a blast playing this major actiongame that goes beyond your average smart phone game; it's the realdeal!*Explanation of YabusameThis ceremonial art is part of Japan'scultural heritage. While galloping on horseback, arrows are shot attargets. It is one of the primary disciplines for samurai.*With thepaid version of "Samurai Santaro" no ads will be displayed.Everything else is exactly the same.
Ivy the Kiwi? 1.0.4 APK
Over 50 stages in total! Lose yourself in a complex and authenticaction platformer for smartphones. Join little Ivy's big adventureas she dashes across the pages of an antique storybook. Pull thevines and guide Ivy safely to her goal. Ivy the Kiwi?, the hitaction game for home consoles, is now available on Android! Ourheroine is young Ivy, a newborn baby kiwi, already separated fromher mother. Eager to find her mother, the little kiwi runs off at awild dash.But Ivy is unable to fly on her own, and can't climb overeven the smallest bumps or hurdles. This is where you come in. HelpIvy by pulling vines to guide her through her story and towards thegoal. Pulling vines is easy. Just touch the monitor and slide.Watch out for the rats and crows which block your way as you headfor the goal. Flick the vines to toss the kiwi bird, guiding Ivythrough the game with a single touch of your finger. 50 challengingstages in all! Clear each stage to complete the storybook with ahappy ending. Features such as extra games for all 50 stages andbonus collectable Red Feathers make it challenging and replayable.There are also plenty of new costumes available for your Ivy towear. The single touch controls are fun and easy to learn! Theintuitive interface draws players in quickly! A brand-new game witha nostalgic feel.Action platform gamers all across the world willbe delighted with Ivy the Kiwi?. -----[The difference between theFull version]50 stages! More Gimmicks! No ads.
FlickPig 1.0.1 APK
*** Special price for a limited time! ***Three little piggybanksare out to retrieve their stolen coins from a pack of thievingwolves...Flick the screen and the chase is on![ An Enchanting World]Once upon a time, there were three little piggybanks who livedtogether in a big, brick house.One night, while the piggies werefast asleep, a pack of wolves broke into their home and stole theirprecious stash of hard-earned coins from right under their littlepiggy noses! The piggybanks awoke to find their window broken andall their coins gone...The piggybanks hurried outside to find thefiendish wolves running off with their loot, leaving a trail ofstolen coins as they fled.“Get back here!” one of the piggiescried.And so, the three little piggybanks set off on a madcap chaseto retrieve their stolen coins from the wicked wolves...[Fast-Paced Puzzle Action ]・Flick the screen to move the threepiggybanks back and forth across three lanes as they chase down thewolves.・Move the piggybanks side to side to avoid obstacles, orstack them on top of each other to snatch coins from the air.・Usethe coins you collect to buy items that’ll help make even the moredifficult stages a snap!・Enjoy 100 stages of fast-paced puzzleaction!