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A fun clay pottery art project for middleschool students is the building of rooms, houses, or castles byslab construction. First have the students make drawings of theirhouse or castle designs. Then, they should make templates forcutting out the walls, floor, and ceiling or roof. Show thestudents how to roll out a slab and then have them cut out thefloor, walls, and ceiling. The edges of the pieces are scored andslipped, and then joined together firmly but gently. It is alsonecessary to press a thin coil of clay to the inside of each joint.

This part of the process can be quite difficult for students toget the walls to stay attached, and to stand up straight. Somestudents may need to start over, but eventually they aresuccessful. They are motivated to succeed in this initial part ofthe process since then the fun part begins creatively of designingand furnishing the room or house. Towers can be made by wrappingthe clay around cardboard cylinders and pinch pots and coils madeby hand or with an electric clay extruder can be used for fancytouches such as furniture, appliances, or domed roofs andspires.

Another great classroom ceramics idea is making pinch potanimals. This process is very simple, and all of the creatures comeout very differently. First have the students form small pinchpots. The students curve their hands into a letter "C" around theirclay and shape it into a ball. Then they stick their thumbs downinto the ball more than halfway, but not so deep that it breaksthrough the bottom. Keeping their fingers together and their thumbsinside, they should pinch and turn the pot in order to enlarge thehole. When it is shaped they tap the clay down onto the worksurface so that the bottom flattens out. Dipping a finger intowater, they then polish away any elephant wrinkles until thesurface is smooth.

Then the pot can be gently squeezed into an oval shape. The topsides of the pot can be squeezed into the center, to form a figureeight. The top of the eight will become the two front legs and thebottom of the eight will become the two hind legs. Now, turn thepot over. The pot's bottom will become the animal's back. Bypinching and pulling the clay, the students can form the head andtail of the animal. Suggest that the students let the clay itselftell them what kind of animal to form it into - rather thanstarting out with a preconceived idea. Perhaps the final animalwill be a dog, cat, horse, dinosaur, or dragon. The students getideas from one another, and they put lots of effort into thedetails. Make sure to caution them about making details which aretoo small and fragile, which might dry and fall off. After bisquefiring, the animals can be painted with Acmi glazes and decoratedby hand, and then re-fired.


After purchasing a flower pot, sand the pot down beforepainting. You should also seal the inside of the flower pot with anoil-based polyurethane to protect your painted design from waterpenetration. If you are painting pots for outdoor placement, use apaint specifically designed for outdoor use. DecoArt Patio Paint iswater and weather-resistant and adapts well to changingtemperatures. Outdoor paints also mean your pot will be easy toclean.


Cut out words and images from scrapbook papers, magazines andeven junk mail to decoupage your pot. Create a theme by selectingsimilar words or images, for example Spring. Tissue paper is agreat material to decoupage pots. You can use one color or avariety of coordinating colors for a fun, semi-transparentlook.


Yarn - Wrap yarn or twine tightly around the lip of your pot,gluing as you go. Yarn-wrapping creates an interesting texturedlook.

Buttons - Flat buttons are a fun way to decorate pots. Paintflowers on your pot and glue buttons as the centers the flowers.Add a line of buttons around the top of the pot. Randomly gluebuttons all over the pot.

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Cake Art Design Ideas 1.1 APK
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There are now so many cake decorating designsout there that the days when all you needed was to put icing on acake are gone forever. There has been quite an evolution in cakedecorating designs in recent years. You can even find shows dealingwith this issue on TV, and this has sparked an interest for manypeople do decorate cakes in their own kitchens.If you can't quite figure out the kind of design that you wouldlike to try, get yourself a cake decorating book and study thepictures in it to see what kind of design you really like. Thereare lots of complex designs out there, but all it takes is somebaby steps, if you will, to go for them.There are lots of online sources for great designs as well.Should you be interested, you may even use a premade design.Chances are no one will know that you didn't make it from scratch.Then there are some easy ways to give your cakes a special lookthat will make them stand out from the rest of the crowd.At this point there is an interest in making cakes forchildren's birthdays. It is not difficult to design a cake for suchan occasion provided that you stay with your current skill level.Read up on all the points you can find in your book and follow theadvice to create that special cake for a child's birthdayparty.If you are not sure that you have the skill level to undertakecertain cake decorating tasks, see if any of your friends or familymembers have more skill than you have, and ask them to help you.Even if you can decorate a cake on your own, there may come a timewhen outside help could get you going with a more complex designthat you have tackled before. If and when you get the properassistance, you are bound to make a cake that shows a more complexand intricate design than you would have been able to give itwithout help.The important thing is to realize that before you start on thisventure, there are quite a few basics that you will help to learnto begin with. Just keeping yourself at a skill level you feelcomfortable with can be a great help in your advancement with thishobby and art form.So many people wish that they could come up with as many cakedecorating designs as the number of cake they bake but often getstuck for idea on how to go about achieving this. Do you findyourself in this number? Or do you have brilliant cake decoratingdesign ideas but simply do not know how to implement it? In thenext few minutes I will be showing you simple steps that you canfollow to start implementing any cake design idea that you may haveand how to find new cake designs.If you are in need of a design, a quick place to get somewonderful inspiration is to search the web for sites that hostroyalty free images,photographs, vector illustration and designcommunity; here you will get an abundances of designs that you canuse as reference and templates for your design.If are comfortable with free hand piping of the ice on the cake,then you can simply print out the design and practice tracing overthe design which is a pretty good approach for scroll work that isquite popular on wedding cakes.However if you are not that comfortable with the free handpiping of the ice on the cake, then tape parchment paper over theimage and pipe the icing on the parchment paper while tracing theoutline of the image. Now put it in the freezer until it hassolidified then put in more ice and refrigerate again until itssolid. Now you can flip it on the frosted cake while you carefullyremove the parchment paper.You may also cut out a template from rolled fondant from adesign printed on card stock and then you trace around the templatewith an edible marker. The resource box below will show you how totake your present knowledge and skill in the art of cake decoratingto the next level. Whatever your next level is.
Aquarium Decoration Design 1.1 APK
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Encuentra la calle Increíble Arte 3DFind Aquarium Decoration Design Ideas in this application forfree.en esta aplicación de forma gratuita.People that have fishaquariums in their homes naturally love fish. But often, they enjoythe process of decorating it as much as they love the idea of theaquarium itself.If you love your aquarium, but think that it looks dull andboring, you should think about sprucing it up with aquariumdecorations. Aquarium decorations and themes are one of the bestways to bring some excitement and individuality to your aquarium.And, lucky for you, there are a great number to choose from.Driftwood is wood that is floating or that has been washedashore and it's a natural part of many seascape environments.Artificial driftwood brings that same atmosphere to your aquarium.The added benefit, you don't have to worry about accidentallyimporting diseases into your tank.Aquarium rocks add interest to your fish tank. And it gives it asense of authenticity. Additionally, you can find aquarium rock inall sorts of colors, which will brighten up the environment.Aquarium caves provide great playgrounds for your fish. There'snothing more boring than spending the day swimming back and forthfrom one end of the tank to the other. Caves let your fish havefun.Aquarium castles - You can find all sorts of aquarium castlethemes in your pet stores - from the very simple to the elaboratebeyond belief. Most of these are more for your benefit than thefist. But, find the right one and it becomes a real conversationpiece.Aquarium wreck ornaments are miniature replications of nauticaldisaster scenes discovered or re-imagined. If you are a historybuff or a lover of ships and exploration, you'll never tire ofthese works of art. The same goes for miniature ruins whichreplicate ancient civilizations and place them in an underwatersetting. Imagine having the sunken city of Atlantis in your fishtank.Skeleton ornaments are a bit macabre, but if you are the personwho's attending all of those Friday the 13th and other horrorfilms, or if you simply like being scared, skeleton ornaments maybe the perfect ornament for you.Artificial plants give the aquarium a more natural look andfeel. Placed right, they lessen the feeling that you're looking atfish in a tank and increase the feeling that you're actuallywatching them in their own environment.Underwater lighting, while not strictly a decoration,nevertheless often serves as one. It dramatically enhances the lookof your aquarium. And in the nighttime, the right lighting canalmost give you the surreal feeling of actually being in the deepwaters. The only drawback is that some fish, depending on thespecies of fish in your tank, some might not like the lights asmuch as you do.The list above is only a small taste of the different aquariumdecorations on the market. The type and number of aquariumdecorations out there are so many that they are probably toooverwhelming for the novice aquarist. Luckily, you can findstep-by-step aquarium design guides to help you make yourdecisions. The employees of your neighborhood pet shop will mostlikely be happy to help you out as well.Unused chinaware. That chipped cup or cracked teapot still hasits gorgeous design work on it. Why not set them up inside youraquarium and arrange them to look like a tea time scene. If any ofthe china are badly chipped, it would be advisable to bury thesharp part into the substrate so it doesn't hurt the fish.Discarded toys. Kids toys make really nice fish tankdecorations. The toys made these days so so detailed, they out beatany home ornament you might have.Unwanted lawn decoration. Lawn and garden decor are created toweather any condition and will last in your aquarium for a verylong time. If you do want to use these, give them a really goodwash because they would have collect so much dirt and grime overthe years.
Garage Apartment Design Ideas 1.1 APK
Lucent Beam
Whether you design your apartment garage orhire a contractor to do it for you, there are important factorsthat should be carefully planned ahead of time to avoid regretshould there be any flaws or missing elements to the design. Thefollowing are the things needed in a well-planned design.1. Size of the apartment garage.It is crucial to determine the size of the design for it has along term effect. Too little space inside and there will be no roomfor the things you want to store in your garage. Too large and thecost will be enormous. The size of the garage should be determinedaccording to the plan you have for it. Ask yourself, will thegarage be used solely to house to your vehicle or will it be usedon other purposes?2. Design of the apartment garage.Once you have identified the size of the garage, making a designis your next task. If you do not have the skills to draw your owndesign, there are ready-made designs you can browse online. Somesites offer libraries where you can instantly download the designof your choice and use it as your plan. Most sites that offer freedesign also offer complete instruction on how to construct thedesign of your choice and what tools and material are needed for itto be completed. If you want to make your task, hire the servicesof a contractor or get a construction crew.3. Interior organization design.The size of apartment garage is often limited to the size of theactual structure above or beside it or any available space for it.If this is your problem, plan for a good interior organizationdesign. Use the space efficiently by constructing vertical storageto the walls. Also use retractable tables so that you conserve morespace and minimizing the cost of construction.4. Materials to be used on the construction of the garageapartment.Wood, concrete, and galvanized iron are 3 of the more popularmaterials used in constructing garage apartment. When deciding whatmaterials to use, think of the cost, the overall design, and thematerials readily available near you.5. Building permit.Some areas require building permit to anything that would beerected be it a home extension or a garage apartment. Secure apermit at your local council agency.Having a well-planned garage apartment will make constructioneasy for you and for the crew that will work on it. Prioritize onthis first and you will certainly reduce, if not eliminate theproblems that will occur during construction.With your available garage, you may feel that you require somemore space for your storage requirements. There are a number ofplans that ensure that whatever you need is catered for. The designvaries and come in various sizes that can combine many featuresthat are essential for normal living.In ordinary circumstances, garage floor layouts vary and mayinclude living area, bedroom, kitchen and a storage area. You mayalso choose a design that exists in two levels where the livingarea is above the rest. All these depend on personal preferences.Those ho find it pretty hard to use the stairs can have the garagedesigned in a manner that everything is situated on the samelevel.Garage plans with apartments are considered to be wonderful dueto a number of reasons. They can provide the independence that'srequired not only to the parents but also to recent collegegraduates who may need some extra space. Garage plans with thenecessary plans for apartments can provide shelter and privacy toyour guests and also family members who may prefer so.Our various designs can help provide you with whatever style andarchitecture that you require. Whatever you require will definitelybe satisfied at all times. You need to go through our availablewood garage floor designs and choose the one that will suit yourrequirements.
Home Living Furniture Ideas 1.1 APK
Lucent Beam
What makes designers what they are? What makesthem decide on a particular décor, a certain furniture, thiscarpet, that coffee table? And, most importantly, what makes theirinterior designs different from any ordinary housewife simplytrying to create a home out of a house?Like any field of expertise, interior designing and the feat ofchoosing furniture for your home require basic principles.Fortunately for the clueless housewife, she doesn't have to besecret rocket scientists and she doesn't need to rush to thenearest university for a crash course in interior designing. Thesebasic principles, tips and guides are as easy as 1-2-3.UnityUnity simply means having the same motif, the same theme for aparticular room in your home. For example, while trying toredecorate your living room, you decide to go with a Victorianstyle with the color scheme burgundy. In selecting furniture,carpets, paintings and other décor for your Victorian living room,make sure that they fit perfectly into the Victorian look. Go forplush couches with intricately carved wooden arm rests. Go forsimilarly-toned curtain tassels that matches thick curtains withelaborate designs. A minimalist glass coffee table or anirregularly-shaped corner lounge chair made of metal in bright bluecolor simply will not do in a Victorian living room. Unity ofdesign means all items, all furniture in the room are pulledtogether and unified by a single theme.Balance and ProportionOne very important element of Aesthetics and Western design isbalance or proportion. This element simply means that items in aroom must be well-distributed or equally and strategically placedall over the room. Avoid over-crowding one area of the room andleaving another area barren to the eyes. A good room with properbalance and proportion should have symmetry. Symmetry creates afeeling of serenity and stability in the room.Any person can create a lovely home. With the help of these twobasic elements in designing, anyone can choose a furniture designwithout fear of it being out of place in your new home. If you onlystick to a design suited to your personality and follow these twoabove elements, nothing can go wrong. Choosing furniture designsaccording to your taste but tailoring it around these two elementswill definitely make your new home a reflection of yourpersonality.Home is where the heart is, and it should be a place that isyour haven, your personal space of comfort and security. With theright living room design this is certainly something that you caneasily accomplish. While we all have different tastes and styleinterests, that doesn't mean that you cannot easily create abeautiful home.What's your Style?The furniture design that is chosen is the most important factorin creating the ambiance that you desire at your home. The chosenpieces should reflect the colors and the styles that you like.Remember, once you've chosen the furniture design you must keepcolor-coordinated to ensure the living room looks its absolutebest. Warm colors are best suited for the living room, which caninclude red, gold, orange and yellow.Before you begin the process of designing your living room it isimportant that you have some sort of idea of what you're lookingfor. Are you looking for a living room that speaks in high value ordo you prefer something comfortable and quaint? Do you like modernstyles or prefer the tried and true styles of yesterday? Onceyou've decided this you can continue on to making the actualselection.Find your InspirationChoosing the best living room design is much easier when youhave inspiration. Since there are so many possibilities and so manycreations possible, you can easily lose yourself in the choices.Rather than allow this to happen, turn to the many sources that canhelp make the process easier. This includes interior designers,style guide books and of course the Internet.
House Door Design Ideas 1.1 APK
Lucent Beam
When you're buying a new house or refurnishingand remodeling an older one, there are plenty of things toconsider-what color you'd like to paint your walls, whether youneed to replace your insulation, how to seal corners and edges sothat they don't get dirty, whether to replace the floor or add newsections.One aspect that many people don't consider, however, is thedoors inside the home.Why are house doors so important? Well, they are used very, veryoften without us even realizing it. If we have an annoying doorwhose lock is broken, it bothers us when we're going to therestroom or trying to find some solace in our own room.Doors can be bothersome if they are too heavy, difficult toopen, or easily jammed, so plenty of consideration must be givenfor the type of house doors you want and the way in which youinstall them.One of the major doors in the house is the exterior door. Thismay be your front door, side door, garage door, or patio door, andare visible from the outside.Exterior house doors give visitors a first impression of thestate of your home, so it's nice if your exterior house doors matchyour outside walls and look fairly solid. Solid-looking doors alsofend off thieves.If you are looking for a wood door, be sure to pay attention tothe type of wood and the finish done on it; higher quality woodsand finishes will preserve the life of your door. Thicker and widerstiles and rails generally indicate a better, sturdier door, andmake sure that your door includes seals to fend off badweather.Glass doors are also usable for exterior house doors if they arehighly resistant to shattering or breakage (such as thePease-Shield glass by Pease Industries). Good quality steel andfiberglass doors include a thermal break (a layer of insulation)that keeps the cold from outside from getting indoors through theframe.If you live in a cold area and are considering a fiberglass orsteel door, it is necessary to get one with insulation, else frostmay form on the inside of the door in the wintertime, making itfreezing to the touch.Regarding interior house doors, many types and sizes exist.Conventionally, there are four major types of interior doors-thefolding door, the bypass, the pocket door, and the conventionalhinged door.Folding doors are commonly used where conventional swingingdoors are unable to be used-for instance, in small spaces or forlarger closets with shelves that would block a swinging door.Folding doors work like a fan to expand and fold.Bypass doors are usually used for closets and storage places andusually hang from rollers and slide to the side in order to open.These are usually in sets of two or three and pass each other inorder to open. Pocket doors also slide, but there is usually onlyone door, and it slides into a "pocket" in the wall.When deciding what type of door you want, be sure to considerthe function, as well as aesthetics.Looking for a new door? Whether it's your front door or door youintend to have inside your home, sometimes everyday style isn'twhat you want.Doors don't have to be flat. They don't have to bemulti-paneled. Doors can be crafted in any number of ways. Do asimple search of door designs online and you will see a plethora ofstunning doors from all cultures, all walks of life, all across theglobe. Doors can be plain and utilitarian. They can be amazinglyornate and covered with carvings and embellishments. Doors can bedone in plain wood and stained to retain their natural color. Theycan be painted bold colors that pop out from the rest of the housein order to really draw in the visitor's eye. So what kind of doorare you looking for?Most of the time when you seek out a door, you will see many ofthe same things. Not necessarily that all doors are the same, butrather you will see many of the same styles.
Home Living Furniture Design 1.1 APK
Lucent Beam
HallwayDesigning a powerful and impressive front entrance and hallwaysets the tone for the remainder of the house. The hallway needs tonot only be both functional to greet guests and store belongingsbut also aesthetically pleasing. Traditionally, a hallway is asmall and narrow space that requires a discerning eye to designboth functionally and pleasing. Luckily, a boring and impracticalhallway can be redesigned with simple and inexpensive homeimprovement projects.To turn a poorly designed hallway into a practical and livablespace thought must first be given to storage. Partitioning an areaof the hallway for storing coats and jackets is a necessity byeither constructing a small closet or using an armoire. For crampedor small spaces, a full-length mirror can be hung to increase thevisual appeal of the room and its perceived size. Additionally, asmall desk or chest can be used to store car keys, umbrellas,scarves and hats.To create a warm and inviting atmosphere, choose artificiallighting to illuminate the hallway. Choose diffused lights thatcast a softer glare and less of a shadow on pieces offurniture.Living RoomIn many homes, the living room is the most important space ofthe house as it is where families relax, dine and entertain. Tomake the room comfortable it is best imperative to divide the roominto functional spaces. For example, the window is the ideallocation for a relaxing sitting area. This zone can be furtherdefined with a comfortable sofa, relaxing chairs, a coffee tableand a television.The dining area of the living room can be created closet to thedoor that leads to the kitchen. The space can be defined with anelegant dining table, chairs and a chandelier. When choosingfurniture one must consider the size and décor of the room.Traditionally, the smaller the home the smaller the furnitureshould be and vice versa for a larger house.After embarking on a home improvement project ensure that thequality of work is up to par by checking for any safety hazards.Furniture should not be blocking any exits and shelves, picturesand posters need to be properly applied to the wall with studs andnails to prevent injury.BedroomThe bedroom is the most important room of the house and needs tobe placed in the quietest and most isolated part of the home. Abedroom represents a location for healthy sleep and a place forrelaxation. Consequently, the room should be designed with thehomeowner's personal preferences and desires in mind. The largerthe bedroom the larger the bed should be; however, for smallerrooms the bed might need to be adjusted to fit properly.For many homeowners, the closet may be the most important partof the bedroom and can be either freestanding or walk-in. A walk-incloset can be one of the best home improvement projects as it is agreat way to build equity in the home. Today, many homebuyers wanthouses with large walk-in closets and having one can make thedifference between a quick sale and a house sitting on the marketfor several months.NurseyMost importantly, a nursery needs to be designed with safety asthe first priority. Ensure that electrical outlets are baby proofand that nothing in the room could cause a safety hazard to thechild. The specific design of the room will depend on the age andsex of the child; however, common themes can include sports,princesses, dancing, vehicles and more.The furniture chosen for the room is also age dependent withyounger babies require a crib. The crib should have high enoughrails that the baby cannot climb out of and hurt themselves whilestill providing a great night of sleep. Older children can opt forslightly larger beds that have movable mesh that makes changing thesheets an easy process.Tables and/or desks for school-age children or for playtime makea great addition to any kid's bedroom. Additionally shelves can beinstalled to store books, toys and other items.
Garden Border Design Ideas 1.1 APK
Lucent Beam
If you want to define some space in yourgarden, then you can do so with the use of garden borders. Borderscan be used to separate grass from walks and for other types oflandscape edging and they can also be used to create garden beds.The borders add both depth and texture to the garden, and enhancethe aesthetic appeal.Garden beds create a small controlled space, making it the idealplace to grow edibles like fruits and herbs, or to plantperennials. The borders are usually used for a garden bed that isplaced at a higher level than the area immediately surrounding it.They are an important component of raised garden beds, as they formthe frame in which the soil for the bed is placed. In addition,they assist in keeping the soil in the bed intact, and inpreventing erosion. Because there is no erosion, the nutrientsremain in the beds, and this causes the plants to flourish andthrive.The garden borders also play another very important role, asthey help to stop the spread of grass roots, so that the grass doesnot invade your garden bed. In addition, planting in the raisedbeds makes tending to them a lot easier, and the better drainageencourages the growth of the plants, thereby ensuring a betteryield. It's the perfect solution to a soggy garden.Garden borders offer a great deal of versatility when setting upyour garden, as they are available in a range of styles and shapes.These edges can make your garden look a lot more attractive, as itis possible to create a circle, square, or rectangular design withthe borders. Also, you may opt to make the border end freely, andthen create an undulating design.There are garden border kits that you can purchase from Frame itall, which have stackable joints that allow you to raise the levelof the edgings to the desired height. The borders are modular indesign, which allows for a range of design options, which can beeither angular or subtle.The borders are made of composite wood, which is safe andnon-toxic, as it has not been treated with harmful chemicals. Thiseco-friendly alternative is strong and durable. The colors arenatural, which makes it a lot easier for them to blend into thelandscape, without detracting from the attractive design of thegarden. In addition, the composite wood is resistant to rotting andwarping, so it won't be affected by the weather extremes.Installation of the garden borders is quite easy, and in just afew hours, you can have your garden looking great. All you need toput the borders in place are a screwdriver, hammer, and tapemeasure. The garden borders by Frame it all require very littlemaintenance, and are the ideal solution for those persons lookingto add some texture to their garden space.Border garden beds are wonderful additions to your landscapewhen you want to highlight an edge, such as a driveway, fence,walkway, front porch, or patio. They can be used to delineatevisual boundaries or create physical compartments in yourlandscape. When it comes to highlighting permanent features, suchas a trellis or gazebo, or dividing spaces in your yard orvegetable garden, border gardens are just the thing. As they oftenfollow an edge, they are usually rectangular in shape, but can alsobe designed to include gentle curves for less formal gardens.Most gardeners plant taller annuals and perennials to the backof these beds, placing shorter items towards the front. Border bedscan be created to spotlight long seasons of bloom on a continuum orfocused around a one-season spectacular show. If you opt for theone-season showcase, be sure to plan the rest of your landscapingto balance out the seasons during which your border bed liesfallow.Nearby shrubs, ground cover, and ornamental grasses can helpyour yard to that regard and can offer visual interest and textureyear-round. I prefer to choose interesting foliage, such as hostasand alumroots, and long-lasting blooms like coreopsis.
Garage Ceiling Design Ideas 1.1 APK
Lucent Beam
Most garages can store as much items as it canbut it can also create so headaches if not properly organized andmaintained. The problem with most garages is that they are nolonger being used as was originally designed. Family cars can nolonger be accommodated because most of the old clothes,memorabilia, broken toys and other old belongings are being dumpedinto the garage that there is no longer room enough for the carsand other more important things to store. The floor is no longeravailable for extra storage that's why most households have thoughtof one innovative way to free up the floor from so much clutter.With careful planning, budget consideration and wise implementationof a garage ceiling storage, the problem with space and storage cannow be solved in no time!The floor space will then be maximized while there is no need toinstall a complicated and expensive storage system. Seasonal itemscan now be stored and organized in the ceiling, thus creating morespace for the cars and other things that cannot be accommodated bythe garage ceiling storage. Since it is quite easier to install,more flexible and cheaper, many people are now looking to installin on their own. Here are some of the suggestions on how you couldget this innovative solution implemented on your own:1. Locate a Spot. Reserve a space wherein you would like toinstall the garage ceiling storage. Remember that you would put asystem in to avoid clogging or de-cluttering, not to add to it.2. Clean. Remove the dust and spider webs in the garage andvisualize a clean, organized and good-looking functional garage.Brush, wipe or wash all the things that you would like to store upin the ceiling. You do not want to walk inside your garage withdust falling on you instead so make sure to clean all the items youwould like to store there.3. Don't just bring them in arrange them. What belongings canyou store in the ceiling, old documents, seasonal clothes, holidaydecor, camping supplies and those that you do not usually need?4. Design, Color, Layout, Budget. Decide which design would youlike. Would you like it pre-made or customized. Pre-made closets orstorage systems may offer limited options when it comes to colorand design but they all share the same characteristics--made tomaximize your shelving and storage. Many manufacturers have alsobecome considerable enough to widen the range of the choices whenit comes to design and color. You may not dictate which materialsto choose but you can pick whether you want wood, laminated, wireor plastic. If you are particular with the right measurement of thecloset so it could perfectly fit in your garage, then go for acustomized garage ceiling storage. Only your imagination is thelimitation if you want your closet customized.5. Maintenance. Most homeowners just sit back and relax oncetheir systems are installed without thinking that the most vitalpart of achieving an organized and de-cluttered storage system isto maintain it. To fully enjoy the privileges of an enhance garageceiling storage, it has to be kept in a good condition to achieveits maximum life span.To know more regarding the building's storage, make someresearch to aid you plan for the alterations which you desire toconstruct. You could acquire all feasible notions for designingceiling storage for garages sheds online. It is feasible toorganize the said structures on your own if you have the necessarymaterials. Do not be anxious if you are not capable of constructingone as there are several of pre-constructed units purchasable. Theceiling rafters of garages are the typical area that you willsecure ceiling storage system elements.