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Dive into the whole new world of gruesome crime and investigate allthe criminal case. As the universal investigation board hasappointed you to find the mystery behind the biggest crime scene,Now you are the agent for verifying case files. In all the crimegames, the criminal tries to escape, but you need to interrogatecleverly and observing criminal minds assign some spy for notmissing the true criminals. HFG Hidden Fun Games presents theInvestigation case Files of 6 detective games of stunninginvestigation with 101 levels is an unavoidable escape game for allthe hidden object games lovers. The First game is The Reporter andThe Murderer, which is about a lady reporter was murdered by anunknown person. It will be a great challenge to find the murderer,as the evidence leads to many suspects. Whatever may be, yourmission is to find the murderer and put him behind the bars. Startfinding the hidden clue from various places and match the evidencein a limited time. The second game is Mr.Psycho-The Serial Killer.The story behind this game is about finding the 5 missing girls inthe City and knowing the reason behind it. Your brilliance in theinvestigation will be recognized at the end of this game. Now, itis your objective to find them. Use your imagination and analyticby the brain to solve surreal tricks, riddles, and puzzles to makepossible the impossible one. The third game is Patent Protected.This game is about finding the hidden gang behind the murder of ascientist and also the missing patent invented by him. Each andevery small evidence & clue collected in nook and corners ofthis game will be more useful for the gameplay and to unlock thereason for the murder in this game are relevant to the previoushistory of the story. The fourth game is Story of Tom, which isabout finding the mystery behind the murder of a Top businessman.All you need to find, collect, combine and use the objects and thensolve the puzzles to ensure your escape. These new crime sceneinvestigation games are convincing and not the compromising games.Only if you have the talent, you can find the murderer. These freegames let you feel the thrills of expectations and excitements ateach level. The fifth game is A secret plan. the story of this gamestarts with the fire accident in a bank. You need to investigatethe reasons behind that incident, which has several twists andturns. Here, you find everything different, as the game reveals whois the reason behind the incident, how you are going to find thesolution to put an end to the situation prevailing. The sixth gameis The Locker. The game starts with the sequential murder of 4scientists with another scientist missing. You must find thesolution for all the knots tied with the murders and also rescuethe missing scientist. Finally, you must find the way to the end ofall the crime scenes in giving peace and happiness to the City.GAME FEATURES : - 50+ Hours of Continuous Crime case - DifferentAdventures in 101 levels - Amazing Crime scene visuals - RealChallenge for a Master agent spy to solve a crime - More than 250puzzles waiting - Assuring addictive games for all ages and Genders- Games with lots of clues – Helps to find the clues and suspects -More addicting hidden crime finding games - Thrilling forensiccriminal case stories You are like the detective investigator inthis criminal case games. Here having six different stories ofmurder and crime cases. You are the detective here and try to findthe hidden crimes then solve the case and finally, save the personthrough this mystery challenge investigation. Are you ready to takecharge of this criminal case?

App Information Crime Investigation Files - 101 Levels Thriller

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    Crime Investigation Files - 101 Levels Thriller
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    May 27, 2019
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Hidden Fun Games
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    10718, 151 Street, 107 Avenue, North West, Edmonton, Alberta, T5P 1V7
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