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This is a review for physicians andpracticitioners in the field of critical care.

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    Critical Care Board Review
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    May 25, 2014
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    Android 2.1 and up
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    Irtza Sharif
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    1,000 - 5,000
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ABG Interpreter APK
Irtza Sharif
This is an arterial blood gas interpreter foruse by internal medicine, renal, pulmonary and critical carestudents, residents, fellows, nurses and therapists. It is alearning tool that can be used to better understand the meaning ofa blood gas sample. This software is not clinically validated andis not approved as a tool by any governing body. Clinicalinterpretation of a blood gas should be done by a qualifiedphysician or equivalent entity. It calculates Aa-gradients andPO2/FiO2 ratios as well as doing acid base interprretation.This application as a learning tool is always open for improvement.Any suggestions are appreciated.
Critical Care Board Review 0.7.3 APK
Irtza Sharif
This is a review for physicians andpracticitioners in the field of critical care.
Medical Tools Pro 1.3.0 APK
Irtza Sharif
An ad free library of pulmonary tools such ascalculators, test interpretation and scoring systems catergorizedby system such as pulmonary, critical care, cardiology, neurology,and oncology.Included:ABG interpreter- triple acid base (including anion gap), PaO2/FiO2ratioAa-gradient calculatorBODE index calculationPORT score (pneumonia severity index / PSI)CURB65SMARTCOPtidal volume calculations by ideal body weightTNM staging for lung cancerOxygen content and O2 extraction calculations.Wells score for deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism(PE)serum and urine osmolarityfree water clearance and deficitFractional Excretion of Sodium (FENa)Corrected CalciumGFR estimates using Cockcroft-Gault and MDRD eGFRCHADS2Glasgow Coma ScaleBody Mass Index (BMI calculator)TIMI for NSTEMICHADS/CHADS2/CHADS2VascCorrected reticulocyte countabsolute neutrophil count (ANC)Corrected sodium (for glucose)corrected phenytoinMELDRockall score for GI bleedTPN calculations and total caloric intake by partsfluid requirements to correct hyponatremia or hypernatremiaPredicted improvement in INR with FFPPFT (spirometry, DLCO and lung volumes) Normal valuesShunt FractionCardiac output by fickChild-Pughsteroid unit conversionGeneral Unit conversion such as kilogram to pounds (weight),distance and volumedue date by LMP (last menstrual period) and by date ofconceptionNarcotic analgesic dose conversion for different opioids and dosingintervalsQTc and short QT interval calculationsMaddrey's Discriminant FunctionThis is for medical students, internal medicine residents,respiratory therapists, nurses and doctors working in the pulmonaryfield.This has not been clinically verified at this time.
ABG Interpreter Pro 2.0 APK
Irtza Sharif
This is an ad free version of the ABGInterpreter available on the market place. This is an arterialblood gas interpreter for use by internal medicine, renal,pulmonary and critical care students, residents, fellows, nursesand therapists. It is a learning tool that can be used to betterunderstand the meaning of a blood gas sample. This software is notclinically validated and is not approved as a tool by any governingbody. Clinical interpretation of a blood gas should be done by aqualified physician or equivalent entity. It calculatesAa-gradients and PO2/FiO2 ratios as well as doing acid baseinterprretation.This application as a learning tool is always open forimprovement. Any suggestions are appreciated.
SAT Vocabulary Builder 0.8.3 APK
Irtza Sharif
This is a program to help those who wish toimprove their vocabulary. It include multiple choice questions aswell as flashcards. It is primarily intended to help those studyingfor the SAT exam. It currently includes over 1800 flashcards ofwords that are likely to be tested.The current release includes the ability to restrict theflashcards to a certain range for daily review of only those wordsthat the tester wishes to learn.Great for people taking SAT, TOEFL, GRE or any other Englishlanguage based examination.
Stereo Camera 1.0.4 APK
Irtza Sharif
This app allows you to take two pictures andcreate a left-right stereoscopic picture from them. It relies onthe user to keep focus and to ensure there is no motion within thefield of the picture. It is essentially designed to allow picturesthat can be used with a Google Cardboard style device.
Battle Bricks 0.7.0 APK
Irtza Sharif
Battle Bricks is a brick-breaking, tennisplaying mash-up - break more bricks than your opponent - who can beanother player or the computer - and don't let the ball get by yourpaddle! You get points for breaking bricks and penalties if thecomputer breaks a brick or gets a ball by your paddle. The game isnon-stop, so if you miss the ball, it keeps going. It also allowstwo players to play at the same time.The game comes with additional old fashioned games in acollection.
Tip Calculator 0.6 APK
Irtza Sharif
This is a simple and free tip calculator.Ituses minimal resources and does calculations on a single screen.It gives useful information on how to split the billevenlybetween multiple parties as well as how much tip is tobegiven.