1.0 / November 20, 2017
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Critical Strike FPS Modern Warfare is not just a game but a realbattlefield where you are given challenging missions. In this gameyou will undergo real war experience like never before. You have tocope with the threat of terrorist whose menace has destroyed yourcity and set it on fire. Therefore, utilizing your powerful sniperrifle and using your shooting skills destroy terrorists and protectyour cityCritical Strike fps is the Modern Warfare that will makeyou forget all first person shooter games. With your advancedsniper rifle you would shoot fire and demolish enemy’s bases andcold-blooded killer. This is an action packed game with commandosniper shooter and having critical strike fps where main purpose isprotection of city and aim and destroy with superb sniper skills.Inthis game scenario and campaign is quite challenging and with thestage set of modern warfare, you are going to experience realisticshooting and thrill of sniper is such that you would get addicted.So seize your weapon and get ready for commando shooting game andbeing a fighter fight in battlefield bravely. Hence shoot fire inthis action shooter game with powerful sniper weapon and realbattlefield environment. Thrill of sniper use and final war actionwould take you in another scenario. You would be call for infinitewar and best sniper point shoot fire. Be ready and keep yourvengeance intact and fight terrorist till end. Features:- firstperson shooters game- Amazing battlefield environment- Bestshooting simulation controls- addictive graphics- realistic soundeffects- Fun shooting effect- Advanced sniper rifle- Real AI- Playanytime, anywhereAny suggestions and reviews are appreciated.

App Information Critical Strike FPS 2: Call Of Modern War Duty Ops

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    Critical Strike FPS 2: Call Of Modern War Duty Ops
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    November 20, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    DragonFire Free Games
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    Ali street Nadir Abad Street#2 Bedian Road Lahore
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Special Forces WW2 Gunner War ShootSpecial Forces World War Gunner War Shoot is a action packed FPSShooting GameHard Time has come! world war has been started & fierce FPSshooting battle approaching you. It's a gunner shooting game whereyou have to survive against sniper rifle soldiers. In this free toplay action game, experience the world war missions with furiousshooting & modern warfare equipment & survival rules.Battle against the terrorist & special forces of enemy commandoarmy is not a easy task. Go for the gunner duty against the call ofenemies warfare strike. escape sniper & helicopter attack. Youhave no chance to stand if you failed to remain secret agent FPS asin that case you will get war ii shooting of sniper riflemen,helicopters, tanks & humvee. Don't call them to be heavy foryou. Abolish whatever in the way of medal. valor, this is the FPSshooting battle war, you were looking for.Secret agent destroy enemy special forces war shoot holding &satellite platforms. Cowards enemy forces are using these modernwarfare equipment as a source of communication between them &terrorist. Sniper war is the key in this world war game. US armyspecial forces is having a record to destroy modern warfareopponents. Survival FPS missions need CRITICAL STRIKE for stayingin good health & completing missions. enemy military plannedbigger sniper to stop your survival escape plan. Gunner shoot warsoldier, You are the commando of special forces. Show your actionpacked, FPS shooting & tactical skills. You are having thecharm of real soldier. A real secret agent, who is having bestshooting skills. Gunner GUN against sniper gun will be interestingto watch. This first person shooting game consist of real snipermission, gunner shooting & amazing 3d graphics. war ii survivalis the only one going to be the champion of shooting. SpecialForces Commando, ww2 battleground is waiting for you. As afrontline soldier & combat striker in the modern warfare, youhave to use modern military weapons carefully. Use assault &sniper rifles, shot guns , air strikes, pistols, injections rocketlauncher & latest armory.Special forces elite commando, world war ii is the real fpsshooting game. survival fps shooting is the about duty to counterterrorism. In this action shooting game, you are going to enjoybest first person shooter controls & have fun againt the biggersniper duty. Be the part of fps shooting battle. battlefield isfull of expertise shoot enemy. secret agent fps & real gunnershooter, you are the last hope of nation. You have to become realsurvival hero. It's a call modern warfare. Show your action packedtactical & shooting skills. Prove your survival escapestrategy. agent fps latest weapons are available. You are a warfaresecret agent.★★★ Features ★★★★ Best shooting game★ Top action weapons ranging from sniper rifle to assault pistols,machine guns & bazooka★ best shoot fire★ fierce battlefield missions★ call of the modern war★ modern sniper VS Gunner Battleground★ REALISTIC COMBAT EXPERIENCE★ 3d graphics★ real survival hero missions★ modern warfare secret★ US army special forces missions★ Commando! It's time to go for the real war★ real infantry military division shooting
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Counter Terrorist Swat City FireBe ready as swat police for counteragainst strike shooter of enemies in citySwat police shooter, youare facing terrorist having Gatling guns and other deadly weapons.counter terrorist and stop their rapid fire attack in the city andtry to be stealth from the enemies using your sniper 3d skills andour military forces are using assault weapons and guns to fire andengage the enemies where as you hiding to spot then most active ofthem . Use airships and cannon shooter as your heavy value targetand complete all the shooting action missions. This is the realfury game with real shooter king and fire shooting experience. Getthe medal of counter terrorist agent by using your brave moves inthe battle as battlefield is as much deadly as one can imagine.Enemies are using all sort of heavy weapons like bazooka andmachine guns. This is the worst battlefield after WW2 and you forthe survival of our people, you have to become as rise as hero sothat you will be remembered as a legend in the history. Fight inbattle with a real legacy and fight like a mighty hero. It's not acall for performing your duty but it's a call of dead. completeyour assault fury missions. counter against the terrorist in thecombat. be a hero of shooting.Counter Terrorist Swat City Fire isabout a hero who is assisting his squad as a stealth killer. andperform all of his duty more than his duty. => progress thelevel in 3 regions of desert , mountain and city gunner mode with areal story based game=> actual war battlefield=> SNIPER=>NON STOP ACTION=> BEST ACTION GAME=> THE BEST GAME=> SHOOTAND KILL=> SHOOTING GAMES FOR FREE=> HARDLINE BATTLEFIELDACTION=> top controls like a shooting pro=> PERMAINAN SNIPER