1.0.2 / March 30, 2018
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Critical Strike Shoot Battleground is a thrilling first personshooter. Here you can experience the real military war!The army issending you the mission, defeating all terrorists and removing allenemy and military supplies from the enemy base. the is a waragainst terrorists and an opportunity to be your national hero, soyou will gain powerful advanced weapons! Quickly destroy theenemies you see and move on to the next position, do not let themfight back your attacks or counterattack clear your military baseand win the war at all costs. The failure of the war will bring adevastating blow to your countryYou want to be a coward, or a herofor a lifetime? Then do not hide behind bunkers, pick up heavymachine guns! Blow all enemies!Guns : AK47, MP5, P90, M4A1, AWP,M249, AUG, DEAGLECritical Strike Shoot Battleground Features:-Passionate first person shooter- Simple and beautiful userinterface- Amazing music and sound effects- A variety of strongweapons- realistic battlefield environment- challenging mission-Realistic 3D graphics

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    Critical Strike Shoot Battleground
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    March 30, 2018
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    Android 2.3 and up
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com.antiterrorism.shooter.as 2.4 APK
Hello there! FPS shooting game fans. Welcome to join this bestfirst person shooter! This is a front-line action war game. As aheroic warrior, in the front combat zone, use machine guns,shotguns and sniper rifles and other modern combat weapons to killall kinds of brutal enemies. Use your excellent fighting skills tokill all enemies! You are a well-trained military battlefieldcombat special forces members, is the tactical team and modern warpower. You are equipped with machine guns, sniper rifles andgrenades, you will be in this shooting game to complete the secrettask to eliminate the evil forces that hinder world peace. It istime to pick up your guns and become the most brave warrior in thisbattle. Accurate aiming, shooting, more accurate elimination of thesurrounding terrorists. They are brutal thugs, is the executioner.Ready to fight with the terrorists desperately, give up kindness,and strive to shoot. In order to make you better fight withterrorists, your troops prepared a lot of advanced weapons for you.You are a front-line commando, have excellent combat skills, showall your skills, penetrate the enemy's territory, find and destroyhidden goals. Anti-Terrorism Shooter Features: - Exciting map withrealistic combat environment - realistic fighting effect - amazingmusic and sound effects - True graphics - complex and difficulttask - all kinds of powerful weapons - Smooth operation and control- Best FPS game
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In the history of the most popular the most fun 3D shooting planegame has landed Google play game platform, this is a super classicshooting game. It has a fine 3D picture, awesome music, simple andconvenient operation, rich game content, ranking system, integralinteraction will allow you to experience the new feeling of thegame. To try this wonderful little game, when you are free to playthe game, I believe you will love it.Game: how to playTouch thelower bullet icon for shooting.Sliding screen can rotate mobileperspective.Click on the upper left back button can switch the maininterface, the upper left medical kits and drop medical kits cancomplement HP.The Game features: Game features:1. Game levels mode:the game model of infinite levels, can let you play with veryfun.2.Enemy planes flying in and out of the enemy planes flying inand out of the rich types: a variety of different types, armedhelicopters, planes, B - 2 bombers, fighters, and so on, can be tochallenge the player's ability to fight.3. The flexible combatmode: medical kits can be purchased or fall in battle added HP,experience the unique fun in the process of fighting.4. Fiercefighting scenes, vivid visual effect and explosive battle music,has a crazy shooting.5. Ranking system: through ranking, can findthe current integral and the highest points, you can also interactwith other players and see other people's highest integralresult.6. Endless ammunition system: don't have to buy the bulletcan play good.7. Free game: free download, free gold, let you canplay without paying for it.
Killer Shooter Critical Strike 1.0.3 APK
Killer Shooter Critical StrikeThe top Anti-Terrorist team ispreparing to fight against terrorists, gangsters and criminals.JoinTop Elite Anti-Terrorist team, take up arms, prepare for intensebattle, and contribute to human security.Killer Shooter CriticalStrike is the most exciting and challenging FPS (First PersonShooting) game.As a Anti-Terrorist killer, you will work with yourteam to fight terrorists, sabotage their action plans, removelandmines placed by terrorists,And resolve hostages.EliteAnti-Terrorist Shooter, no time to hesitate, and immediately takeaction to destroy criminals and terrorist groups!  KillerShooter Critical Strike features:- Realistic realistic scene,exciting FPS shooting experience- Bomb disposal mode, rescuehostages mode and custom mode to choose from- Rich weapons, sniper,assault rifles, pistols, to help you complete the mission- Theimpact of sound, experience shooting, explosion, heartbeat andother stimuli- High quality game screen, reflecting the water,reflective, lighting, night, fog and other effects- As aAnti-Terrorist Killer, rescue hostages, clear bombs, destroy theterrorist groups threats.You are a hero against terrorism, a saviorto destroy terrorists and rescue civilians in crisis, and it's timeto take action!
Sniper Gunner Shooter 1.0 APK
Sniper Gunner Shooter is a FPS action shoot war game. Equipped withfatal sniper weapons, long-range shooting, resulting in fatalinjuries, access to the latest military equipment.You are an elitesniper who has worked with the government to confront terroristorganizations around the world. Make this world more secure placeto live. Your area and the city have been attacked by terroristgroups who have killed innocent civilians and destroyed the law.Your mission is to destroy the enemy. And drive these terroristgroups and their terror killers out of the streets of your city.You excellent sniper skills, accurate aiming, shooting, headshot,so that the enemy nowhere to escape Through the fight again andagain, become the hero of the city.For your better fighting thegovernment has provided you with all kinds of advanced weapons andequipment, powerful weapons have great destructive power, so youcan easily kill the enemy.This game has the best graphics detail,the terrorist organization is raging, but you are the hero of thecity, you will be the best shooter, sniper, killer these terroristorganizations and their laws to break the terrorists.Sniper GunnerShooter Features:- stunning 3D graphics- realistic sceneenvironment- realistic shooting effect- a variety of challengingtasks- Smart AI makes the game more interesting- a variety ofpowerful weapons- Real battlefield experience- play anytime,anywhere
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Racing In Traffic is the most popular racing game in 2017!Thisracing game is now the most popular racing game because you canstart the game quickly. Endless roads and busy traffic, allowingyou to enjoy the speed and escape the vehicle while forgetting thepassage of time. Join this racing game to choose your favorite carand show your driving skills on the freeway. Driving your car on abusy road, avoiding the car and getting the gold coin. Through thisracing game, let you in the endless road, the face of busy traffic,so you quickly improve their driving ability. Also let you relaxyourself, ease your tired day.In this endless traffic crazy game,show your driving skills, beyond the vehicle, get gold coins. Thegame you have a variety of racing features, you can beautify theircar or modify your car, of course, you can also re-buy a new car.But these need gold coins. You have to go through the game to getgold coins. With your car modification, improve your car'sperformance, so you better in the endless road to show drivingability, but also allows you to better enjoy the speed of pleasure.Take a deep breath, start the engine, start your endless gametrip.Racing In Traffic Features:- Real 3D graphics and realenvironment- shocking music and sound effects- High quality racingcar- Customizable control method- a variety of game modes andscenes- Customize your car- endless traffic makes you addictive
Shoot Hunter Survival Mission 1.0.2 APK
Join the brand new first person shooter game. Become a bravesoldier whose mission is to save innocent people and find allenemies to destroy them.Discover the surrounding terrorists byradar, find a good place to shoot from long range, destroy enemiesand save civilians. The army has provided you with all kinds ofpowerful weapons and equipment so that you can accomplish yourmissions better. Choose the weapon that suits you best, sniperrifle, assault rifle, heavy gun for your choice, put on the helmetthat suits you best, go to the battlefield and join the battle.Yes, do not forget to bring a throwing knife, means tiger and otherclose weapons. Must make a comprehensive plan!In the mission, youmust make the right choice, carefully observe the environment andthe enemy. Kill all the terrorists, complete your mission, become abattlefield hero.GUNS : AK47, MP5, P90, M4A1, AWP, M249, AUG,DEAGLEShoot Hunter Battlefield Survival Mission Features:- Firstperson shooter- Amazing music and sound effects- Fast paced game-sophisticated radar system- a variety of powerful weapons-realistic shooting effect- real battlefield environment
SWAT Counter Terrorist Shooter 1.0.3 APK
SWAT Counter Terrorist Shooter is a brand new action shooting game.In the war game, you can get all kinds of light weapons! Accept thecall of duty, pick up your arms and fight alongside your friends!The war game is a completely action-type army shooter. Attack withpowerful guns and grenades, attack enemies in exciting battles, anddemonstrate outstanding combat skills in the action game to becomea hero on the battlefield. Complete one after another action, asyou complete the mission, the difficulty of the game will graduallyincrease. Aim as much as possible, shoot, get more points.Realistic game details and 3D visual graphics and different gamedifficulty, bring you the perfect shooting fun. Join the team tocomplete your mission! Defending the country and safeguarding thepeople are the responsibility of each of our soldiers! SWAT CounterTerrorist Shooter Features: - First person shooter - High-quality3D graphics - Real battlefield environment - A variety of advancedweapons for fighting AK47, MP5, P90, M4A1, AWP, M249, AUG, DEAGLE -Accurate aiming to make you a better shot - Shocking music andsound effects - Simple and smooth control
Super SWAT Shooter 1.1 APK
Join this epic FPS sniper shooter game. Ready to use modern weaponsto destroy terrorists and destroy the base of the enemy. You have aquest to accomplish all the thrilling challenges of this lifelike3D game and eliminate all the terrorists one by one. In this FPSgame to become a sniper elite. Super SWAT Shooter Features: -realistic 3D high quality graphics - stunning visual effects -Simple and smooth operation - Exciting sound and music - Differentchallenging missions - all kinds of advanced fatal sniper rifles -Smart AI, make the game more interesting - Enjoy realistic gunsimulation and animation effects - Play anytime, anywhere