1.0.5 / November 28, 2017
(4.3/5) (27)


Critical Strike Shoot Target: Sniper DeathShooter is a thrilling action game and best fps shooter gameever.

Being an elite killer and commando sniper, you will protect yourcity from the threat of terrorists. Use your shooting skills todestroy targets and enemy base. Shoot enemy and kill the terroristto protect your city from bloody war. It's an action-packed firstperson shooter game fully loaded with counter terrorist attack, gunshoot and combat battlefield strike. If you are looking for gun wargames and free shooter games then this blood killer game will beyour final choice. Play as a contract killer and sniper killer,enjoy the adventure of fps shooting and commando strike and fightfor the survival of your city. Fight side by side with counterterrorist force and police sniper and become a shoot killer. Attackenemies with your gun shot and be a sniper hero. Counter terroristforce is striving day and night for counter terrorism and they arefighting side by side with elite snipers and swat shooter toprotect their nation. Enjoy this commando silent killer 3d and swatcounter terrorist game.

Critical Strike Shoot Target: Sniper Death Shooter is a snipershoot war 3d game fully loaded with swat force vs terrorist action,counter terrorist special shoot and kill strike specially designedfor people who are in search of gun shooting games, action gamesfor free and aim & shoot games. Play this gun game as a gunshooter and gun killer and achieve your shooting missions. Being anAmerican shooter and American sniper, attack enemy with gun fireand take part in this gun shoot. You will play the role a prisonshooter, hunting shooter and US sniper while playing this modernsniper game. Stop searching killer games, shooting games for free,gun games for free, free shooting games and free gun games. It's afatal game fully packed with gun blood, rescue strike and sniperfps. It's time for gun & strike and dead trigger, get yourselfready for this secret mission and shoot assassin, get your handsdirty with war machines and fight fires. Don't aim your deadtarget, aim & fire fresh flesh.

So don't waste your time in search of free sniper games, antiterrorist counter attack games, ultimate gun sniper games andcritical mission games. Shot fire your sniper enemy in this counterattack terrorist city game and enjoy the adventure of modern antiterrorist commando.

Game Features of Critical Strike Shoot Target: Sniper DeathShooter:

Be a part of combat battlefield strike, aim & fire to test yourshooting skills.
Being a part of critical mission, shoot enemy and destroy enemybase.
Be an elite killer and commando sniper to protect your city fromthreat of terrorists.
Play as a contract killer and kill the terrorist to fulfil yourcounter terrorism mission.
Time for gun & strike, get your hands dirty with gun blood andbecome a blood killer.

Sniper Academy will be very thankful for your kind feedback,ratings and reviews.
Play Critical Strike Shoot Target: Sniper Death Shooter (firstperson shooter game) and enjoy non-stop action of fpsshooting.
Be an American shooter and US sniper.

App Information Critical Strike Shoot Target: Sniper Death Shooter

  • App Name
    Critical Strike Shoot Target: Sniper Death Shooter
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    November 28, 2017
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Sniper Academy
  • Installs
    5,000 - 10,000
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Superhero Spider Battle War 3D 1.0.3 APK
Are you in search of superhero games,superhero fighting games and spider fighting games?Superhero Spider Battle War 3D is a new action-packed superheroadventure game and superhero fly simulator offered by SniperAcademy.War robots and a gang of thugs are invading in the new york cityand now they are a big danger for the entire nation. City is indemand of some epic heroes. City needs a superhero who can rescuepeople from war robots and evil monsters. Future battle isapproaching your city, you must get ready for future fight. Takepart in this superhero angry battle, behave like a strange hero,use your unlimited power of superhero and marvellous strategy toact as a protector of citizens. Become a fearless hero and proveyourself a battle hero and an action hero! Your city is waiting forsuperhero justice, so are you ready for superhero angry fight orsuperhero epic fight? It's time for superhero final battle as youare the only defender of your city.Spider fever is spreading everywhere. Superhero Spider Battle War3D is a robot army warfare 3d and spider fight 3d game packed withgreat spider adventure for all the individuals who are looking forspider free games and spider hero games. Get ready for robot attackand robot fighting battle in this robot fighting game. It's aspider hero final battle and you are a spider hero in this spidergame. You are performing a role of an american soldier for thesafety of new york city. Secure your people and become an amazinglegend. Let's see who will win this battle warship. Don't bear thisinjustice, parcel your villain to the hell and show him who's thesuper hero.It's a robot invasion, your city has become a battle empire and youare a battle king. This is a battle alert, join battle force andsuperhero fighting squad for battle defence and end this super evilcombat. You are not a dead superhero, behave like a superhero alienand protect every single individual of new york city. SuperheroSpider Battle War 3D is for all those individuals who are lookingfor a battle simulator, superhero robot games and battle war gamesoffline. You are a superhero of town, superhero of new york.Superhero Spider Battle War 3D is final solution for battle and wargames, battle games free, battle gunship and air battle war.So what are you waiting for? Why are you wasting your time insearch of superhero games free, superhero games 2017 and superherokilling games? Download this one of the best new superhero gamesand superhero vs superhero games to fulfil your desires. This is anaction-packed thrills of rope hero in vice town.Play Superhero Spider Battle War 3D and be the amazing spider. Makeyourself a rope hero in this hero battle.