1.0 / October 4, 2017
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Are you afraid of Dark? Critical Zombie Shooter Strike is adangerous action packed third person shooter game which deliversreal zombie hunting experience in new horror counter zombies striketheme haunted hospital style on your smartphone and it's FREE. As asharp shooter commando, you have received the fearless task ofzombie hunting in an haunted house full of zombies. Zombies areeverywhere don't hesitate search zombies and kill one by one. Youare equipped with the deadliest shooting machine capable to tornzombie into several pieces. This game is not easy to Master, pickupyour gun, find walking deads, aim for the headshot and pull thetrigger. 9637de8074 Critical Zombie Strike is the perfect armedbattle game for zombie hunting fans in a realistic 3D environmentwith perfect and smooth controls. Intense shooting combats inmultiple environments. Survive the deadly attacks by zombies andshow no mercy to these man eating beasts. The only plan you need tofollow is SHOOT SHOOT and SHOOT there's no other way, Goodluck!Features *Haunted House realistic environment *Intuitive gameplayand sound effect *Smooth and perfect TPS controls *Easy to play*Real Zombie characters *Variety of combat missions *Smart AI

App Information Critical Zombies Shooter 2018: Free Shooting - TPS

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    Critical Zombies Shooter 2018: Free Shooting - TPS
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    October 4, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Intellect Software
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