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Crochet is a wonderfully relaxing activitythatis being enjoyed by a lot of people, women in particular. Youcancreate a lot of things using crochet - bags, wallets, purses,cellphone holders, laptop sleeves, and even curtains! You can usetheusual stitch, but to make your creation more interesting, youcanalso use different crochet patterns. There are a lot of themthatyou can choose from.

If you are looking for a crochet pattern for something that youareplanning to make, there are many sources from which you cangetideas from. Let me tell you all about them

Crochet Patterns Online

There are a lot of websites that you can go to for crochetpatterns.The Internet is a great place where you can get a lot ofideasinvolving crochet patterns. You could also order yourcrochetmaterials online if you want to!

Buy a Book

You do not need an expensive, new book to tell you allaboutcrochet. We all know that crochet is a craft that hasbeenpracticed many years before. Your grandmother surely knows howtocrochet, and maybe even your grandmother's grandmother too! Anyoldbook concerning crochet can be bought at discount book stores.Youmight even find them at the local library.

As your Grandmother

I'm serious! Your grandmother might just be the best person toteachyou how to create new and wonderful crochet patters. Thatway, youwould also be able to ask her to review your stitches ifit needsany improvement.

Once you have established the kind of design you would want togowith your creation, you can begin making then as soon aspossible.Crochet is a wonderful hobby that you can do while talkingto yourfriends, having a cup of tea, or watching television. Theprocessis pretty repetitive, and you really do not need to put in alot ofmental activity while doing the task.

To get you started, here are some very popularcrochetstitches:

Basic stitch - you would probably already know how to make abasiccrochet stitch. If you don't it's about time you learn. Thesebasicstitches are important for you would be beginning and endinganypatter with a basic stitch.

Cluster stitch - this kind of stitch is very interesting and hasawonderful texture. It is great to look at, especially when youusemultiple colors.

Lace stitch - now this is something wonderful to make. This kindofstitch imitates the look of lace, looking like patterns withholesin it. Using a white tread, you could easily pull off thelacelook. This would look great as a lining for curtains and lendsafeminine feel to almost anything.

Other than crocheting, knitting is also another activity that alotof people enjoy. Unlike crochet, knitting is faster because ithasbigger knitting stitches. You can make scarves, sweaters andawhole lot more with knitting.

So, jump-start a new hobby now! Look up look up crochetingorknitting on the Internet. I'm sure you'll find a lot ofsourcesthere.

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Drawing Cartoons 1.0 APK
Drawing cartoon faces is a fun hobby to do.Ithelps you develop your creativity and your imagination increatingparticular characters. Today, this hobby can even help youearnsome money. If you are serious about making cartoon, you can beagreat cartoonist. Animation has progressed rapidly andanimatedmovies have successfully attracted audiences' attention.People whohave talent in this field can take benefits from therapid progressof animation industry.Drawing cartoon is not an easy task since it involves creativityandimagination in creating the expressions. However, you don'tneed toworry if you don't have the skill of drawing. There arealwayschances to learn. You can start allocating some hours a dayto learnthe basic of drawing. As time goes by, your skill willincrease andyou can create more creative characters on yourcartoon. To beginthe learning process, you can check theexplanation below.Guidelines on Drawing Cartoon Faces1. Before drawing any cartoon faces, the first thing that youneedto understand is the basic shapes. It is essential for you tolearnthe simple geometric shapes like triangular, circle and oval.Inaddition, you are also required to have the skill in drawinglineswhether it is straight, curved, slanted or curly. Once youhavemastered the art of drawing basic shapes and lines, now youcanmove to the next step of drawing cartoon faces.2. The second thing to learn is proportions. Generally,cartoonfaces consist of head, eyes, mouth, nose, eyebrows and ears.Sincethese features are common, you need to keep them in mindwhendrawing cartoons. You can start drawing crossed lines in ordertokeep the facial features well-balanced. Commonly, cartoonfaces'eyes are half way down the face as well as the mouth.3. Now, you come to the intriguing aspect of drawing cartoon:faceshapes. In drawing cartoon faces, there are no strict rulesthatyou should use. On the other hand, a cartoonist is required tobeas creative as possible to create the face. You can combinesomedifferent shapes to create unique characters. Commonly,cartoonheads are not always circular. Squarish or triangular headscan beused to create unique faces.4. Once you have created your cartoon head successfully, now youcanadd its hair. Make sure that you draw the hair after drawingtheears. For a better result, the hair should not be complicated.Youcan use simple lines to make a cool hairstyle.5. If you expect your cartoon to be different from theexistingcartoon characters, try to create unique expressions. Thisgoal canbe achieved by altering three factors of cartoon facenamely mouth,eyelids and eyebrows. You can create differentexpressions likeshock, anger, anxiety or joy by linking the eyes,eyebrows andmouth position. Accessories like sunglasses can beadded for a coollook.Drawing cartoon can be an easy task to do if you know thebasics.Once you have mastered the basic rules, you can develop yourideasas creative as possible in order to achieve the uniquecharacters.It is a good idea to browse the existing cartoonexpressions tofind inspirations.
Mens Kurta Fashion Design 1.0 APK
Gone of the days, when women wereonlyconsidered as the show stoppers. Nowadays, men can also becometheshow stoppers in any of the parties. The Indian weddings&functions are just incomplete without the rich Indian ethnicwears.These are basically the most popular outfits that perfectlymatchesthese occasions. One of the most famous varieties of theseis thedesigner kurtas. These are considered as the best outfits formenas these can easily offer them the royal looks.The designer kurtas are basically the long tunics that arewornalong with the pajama. In addition to this, the men also haveachoice to wear stylish Nagra shoes along with the matchingstole.This is basically a traditional wear, but the rapidlychangingfashion trends have also transformed these into stylishoutfits.Nowadays, the designers are offering their collection inappealingdesigns & shades in order to meet the exactrequirements of thebuyers. The designers are creating their designsas per the latestprevailing fashion trends of the ramp in order tomake theircollection flawless.Some Of The Most Popular Varieties Available In The MarketLong KurtasThese are basically the long tunics. These are specially createdindifferent colors so that these can perfectly matchfestiveoccasions. These are available in the knee-length & areperfectto wear along with the pajamas. The designers are creatingtheircollections in appealing designs & colorful shades. Thedrasticchanging fashion trends have also changed the designingpatterns ofthe pajamas. Nowadays, these are created in the pant cutformat inorder to offer a modern touch to the collections.Short KurtasThe designer kurta collections are available in variedlengths.These are perfect to wear on normal occasions. These can beworn onthe pajamas, dhoti-pants, pant cut pajamas or even atjeans.Kurta ShirtsThese are very beautiful creation of Indian designers. Thesearespecially designed in the shape of the t-shirts in order toofferamazing looks to the wearer. These can perfectly match thetheme ofevery occasion & offer full comfort to thewearer.The designing patterns of the designer kurtas have beenchangeddrastically with the evolution of new fashion trends.Previously,these were only offered in the conventional colors but,now buyersprefer colorful patterns. The designers are usingdifferent colorsextensively in order to make their collectionsexclusive &unique.Apart from this, in some of the most appealing designs ofthedesigner kurtas, heavy artistic work is also used. Inthesecollections, the fascinating motifs are created usingdecorativeitems like sequins, beads & stones. One can wearthesecollections on the normal as well as on theauspiciousoccasions.
DIY Paper Flower Art 1.0 APK
Were you ever wondering how to actuallymakepaper flowers?Making or creating paper flowers has been a marvelous hobbyofpeople of all ages from many generations before us, andhopefullymany generations to come. There is an element of warmthyou getafter making a paper flower.In this fast pace world we live in, taking the little bit of timetoactually sit down and make a paper flower is both a stressrelieverand a mind defogger. You can leave all your cares andworries fromyour place of employment behind and do something thatis bothrelaxing and possibly useful for your next party.There are only a handful of items that are needed for thisprojectand they can all be found at the local hobby, or arts store.Thefirst main supply is the crepe paper. It comes in singleanddouble, depending on the number of flowers you aremaking.Scissors: 1 light weight pair to cut and shape the leaves orpetalsand a heavy pair for multiple layers of the crepe paper.Paste: theregular type with a hard brush. Tissue paper: This isused forcreating all of the leaves. Also, you need a pencil, somefloristtape, pins, wire, metal paper clips, and anartificialstamen.Once you have all the items listed above, you can now begin tomakeyour own personalized paper flower.1. Start with 12-16 pieces of different sized, colored crepepaper.Stack all the papers in a neat pile and now use a pencil todrawthe pattern, of your choice of a flower on the top sheet ofpaperin the pile.2. Using the metal paper clip, fasten all the pieces of crepepapertogether. Now, use the heavy scissors to cut out the patternyoumade.3. Arrange all the sheets of paper from largest to smallest inapile making the largest on the bottom and the smallest on thetop.With the pin, poke a hole in the middle of the petals ofyourflower.4. Put all the petals together, starting at the bottom, to makeaflower. Then put the wire into the whole in the center. Youdon'twant the wire to slip out of the whole so twist one end. Now,whereyou stuck the wire use the florist tape to tape thepetalshere.5. Now, choose your own design and make a leaf pattern. Usethegreen tissue paper and cut out the pattern with thelightscissors.6. Next, stick the leaves to the stem of the flower with thefloristtape.7. It's an optional feature, but you could add the artificialstamento the middle of the flower.*You can repeat this process and create as many different flowersasyou desire.Making paper flowers is a very inexpensive, and fairly easy hobbytodo if you follow my instructions. Once you have mastered themaintechnique of paper flower making, you will want to makemoredetailed and larger creations and the possibilities will thenbeendless. Happy folding...For more visual and in depth Instructions on How to MakePaperFlowers Erich Simko invites you to visit his site withimages,instructions, videos and more.Erich Simko is an avid and enthusiastic Paper Flowercreator,Origamist and Arts and Crafts buff. Learning these skillsinparticular has helped him through difficult times in his lifeandhe believes it will bring much joy to your life as well.
Drawing Eyes Tutorials 1.0 APK
Drawing Eyes is one of the vitals of ahumanimage or a human facial image. Eyes are one of the mostimportantparts of a human body, as they have the Sense of Sight& helpus see and distinguish between various shapes &colors. Otherthan performing their basic, visionary function, Eyesare alsoconsidered the mirror of the soul. Eyes can reveal a lotabout aperson. They are a reflection of a person's inner self,includingher or his expressions, emotions, personality, thinking,etc. Forthis reason, most artists pay special emphasis to Eyes,whilepainting a human figure. If drawn properly, Eyes can impart alifelike touch to an inanimate character or face. Drawing Eyescanconvey most of the expressions, the artists wants to, throughtheirpaintings of human or facial images.Owing to the complexity of expressions and feelings involved,Eyesmay turn out to be one of the most difficult features to bedrawnin a human face, though they are the most interesting one ofalltoo. The ensuing discussion talks about some simple stepsfordrawing Eye. Lets have a look.o Observation. Before you begin drawing Eyes, take a good lookattheir frame and shape. Note every small detail of Eyes such as,theshape of the Eyeball, Iris, Eye Lids, Eye Brows, andsurroundingSkin to name some.o Drawing Outline. Draw a light sketch of a pair of Eyes. Justkeepthem simply at a basic Oval shape.o Eye Corners. Draw a rough sketch of the Eyes over the Ovalshape.Fill their Inner and Outer Corners.o Pupil. Draw the Pupil of the Eyes. Place it properly inthedirection you want the Eyes to look at.o Skin Texture. Pay attention to small details around the Eyessuchas, Wrinkles, Lines, etc., and draw them appropriately, as itcouldenhance their overall look.o Shading. Depending on the light source, start shading theregionin and around Eyes. Finally shade the areas around the Eyesto makethem look more realistic. Darken the Eyeballs slightlytowardstheir Left and Right curves. This would give themuch-neededroundness to the Eyeball.o The Hairy Part. For more lifelike image of Eyes, add EyelashesandEyebrows.Drawing Eyes right is vital for the soul of a painting. DrawingEyetakes a lot of practice, but as they say, "practice makesyouperfect," therefore, have fun practicing and perfection shallsoonbe yours.
Mehndi Henna Art Design 1.0 APK
Ever went to an Indian or Pakistaniweddingceremony and marveled at the beauty of the designs andartworks onthe hands and the feet of the bride? For those that arenot sure ofwhat these are, the artworks are called mehndi, and theyareprepared using henna (usually natual henna) which originatesfromthe leaves of the henna plant. Another name for the henna plantisthe cypress flower plant, and the word henna itself comes fromtheArabic word of hinna.There are several different types of mehndi available, forinstanceIndian mehndi, Pakistani mehndi and Arabic mehndi to namethree. Itis believed that the art of applying henna on body partshas beenin existence for more than 5000 years, though there isn'tmuchproof to back this claim. There are historians that believethatthe Mughals brought this art to India, but there are alsoothersthat believe that the art actually originated inIndiaitself.There are also others that claim that mehndi was first found intheMiddle East, and even North Africa, thus there aredifferentopinions on the history of the art when historians areconcerned.Nevertheless there is concrete historical proof fromsomearchaeologists that shoe that black henna was actually usedinEgypt during the times of the pharaohs. There are also mummiesthathave been found with black henna on their toes andfingers.Mehndi henna designs have always been used in wedding in India,andthey are actually mentioned in folk stories of the past aswell.The usage of wedding mehndi has been upheld until today, andincountries such as Yemen, the art of applying mehndi for aweddingwould take close to four to five days just to satisfytraditionalrequirements during the wedding festival. The same couldbe said inPakistan, where the brides usually decorate themselveswithgorgeous mehndi to make themselves look extra-radiant on theirbigday.In today's modern world, there are numerous mehndi hennadesignbooks around that display the numerous mehndi stages tobeundertaken to complete the art of mehndi, a clear indication ofhowtimes have changed from the times of the past when the artofmehndi was passed on through word of mouth. Nevertheless,thehistorical art of mehndi continue to captivate millions aroundtheworld, and would continue to do so for years to come!
Best Tiny House Plans 1.0 APK
There are a number of ways to designsmallhouse plans to maximize the amount of space available.Theseapproaches are particularly important in urban areas wherespace isvery limited. Most architects who design plans for smallhousesknow the tricks of the trade needed to make the rooms andspacelook larger. However, a homeowner should also be educated onthedifferent approaches and techniques for the interior design tomakethe best use of their tiny house plans.A common characteristic of small house plans is an attempt tomakethe room seem like it is bigger than the actual footage oftheroom. One of the ways architects compensate for the squarefootagein small home plans is to build high ceilings, therebymaking thespace feel larger regardless of the actual squarefootage.There a number of design tools a homeowner can apply to accentthisfeature. The owner can create a horizontal border across theroomand paint the lower half a slightly darker color and top halfalighter color. This creates a visual illusion of moreheight.Homeowners can also compliment their small home plans bybuyingsmall paintings that are similar in size and hang them inavertical line in a prominent area on the wall. This also createsanillusion and draws the focus to the vertical height rather thanthelength or width.Another facet homeowners must consider when deciding how tousetheir small house plans is the placement of furniture. Acommonmistake made by interior designers for small house plans isusinglarge furniture that does not fit the space.A huge, overstuffed couch may be a beautiful piece, however inasmall space it becomes overbearing. It is important tounderstandabout these plans that every inch is important.Homeowners mustavoid over decorating the rooms to compensate forthe size, as theover decorating can emphasize the smallness of thearea. The bestapproach to design for tiny house plans is to keepthe furnitureand decorations minimal.The furniture should also range in height. A large lamppost nexttothe couch will make the couch look less cumbersome. Instead ofaheavy bookcase that takes up space, homeowners should useshelvesfor their books that vary in height, thus saving space andcreatinga visual illusion.
Exterior Architecture House 1.0 APK
A while back my husband and I decided tomoveto our favorite vacation destination in the mountains. But inorderto make this dream of ours happen we had to sell our cityhome. Weput our house on the market and started to make plans tomove asquickly as possible.Sadly, things did not go as we hoped. Our house didn't sellandaccording to our realtor the problem was our kitchen. Itdidn'tmatch the exterior of our house. Our house was a Cape Codstylewith rock around the front door and dormers on the secondfloor. Itwas very traditional and pretty cute.Buyers who saw the exterior expected to see something similarinsideand they did to a point. The interior included a fancy trimpackage,two fireplaces with over mantels and a beautiful diningroom witheven more fancy trim. The dormers upstairs had windowseats withstorage underneath. All in all it was in fact a verytraditionalhouse with an excellent location and a good marketprice.There was just one problem and it was a big one for people wholikedthe character of the exterior.The kitchen was very modern with flat cabinet doors made ofmelaminewith oak trim. The cabinets were nice custom cabinets andwellorganized but they did not go with the rest of the house.People wholiked the house hated the kitchen. Because of this oneproblem thehouse didn't sell.We were determined to make our plans come true so we took thehouseoff the market, refaced the kitchen with raised panel doors,over40 doors and drawers. We painted them to match the creamytrimcolor of the whole house. It cost us about $1,200 and lots ofworkover one weekend work marathon.After we were finished we put the house back on the market. Itsoldimmediately for the asking price and it closed withinamonth.We knew when we bought the house that the kitchen wasn't rightforthe house, but it was a nice kitchen for me, a dedicated cook.Thestyle of the doors didn't work, but we thought most peoplecouldlook past the doors.Well, we were wrong. The doors were a deal breaker.We learned a hard lesson.There are many examples of this same problem. Imagine a housethatis a hard modernist structure with clerestory windows and lotsofangles having country kitchen with flowered wallpaper.Another possibility could be a Georgian or colonial stylewithmodern decorating inside. The décor does not meetpeoples'expectations.Potential buyers who look at homes generally have styles inmindwhen they are shopping. It's wise to make sure they seewhateverthey are likely to expect.To make your home feel more comfortable and work better atresale,decorate it to blend harmoniously with the exteriorarchitecture ofyour home. Keep finishes and décor consistentthroughout the house,both inside and outside.Whether your house is a Victorian, a craftsman bungalow, aclassicfarmhouse, a mid century modern, an adobe or any otheridentifiablearchitectural style, it's advantageous for resale tomatch yourinterior design to the architectural character oftheexterior.It insures that buyers who like the exterior of your home enoughtoview it will also approve of the interior. It's aboutfulfillingtheir expectations.For all your Palm Springs area real estate needs, visit ourwebsiteat Palm Springs Area Realtor or Palm Springs RealtorwhereBroker/Realtor Hannes Jim Scherber can take care of all yourneeds,whether buying or selling residential or commercialproperties. Jimis also an REO specialist to help you find greatvalue in aproperty.
New Baby Frock Designs 1.0 APK
The present day fashion world hasundergonevarious modifications and transformations to introducesome of thebest fashionable clothing for infants and youngchildren. Theindustry has also witnessed various innovations anduncertaintiesthat reveal the hidden sentiments of parents as theysee theirchildren growing. Every parent wants their child to lookmostbeautiful and gorgeous; this earnest desire has put acrossvariousnew trends in the market to adorn charmingly attractivebabies orinfants.The most popular trends in infant dresses is the prints anddesignslike cartoon character, animal prints, teddy bear, andgeometricpatterns on variety of fabrics. Colors that often go wellwith anyinfant are shades of greens, pinks, reds, yellows, andwhites.Usually boys are dressed with denim or corduroys in rust orshadesof blue. Cotton pants with short tops are also in for babyboys.Pants are available in a huge array of colors and shades. Overthata smart hat and stylish shoes add more charm to the appeal ofthesweet little baby boy.When it comes to dressing a baby girl, the fashion worldopensvarious doors. Traditional frocks with lace and frills, satinskirtwith flowery lace, high neck one piece, cotton capri, shortswithpictures of fairy, and a denim short skirt look most trendy.Alongwith these dresses, beautiful matching bows, head bands, hairpins,tiara, and stylish sandals make them look evenmorebeautiful.Apart from these fashion trends many personalized clothing arealsoavailable for infants. This is a great option that enablesparentsto choose the best outfit for their babies amongst a rangeofcolorful and fanciful clothing. This innovation in thefashionindustry is mainly attributed to the desire of parents whowish toflatter their baby's appeal.Personalization of clothing for infants includes customizeddesigns,names, embossed family photographs, and monograms.Monograms arebeautifully printed on the clothing to add a senseofpersonalization and offer children the freedom to expresstheirindividuality. Many parents even give a quotation or a sayingto beprinted on the dress so that without words their childrencanexpress their spirit of childhood and define theirownpersonality.Infant dresses can also be personalized with funky pictures,familyphotographs, cartoon pictures, designer prints, artisticdrawings,and even words from the heart to add fun and frolic toinfantdressing.