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Although you can buy a dress for Barbie from a toy store, there issomething very satisfying in making it yourself. If you have alittle girl or nephew, this is a very good project to involve themand also give wings to their creativity. It does not matter whetheryou are a good tailor or not, because with a little ingenuity, youcan create your own dress pattern. The best thing about thisactivity is that you can create your own designs and accessories,and you do not have to be as good as Project Runway contestants toget great results.Dress Style PatternsThere are many patterns ofclothing that you can choose. Like a tall, slender Barbie doll, allthe clothes fit. You can make cocktail dresses, skirts and blouses,strapless clothes, or full length dresses. If this is your firsttime trying to make doll clothes, you should start with somethingeasy. A-line dress is the right choice because it is a very simpledesign and the structure is quite easy to sew. Materials needed tosew this pattern are as follows.A pair of scissorsTapemeasurePolyester cotton yarnCotton fabric printed11 cm ZipperdressPin SewingIronNeedlemethodMeasure the print fabric with a tapemeasure, and cut it in such a way that the length of the dressfalls just above the doll's knee. Cut a semi-circular area to makearmholes. Sew the back of the dress with the help of the needle andthread, so you sew the inside of the garment. Hem the bottom, andalso sew the sleeves and neckline neatly. Place the zipper on theback of the corset. Now turn the garment inside out, paste thefolds, and your dress is ready.If you are good at knitting, you canalso create beautiful knit dresses. You can buy patterns in mostparts of department store toys. Another good choice is a straplessdress. You will need two different fabrics for this project. First,measure the breast area of ​​the doll, then make a strapless corsetby cutting and sewing the fabric to fit on it. Now, cut anothercloth in the shape of an umbrella to make the bottom of the dress.Sew the skirt and wrap the bottom part neatly. Attach the skirt tothe corset, and sew long zip in the corset area.Crochet PatternSkirt Get the latest ideas about Crochet Pattern Skirt here!

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New Simple Mehndi Design 1.0 APK
Manisha Gosar
Mehndi or henna is used for weddings and functions traditionally inSoutheast Asia as a temporary Henna tattoo and patterns. Hennatattoos are much smaller tattoo design like a heart or a bird inthe arm or shoulder, but traditional Arabic mehndi designs areusually adopted by women at weddings and traditional holidays suchas the Eids. Arabic mehndi designs are quite unique and can bedistinguished by their elaborate designs.In Southeast Asia there isa separate function called mehndi wedding where there were dances,songs and the bride will be printed with mehndi designs.Traditional bridal got henna designs on her hands, arms and legs.The purpose of this design is to make the bride look beautiful.There are countless types of designs of really heavy arm design toa minimum and lower patterned design.The good thing about thedesign is that you can make it look good with almost any way yougo, out of the loop and spun into floral patterns and designing aline of even modest. Sometimes people go to the start of the littlefinger and work their way to the forearm leaving the rest emptyfinger. Some brides prefer small and simple design on their feet,while others want to pattern which weigh up to their ankles. It isall about what they want the bride and how creative artists can.Besides the bride, close friends and relatives are also placingtheir hands with henna designs even though they are usually not asheavy as the design of the bride.mehndi designs are also used bylittle girls in the Eids, Diwalis and traditional functions aredifferent. Marriage is usually seen with little girls and all womenwho want to get their hands decorated with different designs ontheir hands and arms. There are many catalogs are also availablewith Arabic mehndi designs are the most popular designs such asflorals and small that people can copy if they prefer.Mehndi artdesign is something that anyone can master with a little practiceand can create new designs as they wish. The good thing about hennadesigns is that anything that will eventually look good if thedesign complement each other, such as flowers would go well withwines such as design while some people prefer a random pattern.arab design usually ends in a narrowing pattern along the forearm.So no matter what can be easily used design mehndi opportunity toadd to the beauty of young women.
Easy Mehndi Ideas 1.0 APK
Manisha Gosar
There are various designs that can be used to draw in hand, somecan be artistic and others can be very relaxed. Many people arereally fascinated with this art, so it comes up with many differentkinds of things to draw. Some cool things you can wear can be veryrandom and funny. If you are creative, you can certainly find aunique idea.If you visit Middle Eastern or South Asian countries,the art of "Mehndi" or henna tattoo is very famous. This artincludes drawing beautiful and creative designs in the palm of thehand with a mixture of henna and other materials, using "henna pen"or "cone". This color becomes richer for several weeks (due to bodyheat), and then gradually fades away. In this article you will findsome cool things to draw, so take a look and choose your favoritedesign from the ones mentioned below.FlowersNature has always beenthe inspiration for many of the designs drawn, the flowers beingthe most often chosen. Because there are so many types of flowersthat exist in different colors, shapes, sizes, and styles, theymake beautiful designs if drawn as single flowers or many together.The most commonly used flower images are rose, marigold,periwinkle, and others. The specialty of this design is easy todraw and look good when combined with other designs such as leaves,creeping, or birds.Animals and BirdsThere are so many small and biganimals that are so easy to draw in your hands. Animals and birdssuch as elephants, camels, tigers, horses, swallows, peacocks,geese, butterflies, etc. are large structures that must be drawn.The shape is easy to make and can be designed with a very uniquewith a variety of shades. These animals and birds are a commoninfluence on henna tattoos because of their distinctive featuresand elegant posture.Names and phrasesIf you like "text display",writing a name or phrase in your hand can also be a really coolidea. These words can be written in different languages ​​as wellas formats to give a stylish and elegant look. You can also have itwritten in a unique style (3D letter) or symbol and then add someother designs, as mentioned above to personify it.Another ideaThisis a very random and fun thing you can get when you get bored.Great things that can be drawn can; Cartoons, hearts, flags, teddybears, trees, evil skulls, cars, Christmas ornaments, cups andsaucers, stars, moon, clouds, etc. You can add some of your ownideas and make them artistic by combining various other designs..Easy Mehndi IdeasGet the latest ideas on Easy Mehndi Ideas here!
DIY Lamp Ideas 1.0 APK
Manisha Gosar
These days, lampshade available for home decorating in a widevariety of materials such as: color fabric lamps made from rusticwoven, pleated cloth, shantung, jute, hemp, and linen; lampshademade of plain paper and paper exotic, classic and translucent oiledparchment, and even eco-friendly paper. And for the über-chic lookno lampshade made of stone, porcelain and glass. With most likelampshade available in the market, it can be difficult to knowwhere to start when choosing them for your home.Glass Lamp Shades -these nuances graceful and elegant and are usually available inantique and classic design, although these days, manufacturers arealso combining modern design that fits today's contemporary homedecor. Several different styles of glass lampshade include: reversepainted, student, ball, lily or tulip, reflector bowls, and stainedglass lampshade. Although they can be beautifully elegant, glasslamp shades are very fragile and expensive, two factors must bekept in mind.Tiffany Style Lamp Shades - color lights have beenredesigned and reproduced in almost every type of function, form,color, animals, and flowers. They consist of several pieces ofstained glass, soldered together with lead or copper border aroundeach piece of glass. Traditionally, pieces of glass has been formedinto a pattern that describes some aspect of nature. However, todaythey are made in accordance with a variety of art styles that rangefrom modernistic to art nouveau. Tiffany lampshade style is notmeant to blend with home decor, but stand out because of theirsheer spectacular beauty. A Plain-Jane lamp can be transformed intoa work of art like stained glass lampshade.Antique Lamp Shades -this color lamp, made of satin, velvet and silk, with braided andbeaded fringe, and the corner of the cover in lace, beautifulelegant Victorian style imitated world. Usually handmade andcustom-designed, beaded lamp shades made in the antique style isvery graceful.Western Lamp Shades - Made from pigskin, buckskin,calfskin, and various other kinds of leather lamp shades, thisstyle creates a wonderful atmosphere countryside, bringing it backto Western longer than the day John Wayne. lampshade is an idealcountry home decor for a country house, cottages, farms andcabins.Chandelier Lamp Shades - Pretty and petite thing, lampshadechandeliers add a touch dramatic difference to any chandeliers.Available in a variety of fabrics and shapes, chandelier lampshades can add pizzazz and glamor to any interior design.Mica LampShades - lampshade back to a time when electric lights were firstused in the United States, and they continue to be part of thelighting fixtures to the 1930s. This magnificent lampshadedecorated wall scones, chandeliers, floor lamps and table lamps.These days, mica lamp shades are available in both traditional andcontemporary design, in white and yellow colored mica. Translucentfinishes are applied to the inside of the lampshade mica helps tosoften the light further. mica rural nature of this goes well withiron or wooden lamps, a large interior cabin or cottage style homedecor.DIY Lamp Ideasget the most beautiful and best lighting designhere!
beautiful mehndi design 1.0 APK
Manisha Gosar
mehndi designs have always been an integral part of how the Indianbride to decorate themselves. This is something that is loved mostwomen; However, over the last few years, the pattern and style ofmehndi has changed to a great extent. These days, women havedifferent kinds of patterns to choose from based on theflexibility, personality, etc. Some Henna patterns most commonlyused are:Arabic MehndiArabic henna, as the name itself suggests,has been adopted from the Arab world and is very popular in NorthAfrica, South Asia and the Middle East. The process of applyingthis type of Henna is similar to other types of henna, but thedesign is significantly different from the others.Arabic designsusually do not cover the entire hands and feet, which means thestyles tend to be less detailed and complicated. These patternsreveal more skin and is mainly composed of floral patterns. Anotherimportant aspect of Arabic henna is that, there is no use of animalor human figure in the design. Along with the usual mehndi design,also decorated with patches of unique colors and shimmeringmaterials.Indian Mehndihenna India is perhaps the most artistic andelaborate of all kinds. Why? Well, it's much more complicated,detailed and accurate than others. It takes all the palms, feetwith very little skin show. Some artists also use figures ofanimals such as peacocks, elephants, etc. in a pattern; However,this practice is not common among Muslim wedding.In India, henna isavailable in two colors, brown and black, but the purpose of thetwo types of henna is to make the hands and feet reddish brown. Itusually starts from the fingers and even up to the elbow and alsocontains the initials of the groom. There is also a belief amongIndians that the darker the color of mehndi appear, the strongerthe bond between the couple.beautiful mehndi designget mehndidesign beautiful here!
Crochet Bag Designs 1.0 APK
Manisha Gosar
Fashion has evolved continuously to become trendy as days passed,when it comes to selecting a laptop bag. Although, classic leatherbag or purse is still in vogue, they are well suited for formalaffairs. With the introduction of many designer laptop bags forwomen, has also expanded the range of your choice. You can take abag that matches your clothes and colors that blend perfectly withthe season. luxury handbags, are produced by a company known forexpensive. However, if you want peace of fashionable look adorablewith your laptop, then you have to have trendy and stylish designerhandbags. Here we give you some tips for buying a designer handbaglaptop.Choosing Designer Laptop BagsPrior to stick to oneparticular design, you have to update yourself on the latestcollection prevailing in the market. Patterns vary according to theseasons and fashion also changed. During the summer, you can choosebright colors that contain floral prints, cartoons, etc. leatherbags, crochet pattern, wool winter designer handbagscomplementary.Make sure that your laptop cozy snugs in the bag.There should be enough room to slide in with ease. Bags should beproperly equipped with pillows and pads, so there is no damagecaused to it during transport. tote bags and sling bags must have adurable grip, which should be able to withstand the weight of thelaptop and other accessories.Avoid using leather bags during therainy season as their texture will be damaged when exposed towater. A waterproof bag is always preferable to laptops not onlyduring the rainy season but also for every season. The same appliesto designer backpack as well. Check to interior has superiorquality moisture proof material. These are some important featuresthat you should consider before buying a designer handbaglaptop.The latest collection of Designer Laptop BagsNunzia LaptopBagsSimple and elegant are the words that perfectly describedesigner laptop bags Nunzia Bellagio. The colors are essentiallymuted have an excellent shine and luster. Bellagio is a sturdyholder and it is very durable. It has got some pockets where youcan also cosmetic items and other accessories. Bags classy and youcan carry it on formal occasions. Bella Nunzia Laptop Bags ofleather that has a premium quality texture. Colors such as red,red, dark brown look their best. You can also check Nunzia TuscanyRed Leather Laptop Tote and Nunzia Milan Designer Laptop MessengerBag.crochet bag designscrochet bag designs get here!
Step By Step Hairstyles 1.0 APK
Manisha Gosar
You must have definitely seen a hair style of Serena Williams orVenus Williams tennis skills in addition to their incredible. Donot you just love hairdos? This is called a flat twist hairstyles.They are popular hair styles for women with naturalAfrican-American hair. Using two strands and works well withstraight hair and curling.Ask if you can have the same hairstyle?Well, why not? Everyone with natural hair can try. This hair styleis not as difficult and complicated as they look. They are easy tomake and they make one look gorgeous. So, if you want to learn moreabout it, then scroll down to see more.Step Requiredflat hair styleis not only meant for African-American women, but any woman. It'seasy to do and can be put on any kind of occasion. The only thingyou need when creating a hairstyle is patience, long or mediumlength hair, some hairbands, and mirrors. Let's see how we can getthis hairstyle in a short time.The first thing you should do iscomb your hair properly so that there are no tangles.After that,parting your hair using a comb, from forehead to nape. separationmust be done right in the middle of your head.Furthermore, part ofeach section into even pieces and then put the top left of theright and continue to play.While doing this, pull both ends (not soloud that the rest of your hair!), But only slightly so that thetwists remain close to your scalp.Twist rest of the hair in thesame manner and to ensure that the thickness of each touch even.This braid hairstyle would look very strange indeed with one thickand one thin twist!When you are finished with twists, use rubberbands to tie them.Look at yourself in the mirror right now and donot get surprised when you see a pretty girl seemed to stare backat you. flat twist hair style can also be tested by men.For asubtle effect, you can also apply some oil or water-based gel onyour hair so small blade does not stick when you have made flattwists and braids.To prevent twists from frizzing or out, sleepingin satin or silk pillowcase or wear a hat made of satin bed.Designand StyleWhen trying your hand at the technique of twisting the twostrands, decide the pattern or design that you want to exercise.There are several designs to rotate flat hair, you can try, such asthe cross, zig-zag, diagonal, or maybe, you could come up with somenew styles of your own.With a French TwistGive your hairdo Frenchtwist that would increase entirely. Here meander curve upward, nottoward your neck. Their horizontal curve on either side of the headand then they met in the middle of your head. Flat twists can beeasily manipulated; therefore, you will not find it difficult tostyle it. This style is great for parties. Just try and watch headsturn!in BunIf you are looking for a trendy style that you can wearwhile going to work or in some official meetings, then the sportbun is one of the perfect style for you. It is trendy, classy,​​and at the same time, not too casual. Just rotate your hair andlet them run in the vertical direction toward the nape of the neck,and then just take altogether and tied up in a bun. Do not forgetto add some pin so that the bun was not out. This will give aprofessional look and elegant.Step By Step Hairstylesget new ideasabout the Step By Step Hairstyles here!
Natural Makeup Tutorials 1.0 APK
Manisha Gosar
warm brown eyes had a feeling for Them to be polite and plain. WayDown harbor an element of mystery and kan be very interesting. Zeook port différent shades zoals black, gold or green iris. The mostimportant thing about how to choose the right makeup, welke arntcomplement the color of your eyes. It arnt be loveable to bring outthe colors are not only brown in your eyes, but ook the nuances ofthe iris. This helps in making your eyes the focal point of yourfeatures.To shine and sparkle of your eyes to add de volgende tipswill prove very useful. Many girls and women find hun brown eyesdull or boring, and the use of différent colors or lenses toverbeteren hun appearance. However, they 'forget dat ze arewarm-colored eyes wide very exotic and tropical, and dat ze kan bemade more dramatic and expressive to look through some good makeup.One of the best makeup tips for brown eye color is to choose abasic earthy colors. Choose brown, bronze, gold, mocha, taupe, andthe color of the spice family to get a natural look.eyeshadowEyeshadow help emphasize the eyes and the right makeup iscrucial in Achieving this look. Tips for brown eyes deep shades ofbrown and blue work well. Also, blue, gray, plum, gold, vanilla,lilac, purple, and nutmeg are perfect for a natural look. 'You canalso use two or three toes eyeshadow. metal shades zoals gold,copper, pink, and chocolate ook helps to highlight your eyes withthe must charming way.Tip: Shades Darker dan the color of your eyeswill reach help a dramatic appearance and lighter eye shadow colorof eyes to help create a natural look for browneyes.eyelinerEyeliner help define your eyes. Makeup for brown eyesinvolves showing Selecting a navy or plum eyeliner. This is matchedby a blue or purple eyeshadow. Keep eyeliner to a minimum andGently apply your eyes frame or eyeshadow as eyeliner. It helpscreate a more natural look. If you want to see your eyes reallyinteresting, try the soft pink eyeliners. Black helps add shine forbrown eyes. 'You can also opt for charcoal, plum, and chocolateLimit download black. Try plum color with a light purple eyeshadowor Eggplant with pink light shining eyeshadow to create a dramaticlook.mascaraMascara helps your slashes look longer and welldefined. 'You can try to put forward to your brown eyes with acolored mascara. 'You can ook opt for a dark blue mascara Limitdownload black. Black is the best color to black eyelashesNaturally, while brown mascara helps create a natural look.colorcoordination'You can draw attention to your eyes by wearing aminimal makeup and choose a neutral color for the cheeks and lipscolor. 'You can highlight and make your brown eyes with shades ofchampagne, light pink, taupe, peach and brown. To get a smokeylook, choose eyeshadow gray and liners. 'You can also co-ordinatesthe color with wearing eyeshadow in shades of purple or blue, witha berry or pink blush. 'You can also try shades of brown family,blush with a peach.Natural makeup tutorialsget natural makeuptutorials here!
Henna Tutorial Step By Step 1.0 APK
Manisha Gosar
Henna patterns vary from region to region, and in each region, theyhave several meanings. They signified health, fertility, wisdom,spirituality and enlightenment. You can make them with the help ofhenna paste, and you can vary the shade of light brown to darkbrown with the help of various materials. These materials are addedin different proportions to obtain different shades. This patternis drawn on the palms. Learn some basic henna patterns forbeginners through this article.Henna Design for BeginnersDesign forPalmsHenna patterns vary by region. Arab patterns are flowers andlarge, while India is fine and lacy with small floral motifs.traditional geometric patterns, such as circles, triangles, andlines. All of these forms are combined to form a very trendydesign, as well as traditional. intricate designs can be drawn witha little practice. flower arches, lotus, leaving the chains, andnets are some of the usual pattern. Usually, beginners start bydrawing straight and curved lines. The first step of drawing thembordered with palms or draw a circle in the middle of the palm.While drawing the pattern in the palm of the hand, always rememberto fill the oil and then the fingers. The most basic pattern is todraw a circle in the middle of the palm of the hand and the coverfolds over all the fingers on the hands with henna.Design for Feetand Legspatterns of henna on the foot should be withdrawn onlyafter a few days of practice, because of a complex design. Thegeometric shapes are very common in North America, however, inIndia, intricate and lacy designs are preferred. Beginners shouldtry with a simple design at the beginning and try to attract themto the entire foot for a workout.creative design can be formed withthe help of permutations and combinations of various forms. As youwill practice various forms, it will be easy for you to draw adifferent pattern. You can experiment with patterns and mix andmatch them to get a different pattern.Henna Step By StepTutorialget Henna design Step By Step Tutorial here!