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Now with custom aim Improve your skills for the perfect game withCrosshair Generator the powerful crosshair generator. Using thisyou can add crosshair of any size and type on your favorite Appsand FPS games and allows you to test your reflexes and tacticalskills. Become the best player and start playing like a pro!🎯IMPROVE YOUR AIMING AND ACCURACY If you a little bit bored of thestandard cross-hair in all the FPS games and you like to practicein order to dominate on the battleground then you certainly need totry this incredible crosshair generator. With this easy to use andhigh quality powerful crosshair tool you get the ability to improveyour aiming and accuracy with all tools. Add this simplelightweight crosshair tool over your favorite FPS games to improveyour sight in any FPS game you play. fire with custom aim👆CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN CROSS-HAIR Use the crosshair generator as youraim and assistant. Start playing like a pro in battle royale andcustomize your own crosshair by choice, choosing the color you likethe most for the best personalized experience ever. With thesupport, you have the chance to practice, improve your accuracy,becoming an accurate player and kind of FPS with this crosshairapp. this is not aimbot with custom aim 💡TEST YOUR REFLEXES ANDTACTICAL SKILLS Prepare yourself for the perfect game in yourfavorite games by improving your aiming skills. Make yourself thebest player with this crosshair practice in all the first personshooter games you play by testing your reflexes and tacticalskills. Just use this amazing crosshair generator and customize itas you like and easily start playing like a pro with center point💫CROSSHAIR GENERATOR FEATURES ✅ Simple, lightweight and powerfulcrosshair generator ✅ Improve your aiming accuracy ✅ Customize yourown crosshair, center point ✅ Accurate for all tools, aim ✅Practice and become the king of FPS games ✅ Test your reflexes andtactical skills, custom aim ✅ Free for download - aim Add thiscrosshair tool with custom aim to your favorite FPS games toimprove your accuracy and start playing like a pro.Download it nowon Google Play for FREE!

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    CrossHair Generator : Better Accuracy & Aim
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    July 3, 2020
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Selairus International
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    Holy family road, satellite town rawalpindi pakistan
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Router settings Router Admin Setup WiFi Password 2.1.5 APK
Easily access your router settings and control your wifi networkwith the “ - All Router Admin Setup WiFi Password” appNew features including router setup pageand including WiFi Scannerto see who use my wifi. It’s easy, convenient and versatile toolhelping any Android user to manage their router from theirsmartphone. With simple words the app will let you access andmanage router settings setup and LAN settings. It’s great to helpyou understand your internet settings & router setup page 📶 NONEED FOR LAPTOPS & COMPUTERS Configuring a wifi network,changing wifi password, seeing your gateway (the basic is192.168.1.1) was previously only possible to laptop or computers.Now with the power of the Android apps like our app,you can easily configure your router and WLAN settings by simplylogin in, finding your router (we include tons of brands) and takecomplete control. Best App for router password and routerconfiguration and also for wifi password change. We have added wifithief detection by which you can check who use my wifi. WHAT CANYOU DO AS ROUTER ADMIN Manage router app you get several routeradmin features.Seeing what your default gateway is, to getting theexact default username & password for your router brand, thegoal is to give you complete control.That you will also be able tochange wifi password and user name as you want. And the ability tochange internet password, is not only the great feature about thisrouter configuration app. You can also see your IP, lease andservice time and much more! best feature is wifi password change.The best and easy way for you is Router setup page password showwhich is very helpful. We have included which you can use as withto see who use my wifi and become wifi thief detector -All Router Admin Setup WiFi Password features : ✔️ router passwordchange ✔️ default gateway check up ✔️ user and password (logindata) from many router companies ✔️ access to wifi router settingsand LAN settings ✔️ change WIFI password .ptcl ✔️ change internetpassword ✔️Router admin control app Best App for router passwordand router settings. Now you can change password wifi and the easyway for Wifi password change. The best feature of all time isRouter setup page password show from which you can very easilychange router password. It was so much difficult before to changepassword wifi. You can now also do the router password change. Appis best designed for the purpose of router configuration. It worksbest & smoothly with ptcl. With the wifi scanner to see who usemy wifi you can see users on wifi network. If you are eager tocontrol and find out key information about your wifi router, getour app that gives you great administration featuresover your wifi router and internet. Best App for router passwordand wifi router settings with wifi password change. now you canalso change router password. This app works with wps pin routerswhich uses to make a wps connection without password. Getit!.Common gateways are which are very easy.Everyonecan change router password & whenever you need then you canchange password wifi it was so much irritating before whenever youneed to do router password change. Some people may simply refer toit as change internet password. Professionals may need this app forthe router configuration. This app works best with the ptcl. Atlast we also have added support for the new routers featuring wps
Time Lapse Camera & Time Lapse Video 1.1.4 APK
Make use of one of the most powerful time lapse camera apps onGoogle Play. With tons of recording and previewing options, you’llhave all of the needed professional tools for time lapsephotography. All you need is your phone, the Time Lapse Camera& Video and some great landscape. You can easily make stunninghd time lapse camera videos for your own personal collection offavorite places or for YouTube, Vimeo and other video sharingwebsites where you can actually earn from your time lapse videos! 📷Enjoy your Time Lapse Video 📷 EASY TO USE ▶️ You don’t need to betech savvy or a photographer to create stunning time lapse. All youneed is little creativity, great landscape and our time lapsecamera app. Simply tap on 🎥 Start Recording and you’ll createsomething amazing! You can also open previews or view the videosand time lapses in your gallery from within the app until you havethe best final time lapse. get this Time Lapse Video now 📷 GREATCONTROL ▶️ Our time lapse camera app gives great customizationfeatures so you can make the videos work for you! There are 3recording modes for recording normal videos, time lapsed videos andtime lapsed images! Simply choose your preference and createphotography art! You can also pick resolution, playback frame rate,camera capture rate and much more. Time Lapse video is awesome withtime lapse photography. Note this is not a spy camera or hiddencamera only positive use is encouraged 📷 Time Lapse Camera &Video FEATURES ▶️ ✅ easy creation of time lapse video or photos ✅intuitive and easy to use time lapse video camera ✅ 3 recordingmodes for timelapse ✅ ability to adjust frame rate, camera capturerate, playback frame rate ✅ schedule recording for time lapsevideos ✅ ability to stop recording or delay recording with timelapse video camera ✅ get notifications for low battery and lowbattery storage space during hyperlapse --------------- Impressanyone with your favorite and amazing time lapse photography andvideos! A good time lapse video app. this time lapse app is greatfor adventure trips. We have made this time lapse app perfect foreveryone to use. As far the quality is concerned this is the besttime lapse camera. Note this is not a spy camera or hidden camera.Use of this App should be positive. Now you don’t need hi techequipment for time lapse video camera as you can now use your ownmobile phone. This time lapse video app is designed to work withalmost every mobile phone. Time lapse videos were never easy tomake before with simple video recorder App works by using theelapsed time for vidoes as timer camera. The timeframe is adjustedwith best technology. Rent camera is no more needed and hyperlapsecan also be conducted in a similar way. timer cam is very efficientin the App. if you have bulletproof personal camera then you recordin the extreme conditions. In the options included the time tablecamera can also be used as required. By using the front camera youcan also make facelapse videos. As this is the new trend facelapsevideos will be very funny and interesting. Get this great timelapse app today and enjoy Get this light, free and highlyprofessional timelapse App and we may work on time lapse photo app!
DB Sound Meter: Measure Noise Level- Decibel Meter 1.0.1 APK
DB Sound Metter is feature rich sound meter app, ultra-precisenoise meter & environmental noise detector app. The sound levelmeter (SLP) will show decibels of noise level of any room orenvironment you want to measure: traffic, stadium noise, concert,at your home, noise from outside etc. It is a great and helpfultool that can currently show any noise level in db for any arePRECISELY & NEATLY!MULTIPLE USEFUL DATADB Sound Meter is acomprehensive sound level meter app that will display max andminimum db levels so you can view and know how much actually thesound noise is compared to the gauge. The noise level gauge looksneat and clearly displays the levels and numbers with accuratenoise meter. the Decibel Meter is very accurate also called dbmeter .LIGHT & INTUITIVEVery fast and intuitive sound meterdecibel, the sound level meter app will not be hustle to use. Thisis especially handy when you want to measure db fast. Just open theapp and tap the button, in blazing speed you will have themeasurement with this great noise meter app!DB Sound Meter: MeasureNoise Level✔️ neat decibel reader gauge✔️ precise measurements withdb meter✔️ min/max db✔️ receive notifications for a certain noiselevel✔️ display decibel level in a graph with db meter✔️ fast &easy measurements with decibel meter----This tool doesn’t fullyreplace the sound level meter device. It gives good enough andprecise measurement, but for extremely precise measurementespecially for high level decibels, use sound level meter device.again the Decibel Meter is very accurate also called db meterThisauxiliary tool using decibel meter is easy to use and a must haveif you want to know the db level!Get it for FREE now!
WPS WiFi Dumper PRO : WPS Routers ( WPS Connect ) 1.0.2 APK
WiFi Dumper WPS Protect (WPS Connect) is the most efficient WPSprotection system for your android to easily search and connect toWi-Fi routers that are WPS enabled or check if your router has itsown vulnerabilities. Find WPS enabled Wi-Fi routers and protectyour own network! and connect using WPS connectionPLEASE NOTE:Hacking is forbidden and illegal in all regions. Please don’tmisuse this App, this is only for educational purpose and toconnect to your own home wifi network only. I am not responsiblefor the misuse EASILY CONNECT TO WPS ENABLED WIFI ROUTERSThis WiFiDumper WPS Protect (WPS Connect) App offer you to easily andwithout much effort connect to WiFi routers that have the WPSprotocol enabled. With the help of this incredibly helpful andpractical wifi dumper you will be able to search and connect to WPSenabled Wi-Fi routers which have a vulnerability of the WPS byusing algorithms to connect to the WiFi WPS routers. To connect tothe WIFI network you should know the WPS Pin. The App is onlyintended for you own use at your home/office for your own network.and connect using WPS connection. you can check WPS settings inrouter settings2 DIFFERENT CONNECTION METHODS This App offersservices without the root method. No root is required to connect toWPS enabled wifi networks. You can simply put the WPS pin for thewifi network to connect or you can try other pins to check if yourwifi network is secured. This is very direct and simple method toconnect to your wifi network if you have android version 5+. WPSconnection can be established easily and you can check the wpssettings in the router settings. Please note you can check who usemy wifi in router settings tooTRY IT ON YOUR OWN NETWORKIf you wantto find out more about the vulnerability of your own wifi network,you are offered to try and test this on your network. Withverifying your own network vulnerability you will be able to findout if your network is protected or not and fix it by turning offthe WPS, changing your Wi-Fi password, making your network highlystrong and protected. Protect your network and easily findvulnerable Wi-Fi routers whenever you need them with this App! alsocalled wifi dumpper sometimes with the level of WPS Connect. Thebest use of features androdumpper and combined with the bestservice. wps wpa tester it is the best wifi App which have the mapnetwork including the famous WPS unlocker. Once on the wifi you cancheck who use my wifi and become wifi thief detector by removingany strangers on your wifi network using router settings.ANDROIDWIFI DUMPER FEATURES✔️Easy to use, yet extremely useful✔️Find &connect to WPS enabled WiFi routers ✔️No Root required ✔️Easilyfind all networks around you✔️Test the app on your own network✔️Fix the vulnerability of your network ✔️FREE for download- - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -wifi dumpper isequipped with WPS Connect which provides the androdumpper sometimesalso written as dumber because some routers have waps withincluding the wps wpa tester specially. The most important wifikillis also famous but the map network is very useful for everyone whoneeds the WPS unlocker. We have provided list of default wifirouter settings login passwords with username so that you can dowifi thief detection and check who use my wifi to make your wifiwps connection secureGet the most effortless way for you to findWPS enabled WiFi routers around you and protect your own network,download the app now for FREE! With this wifi dumpper which you canuse as a WPS Connect . the app supports the androdumpper sometimescalled the dumber with the ability of waps. The most important toremember is wps wpa tester is best for use and the best wifi withthe special feature of wifi wps wpa tester which is included in theapp for everyone to use is WPS unlocker
Radar - Ghost radar - Hidden Device Detector 1.0.0 APK
Now you can easily detect ghosts andfindhidden devices using this awesome Ghost detectorandHidden Device Detector . it was never been so easy touseghost radar to make fun with your friends. This app has thefeatureof hidden camera detector, hidden microphone detector andotherthings like hidden device detector. This system has made iteasyfor everyone to fool your friends and play with them usingthisradar detector.Excellent Performance. Radar – This technology has made everything easy now inyourmobile phones too. Ghost tracker is used as a radar detectortoshow different item on the radar including hidden devices whichisvery funny and entertaining to fool and play with yourfriends.This is a game actually and a very funny game. This ghostdetectoris for everyone to play with.Main features 🔎1. best hidden device finder.2. simple and easy to use.3. ghost radar.4. ghost detector.5. ghost tracker.6. radar detector.7. hidden camera detector.8. hidden microphone detector.Get this amazing game today to enjoy your life. Best featureisshowing hidden devices around you and other features likeghostdetector. And ghost radar. is awesome.
Hidden Device Detection : Hidden Camera Detection 1.0.2 APK
Now you don’t have to worry about your privacy because of thisawesome app hidden device finder with the best find hidden devicesand hidden camera which is also including spy camera. This Hi TechHidden device detection system now can detect hidden camera, bugs,microphones and other surveillance devices just by using you phone.It was not so easy before to get hidden device detection Now it’sjust the matter of minutes before you detect any hidden devices orthe spy camera in your area including spy camera for personal use.The best feature of the hidden device detection is the way it helpsthe users. This device is best against spy bug devices which willdetect hidden devicesHidden Device Detector features 🔎1. besthidden device finder app2. simple and easy to use Hidden devicedetector3. protects your privacy in the best way by hidden cameradetection4. Spy camera finder5. Hidden mic detection6. Catch spybug devices and detect hidden devices7. hidden camera detector8.hidden microphone detectionHi Tech SystemHidden device detector has2 major features the magnetic sensor and infrared scanner. Thehidden device detection has Magnetic sensor which can detect anyEMF radiation emitted from electronic devices and Infrared scannerwill scan the room/area without light to look for the infraredcameras by using this hidden camera detection tool. It’s very easyto use help can also be found inside the app. Enjoy this hiddendevice detection App 🔎SUPER PERFORMANCEThis hidden camera detectorand locator is designed with smart and easy UI and find hiddenmicrophone detector and bug detector. The App works by detectingradiation from devices. If you worry someone is recording yourconversation this App contains Hidden mic detector This Hiddencamera detection App has built in surveillance detection includingthe hidden microphone detection system and the App will show hiddendevices. It full working and will release your tensions. We haveworked hard to make this hidden camera detection possible for you.No need to worry about spy camera anymore. No one can use secretvideo recorder against you. Get this Hidden camera detection Apptoday and make your life secure. Best hidden camera detector fordaily use.Get this hidden device detector app today to enjoy yourlife. Best feature is showing hidden devices around you and otherfeatures like bug detector is awesome and accurate. Detect hiddendevices now and relax yourself.