1.4 / November 13, 2018
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Crossing Gaps Hero is an effective, unique, simple and impressivegame which you can play with your one finger anytime and anywhere.This game gives you a better and time spending solution where theuser or player can play this game on the smartphones and tablets.Basically, the Crossing Gaps Hero is based on the Adventure gamecategory, where a player completes the levels which are based onthe targeted locations. When you install this game you can see theimpressive user interface of this application, where some of thepillars, animated burn river, bubble cloud you can see which definethe quality of the game. About the Game Playing According to gameinstallation, you can play the crossing gaps hero game with thehelp of these features. An animated person (player) stands on thestarting pillar and make a bridge to go to the second pillar. Theinteresting thing about this game is, in the distance of twopillars you can see the burning river, where if you fall down youcan be out of the game. So, mind the distance between the twopillars and make a perfect bridge which can connect easily twopillars and helpful to land you on the next pillar. Also, the gamefeature provides you treasure hunt feature in this game where youcan earn the golden point or game point. When you reached the 5steps you see a monster with a gun where You can kill him with thegun. The game server provides you 3 lives to go to the next level.The impressive thing about this game is it you can kill the monsterin one gunshot. Crossing Gaps Hero Playing Rules: -Mind thedistance of the pillar. -Make a bridge, according to distance.-Grab the most game points. -Do not make the over-large bridge.-Always make a perfect target to kill the monster with Gun.-Protect your lifeline to kill the monster.

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    Crossing Gaps Hero
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    November 13, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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