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The CrossTec SchoolVue Teacher Assistant is anadd-on to the SchoolVue classroom management software. This appgives teachers the ability to manage and monitor student deviceswhile on the move.

This software is compatible with Android devices and phones.Must be paired with your CrossTec SchoolVue desktop teacherconsole.

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CrossTec SchoolVue Assistant 1.05 APK
The CrossTec SchoolVue Teacher Assistant is anadd-on to the SchoolVue classroom management software. This appgives teachers the ability to manage and monitor student deviceswhile on the move.This software is compatible with Android devices and phones.Must be paired with your CrossTec SchoolVue desktop teacherconsole.
CrossTec SchoolVue Student 2.15.0001 APK
CrossTec SchoolVue extends real-time interaction, control andflexibility to student Android tablets within a SchoolVueclassroom. Teacher to Student Features: Show Screen - Broadcastteachers screen to connected tablets. Students can use screengestures like pinch, pan, and zoom to view key information asneeded. Lock Screen - Teachers can lock student tablet screensensuring student focus. Student Register - Teacher can requestinformation from each students at the start of each class, creatinga detailed register from the information provided. The requestedinformation can be customized by the teacher. Connection - Theteacher can either browse for available tablets (from the SchoolVuedesktop) or allow students to connect directly to the relevantclass. Lesson Objectives - Teacher can deliver details of thecurrent lesson including overall lesson objectives and expectedoutcomes. Messaging - The teacher can deliver a preset orcustomized message to one, some, or all tablets. Students receivean audible and visual notification when a message is received. Chat- Both the teacher and the student can initiate chat sessions andparticipate in chat sessions. Survey - Teachers can deliver 'on thefly' surveys to gauge student understanding. Students respond inreal time and results are tabulated and can be shown to the wholeclass giving the students instant feedback. Help Request - Studentscan privately alert the teacher that they need assistance. Theteacher can initiate one-on-one communication. Additionally a redbar appears at the top of the student tablet, allowing the teacherto easily see who requires assistance while walking around theroom. Configuration Settings - Teachers can preconfigure eachtablet with the required connectivity settings or push settings outvia the SchoolVue desktop teacher. *Android v4.0 or later.**CrossTec SchoolVue v11.30 or later. If you are new to CrossTecSchoolVue, the CrossTec Android Student requires the SchoolVuedesktop teacher. You can download the Teacher atwww.crosstecsoftware.com and try it free for 30 days. Please Note:This app uses the Device Administrator permission.
CrossTec EMS Console 2.10.0000 APK
This app is provided as a supporting tool for CrossTec EMS, acomplete IT Asset Management solution, delivering a suite offeatures to help support the management and maintenance of ITassets across any company or school enterprise. The EMS mobile appallows a Technician, when away from their desk, to search for andview a detailed Hardware and Software Inventory for any PC on thenetwork. The mobile app also includes a QR code scanner to helpinstantly identify any PC, either from an on-screen QR codedisplayed by EMS, or from a label fixed to the device. CrossTec EMSalso provides a QR code label creation facility, including supportfor custom details. Histories of all hardware changes as well asany software installs or removals are also shown on the app. Inaddition to the Inventory and History views, the mobile app alsohighlights any new PC alerts that have triggered across thenetwork. If you’re new to CrossTec EMS, learn more atwww.crosstecsoftware.com/ems.html and download the required Server,desktop Console and Agent (Client) components needed to completeyour installation. Note: To connect this app to your CrossTec EMSinstallation you need to download the EMS Web Server from ourwebsite.
CrossTec EMS Agent 1.00.0000 APK
This app is for use with CrossTec EMS Server, a complete IT AssetManagement solution, delivering a suite of features to help supportthe management and maintenance of IT assets across any enterprise.In addition to the product’s core functionality managing desktopdevices, this additional inventory Agent is available for mobiledevices. When launched, the app will interrogate the device togather key system hardware details. The data collected can then besent to your local CrossTec EMS Server and will then be availablefor reporting within the EMS management Console. For moreinformation on CrossTec EMS or to download the required Server,Console and desktop Agent components needed to complete your EMSinstallation, visit www.crosstecsoftware.com/ems.html.
CrossTec Remote Control Client 1.10.00 APK
This app is for use with CrossTec Remote Control, theleading,multi-platform Remote Control software solution. Forinstallationon Android tablets and smartphones (Android 4 orlater), the newClient app gives an existing CrossTec RemoteControl* user theability to remotely connect to Android devices,enabling real-timeinteraction and support. * CrossTec RemoteControl v12.50 or laterWindows Control application required. If youare new to CrossTecRemote Control or need to upgrade, you candownload a free 30-daytrial version of the Windows desktop Controlatwww.CrossTecSoftware.com. Key features when connecting toAndroidtablets and smartphones: - Connect by PIN: CrossTecRemoteControl’s quick and easy PIN Connect feature allows seamlessandsecure connectivity between the Client device and Control simplybysharing a matching code. (CrossTec’s PIN Server module, includedasstandard with CrossTec Remote Control, needs to be installed onaWindows PC.) - Message: Client devices can receive textmessagesbroadcast by the Control user. - Chat: Both the Client andControlcan initiate a one-to-one text Chat session. The Client canalsojoin a group discussion initiated by the Control. - FileTransfer:The Control user can transfer files to and from the Clientdevicefor total flexibility and ease of working. WiFi/BatteryIndicators:The Control can view the current status of wirelessnetworks anddisplay battery strength for connected Client devices.- ScreenCapture: During a remote control session, the Control cancapturescreenshots from the Client device to aid problemsolving.Additionally, for supported devices**: - The Control canviewthumbnails of connected Android devices. - Zoom in to view alargerthumbnail of any selected Client device. - The Controlcandiscreetly view (Watch Mode) or remote control (Share Mode)thescreen of any connected Client device. ** Supported devicesarefrom those vendors who have provided the additionalaccessprivileges needed for screen monitoring on their devices.TheCrossTec Remote Control Client for Android can be usedwithexisting CrossTec Remote Control licenses (if there aresufficientunused licenses).