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Tired of traditional rote memorization methods? Turn learning intoa game with CrossWards, a clever new series of crossword-puzzleapps designed for students craving an interactive and entertainingform of review. The crossword puzzles cover the critical conceptsand questions needed to ace rotations and the USMLE Step 1. Everypuzzle is a wonderful memory aid that won’t put students to sleepas they learn. Imagine that -- a fun-yet-fundamental medicalstudent review!Combining highly relevant content with unmatchedportability, this app lets you learn at your own pace, whereverlife takes you. The CrossWards USMLE Step 1 app provides 44engaging crossword puzzles organized across a series of medicaltopics, diseases, or body systems, often found on medical boardsand the USMLE. Easily track your progress as you go and, if you getstymied, just click on the app’s magic wand for a clue. By taking afun and innovative approach to studying, CrossWards USMLE Step 1offers medical students a new way to learn. Presenting key termsand concepts in a game format, the app provides a new avenue forexam preparation, giving busy students the knowledge they need tomaster the USMLE and medical boards and begin rewardingprofessional careers.Have a question or would like to share yourfeedback? Please send us an email at:[email protected]© 2014 Lippincott Williams& Wilkins, a Wolters Kluwer business. All rights reserved.

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Lange Medical Flash Cards 1.2 APK
Optimize your study time with thiscomprehensive and easy-to-use app. With content derived fromMcGraw-Hill’s highly respected Lange Flash Card series, the appprovides a thorough review of each medical topic available in theapp’s downloadable library. The free starter pack includes 10complimentary flash cards in each topic which are expandable to thecomplete set through in-app purchase.Available topics include:· Junqueira’s High Yield Basic Histology· Biochemistry and Genetics· Histology and Cell Biology Review· Microbiology and Infectious Diseases· Pathology· Pharmacology· CURRENT Pediatrics· More titles to come* Junqueira's High-Yield Basic Histology Flash Cards are aquick, fun, and fast way for you to review the clinical relevancebetween histological structure and function. Derived fromJunqueira's Basic Histology, the field's leading text and atlas.One side of the card includes an image with arrows asking you toidentify specific areas; the flip side provides the answer andincludes the medical relevance to the image on the front.*Lange Biochemistry and Genetics Flash Cards include clinicalcases that provide complete, concise coverage of the biochemicaland genetic diseases tested on the USMLE Step 1 and in basicscience courses. With a strong focus on the clinical aspects ofbiochemical and genetic disease, the flash cards emphasize boardrelevant coverage making it easy to compare and contrast diseases.Each disease-specific card includes a clinical vignette withimportant disease facts highlighted for rapid review.*Lange Flash Cards Histology and Cell Biology Review Flash Cardsare a quick, concise, and effective way to review the essentialconcepts and methods of cell biology. Each of the 249 cards featurea high-yield study question that directs you to material that mostoften appears on exams. Answers appear on the flip side of thecard. Flash cards are the perfect way for you to quickly identifygaps in your knowledge, allowing you to concentrate your study onyour weakest areas.*Lange Flash Cards Microbiology & Infectious Diseases are aquick, concise, and effective way to review the essential conceptsof microbiology. These cards help you learn the medically importantaspects of the subject and cover the basic and clinical aspects ofbacteriology, virology, mycology, parasitology, and infectiousdiseases. The cards feature a clinical vignette that is a mini-casestudy of the disease as well as the etiology and epidemiology,pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, laboratory diagnosis, andtreatment and prevention of the disorder.*Lange Pathology Flash Cards are a fun, fast way to review theessential aspects of pathology for the USMLE Step 1 and courseexams. Each card covers a specific disease or drug with a clinicalvignette and high-yield facts highlighted in bold print.*Lange Pharmacology Flash Cards are a fun, fast, convenient wayfor students to review for coursework and exams. Cards detail aspecific drug, with high-yield facts bolded and include a clinicalvignette as well as similar drugs, mechanism of action, clinicaluses and side effects.*Lange CURRENT Pediatrics Flash Cards are a fun, fast way forclinicians to review the major diseases and disorders in children.Derived from the bestselling CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment:Pediatrics, 21e, the app contains 200 cards which focus on clinicalfindings, laboratory findings, differential diagnosis, treatment,and prognosis. With at-a-glance bulleted text designed to speedstudy and retention, this comprehensive study aid enables effectivelearning on the go.Have a question or would like to share your feedback, pleasesend us an email at: [email protected]
Biochemistry Lippincott's Q&A 1.0 APK
Busy? Tired? Facing a mountain of material to master? Take controlof your biochemistry study schedule with this easy to use app basedon the highly respected textbook, Lippincott’s Illustrated Q&AReview of Biochemistry. Combining highly relevant content withunmatched portability, this app lets you learn at your own pace,wherever life takes you. Written in the clinical vignette-styleused in the USMLE and medical boards, the questions assess theuser’s ability to integrate basic and clinical science in order tosolve problems. Heavily illustrated with photos or pathwaydiagrams, this app provides a compelling, comprehensive review ofmajor concepts in biochemistry. Free initial download presents 25questions and detailed explanations across 21 key subject areaswith more than 400 questions available through in-app purchase. ·Biochemical Compounds · Protein Structure and Function · DNAStructure · RNA Synthesis · Protein Synthesis · Regulation of GeneExpression · Molecular Medicine and Techniques · Energy MetabolismOverview · Hormones and Signaling Mechanisms · Glycolysis andGluconeogenesis · TCA Cycle and Oxidative Phosphorylation ·Glycogen Metabolism · Fatty Acid Metabolism · HMP Shunt and OxygenRadicals · Amino Acid Metabolism and the Urea Cycle · PhospholipidMetabolism · Whole-body Lipid Metabolism · Purine/PyrimidineMetabolism · Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome · Nutrition andVitamins · Human Genetics and Cancer With this app, personalizingyour study plan is simple. Flag problematic questions as you go,design customized quizzes, and assess your progress using the app’sdetailed analytics including quiz history, strength by category,and weekly progress. By offering a rigorous review of key conceptsand facts, Lippincott’s Illustrated Q&A Review of Biochemistryapp gives users the knowledge they need to master the USMLE andmedical boards and begin rewarding professional careers. Have aquestion or would like to share your feedback? Please send us anemail at: [email protected]
Biochemistry LANGE Flash Cards 1.2 APK
Whoever said that studying had to be a chore? With the Biochemistryand Genetics Flash Cards by LANGE, you have the power to turn studytime into play time. With content derived from the Lange FlashCards Biochemistry and Genetics set by Suzanne J. Baron, MD andChristoph Lee, MD, MSHS, this app provides a comprehensive reviewof the subject. Flash Cards include clinical cases that providecomplete, concise coverage of the biochemical and genetic diseasestested on the USMLE Step 1 and in basic science courses. With astrong focus on the clinical aspects of biochemical and geneticdisease, the flash cards emphasize board relevant coverage makingit easy to compare and contrast diseases. Each disease-specificcard includes a clinical vignette with important disease factshighlighted for rapid review.The free initial download presents 10cards organized into 8 categories:* Carbohydrate Metabolism* LipidMetabolism* Amino Acid Metabolism* Nucleotide Metabolism* HemeMetabolism* Steroid Hormone Synthesis* Nutrition* GeneticsTest youroverall knowledge by reviewing flash cards from all categories ortarget areas of weakness by focusing on a specific category. Need amore intensive review? Then download the complete set of 126clinical cases by making an in-app purchase of $32.99. Have aquestion or would like to share your feedback? Please send us anemail at: [email protected]
USMLE Pathology Flashcards 4.70.2291 APK
With Pathology Flashcards by LANGE, preparing for the USMLE ormedical boards will be a breeze. As life rushes by, optimize yourpreparation time by using this powerful app anytime, anywhere.Great for last-minute studying on clinical rotations, this app isthe perfect tool to have at your fingertips. The full versionincludes 296 flashcards written by medical students at YaleUniversity, the information included in these Pathology Flashcardsis not only relevant but presented in a clear, concise manner. Witheach topic introduced by a clinical vignette, the user will beforced to think in terms of patient care instead of relying uponrote memorization. Overall, this app offers an intense, streamlinedreview in the days and weeks before your exam. Pathology Flashcardsby LANGE is a rigorous review of key pathological concepts. Withineach category there is a selection of clinical vignettes requiringthe application of textbook knowledge to real-life scenarios. Eachvignette covers a specific disease or disorder with high-yieldfacts in italics. Topics Covered: · Hematologic and LymphoreticularSystem· Vascular System· The Heart· Respiratory System·Gastrointestinal System· Renal System· Endocrine System·Reproductive System· Nervous System· Musculoskeletal System· TheSkin· Immune System· Chromosomal DisordersOur client success teamis available from 8am to 6pm, Monday - Friday (except on majorholidays).Call at 319-246-5299 or email us at [email protected] any questions. About the Authors:Suzanne J Baron, is a medicalstudent at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.Christoph Lee,is a medical student at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.
gFlash+ Flashcards & Tests 2.34 APK
Studying on the go has never been this easy!Long recognized as the best free flashcard app on the market,gFlash+ offers users a robust platform for creating, downloading,and manipulating flashcards in every subject under the sun. Withthis latest release, users not only have access to the gWhizCatalog on their Android device but can utilize Google Docs tocreate and store card sets. These new features combined with itsinnovative implementation of the Leitner learning method makegFlash+ an indispensable learning tool for students of all ages.Free Features:· No limits on the number of flash cards or card sets· Fast Google Docs integration - create your cards in a GoogleSpreadsheet and then just download into the app· Ability to download from and share card sets with the gWhizCatalog· 5 star performance scoring - track your improvement!· Multiple choice· Multisided support· Image support· HTML supportThis new version of gFlash+ also comes with configurableupgrades!Available in-app purchases:· Premium branded content for Essential GRE Words, MCAT, SATVocabulary and Math, ACT, CNOR, NCLEX-RN, Nursing, EMT, RealEstate, Architect Registration Examination (ARE), LEED GreenAssociate (GA), Veterinary Board Exam Review, AP Biology, U.S.History, World History, European History, Microeconomics,Macroeconomics, Psychology, Art History, and more created byleading educational publishers including Kaplan, Barron's,McGraw-Hill, For Dummies, Wiley Publishing, PPI, CCI, FLVS, and VetBoard Games.· Access to over 50 million 3rd party card set sources from Quizletand StudyStack· Ad removalHere at gWhiz we are committed to customer satisfaction. Withover 1 million users of gFlash+, we have received valuable feedbackand suggestions for improvement. We have integrated many of thesenew features in our latest release. So give it a whirl! We're sureyou'll agree that gFlash+ is the finest flashcard mobileapplication on the market today.For more information about our products, please visit ourwebsite at www.gwhizmobile.com. If you have comments or suggestionsfor future improvements, please send an e-mail to [email protected] You canalso find us on Facebook and Twitter.
Microbiology LANGE Flash Cards 1.5 APK
Studying for exams just got a little easier. Let the experts atLANGE optimize your preparation time with this must-have app.Comprised of 143 high-yield flashcards with a clinical vignette onevery disease-specific card covering a myriad of topics from basicbacteriology to opportunistic mycoses, this app provides a quick,concise, and effective way to review the essential concepts ofmicrobiology. Besides the clinical vignettes, the Microbiology andInfectious Diseases Lange Flash Cards app helps you learn themedically important aspects of the subject and covers the basic andclinical aspects of bacteriology, virology, mycology, parasitology,and infectious diseases.With the flashcards arranged into 30 majorscientific categories, this app not only provides a comprehensivereview of the basics of microbiology but also allows the user todelve into the details. At the top of each card, the app features aclinical vignette that is a mini-case study of the disease whilebelow it presents the etiology and epidemiology, pathogenesis,clinical manifestations, laboratory diagnosis, and treatment andprevention of the disorder. By allowing users to focus on areas ofgreatest interest, the app provides an iterative study method,allowing cards to be saved as known, unknown, or mastered. Greatfor last-minute studying on clinical rotations, this app is theperfect tool to have at your fingertips. Derived from the highlyrespected LANGE Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Flash Cardstext published by McGraw-Hill, this powerful app will deliverresults - fast. About the Authors:Kenneth D. Somers, PhD Professor,Microbiology and Molecular Cell Biology Eastern Virginia MedicalSchool Norfolk, VA Stephen A. Morse, MSPH, PhD Associate Directorfor Environmental Microbiology National Center for Emerging andZoonotic Infectious Diseases Centers for Disease Control andPrevention Atlanta, GAHave a question or would like to share yourfeedback? Please send us an email at: [email protected]
Microbiology and Immunology 1.0 APK
Busy? Tired? Facing a mountain of material to master? Take controlof your study schedule with this easy to use app based on thehighly respected textbook, Lippincott’s Illustrated Q&A Reviewof Microbiology and Immunology. Combining highly relevant contentwith unmatched portability, this app lets you learn at your ownpace, wherever life takes you. Written in the clinicalvignette-style used in both the USMLE and COMLEX, the questionsassess the user’s ability to integrate basic and clinical sciencein order to solve problems. With detailed explanations of thecorrect answer as well as each distracter, this app provides acomprehensive review of major concepts in medical microbiology andimmunology. Free initial download presents 25 questions anddetailed explanations across 7 key subject areas with over 300questions available through in-app purchase. · Bacteriology ·Virology · Mycology · Parasitology · Infectious Diseases · BasicImmunology · Clinical Immunology With this app, personalizing yourstudy plan is simple. Flag problematic questions as you go, designcustomized quizzes, and assess your progress using the app’sdetailed analytics including quiz history, strength by category,and weekly progress. By offering a rigorous review of key conceptsand facts, Lippincott’s Illustrated Q&A Review of Microbiologyand Immunology app gives users the knowledge they need to masterthe USMLE, COMLEX, and medical boards and begin rewardingprofessional careers. Have a question or would like to share yourfeedback? Please send us an email at: [email protected]
FAR Test Bank - Wiley CPA Exam 2.1 APK
Get ready for FAR with 1454 MCQs in one mobile app!**Based on 2012AICPA Content Specifications.**Wiley CPA Exam Review Test BankOn-the-Go: Financial Accounting and Reporting lets you maximizestudy time and hone essential test-taking skills anywhere you cancarry your mobile device. Select practice questions by module. Setflags. See hints and answer rationale. Based on the same provenWiley Online Test Bank format used by many major live courseproviders, you can now easily add vital study time to your pre-examroutine anywhere, anytime. This Universal Android App is producedby Wiley Global Finance, the same authoritative source that hashelped over half a million CPA candidates attain certification overthe past 40 years.FEATURES INCLUDE:- Over 1400 drill questions-Exam-like Multiple Choice Format (MCQ)- Exam Mode (answer not shownuntil later)- Study Mode (answer shown after each Question)- ScoreTracking & Filters (flagged, incorrect)- Choose Module Areas toFocus OnCOMPARE APPS: TEST BANK VS. FOCUS NOTESIf you want topractice exam-style MCQ format get this app. For learning the keyconcepts, rules and criteria of an exam section module-by-moduleuse our 4-star+ rated "Focus Notes" apps.CONTENT AUTHORS:PATRICK R.DELANEY, PhD, CPA, (Chicago, IL) was the Arthur Andersen LLP AlumniProfessor of Accountancy at Northern Illinois University and theauthor of bestselling books, audios, and software in the Wiley CPAExamination Review System. O. RAY WHITTINGTON, PhD, CPA, CMA, CIA,(Chicago, IL) is Dean of the College of Commerce and KellstadtGraduate School of Business at DePaul University.