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Are you ready to fill streets of a city with crowd ofzombies?Gather your army of zombies and like tsunami rush with yourcrowdthrough streets of city. Create your own zombie apocalypse andaddzombies of other players to your crowd. Show the city thattsunamiof zombies will erase everything from streets of the city.Rushthrough the streets of the city with your zombie army and addmoreunits to your crowd by touching usual citizens in oursurvivalsimulator. Creating zombie apocalypse in our survivalsimulator isa fun thing, so show the city how zombie tsunami lookslike. Rushwith your zombie army through streets of the city in oursurvivalsimulator. Add to your crowd usual people and zombies ofotherplayers, but make sure that their crowd is smaller than yourarmyis. Create local apocalypse in this survival simulator.Rushthrough the city with your crowd of zombies and like atsunamierase everything from streets of the city in our newsurvivalsimulator: Crowd City: Zombie Survival. In this survivalsimulator,you will create a small zombie apocalypse. Rush throughthe citylike a tsunami. Gather your crowd of zombies and createanapocalypse. Erase everything from your way. Make streets ofthecity empty with your zombie tsunami. Start with one zombieandcreate a crowd by touching people. When you will have a smallarmyof zombies, find weaker crowds of other players, add them toyourcrowd and create a zombie tsunami. Evade crowds, which havemorezombies, as they can eliminate your army. Rush through thecitywith your crowd and create a real zombie apocalypse,eraseeverything that moves from streets of the city in our newsurvivalsimulator. Share this survival simulator with your friendsand findout who will create the biggest crowd in the game. Show tothe citypower of a zombie tsunami in our survival simulator. CrowdCity:Zombie Survival is a free to play simulator of zombieapocalypse.Like a tsunami, rush with your zombie crowd thorough thestreets ofthe city. Start with one zombie and create movingapocalypse byadding usual people to your crowd. Eliminate crowds ofotherplayers with your zombie tsunami. Erase everything, which laysonway of your zombie tsunami. Call your friends and compete.Showyour friends that your crowd will be the biggest in the city.Startcreating a zombie apocalypse in our new survival simulator.

App Information Crowd City: Zombie Survival

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    Crowd City: Zombie Survival
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    January 11, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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Unicorn Surprise: Eggs Dolls 3.0 APK
Have you ever seen a surprise toy eggs with cute unicorndollsinside? Well, now you will see something better. Our toy eggsnowhave miraculous unicorn dolls inside and contains many coolthingslike sprays, stickers, toys, bowl and even clothes for yourunicorndolls, so it will have some time to entertain itself anddress upor enjoy games with other unicorn dolls. New eggs have aconfettiblast effect, when you open it and awesome design, but ithas thesame mechanics as previous eggs. Open the egg with confettiblasteffect to earn unicorn dolls and items for your newprincessunicorn. No one knows which princess unicorn or item youwill earnfrom these toy eggs with confetti surprise. Our new freesimulator:Unicorn Surprise: Eggs Dolls bring you a new collectionof princessunicorn dolls. From these shiny cute toy eggs withconfettisurprise, you may earn princess unicorn dolls, clothes forthem,stickers, magical sprays, bowls, or toys for your unicorndolls.Let your princess unicorn play with its toys or to dress upwithother unicorn dolls. Each item will be stored and sorted atspecialstorage toy egg. Simulator saves everything you have earnedfromour toy eggs with confetti surprise. Moreover, you do not havetopay at all for opening surprise eggs with toys, your inventoryhasendless amount of eggs with confetti surprise, which means youcanearn countless number of princess unicorn dolls. Dress upyourdolls, play with them or let them play with toys, which youcanalso find in our surprise toy eggs with confetti surprise.UnicornSurprise: Eggs Dolls is a free to play simulator ofopeningsurprise toy eggs with confetti surprise. Earn thebiggestcollection of princess unicorn dolls and their inventory.Gainevery spray, sticker, bowl and toys in our new simulator. Playwithyour princess unicorn dolls, dress up your dolls or let themplaywith their toys or let them spend some free time withotherunicorns. This simulator is your best choice to spend somefreetime in a company of great dolls from new collection.Furthermore,you will definitely like graphics and new confettisurprise effect,when you open our toy eggs. Download our freesimulator and startopening toy eggs with confetti surprise now!Dress up your princessunicorn dolls.
Cardboard Survival Island Life 1.1 APK
Get ready to explore the card life and spend some days in cardboardworld! Card life is unusual and fascinating. You can investigatecube mines of cardboard island or just stroll through the cubeworld. In this survival sandbox every day of your could be the lastday, so find cardboard supplies, craft various items, which willhelp you in your survival on the island and find out how cardboardcharacters live. Make sure that your last day on Cardboard Islandis far away and explore the island. Find cardboard creatures inmines and use those cardboard cubes to craft food. Prove yourselfthat you can live on island easily in our new survival sandbox:Cardboard Survival Island Life. In this survival sandbox, you haveone simple target: keep your last day as far as you can andsurvive. Crafting will help you in this cube world. Craft swords,and axes to survive on the cube island. Craft pickaxe to findsomething useful in cardboard mine. For crafting you need just apiece of cardboard, cut out what you need and use this item tosurvive. Create a house or at least a shelter for your cubecharacter. Keep an eye on his card life, make sure he will not meethis last day on the cardboard island because of starvation. Sharethis survival sandbox with your friends and find out who willsurvive longer on Cardboard Island. Be the first one to exploremines and craft a shelter or a small cardboard house, show yourfriend, that surviving on Cube Island is an easy task for you.Cardboard Survival Island Life is a free to play survival simulatorof the card life. Investigate the cardboard island with its cubemines. Craft a shelter and items for your character and make surethat his last day on this island is far away. Prepare yourcardboard pickaxe and go, find something useful in mines. Find outhow real card life feels. Call your friends and together exploremines of Cube Island. Card life is fascinating and you have achance to see it on this cardboard island. Find unusual cardboardcreatures and use them, to survive longer on the Cube Island.Download our survival sandbox and start your own card life.
Dolls Surprise: Eggs Hit Throw 1.0 APK
Can you pop the toy egg by hitting it with zip-locker usingyourfirst try? Now our toy balls are locked and your target is tothrowzip-locker and hit toy egg with surprise. Our toy eggs nowlockedbut still contains boy dolls, clothes for them and many coolthingslike sprays, stickers or balls for your boy doll, so he willhavesome time to entertain himself and enjoy some balls game. Newtoyballs have confetti surprise effect and awesome design, but ithasthe same mechanics as previous eggs. Your target is tothrowzip-locker into the toy boll and hit your target to popthesurprise egg to and earn boy doll and items for your newdoll.Throw zip-locker into the toy egg and hit your target to popit andfind out what is hidden under confetti surprise effect.DollsSurprise: Eggs Hit Throw has new toy balls, which you cannotpop soeasily. In this simulator, your target is to open toy ballswithconfetti surprise. From these shiny cute toy eggs, you may earnboydolls, clothes for them, stickers, magical sprays or balls foryourboy dolls. Let boys dolls throw balls to spend some free timeandentertain themselves. Each item will be stored and sortedatspecial storage toy ball. Simulator saves everything youhaveearned from our dolls toy surprise eggs. Moreover, you do nothaveto pay at all for opening toy eggs with dolls, your inventoryhasendless amount of toy balls with dolls inside, which means youcanearn uncountable number of boy dolls. Just remember thatyourtarget is to throw the zip-locker into the egg and hit yourtargetto pop the egg and reveal what is hidden under confettisurpriseeffect. Change outlook of your dolls, play with them, andlet themplay with balls, which you can also find in our toy eggs.Just hitthe toy egg by throwing zip-locker into the target and earnyourdolls. You will like confetti surprise effect when you pop theegg.Dolls Surprise: Eggs Hit Throw is a free to play simulatorofopening surprise toy eggs with dolls inside. Earn thebiggestcollection of boy dolls and their inventory. Gain everyspray,sticker and balls in our new simulator. Play with your boydolls,change their outfit or let them play with balls. Thissimulator isyour best choice to spend some free time in a companyof great boydolls, which comes with confetti surprise effect.Furthermore, youwill definitely like graphics and new toy eggsdesign, now youcannot open the toy ball so easily. To pop the egghit the targetwith zip-locker and find out what is hidden under theconfettisurprise effect. Download our free simulator and startthrowingzip-locker into the target on toy eggs.
Balls in Love: Happy Draw Bump 1.0 APK
Lead the glass balls to their bump of love in our newpuzzlesimulator! Draw a colorful line to solve puzzle and matchballs,make these glass balls full of love bump into each other inour newhappy simulator. Balls in Love: Happy Draw Bump is our newhappysimulator, which will give your brain a little workout. Inthishappy simulator, you will have to bump glass balls into eachother,many levels awaits you, each following level is harderthanprevious one. Just draw a colorful line to match glass ballsandpass the level. Will you solve every puzzle in our happysimulator?Only your correct colorful line can cause bumping ofglass balls,so get ready to draw! In this bump of love simulator,your onlytarget is to match glass balls. Just draw a colorful lineto createa path for one of balls to help them bump into each otherand fallin love. In this game, you will find many completelydifferentlevels. Each following level is harder than the previousone, soyou will have to make your brain work in the most productiveway.Creating the correct colorful line is not the easiest thing,sothink twice, if one of glass balls will fall down, you willbreakthe happy love of those balls and will have to pass thelevelagain. For completing each level of our happy simulator oflove,you will earn points. Earn as many love points as you can andshareyour achievements with your friends. Show everyone that youcanbump glass balls on every level of the game. Balls in Love:HappyDraw Bump is a free to play happy simulator of love. If youarebored or just need some brain workout this puzzle simulator isyourbest choice. Solve the puzzle and draw a colorful line tobumpglass balls into each other. Mobile blocks, tricky places andothervarious puzzles are waiting for you in our levels. Proveeveryonethat it is not a big deal for you to solve those puzzles.Completeevery available level and share this weighty achievementwith yourfriends. Show everybody that your colorful lines alwayslead glassballs to bump of love. Just download our puzzle simulatorand startbrainstorming. Even though this puzzle simulator istricky, it willbring you much fun and bright emotions.
Box Surprise: Dolls Girls 6.0 APK
Have you ever seen a dolls surprise toy eggs with cute girlsinside? Well, now you will see something better. Our toy eggs nowhave shape of a box and contains girl dolls, clothes for them andmany cool toys like sprays, stickers, drinking bottle or balls foryour girl doll. Maybe she will have some time to entertain herselfin the romance club or enjoy games with toys balls. New eggs haveshape of a box, bunny blast effect, when you open it and awesomedesign, but it has the same mechanics as previous eggs. Open thebox to earn girl doll and items for your new doll. No one knowswhich girl doll or toys you will earn from these toy box shapedeggs with bunny blast effect. Box Surprise: Dolls Girls will bringyou a new collection of dolls. From these shiny cute toy box shapedeggs with bunny blast effect, you may earn girl dolls, clothes forthem, stickers, magical sprays, drinking bottles or balls for yourgirl dolls. Let girls dolls enter the romance club or play withtoys and balls to spend some free time and entertain themselves.Each item will be stored and sorted at special storage toy box.Simulator saves everything you have earned from our dolls surprisetoy box shaped eggs. Moreover, you do not have to pay at all foropening dolls surprise box shaped eggs with new bunny blast effect,your inventory has endless amount of dolls surprise boxes, whichmeans you can earn uncountable number of girl dolls. Change outlookof your dolls, play with them, let them enter the romance club orplay with toys and balls, which you can also find in our dollssurprise boxes. Box Surprise: Dolls Girls is a free to playsimulator of opening dolls surprise box shaped toy eggs with newbunny blast effect. Earn the biggest collection of dolls surprisegirls and their inventory. Gain every spray, sticker, drinkingbottle, balls and let those dolls enter the romance club in our newsimulator. Play with your girl dolls, change their outfit or letthem enter the romance club or let them play with toys or balls.This simulator is your best choice to spend some free time in acompany of great girl dolls from new collection. Furthermore, youwill definitely like graphics, box shaped eggs design and new bunnyblast effect, they are just awesome. Download our free simulatorand start opening dolls surprise boxes now! Girl dolls are waitingfor you.
Merge Cats: Idle Tycoon! 1.3 APK
Become a tycoon by starting business with cats’ race in a mine.There are no place for idle cats, only energetic and sporty cats,which came through evolution are allowed. Let your cats run in thismeow clicker game and let them turn you into a tycoon. Each timeyour kitten completes a lap it will bring you some money. Spendyour money to buy new cats or on evolution of old ones and earnmore money. Merge your cats into cat of more luxury breed, who willrun faster and bring you more money. Find out what life of tycoonis in our new meow clicker simulator. Let your kittens bring youall money from this mine, merge them, watch their evolution andearn so much money that you will not be able to count. Idle catswill not bring you any money, so put your energetic kittens intothemine and merge them to watch their evolution and increase yourfortune. Become an idle tycoon in our new meow clicker simulator:Merge Cats: Idle Tycoon! In this meow clicker simulator, you haveone simple target: Become the richest tycoon in the mine. You havea usual cat of no breed. Put it into a mine to earn some money.Each time your kittens complete the lap in mine you will earnmoney. Spend money to buy new cats. You can merge your cats to runthe process of evolution and create new kitten of more luxurybreed, which will bring you more money. Invade this meow mine withyour kittens and let them make a meow run. Sometimes we will dropyou a meow box to you. You can find new kittens to merge in thismeow box. Share this game with your friends and find out who willbecome an idle tycoon faster. Show everyone that your cats willbring you billions. Become an idle tycoon in our meow clickersimulator. Merge Cats: Idle Tycoon! is a free to play meow clickersimulator. Become an idle tycoon in our game. There is no place foridle cats in the mine of our simulator. So merge your energetickittens watch their evolution and put them into the mine. Put thatmany cats, that they will bring you billions in a second. Showeveryone that you are the richest idle tycoon here. Call yourfriends and play together. Find out whose cats will have theloudest meow. How many energetic kittens could be placed insidethis mine? Being an idle tycoon is not difficult, so merge yourcats and put them inside the mine in our new meow clickersimulator.