1.0.24 / November 1, 2017
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Play Crystal Rush and become the best there is! Editor's ChoiceAward Arcade Game! Crystal Rush! is the newest game from ArtikGames. In this epic tap game you will be in pursuit of the highestscores by shooting color arrows at the precise time! Destroy allthe colored shapes, as they closs in on your crystals. You need toprotect and defend them at all cost. How to Play: Watch yourarrowhead Color and Tap to shoot at the corresponding Geometricalfigure! Master the technique and become the best there is! Don'ttap wrong otherwise you need to start all over again Support us andget more of these awesome games! If you're enjoying Crystal Rush!please rate our game of leave a comment to further support us.Thank you in advance for the support. For suggestions and orfeedback you can leave a comment!Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/artikgamesTwitterhttps://www.twitter.com/artikgamesInstagramhttps://www.instagram.com/artik.games/

App Information CRYSTAL RUSH!

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    November 1, 2017
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    Android 3.0 and up
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    Artik Games
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    Nijkampenweg 33 7815GB Emmen The Netherlands
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The ultimate time killer to slay your boredom! Tower Builder is aaddicting tower block stacking game. The higher you construct yourbuilding 🏢, the higher your score. 📈 Tower Builder was ranked astop 1 in Arcade Games among many countries! With over 2.000.000downloads worldwide! 🏆Building your construction seems easy, but ittakes some practice and perfect timing to build the tallestskyscraper in town. You’ll need good hand-eye coordination todefeat your friends highscores. 🎯 Tower Builder is perfect to killsome time when you’re bored at school, while traveling or sittingbehind your desk at the office. You'll love this game for it! 🕟Game features 🏢 Improves your reflex skills🏢 Colorful arcade stylegraphics🏢 Easy to play, hard to master🏢 No time limit🏢 Endlessgameplay🏢 Playable with one hand🏢 Compete with friendsPut yoursafety helmet on and prevent bricks from tumbling down the avenuesof your metropolis! 👷 The sky has no limit! In our most anticipatedupcoming update you can build your own controversial gold platedTrump Tower. 💰 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artikgamesInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/artik.gamesTwitter:https://www.twitter.com/artikgames Website:https://www.artikgames.comContact: [email protected]
Splashy Cats: Endless ZigZag! 1.0.31 APK
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Join & compete with over 2 Million Splashy Cats fans Worldwide!Don’t miss out on the fun!WELCOME TO THE AMAZING WORLD OF SPLASHYCATS★ Grab your tree branch and swim over endlessly beautifulrivers, but look out for birds and frogs... don't let them distractyou! ★ Discover Legendary Cats, each comes with a new world toexplore!! ★ Collect over 32 famous & pop art inspiredcharacters!★ Simple, pure, innovative gameplay★ Experience theworld of Splashy Cats... Completely Free to play!HOW TO PLAY★ Justtap the screen to change the direction of the kitten. Try not tofall off the edges! ★ Do as many zigzags and see if you can beatyour friends highscore in the online leaderboards!How far can yougo?If you are a fan of Splashy Cats follow Artik Games to become afan of Splashy Cats and let the waterslide adventure begin! Try tounlock Ninjacat, Fortune Cat, Vader Cat, Stormtrooper Cat, Tom Catand many more! Keep an eye on the newest and upcoming titles ofArtik Games, follow us on facebook, twitter or find us oninstagram.Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/artikgamesTwitterhttps://www.twitter.com/artikgamesInstagramhttps://www.instagram.com/artik.games/
Artik Games
STACK YOUR COLOR TOWER IN SLICE MANIA UNCHARTED ADVENTURE!Prepareto enjoy and have fun playing this epic original new game where youhave to stack 3D blocks. It will have you playing for endlesshours, its beautiful scenarios and music will help you in midslicing 3d choppy blocks along the way and target 3D blocks overthe beautiful diep skies.Can you defeat the gravity switch effect?Start the competition against your friends!WHAT KIND OF GAMEPLAYCAN YOU EXPECT?The objective of Slice Mania is to stack 3d blocksas high as you can! when you target high above the mid skies, justremember to connect 3d blocks at the precise time or your towerwill crumble, target high and fortune will come! Dont get get brickrage fever running inside you, just stack and pick your fortune atthe prize claw!Slice Mania is the best game to stack up color 3Dblocks and tower build your empire, Cut it as the slice of a pizzamaybe we should call it pizza slice!!UNLOCK ALL LEGENDARY SKINS ANDBOOST YOUR ADVENTURE WITH NEW MUSIC!Slice Mania boast somelegendary skins for you to unlock! Fortune hunt your treasure andstart playing this fantastic game with new skins where you canfind, 2D, 3D, and many more to come!Also it has many secrets toreveal, while you keep slicing blocks and stack in them up! You cantarget the hunter mode to keep finding treasure and hidden diepgems!Overall Slice Mania will get your tower builder spirit slicingfor hours, slicing 3d blocks slicing to target! Just give a try toSlice Mania and become a slicing master! Get your stack fever upand running! Get your voez dream now!HOW TO PLAY• Target! Slice!Target! Slice! • Stack! Stack! Stack!Warning: slice mania will ruinyour life and keep you shouting all day long! Trumps wife ivankatrump is already loving it! ♥If you are a fan of slicing and stack3D Blocks games follow Artik Games to become a fan of Slice Maniaand let the slicing adventure begin! Target high and infiniteslice! Stack the block ups and don't fall on your steppy pants!Keep an eye on the newest and upcoming titles of Artik Games,follow us on facebook, twitter or find us oninstagram.Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/artikgamesTwitterhttps://www.twitter.com/artikgamesInstagramhttps://www.instagram.com/artik.games/
Artik Games
Happy horse jumping horse head is the new addictive equine jumpingrace game! Pick up your arabian horse stallion and show how a blackmane can gallop and leap above all horse head.This is the type ofhappy horse jumping game that will make you compete against yourfriends for becoming the best arabian horse rider with black mane!Can you challenge your friends to unlock all horse head? Will theypick an arabian horse or a pinto? maybe a zebra horse or an Unicornhorse? Anyone said pony horse? Remember its not a happy horseracing game but a happy horse jumping game! You will find manydifferent characters and also soon the chewbacca mask one hahaha!Nomatter what horse head you picked, this jumping horse racing gamewill get you happy jumping all along. Gallop, leap, hurdle! Yourway to a great score will not be easy. Gallop, leap, hurdle again!Your way to unlock happy horse head will be thought! Get all thehappy horse mane jumping! Arabian horse is a legendary breed ofhappy horse whos racing power comes from its happy horse mane, theyare a beast at happy horse jumping and racing! Often named asStallion theirs black equine mane can gallop and leap forward veryfast! Their black roan can be found in its happy horse head andtheir black equine mane are thick like any other equine mane.How toplayChoose your equine mane and gallop fast and gallop again! Happytap the screen to either gallop or leap at the right time!Perks:Legendary happy horse head to hurdle and gallop!Arabian horsemane to gallop. Get your equine horse head on!Equine mode tocompete with friends and become an arabian horse stallionFollowArtik Games and become a fan of HAPPY HORSE JUMPING HORSE HEAD.Happy jump with your amazing arabian horse stallion and gallop tounlock all equine and the legendary horse mane!Let the crowd cheerfor "Arabian horse stallion! Arabian horse stallion! Arabian horsestallion"
two boats: tap titan fun game! 1.0.10 APK
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This boat racing game can be a super addictivegame for you or your friends that want to become tap titans.Withour games you can get the skills of a real tap tycoon player! Sodash your way through the level in this amazing looking game if youlove happy tap games then two boats is the ideal boat racing gamefor you to play either alone or against your friends. Challengeyourself to go as fast as possible in this boat racing game, itfeels like drag boat racing or speed boat racing. Either Way twoboats is one of the fast tapping games that offers you one of themost addictive gameplays in the world! And the good thing is thatis for free and available on your mobile devices todayControl the red boat and the blue boat at the same time. Collectall the circles and avoid the squares on the road.How long can you survive?2 Boats tap titan is a new Arcade game with a twist and over 10characters to unlock.Share your results and show this addicting boat racing gameHow to Play:Tap, tap, tap on the left or right on the screen to change theboat lanes!Become a fan of Artik Games and two boats tap titan special forboat racing game lovers:Instagram: artik.gameshttps://www.facebook.com/artikgameshttps://www.twitter.com/artikgames
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Power Slingshot into this super space chase game! A scifi vortexadventure in outer space, Power slingshot is the ultimate powerused in space for doing time attack missions using the ultimatepower, much more simple wood slingshot!In this time attack game youwill become a legend if you execute power rangers missionscollecting all stars and complete 50 awesome levels! You can becomea space titan legend and compete against your friends for thehighest score in power slingshot space legend, but only one of youwill become a power rangers master!Its not how fast you tap thescreen, but timing your slingshot technique for achieving thatunique power slingshot that only power rangers can do. if you aredoing well you'll fire the loop mania ultimate power! MagicGyrosphereWhile doing test on the game we were contacted by a NASAspace agency legend Neil Armstrong and he told us if he got PowerSlingshot Legend while walking on the moon, he could have drankcoffee in space while doing time attack power rangers missions, anyspace chase and slingshot his underwear to earth with thegyrosphere.But Power Slingshot Legend is not a time attack game toplay in zero gravity and with a wood slingshot, its the type ofgame you have to focus while tapping your screen. Power Rangers arevery important in the missions to space, they are a legend to NASAspace agency. So this is your time to play power slingshot legendand become that legendary power rangers master in space!FollowArtik Games to become a fan of Power Slingshot Legend and be thebest Power Rangers master to conquer slingshot technique usingultimate power gyrosphere not a classic wood slingshot or ironslingshot
Artik Games
Play with the rainbow colours in 2048rainbowcolor circle game, tap to win the rainbow jewel to get itmake acomo and unleash the flower power in this rainbowlike game,2048 rainbow color circle game, tap to grow the diameter ofthearea of a circle and as its circumference expands tap againtopop'em in this time attack game! make'em circulate!when you start the area of a circle will grow to catch thediameterof the big circle, when the circumference of both overlapyou musttap! now the area of a circle will start getting smaller tocatchthe diameter of the tiny colour circle circumference!The rainbow colours are in the circles that appear randomly withabigger or smaller diameter depending to the diameter ofyourcircle, dont forget this is time attack game so how thecolorcircle circulate will start getting harder. If your brave tokeep agood pace the parhelic circle will appear, there you mustholdinstead of tap.-Make this spinny circles pop as you make the circle loopmaniabegin, unleash the rainbow circle rush triange!!!-2048 rainbow color circle game is beatiful rainbow circletapgame!-To pop circles is fun and any one can play, share your resultswithyou friends and family and invite them and be the winner ofthe timeattack-we wish you love our geometry games soon pop the hexagon,triange,corona, rectangle, parallelogram and learn about the areaof acircle, diameter and circumferenceBecome a fan of Artik Games and 2048 rainbow color circlegamedont be a circle jerk :Instagram: artik.gameshttps://www.twitter.com/artikgameshttps://www.facebook.com/artikgames