4.63.04 / March 16, 2017
(3.6/5) (169)


**$$$$$$$$ All coins in app are FREE $$$$$$$$** **All levels areFREE**Cube Out is a casual game relaxed for you. Move the red cubeout of the chessboard by the minimum number of steps as fast as youcan, a challenge to your master. It is similar to unblock.Move itFree and Help the Red Cube out!!! Cube Out Features, ***Differentdifficulty for you; ***More levels for you to challenge; ***Hints;***Share it with your friends. If you have idea about it, you canfeedback to us, we will appreciate to it!!!

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Link My Brooks 4.63.04 APK
Link My Brooks is a link game (a branch flow game), that will shapea dot flow, there are one or more brooks in the chessboard, can youlink these brooks? Try it now! Features, ***Suitable for all ages;***Easy to play but hard to challenge;***Cool UI and Sound; ***6Models and 10 levels pack; ***Hints; ***Challenging; ***Share it.Thanks for your support and feedback!
2048 - 3 Version 4.63.04 APK
2048 - 3 Version is an addictive digital game, puzzle game.Join thenumbers and get to the tile, they are the 2048's multiple, they aregrowing step by step.Swipe to move all tiles. When two tiles withthe same number touch, they merge into a larger one. You can choosedifferent type to enjoy. Adventure or time model for youexplore.Features,***Really FREE for you;***Three types for youenjoying; Every type also has different model;***Each double givingyou surprise;***Suitable for all ages;***Leaderboard foryou;***Share it.
2B Sugar 4.63.04 APK
2B sugar is a link flow game, it is a saga, that will shape a candyflow, there are one or more bridges, one or more branches in thechessboard, can you pass these bridges? Can you link thesebrooks?You can try it!Features,*Suitable for all ages;*Cool UI andSound;*6 Models and 10 levels pack;*Hints;*Challenging;*Shareit.Thanks for your supports and feedback!
Cute Block Jigsaw 4.63.04 APK
Cute Block Jigsaw is a casual puzzle game, it has simply rule: makethe blocks into one jigsaw. It is very magical, originally, theblocks can change into one jigsaw too! Features, **All levels arefree; **Hints when you in stuck; **Clolorful block; **Nice UI;**Good Sound; **Share it.
Fruit Tale 4.63.04 APK
Fruit Tale is an amusing 3 match game, there are different models,each model has different rule, you can freely enjoy the feeling offighting monster, or collecting the fruits, and so on. Fruit taleis fruit saga, you can see fruit heroes hit the monsters, it iscool story. Features, **All levels are Free, **Yum fruits, **CoolMonsters, **Battle system, **Suitable for all ages, **Coolparticle, **Sound, **Special efficiency, **Share it with others. Ifyou have idea about it, you can feedback to us, we are appreciatedto it!!! Thanks all for support!!!
Sweet Block 4.63.04 APK
Sweet Block has simply rule but is very funny elimination game.Gentle tapping the screen by your finger, enjoy the fun ofeliminating candies. Eliminate them Free!!! Features, ***NormalModel has level record, gain the target score in the current chessto pass the level; ***Endless model, in the limited time, gain muchmore score; ***Leader board for you in endless model; ***PowerfulDrops; ***Special efficiency; ***Attractive Candies ***Cool UI;***Share it with your friends. If you have idea about it, you canfeedback to us, we are appreciated to it!!! Thanks all forsupport!!!
Paint Fruit Crush 1.2 APK
Paint Fruit Crush, a lovely game, the rule is simple, easy tocontrol, gently moving your fingers, connect the lovelyfruits.Features,>>>Easy to play, hard toControl;>>>Classical Model and challenging Model are herefor you;>>>Cute UI;>>>Cool Music;>>>Keepplaying it, new element will arise;>>>Suitable for allages;>>>Share it.
Ace Sweet Link 4.63.04 APK
Ace Sweet Link is a classic flow game, but it is especial, when youlink the same candies, the line will become a candy flow, it isfunny! Got it Free! Feature, ***5 Models are here for you; ***10candy houses and 500+Level for you; ***Colorful candies; ***Nicesound; ***Sweet UI; ***Suitable for all ages; ***Share it;