1.02 / June 13, 2016
(3.7/5) (31)


Popular puzzle game on your phone. The goal,assoon as possible to collect the cube to make theinitialstate.
Key features:
- simple control;
- popular sizes 2x2x2, 3x3x3, 4x4x4;
- very little memory in the device storage (nearly 1MB).

App Information Cube Puzzle 3D

  • App Name
    Cube Puzzle 3D
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    June 13, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.2 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    1,000 - 5,000
  • Price
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Popular puzzle game on your phone. The goal,assoon as possible to collect the cube to make theinitialstate.Key features:- simple control;- popular sizes 2x2x2, 3x3x3, 4x4x4;- very little memory in the device storage (nearly 1MB).
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Программа предназначена для одновременной работы с СМС БанкингомАБСОЛЮТНО ЛЮБЫХ банков. С помощью программы вы можетеконтролировать свои расходы и доходы по кредитным картам.Программаимеет простое и интуитивно понятное меню, а все настройкипрактически в один клик.Как пользоваться:1) Зайдите в меню "Inbox"и выберите СМС банка, который вы хотите отслеживать. Нажмите на неёи введите имя банка и валюту банка, нажмите ПРИМЕНИТЬ, программасохранит все настройки банка и текущие транзакции.2) Зайдите в меню"Banks" и войдите в сохраненный ранее банк. Теперь вам осталосьнаучить программу распознавать СМС сохраненного банка. ВыберитеСМС, в появившемся окне выберите тип СМС и режим обработки. Вавтоматическом режиме вам необходимо выбрать: 1) слово илисловосочетание которое будет отличать СМС данного типа, н-р:"списание средств, зачисление средств и т. п." Этот пунктнеобязателен, но бывает что он необходим. 2) слово илисловосочетание после которого идёт первая сумма транзакции,например: "на сумму, списано, зачислено и т.п.". Для выбораслова/словосочетания, вам просто необходимо выбрать его порядковыйномер в пунктах рядом с текстом СМС, при его выборе вы сразуувидите его в нижнем поле. 3) слово или словосочетание послекоторого идёт вторая сумма транзакции (это может быть комиссия илидругие отчисления/начисления), например: "комиссия, списано,зачислено и т.п.". Этот пункт НЕ обязателен. Выбор слова аналогиченпредыдущему пункту. 4) слово или словосочетание после которого идётбаланс карты, например: "баланс по карте, текущий баланс, баланс ит.п.". Выбор слова аналогичен предыдущим пунктам.Теперь нажмитекнопку применить, и всё - программа сама обработает все СМСподобного типа, и при приходе новой СМС, также его обработает.Далее поступите так же само с теми СМС, которые осталисьнеобработанными.3) В меню настроек, вы также можете установитьпароль на вход в программу.ПРОГРАММА НАХОДИТСЯ В С СТАДИИРАЗРАБОТКИ, ЕСЛИ У ВАС ЕСТЬ ЗАМЕЧАНИЯ И ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЯ ВЫСЫЛАЙТЕ НАE-MAIL, БУДУ ОЧЕНЬ ПРИЗНАТЕЛЕН. РАССМОТРЮ ЛЮБУЮ КРИТИКУ ИПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЯ ПО УЛУЧШЕНИЮ.The program is designed for simultaneousoperation with SMS banking ABSOLUTELY ANY banks. With this programyou can control your expenses and income on credit cards.Theprogram has a simple and intuitive menu, and virtually all settingsin one click.How to use:1) Go to "Inbox" and select SMS bank thatyou want to track. Click on it and type the name of the bank andthe bank's currency, click Apply, the program will save allsettings and current bank transaction.2) Navigate to the "Banks"and enter the previously saved bank. Now all you have to teach theprogram to recognize the SMS saved the bank. Select SMS, in thewindow that appears, select the type of VMS and treatment regimen.In automatic mode, you need to choose: 1) the word or phrase thatwill feature this type of SMS, n-p "debit, money transfer, etc."This item is optional, but sometimes it is necessary. 2) a word orphrase followed by a first amount of the transaction, such as "forthe amount written off, etc. enrolled." To select a word / phrase,you just need to choose the sequence number in the points near SMStext when it is selected, you will immediately see it in the lowerfield. 3) a word or phrase followed by a second amount of thetransaction (this may be the commission or other deductions /charges), for example: "the Commission, written off, and the likeare enrolled." This item is optional. Word choice is similar to theprevious item. 4) a word or phrase followed by a card balance, forexample, "balance on the card, current balance, balance and thelike." Word choice is similar to the preceding paragraphs.Now clickapply and all - the program itself will handle the SMS of thistype, and when a new SMS, it also handles it. Next, consider doingthe same with the SMS itself, which remained untreated.3) In thesettings menu, you can also set a password for entering theprogram.Since the program is in the development stage, IF YOU HAVEANY COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS TO SEND E-MAIL, I would reallyappreciate. Consider any criticism and suggestions for improvement.
Cube Puzzle 3D 1.0.7 APK
Popular puzzle game in your phone. The goal, as soon as possible toassemble the cube into the initial state. Key features: - Table ofWorld's records: prove everybody that you are the best; - simpledesign; - easy control; - popular sizes 2x2x2, 3x3x3, 4x4x4; -saving results; - posting results in Facebook and in table of bestWorld's results; - without ADS; - absolutely free; - tiny size inthe device storage.
Widget of quick calls 0.0.9 APK
Convenient and functional contact widget that always on yourscreen. Widget has a few groups, in which you can add any contactsand have quick access to them for calls through the phone, Viberand WhatsApp. Key features: - widget size 2 * 3 with 4 groups (withunlimited number of entries in each group); - widget size 2 * 4with 6 groups (with unlimited number of entries in each group); -Possibility to tie each group to calls via Phone, Viber orWhatsApp, as well as sending SMS; - Possibility to select a SIMcard in phone mode for each group for 2 sim-card phones; -Selection of the color of the widget; - Convenient switchingbetween groups; - Quick access to settings; - Convenient scrollingof contacts in each group. Widget tuning: 1) Install theapplication from the application market; 2) Click on the screen andkeep until open a menu where you can select "Widgets"; 3) Enter theWidgets menu and find in the list "Quick Calls", then by clickingon it, select the desired size of the widget and place on thescreen in free space; 4) In the opened window for each group,select Phone, Viber, WhatsApp or SMS; 5) If the phone supports twosim cards, you can tie a SIM card for each group in phone mode,just click on the necessary SIM card under the mode selectionicons; 6) In the left column find the necessary contacts for eachgroup (under the column you can also use the convenient search); 7)Click the left-bottom button and select any color of the widget. 8)Click "Save", your widget is ready to work; 9) When using thewidget, you can also receive notifications with gratitude for usingthe widget (it is relevant for some versions of Android. You candisable the notification in the phone settings). I will be verygrateful for all comments and suggestions, please send e-mail. I amready for consider any criticism and suggestions for improvement.