1.3 / September 12, 2016
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You're a lonely cube on the road, and you want to live as long aspossible before a red cube crashes into you. How far can youget?Controls:Tap screen to move.

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    Cuby Road
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    September 12, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Mofin Games
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    Storgata 57, House 2, Room 960, 0182 Oslo, Norway
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-Make your own custom movies!-Hold audtitions and discover the newmovie stars!-Buy cars, private jets, helicopters, and swimmingpools to attract more audition attendants!-Upgrade your productionstudio up to 5 times to get more popular actors!-Upgrade youracting school up to 5 times to get more skilled actors!-Earnmassive amounts of money!-Work part-time when low on cash!-EPICnintendo/NES style music!Live the life of a movie producer!Have youever dreamed of becoming the new Stephen Spielberg? Or maybe thenew Quentin Tarantino? Well, now you finally have the chance torealize those dreams! Cast the new stars, make the new blockbustermovies, and become the next film tycoon!You start of with $20,000as start capital. That money is more than enough to make your firstmovie, but be clever in your choice of actors! More popular actorswill generate more money, while more skilled actors will make themovies stay popular longer, thereby generating more money in thelong run.The 50 greatest directors of all time by AMC:1. AlfredHitchcock2. Stanley Kubrick3. Billy Wilder4. William Wyler5. WoodyAllen6. David Lean7. Orson Welles8. Charlie Chaplin9. RomanPolanski10. Frank Capra11. John Huston12. George Cukor13. MikeNichols14. Francis Ford Coppola15. Elia Kazan16. Preston Sturges17.Michael Powell18. Ernst Lubitsch19. Fritz Lang20. QuentinTarantino21. Martin Scorsese22. Terrence Malick23. JohnCassavetes24. Robert Altman25. David Lynch26. John Ford27. Cecil B.DeMille28. Joel Coen29. Michael Curtiz30. D.W. Griffith31. DouglasSirk32. Joseph L. Mankiewicz33. Vincente Minnelli34. HowardHawks35. Arthur Penn36. Brian De Palma37. Ridley Scott38. StevenSpielberg39. Otto Preminger40. Oliver Stone41. James Cameron42.Spike Lee43. Robert Zemeckis44. George Lucas45. Sam Peckinpah46.Tim Burton47. Peter Jackson48. Mel Brooks49. Clint Eastwood50. SamRaimiIMDb list of most popular actors:1, Morena Baccarin2. TomHardy3. Ryan Reynolds4. Margot Robbie5. Chloë Grace Moretz6. TinaMajorino7. Natalie Dormer8. Emilia Clarke9. Olivia Munn10. AliciaVikander11. Leonardo DiCaprio12. Julianne Hough13. Lily James14.Gina Carano15. Brianna Hildebrand16. Rose Leslie17. GillianAnderson18. Linda Cardellini19. Sam Claflin20. Aaron Tveit21. BrittRobertson22. Teresa Palmer23. Dakota Johnson24. Alice Eve25. BrieLarson26. Christina Ricci27. Scarlett Johansson28. Anna Kendrick29.Ed Skrein30. Alexandra Daddario31. Matt Damon32. Melissa Benoist33.Rachel McAdams34. Johnny Depp35. Jennifer Lawrence36. JodieSweetin37. Jennifer Aniston38. Lauren German39. Jennifer JasonLeigh40. Daisy Ridley41. Katherine McNamara42. Elizabeth Banks43.Deborah Ann Woll44. Hayley Atwell45. Zac Efron46. Paul Dano47.Alycia Debnam-Carey48. Blake Lively49. Léa Seydoux50. AubreyPlaza51. Elle McLemore52. Penélope Cruz53. Alison Brie54. EmmaWatson55. Kate Mara56. Eddie Redmayne57. Taron Egerton58. ChristineTaylor59. Alex Meneses60. Cerina Vincent61. Sarah Paulson62. EmmaRoberts63. Emily Blunt64. Tom Hiddleston65. Quentin Tarantino66.Saoirse Ronan67. Shailene Woodley68. Olivia Wilde69. Megan Fox70.Margarita Levieva71. Kristen Wiig72. Jessica Chastain73. ArielWinter74. Gal Gadot75. Michael Fassbender76. Mary ElizabethWinstead77. Ivana Baquero78. T.J. Miller79. Domhnall Gleeson80.Vanessa Hudgens81. Elizabeth Olsen82. Alessandra Torresani83. AmberHeard84. Brad Pitt85. Adam Driver86. Lauren Cohan87. HenryCavill88. James Spader89. Salma Hayek90. Tom Ellis91. AdriannePalicki92. Benjamin Walker93. Mary McCormack94. Stefan Kapicic95.Krysten Ritter96. Lena Headey97. Malin Akerman98. KatherynWinnick99. Nina Dobrev100. Oscar Isaac
Epic Ski Sprints 1.3 APK
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-Embark in intense and action packed ski sprints!-Meet opponentsfrom up to 22 different nationalities!-Create your own skier with aunique name, suit, skin color, and nationality!-Grow your skier byupgrading strength or stamina after each victorious sprint!-AwesomeNES/nintendo style music!-Artsy graphics andanimation!Controls:-Touch anywhere on the screen to push with yourski poles.-The more push power you have, the stronger your pusheswill be.-Ideally, try pushing only when the push power bar is closeto maxed out, for best results.-If you manage to push just beforethe bar is maxed out, you'll get a speed boost (aka PerfectPush).How many opponents can you beat? Let's find out! Epic SkiSprints is an action packed and fun sports game you've never seenanything like before! You'll meet one and one opponent heads up insprints lasting 10 seconds each. If you win a sprint, you get thechance to upgrade you skiers skills. For each opponent you beat,you'll meet a stronger opponent next time.Current FIS cross countryskiing leader board:Men:1. Martin Johnsrud Sundby2. Finn HaagenKrogh3. Petter Northug Jr4. Sergey Ustiugov5. Sjur Roethe6. NiklasDyrhaug7. Maurice Manificat8. Alexey Poltoranin9. DidrikToenseth10. Francesco De Fabiani11. Alexander Legkov12. AlexHarvey13. Federico Pellegrino14. Hans Christer Holund15. EmilIversen16. Dario Cologna17. Evgeniy Belov18. Anders Gloeersen19.Baptiste Gros20. Sondre Turvoll Fossli21. Jonas Dobler22. EirikBrandsdal23. Alexander Bessmertnykh24. Stanislav Volzhentsev25.Matti Heikkinen26. Maxim Vylegzhanin27. Andreas Katz28. Jean MarcGaillard29. Martti Jylhae30. Sergey Turyshev31. SebastianEisenlauer32. Emil Joensson33. Toni Livers34. Martin Jaks35. RenaudJay36. Simeon Hamilton37. Robin Duvillard38. Ola Vigen Hattestad39.Jovian Hediger40. Teodor Peterson41. Martin Johansson42. NoahHoffman43. Jonas Baumann44. Andrew Musgrave45. Andrew Young46.Andrey Larkov47. Daniel Richardsson48. Andrew Newell49. RichardJouve50. Gleb Retivykh51. Risto Mattihakola52. Devon Kershaw53.Haavard Solaas Taugboel54. Oskar Svensson55. Curdin Perl56. AnssiPentsinen57. Alexander Panzhinskiy58. Giandomenico Salvadori59.Roman Schaad60. Calle Halfvarsson61. Matias Strandvall62. PaulConstantin Pepene63. Alexey Petukhov64. Johan Edin65. BernhardTritscherLadies:1. Therese Johaug2. Ingvild Flugstad Oestberg3.Heidi Weng4. Charlotte Kalla5. Stina Nilsson6. Kerttu Niskanen7.Krista Parmakoski8. Ragnhild Haga9. Ida Ingemarsdotter10. AnneKylloenen11. Maiken Caspersen Falla12. Astrid UhrenholdtJacobsen13. Jessica Diggins14. Sadie Bjornsen15. Laura Mononen16.Teresa Stadlober17. Sandra Ringwald18. Stefanie Boehler19. KariOeyre Slind20. Denise Herrmann21. Nathalie Von Siebenthal22. MariaRydqvist23. Justyna Kowalczyk24. Nicole Fessel25. SophieCaldwell26. Hanna Falk27. Kathrine Rolsted Harsem28. TopraninVirginia De Martin29. Anna Haag30. Petra Novakova31. ElizabethStephen32. Hanna Kolb33. Natalia Matveeva34. Laurien Van DerGraaff35. Riitta-Liisa Roponen36. Anastasia Dotsenko37. LinnSoemskar38. Vesna Fabjan39. Alenka Cebasek40. Ida Sargent41. LuciaAnger42. Gaia Vuerich43. Evelina Settlin44. Jonna Sundling45.Polina Kalsina46. Mari Eide47. Nika Razinger48. Seraina Boner49.Anamarija Lampic50. Nadine Faehndrich51. Alena Prochazkova52. AnoukFaivre Picon53. Kari Vikhagen Gjeitnes54. Monique Siegel55. MajaDahlqvist56. Lucia Scardoni57. Mona- Liisa Nousiainen58. EmmaWiken59. Daria Storozhilova60. Greta Laurent61. Maria StroemNakstad62. Yulia Tikhonova63. Evgenia Shapovalova64. PolinaKovaleva65. Sofia Henriksson
Jetpack Miner 1.1 APK
Mofin Games
-Explore an endless randomly generated world!-Mine up to 16different minerals!-Complete quests to get treasure chest keys!-Useyour jetpack to navigate caves or fly in the sky!-Upgrade jetpackto fly higher and higher!-Dig deep to find the rarestminerals!-Upgrade your pickaxe up to 28 times to mine deeper anddeeper!-Sell ore to get rich and afford new pickaxes!-Open treasurechests for epic rewards!-Use dynamites to move throughobstacles!-Experience the thrill of discovery!INTRODUCTION:JetpackMiner is a cool little indie adventure game you’ve probably neverseen anything like before. It’s kinda like a mix of Minecraft andMotherLoad, in 2D.The game is mainly about mining minerals deepunderground and digging up treasure chests. For each treasure chestyou dig up, you get a new jetpack upgrade. The goal of the game isto find all of the treasures. If you manage to do that, a secretreward awaits you!The game is perfect if you're stressed afterworking and want to relax. It's also great if you just want to killsome time, cause you'll have hours of playing before you even knowit!Few games are as calming, user friendly, and rewarding as thisone. It's perfect to pick up if you want to play for leisure, or ifit's late at night and you can't sleep.PLOT:The year is 2025.You’re in Kiwirrkurra, Western Australia, making a livingextracting valuable minerals from the ground. A year ago, anaboriginal family discovered huge mineral deposits in the ground,and now people from all over the world are coming over every year,making the town the new mining capital of the world.It’s thebeginning of a new gold rush, and you’re the new James Marshall.But instead of the Calfornia Gold Rush, it’s the Australian GoldRush. The forty-niners are replaced by the twenty-fivers.There areloose gold nuggets everywhere. Enough to make everyone abillionaire, or at least a millionaire. There’s not just gold here,but rare gems such as titanium, platinum, and adamantitetoo!FEATURES:-Artsy graphics!-Intuitive easy-to-use controlsystem!-Relaxing banjo music!-Get submersed in your own personalmine!-Play offline if you want! No need for internet/wificonnection!-Equally fun for all ages! Kids will love it!-You can'tdie in the game!-No ads!-No tedious grinding!-No pay-to-win!-Novirtual pad!MINERALS IN THISGAME:-Copper-Tin-Iron-Lead-Silver-Tungsten-Gold-Platinum-Meteorite-Obsidian-Cobalt-Palladium-Mythril-Orichalcum-Adamantite-Titanium
Cuby Stack 1.1 APK
Mofin Games
Time to prove your cube stacking skills!Controls:Touch screen todrop cube.
Fish Tussles 1.5 APK
Mofin Games
-Fight weaker fish and eat them afterwards!-Grow bigger and biggerfor each fish you eat!-Eat a seahorse to evolve and growstronger!-Choose up to 16 different starting fish!-Explore anendless sea full of fish from up to 16 different fishspecies!Controls:-Touch anywhere on the screen to move the fish.The fish will move towards where you are touching.-Collide withother fish to fight with them. Try to only fight with smaller fishin the beginning.Ever wondered how it would be like to be a lonelyfish in an endless sea? Now you can find out. Fish Tussles is achallenging game that is easy to learn and hard to master. As asmall cod you don't have much respect from surrounding fish, andthey will eat you if they get the chance.Your goal is to grow asbig as you can. Fight fish that are smaller than you, but generallyavoid the bigger ones, unless you think you can beat them (dependson your fish level). When you collide with another fish, the fishwill start to tussle. They will tussle until one of them is dead,unless you manage to escape. If you win the tussle, you eat theother fish, grow a little bit, and get a nice health boost. If theother fish wins the tussle, it eats you, and it's game over. Harsh,yes, but that's what makes it so fun!If you eat a lot of fish yougrow bigger and bigger. You can also evolve your fish to the nextlevel by eating a seahorse. Seahorses will appear randomly once ina while, so keep a lookout for them!It's the combination of thesize of the fish and the fish type that the determines itsstrength. There are 16 different fish types in total. If you evolveinto a new fish in play mode, you get to choose that fish from thestart menu later.
Mindfuck - Puzzle Game 1.0 APK
Mofin Games
Get ready to get your gelastic muscles torn apart! This cockamamygame will turn your fatuous life into something frolicsome! Can youcomplete all 6 levels? Only time will tell whether you're a personof injudicious or jocose character.I hope you're an unprofoundgoofus with a tongue-in-cheek humor, and not a doltish derisoryjuvenile, cause this game will rock your featherbrained world inmore unprofound ways than Icarus Proudbottom, Echochrome, and HotelDusk: Room 215 ever did!Let's just say that this indiscreet puzzlegame isn't for the feebleminded. But you should preferably bepretty dippy to give it a try. Compared to other puzzles, this oneis of a bit of an aberrant character. If you're able to completeall the levels, you're a high class boffo for sure.The game startsoff as a mirthful experience, but can be pretty grody as youprogress through the levels. I'm sorry about the ribald title bythe way. I know it's a bit peripheral. But I'm kind of a screwballnoncomformist, so stop being so foolhardy.I know you're used to theclassic puzzle games with the rows and the columns, but this timemaybe you should try something more uproarious? It's not thatbaffling, I promise. Even my lunatic room-mate was able to completeit. And he's got tons of bats in the belfry.
Cuby Tower 1.1 APK
Mofin Games
You're a cube trying to get as high as possible in theair.Controls:Touch left/right part of screen to move. Touch bothsides to jump.
Cuby Road 1.3 APK
Mofin Games
You're a lonely cube on the road, and you want to live as long aspossible before a red cube crashes into you. How far can youget?Controls:Tap screen to move.