3.7 / October 4, 2020
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3D-Fruit World!! Slice fruit by your finger, and enjoy fruitjuice!Face the battle like Ninja Warrior, save yourself from kniveswhileslicing the new variety of 3D fruits like (banana,cherry,pine-apple, water melon, pear, orange,). This new 3D FruitSmashergame named as "3D Fruit World" will change the trend ofsmashingthe fruits. You need a top smashing speed to master thegame in anyof two modes (Classic Mode, Time Mode). How to Play:- *There aretwo modes "3D-Fruit World" game. * In Classic Mode youhave to savethree given lives. You will be losing one life everytime as youtouch the knife. You have to smash the 3d Fruits but becarefulfrom the Sharp Knife. * In Time Mode you have to tap theyellowclock also with 3D Fruits as you will get the extra secondstoimprove score but if you slice the red clock your seconds willbededucted. Along the time management skills the fast smashingoffruits are necessary to score high. You have to smash veryquicklyif fruit fall down the screen you lose a life.

App Information Cut Fruit World 3D - FruitSlice Fun

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    Cut Fruit World 3D - FruitSlice Fun
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    October 4, 2020
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Aashiyana Homes, Sector 70, Noida, India.
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